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  1. The story is interesting, the Force Powers and weapons available are incredibly cool to use, and the opportunity to cut an opponent to shreds with a Lightsaber is the secret dream of any Jedi aspiring to heed the call of the Dark Side.
  2. Great value for money. As the majority of gaming is still a single player experience, I can say this game is better than "Quake," its nearest rival, and therefore has to be one of the best games on the PC.
  3. With innovative levels, a sparkling soundtrack, enhanced graphics, and near-perfect control, this is one game you won't want to pass up. Jedi Knight is easily the best game of its kind available.
  4. It will seduce you, beguile you and turn you into an unproductive but satisfied mess. Those that can break away from its grasp and lead a life away from the computer screen are to be saluted.
  5. All-round, the best 3D action game to date, and LucasArts' best game since the excellent TIE Fighter. [Dec 1997, p.174]
  6. Jedi Knight combines all the good aspects that a game should have: good graphics, interesting story, innovative game-play and superb multiplayer support. Anyone who has a good system (fast w/ a 3D accelerator) will definitely be pleased with Jedi Knight.
  7. Extra marks to LucasArts for giving the game an impossibly large number of options... Ignore the story and immerse yourself in the incredible environments - you may never want to come back.
  8. The designers have done a commendable job of creating an immersive environment and have come up with what is arguably the best single-player first-person shooter since "Doom."
  9. What Jedi Knight lacks in spark, it compensates for with the oodles of money that a giant like LucasArts can throw into the development process. Add to that good environments, great music, tons of options, solid gameplay, and smooooooth net connections and I can certainly say that fans of the genre won't be disappointed.
  10. In the end, I just couldn't get into Jedi Knight. Maybe it was because I'm not a big Star Wars fanatic that I found it quite boring and uninspired, but there was nothing here that grasped my interest.
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  1. JoshS
    Nov 30, 2009
    Jedi Knight, while 12 years old at the time of this writing, brings back memories of the shooter that did it first. While Quake pushed the limit to what shooters in 3d had been, Jedi Knight made the 3d shooter. It was the first game to make real use of 3d space, and bind it so lovingly to the dark, nitty-gritty, space epic of Star Wars novels from authors like Timothy Zhan. Jedi Knight was the first major FPS to expand the horizons of gameplay as well, with RPG like elements as you developed your force talents based on your style of gameplay. While the live-action cutscenes are a bit corny, they do a good job conveying the epic storyline that harkens back to the Seven Samurai, except this time the Samurai are evil, and Kyle Katarn must face everyone to get to the man who is responsible for his father's death. Will Kyle remain pure during his quest for justice? Or will the Dark Side corrupt him...the path is up to the player. While the graphics did not hold up well throughout the years, the gameplay still is fast, and the music and sound are spot on--perhaps moreso than even modern shooters. Even 12 years from its launch I would say the 5 dollars on Steam are well spent with this classic gem. Full Review »
  2. M.H.
    Sep 16, 2009
    My 7 year old son played and I watched. I agree with the critic's review completely. We encountered the exact same problem that the reviewer encountered and we also could not complete the game. Very frustrating. I actually called activision support and they claimed it was due to not fully completing the "side missions" or not in the right order. Unfortunately, they could not be more specific. Also, it appears that if you do encounter this problem, the only option is the start the game over. Again, very frustrating especially for a 7 year old. As this game is really more oriented to the younger crowd, I would ask game makers (if they are reading these types of reviews) to try to build in better hints, etc. so the game can be completed. It could even be a setup option so that older, more experienced gamers can opt out. Aside from this BIG issue, my son loved playing the game very much and it suited his age/skill level quite well. Full Review »
  3. Maxwell
    Aug 15, 2007
    If you don't think an FPS can have heart, well, you probably never played Jedi Knight. An engaging and lengthy single player campaign along with the at-the-time groundbreaking multiplayer: the first time gamers got to duel with lightsabers; made DF2: JK a classic. Oh, and there was that little white rabbit-thingy, too. Full Review »