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  1. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is worth a look, but only if you have young gamers in your household.
  2. If you or your kid is a fan of Clone Wars, Star Wars in general, or even just wants to play some fun mini-games, this is definitely worth checking out, especially considering it's free to try.
  3. Hopefully the community will build and become more sociable over time, but until that happens Clone Wars Adventures is a nice website full of decent mini-games with a less than rewarding membership scheme.
  4. Dec 27, 2010
    Clone Wars Adventures offers a wide variety of minigames and a nice visual. That's all the good you can have from a game that, other than that, uses the micro transactions system to the extreme and lacks of depth already after some hours of gameplay.
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  1. Nov 30, 2012
    Ah Star Wars the Clone Wars! This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It is now on to its fifth season, and I now have pretty high doubts that any bad video games will ever be released to tie in with it. Well what do you think?!? The Clone Wars TV series may be awesome, but almost every single video game that has ever been released to tie in with it has sucked (the one exception is Lego Star Wars III the Clone Wars). This online game is no exception to the bad games that have been released for this series. The gameplay is just horrid. It's all a bunch of minigames that are nothing more than knock-offs of other games that are so much better. You start off in an online hub with a bunch of other players, just like many other MMOs. Admittedly the online hub is actually done pretty well. It's not laggy in the slightest, and it has no real bugs. So the online hub is not the problem. What is the problem is the minigames. There is a dueling minigame which doesn't really make you feel like you're dueling at all. It instead makes you feel like you're playing a bunch of quicktime events. In other words, you feel like you're watching an awesome cutscene, and all of a sudden you have to press buttons which ruins everything. Not only are you playing several quicktime events, but it ultimately doesn't feel like you're actually dueling somebody else. There is also a flying minigame, but that is basically the same thing as playing Star Fox 64 on your Nintendo 64. However, this minigame is actually the best out of all the minigames. It at least does make you feel like you're piloting a Jedi Starfighter, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it is a complete knock-off of one of the best video games on the N64. The last minigame is the minigame that is supposed to simulate battles in the Clone Wars (I forget what it is really called). However, it's really just the same thing as the average tower defense game you could already find on the internet (Bloon Tower Defense to name an example). Okay, so there are a few good things about this game. For one thing the graphics are excellent. They look very much like the show that it is based on. All of the characters look exactly how they should, along with the environments. The game certainly is a site to behold. The sound is good too. It mimics all the Star Wars noises very well, and all of the characters sound exactly as they should. However, there are many more things wrong with this game that I haven't gone over yet. If you are looking for a Star Wars game that has a great story, you will not find it here. To tell you the truth, the game has absolutely no story whatsoever! This can be good, if you are a kid! However, the absolute worst thing about this game is how much content is locked for people who just want to play this game for free. Seriously, more than half of this game's content is locked to people who aren't Jedi members. This is a huge let down. Not only that, but in case you're thinking that you can just unlock it by playing the game (as an alternative to having to buy the content) like in Team Fortress 2, you cannot do that. No, I'm not just talking about hats and weapons here, I'm talking about the best levels from all of the minigames. If you play this game for free, you will only be able to play through the first two or three levels of the minigames, which completely sucks. Seriously, do I have to say anything else bad about this game as a whole? I don't think so. This is another one of Lucasarts cruddy attempts to revitalize their Star Wars video game franchise, which has been in trouble since 2007. You can thank Star Wars the Force Unleashed for that. If you want to play a good Star Wars game, just turn on your Xbox, Playstation, or PC and insert the disk for Star Wars Battlefront II. Just don't even bother with this online game, and hope that Lucasarts releases Battlefront III in the near future. Full Review »
  2. Jan 24, 2014
    For younger kids, the minigames and friendly characters form the show/movie are a nice experience. Since this game is free to try, definitely try it. I loved this game so much I begged and begged for a lifetime membership. The new expansions to "Umbara" and other planets expands the game to be more like a TPS. Sadly, the graphics are pretty much like Star Wars the Old Republic (2003 i'm pretty sure). The online community is not very nice, and I have encountered a player "slave market" But, if all your kid, or you really want to do is play and not socialize, than go ahead and play! Full Review »