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  1. Mar 23, 2011
    A bit buggy, partially unfinished and still it managed to be better than the first game? Well, to be fair it's not difficult to surpass Bioware in almost every department. Bioware delivered a story about a Disney villain trying to take over the galaxy with a plot twist so utterly laughable and obvious that I can't imagine people didn't see it after the opening credits roll. KOTOR2 is not just about the ancient lurking evil coming to take over the galaxy. It's about a jedi knight finding out about his/her connection the force and learning about the responsibilities of always acting the neutral party. It's an enjoyable journey to say the least and you're not going to think it's unfinished until after you've finished it. If you do want to put the unfinished stuff back in, there's a patch out there for you. Expand
  2. Feb 6, 2013
    The pinnacle of the RPG genre, KOTOR II gives the player a diverse array of complex characters, a rich and exotic universe, and a deep fulfilling plot that will keep you thinking (and maybe--hopefully, even replaying) long after you've put your controller down. It begins steeped in thee unknown, with your arrival aboard a badly damaged derelict ship under mysterious circumstances, headed for an abandoned mining facility, you are quickly tasked, much like the games predecessor, to reveal your origins, and unveil the secrets surround your past and peer into the greater scope of the plot itself. Observing the surroundings as you go through the game, learning about the peoples and cultures you find yourself in the midst of, you may very well become overwhelmed by the wealth of characters you encounter, many who may reference a history your unfamiliar with. If you've played the previous title, or read any of the comics, you'll be aided to some extent in your quest for self-discovery with the prior knowledge of events that have had a profound effect on the peoples and environments you come across. (like a planet, ruined by the conflict that takes place in the first game) yet even if you have not, dont let this discourage you. These additions are largely atmospheric and text related, and will not significantly hinder you in your journey. The planets you travel to are well designed, thought out, and written. I found myself so capitivated by the strange and ordinary figures i encountered, that i constantly lost track of what the hell the main objective was i'm supposed to accomplish. More intriguing then that is your own companions. From the cryptically cynical, to comically murderous, no two characters in KOTOR II are alike. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find one that shares any noticeable similarities at all- in Mannerism, ideology, humor, or communication. One of the new features added from the original that adds to the relationship you have with these characters is influence. As the plot progresses you will be challenged at one point or another with one more dilemma after the other. What one praises you for the other might scorn. The higher standing you are with one, the more dialogue options become possible, and the lower, the less. The former, revealing fascinating insights into the supporting lore, their personal thoughts and stories, as well as even their most closely guarded secrets. The voice acting is exceptional, and adds a feeling of immersion that no technological marvels of graphic improvement could achieve. The plot is a dark, engrossing, well crafted and most of all original, drawing its strength from a number of story-telling aspects, from political drama, to a psychological thriller filled with unexpected twists, to its bits of comic relief, and surprisingly deep, philosophic moments of reflection, there's really a little something for everyone that really serves to open up the game to a broader audience. Overall, i can say with confidence, that this has been my favorite game i have had the pleasure of playing to date. I can not recommend it enough, and can truly say, its a wonder unto itself, a one of a kind piece that is the equal or greater of any classical example of literature of film. Its doesnt shine with the unfathomable graphic advances we have come to feel entitled to, and it may have been cut short due at the crunch time of development and thus feel awkwardly unfinished at times, yet once you can get over that, your in for a great time you wont soon forget. Expand
  3. Aug 16, 2011
    KOTOR 2 has the misfortune of being named after an outstanding game. If it was a completely different Star Wars game it probably would have a better place in my heart but because it failed to live up to the expectations of its predecessor it will forever be doomed to sub-par. But even disregarding those failed expectations the game is simply average. Combat The melee combat is automatic and aside from occasional force spells is not very engrossing. The force spells are interesting and Force Lightning is always a blast but the melee feels like it could be done without you. If you started fighting and went to make a cup of tea the game might automatically win the fight for you before the kettle dings. You are really only needed for the more difficult fights and to move your characters from one encounter to the next. The main satisfaction is derived from waving around lightsabers.

    There is enough dialogue to fill a book the size of War and Peace or a washer manual but instead of a plethora of well defined characters like Tolsky's masterpiece you find yourself talking to a washer manual with as much character as the soapy water within it. In the beginning there is plenty of people to meet but eventually you can predict what a characters next plot point will be 10 hours before it happens. I called the antagonist from the moment I met them and it was just a matter of time before my predictions were confirmed by their betrayal.

    In KOTOR you are a Sith Lord. In KOTOR 2 you are an old soldier. Why does the story need to exist? Who are you saving? What is your motivation? Why cant I just wave my lightsaber around for 20 hours? All these questions are unfortunately left unanswered and even unacknowledged. The plot is simply a device to move the character from one lightsaber battle to the next. I think the game wanted a character that anyone could relate to, a person with no outstanding qualities or past accomplishments that the player could then mold into an ultimate bad-ass. But there is no quest to save the galaxy or even defeat someone who is remotely capable of destroying a planet. You are simply a nobody who is trapped in the story of a nobody.

    In conclusion the only selling point of this game is the lightsabers. If you want to fantasize about yourself holding with a glowing hot stick then go for this game and skip all the dialogue and character interaction. But if you are looking for an engrossing and interactive game that will enhance your appreciation of the Star Wars universe then look elsewhere.
  4. Dec 23, 2011
    The ending SUCKED but it was great! The new quests, the new items, the new characters, were all so freaking awesome!

    I give it 9 out of 10 and take away 1 point for the stupid-and-not-fun ending. It also sucked that the some of the items from the first cost thousands or hundreds more credits. That was ridiculous. Especially for the Reinforced Fiber Armor. Its awesome to choose between
    playing as a female and male because you get the Disciple or Handmaiden and the story line of both player genders is awesome. And for all the people who didn't like this game, you're all noobs. Learn how to experience everything in the game. Expand
  5. Jul 4, 2011
    One of the best RPG games ever made.Period.Especially the dialogues written for this game are just excellent.Just like its predecessor.This game and KO TOR 1 was the reason that got me into Star Wars.
  6. May 27, 2011
    Cant really understand low user scores for this one compared to the Knights of the Old Republic 1.
    But for me this game is equally epic as the first one. Pure 10.
  7. Apr 16, 2012
    Indisputably one of the most elaborate plots in the Star Wars universe and way deeper than any Star Wars movies, The Sith Lords is marred by a rushed ending, most likely due to some odd game publisher (not developer's) policies. As a result, the restored content patch must be download, fixing all of the missing content and finally rendering this game worth playing. In stark contrast to its predecessor, Kotor II is much darker, more mature and filled with ambiguous though more compelling characters, with dialogues which will cast the player into a series of gray-shaded paths which will ultimately shape the fate of a tattered Republic. Most importantly, the ambiguity and sort of Jedi atheism shown by Kreia (the player co-protagonist) will cross the boundaries of ordinary game-platform, displaying the inconsistency of a "beyond good and evil" moral and showing the inevitable consequences of always playing the neutral part. One major flaw may be the outdated graphics; nevertheless, Kotor II represents a landmark in PC Rpg story writing, possibly one of the last of its kind. Expand
  8. Sep 3, 2012
    Yes, people are very correct in saying that this game's ending is unfortunate, but it was not supposed to be the last game in the series. Fault LucasArts for that, not the game. Force Powers, weapons, armor, customization, characters, everything was much improved and balanced from the first game. This game truly gives you the sense of being a powerful Jedi. The journey is amazing, though the intro level is a bit long and painful. Once you get into the meat of the game, however, I can't think of another game that is more entertaining for an RPG player. The product was rushed, leaving out a lot of important content, which was the reason for its relatively lower score among critics, but with The Sith Lords: Restored Content Mod, available to all PC users, pretty much the entire game has been restored to what the finished product was supposed to be. If you're looking for a good Star Wars game with a lot of bang for the buck, look no further. Expand
  9. Dec 15, 2012
    One of the best rpg games out there, especially in the sci-fi genre. Great story, characters and battle system. In many ways it's much better than the first part and deserves at least nine - if you have all the necessary patches (most of them unofficial, but they work awesome) and some mods. There are lots of interactions with your party, and you can make them all better while talking to them, and you can make yourself better the same way. The number of levels you can go up is above 50, although nobody can achieve that in normal gameplay (I got just above 30, I think). There are lots and lots of mods out there which are being produced even now and they make the game much better. As most of you know, the game was released sooner that it should have, so some of the content was not introduced, and some of the bugs were left ingame. I think official and unofficial patches must be installed, to make the game deserve a perfect 10,like: TSL Restored Content Mod, (there is another content for restoration but much smaller, and it adds even more quests), patches (official and unofficial), mods for sabers, sound and ingame menu color (I changed it to blue like the first KOTOR), new, higher resolution videos of important scenes that replace the poor ones that are already in game (it's the same video, just higher res), TSL Save Game Editor, and the rest....I only encountered only ONE bug, on Nar Shadda with Red Eclipse quest, and there is a simple solution to that also. So, great game, a must play for everyone but only with patches and mods, and it's a blast. Expand
  10. Mar 11, 2012
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  11. Aug 23, 2013
    Sigh, what, just what the happened between the development of KoTOR 1 and KoTOR 2? The first one was one of the best games I've ever played. The second, however, is so boring and uninteresting it's repulsive. The game doesn't tell you anything, who you are, where you are, or how to even play.
  12. May 5, 2014
    I really enjoyed the original KOTOR, and look back on my time playing it fondly. I wish I could say the same for its sequel.
    While some gameplay improvements were made over the first, a glaring lack of likeable characters (everyone seems engineered to be "neutral" with obviously forced good/evil elements), and a narrative that fails to come to a real conclusion make this edition very
    disappointing. Kreia is a fascinating character, so it really is tragic that the developers obviously ran out of time or money and never completed a proper climactic ending to this game and story arc. Expand
  13. Sep 19, 2011
    This game is simply put one of the best I've ever played. The professional reviews can tell you everything you need to know about its masterful storytelling and immersion, so allow me to expand on some points other critics have missed. The technical crashes in the game can *mostly* be solved by several patches and the downloading of the new Restoration Mod (recently released, which incidentally massively improves the game again). I felt that there was plenty added on from kotor I, such as the new crafting/recycling system for player items, and the saber forms stuff.

    All in all a thoroughly lovable game, made all the more sweet if you nurture a soft spot for SW canon.
  14. Dec 15, 2010
    wow bioware dropped the ball on this one . the first knights game is fantastic this one just doesnt deliver in many ways . first off the story just isnt that intresting . the choices you make have no baring on the ending of the game unlike the first one. light sabers are a extreme pain to find . the chocie selection for talking just isnt as intresting or as funny as what the original one was eather which is a shame because i laughed my ass off at some of the things you could say in the first one . the games pacing just drags on and on . this game feels very rushed to make some money off the greatness of the original its a shame this is just amediocore RPG. Expand
  15. Oct 23, 2010
    A shame Bioware did not work on this sequel. It shows and I wish I never played it. Just forget this sequel exists and wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic hehe.
  16. Dec 12, 2012
    This game is great and the story is extremely engrossing. First things first, I played it from the first second with the fan made patch that fixes more then 1000 bugs, I don't know what it would be like without that. The story is better then the gameplay, I found the battles get repetitive after a while. There are definitely flaws in the game, some annoying crashes and especially near the end their are some story holes, a must play anyway I think. Expand
  17. Dec 21, 2010
    One of the best games i have played in my life. Good and original storyline that isnt totaly predictible like in KOTOR. The characters, planets and music are amazing for a computer game. The gameplay is quite good. I played through the game twice and the second time was even better experience than the first which is the exact opposite next to most of the BIG pc games i played like bioshock, dragon age kotor, mass effect where In few parts i had to force my self to play it. The ending was a bit rushed and thats sad, but there are mods that fix this so in the end i think it deserves ten Expand
  18. Jan 7, 2011
    I don't know where to start....

    This is absolutely THE BEST (Star Wars) game I have ever played! SW: KotOR II kicks you right into the story, you're the last of the Jedi (against legions of evil Sith) and you progress to find out more about yourself. It's not necessary to play through the first game before you try this, but it is recommended.
    The reason why I love this game so much is
    because of the story, there's many elements you wouldn't expect in a Star Wars game: like a villain who "eats" people, a Sith Lord who lives on because of his will to fight his own pain... This game is so much deeper than the general game you try, if you give it the time to sink in.

    The sad thing... is that the silly publishers, LucasArts, pushed the developers to finish the game at a specific date - forcing content to be cut, mostly the ending.

    But there's a group of modders who have restored most of it:
  19. Sep 5, 2012
    I played the Sith Lords again recently and realised it deserved far ore credit than I had originally given it. Kotor 1 is y favourite game of all time, and I always looked on Sith Lords as an inferior follow-up. On further inspection, it's only really the ending that sucked.
    In the Sith Lords you have one of the best opening sequences - exciting and gripping - of any gae I have played.
    Obsidian kept the good looks and a similar interface, made the Items available more interesting and varied, made the characters far more interesting, and went for a more complex plot. I still think the ending was a shame, it felt so sudden and rushed and The Trayus Core scene just felt ridiculous. But the Sith Lords is a sequel not to be missed. Expand
  20. Aug 16, 2011
    A great game, Not like the fist one, but I can say its really hard to beat the fist one. This game is one of my favorites of all time too. You must play it.
  21. Feb 18, 2011
    This was the first Star Wars game I have ever played with and I loved it only after 5 minutes of game play. It is intriguing, challenging but not ultra- hard, re-playable, fun and star wars. :D
    Even if you don't quite like the Star Wars universe it is a very decent RPG. I would definitely recommend this game for everyone to try at least once.
  22. Feb 27, 2011
    This game is no doubt a good game however it doesnt have as good of a star wars feel as other star wars games like star wars the old republic. The force powers were excellent and so were a bunch of the abilities. However the game felt incomplete, after the end game you feel like their is more to do but there is nothing. It took WAY too long to get your lightsaber, i mean way to long. However that is a minor part of the game. Since this wasn't made by bioware you have to expect it would not be as good as the first one. I think if bioware made this game it would have felt complete instead of incomplete. Still i recommend this game to any fan of star wars or any rpg fan. But if you are not an RPG fan you might not like this game and if you are an rpg fan you might feel a bit disappointed. Expand
  23. Apr 5, 2011
    This game is at a disadvantage in that it is expected to live up to the original, which it doesn't. Surely, the gameplay is better than the first and many of the stats/abilities, etc. are better, but the rest has declined. The story line is confusing and bland. It seems like they tried to satisfy both possible endings of the first game, which didn't work at all. Most of the characters are boring and forgettable. The dark side/light side endings vary little, and the ending of the game makes almost no sense at all. That being said, it still holds all of the great combat and RPG elements (minus the story decisions) that made the original game so great, so it's still worth the small price you'll pay. Expand
  24. Apr 19, 2011
    First of all, as released I'd give this title 3/10: this game is unplayable in places due to bugs glitches. Considering this and a storyline cut short to the point of nonsense, I played through this once and felt very let down in light of the original. Then I found a "Kotor 2, restored content mod" which added in aspects of the game that were left in the data files but unimplemented for whatever reason. From here, the game was a vast improvement. The graphics are a polished take on the original, but looking slightly aged by modern standards. That being said, the environments are considerable and there doesn't seem to be any "copy paste" level-design going on. So far, so Bioware. Dialogue is true to KOTOR form, engaging and well written with excellent voice acting. Major improvements are the inventory system and weapon customisation (it's almost worth playing this game purely for the light sabers), as well as character development among your crew mates and resultant story elements from these aspects. In this respect, the RPG elements in this game (once modded) live up well to Biowares' token game design. Personally I'm not a fan of the D&D "real-time turn-based" combat, but it's playable at least and you notice marked improvements as your character progresses. Squad AI has the tactical IQ of a slightly gifted baked potato, but later in the game it is very enjoyable having the ability to go solo into large enemy groups without having to rely on bad squad mates. Cutscenes are entertaining and the soundtrack is true to the Star Wars canon and its' bombastic sensibilities.

    Given further development to finalise the ideas presented in the "restored content mod", this game would have been genuinely astonishing. As released it felt rushed and incomplete, especially considering minimal chances of a sequel.
  25. Aug 4, 2012
    Some people believe kotor one is better than kotor 2 or vice-versa. Through what i have seen, it depends on the player's character. Because in my opinion the stories are both equal in depth BUT they have different feelings. Kotor 1 has more a story that anyone can understand and it's story is more open ended than the 2nd kotor. Kotor 2's story is darker and richer. You feel like your choices decide whether the sith deserve to rule or the jedi. Therefore it's more about your choice. Other than that the gameplay is the same other than kotor 2 has a few more powers. But kotor 2 has some points where the only way you will understand is if you played the first. But kotor 2 can easily be played before playing kotor 1. They are a great series and if you aren't the itchy kind of gamer that just wants action, then this is the game for you as it has one of the best stories and feel to it. Expand
  26. Apr 20, 2012
    I really liked the first part of this game. And "The Sith Lords" is an upgraded, but unfinished version of it. The game has a good RPG system, astonishing characters and nice plot. The combat system has been upgraded too, but it still isn't the best part of the game. However, "The Sith Lords" has a lot of glitches and plot holes, it feels incomplete. I enjoyed the plot line, but I often was confused with it, because I could not understand many important things. Often the game wasn't showing me what to do. Some characters were appearing from nowhere and they felt excess. Expand
  27. Feb 5, 2013
    With The Sith Lords' plot, it was inevitable that it wasn't going to be as appreciated as its predecessor. Everything has been pretty logically advanced; the combat's been fleshed out and is faster moving and slightly more varied, items are much more customizable and generally prettier, and there's tons of more variety in every aspect of the game. They also made another wise decision no need to muck around with the plebeian classes, been there, done that, we've already seen Jedi powers, give them to us from the beginning. The plot was also made much more complex in order to understand the entire story-line you have to actively fish out bits and pieces from your companions and always try and look out for the big picture. Every important conversation slips you a little of the larger puzzle, and there's no big revelation, oh, no. TSL doesn't baby you, if you don't figure it out yourself you're going to be left half in the dark for the rest of the game. Not only that, it even explains some elements of the first game which weren't quite explained. For sure, TSL is aimed at an older age group than its predecessor. The original Knights of the Old Republic was accessible by all age groups, but left little to the imagination as the plot progressed. TSL requires investigation, and in some cases thought, as the game occasionally deals with thoughts which aren't as simple as the typical quasi-philosophy of the Jedi, and enjoys giving different perspectives on events of the game their fill. After all that, however, The Sith Lords did have some drawbacks. It seemed to be an unfinished product even after doing as much as I could to further every single character's plot-line to their completion, some were still incapable of having their loose-ends tied up. I won't be too hard on the game though, with those aside the game was a huge, massive product, and for how ambitious as it was it's admirable that as much was put together well as was in the game. Despite its few flaws, I would say the game was excellent, and without a doubt superior to its predecessor. Expand
  28. Jan 13, 2013
    I remember playing this game so much when it first came out I nearly gave myself a back injury playing it for so long whilst sat in a badly designed chair. Seven years have passed and The Sith Lords was finally made available on Steam after Windows 7 compatibility issues and broken CDRoms prevented another look at the game. Essentially KotOR 2 is more of what we got in KotOR, it has a few bugs and is rough around the edges in places but again, I couldn't put it down for 24 hours (logged in Steam). Story-wise it's a little more interesting than KotOR and has some terrific moments, excellent voice acting as well as the return of some much-loved characters. Expand
  29. Nov 22, 2011
    This is one of my favorite games I have ever played in my life, the characters are so deep and interestingly written, the game also contains a bunch of interesting philosophy what I do think is a shame is that the majority of characters only make an appearance at the end of the game, what is also a shame is the thousands of annoying bugs but overall this is one of my favorite game and because of the amazing story I think this one is better then the previous one Expand
  30. Oct 18, 2011
    This game isn't nearly as good as the first one. Too me this game is just flat out unfinished. The graphics aren't nearly as good as the first one, the game play is exactly the same as the first one, and the story is way too dark and Gothic for my taste. If this game had only finished development, it would have been so much better. To be fair, this game was made by a completely different company than the first game, so I'll go easy on them. While I don't like this game, I'd still say that there's still enough charm in it to be worth a rent. Otherwise, just stick to the first KOTOR, and only play this if you're curious as to how the sequel really is. Expand
  31. Sep 21, 2011
    KOTORs - is the best stuff what whole Lukas's universe given to the world. And a sequel better then first Old Republic. More philosophical, more lyrical.
  32. Sep 21, 2011
    One of the best RPG games ever made.Period.Especially the dialogues written for this game are just excellent.Just like its predecessor.This game and KO TOR 1 was the reason that got me into Star Wars.

    i think its Masterpiece!
  33. Oct 16, 2011
    The game play is better than the last game, in fact everything seems like a step up above the first game EXCEPT its story. Can be very dark. well worth playing.
  34. Nov 8, 2011
    I can't believe that this game is so underrated here! Simply the best video-game that I have played, and it will be very, extremely, almost impossible to find a better game. The history is simply fantastic, the characters are great, the music is awesome and the graphics, for that years, were good. An unique and incredible experience, really. Like live the best movie you can imagine yourself.
  35. Dec 17, 2011
    This is the only game series I feel advocated to create an account to review for. First off, I love the first KotOR, but honestly, the story in this game is the best in-game story I have ever witnessed. Many people have rated this game a failing game because of its bugs, which I will not deny; they do exist. However, on the xbox version, the only bug I witnessed was a frequent audio glitch, which was perhaps caused by a dirty DVD. Despite the bugs/glitches, this game gets a 10/10 for one reason. BEST STORY-LINE OF ALL TIME. I don't know why people say the first one's was better. This game has a much darker, realistic tone. Also, your actions effect EVERYTHING in the game. Everything you do or say will make an impact, and there is almost no end to the amount of things affected by your choices. If you liked the original story, this is a must-play. Expand
  36. Dec 22, 2011
    KOTOR 2 isn't exactly the best it could have been. It doesn't hold a candle to it's predecessor but it is without a doubt a good Bioware style experience that I found enjoyable. The characters are not what they were in KOTOR sadly. Graphics are the same as the first game (which I don't see as a problem). The best part about this game was the soundtrack, which fitted nicely with the darker atmosphere. Length was not too bad either. I can understand why many fans of KOTOR were disappointing but I still found this game to be fun. Expand
  37. Jul 11, 2013
    I know all of you are going to hate me but i enjoyed this one a HELL a lot more than i did for original, mainly because of the philosophical debates on the force you can have with Kreia, her voice actress is such a good choice, the gameplay wise, adding a few fixes here and there but still using Kotor's engine wasn't such a bad idea when it comes down to it i found it rather enjoyable even if it usually made me end up spamming the lightning storm button and screaming "UNLIMITED POWER!"

    Main 2 Upsides;
    Story is deeper and better
    Kreia is beyond awesome
    Main annoyance;
    The absolutely endlessly seeming prologue that nearly takes 10 hours to finish at my pace (which is EXPLORE EVERYWHERE!, style)
  38. Mar 20, 2012
    Knights of The old republic 2: The Sith Lords isn't as good as the first game, but it's close. There are some improvements enabling you to gain affection with companions, and giving you more customization options. It's also nice to not have a leveling cap. however the game has a weaker story, weaker characters and more bugs then the first game, but still one of the best rpg games out there!
  39. Jan 27, 2014
    This game makes me very sad. To see so much potential being killed by stupid decision. This game has amazing, rich story witch captivating dialogs and potentially very good atmosphere. However it REALLY needed more time for development. Since tha game was pushed to be aut by christmas it is broken, stripped down and filled in in a hurry )not to mention buggy). You can see it everywhere. Unfinished storylines, copy paste from first game everywhere, boring unimaginative locations and so on. This game had potential do be far better than the predecessor. Sadly it is barely average this way. Expand
  40. Apr 20, 2012
    If you liked the first one, you will love this. Strong narrative and brilliant story-telling, with a great sense of immersiveness and very caractericed characters. Even if you don't like Star Wars very much, this game if definitly a must have if you like RPG. If you have bad luck, some bugs may appear through the gameplay, but by now, I'm sure there's plenty of patches to fix it all. Oh! For a even better experience, don't miss the "Sith Lords Restoration Content Mod", you will love this! Expand
  41. Jan 18, 2013
    So not as epic, stable or fun as the first game in the series. Plus with various random frequent CTD on XP 32 and W7 64 a real fubar of a sequel. Then again I am not really a fan of Bioware, pause select and play style of gameplay.
  42. Sep 20, 2012
    One of the Best and the most flawed games you can find. Lucas Art forced an early release and denied Obsidian the chance to release a game patch later. That means that KotOR 2 is heavily cut, especially towards the ending; and it was intended to be an open ending from the start, much like Empire Strikes Back, to begin with. On the good side TSLRCM fan-made mod managed to restore many of the cut contents, which lead to a bearable ending, especially for a Light Side player. Be advised: it makes the game very buggy on Onderon, but it's still worth it if you play for the story like I do. If you play the "vanilla" version than it deserves it's 7.8 score. KotOR 2: The Sith Lords has a slower pacing than the first game, and a different, darker and more reflective vibe. It's more rich and detailed, one of the deepest stories set in the Star Wars universe. It explores more gray, morally ambiguous areas, questioning the Force itself and its ways, the position of jedis in the galaxy and the effect of a war on them, the consequences of their actions, and their echoes. To say it plainly if that's not what you are looking for, KotOR2 won't do for you. Otherwise it will make for a fulfilling, if somewhat wearing experience, featuring some of the best NPCs ever seen in a RPG game, many of which will echo strongly the feeling you got from some of the NPCs from the masterpiece Planescape: Torment. Expand
  43. Nov 30, 2013
    As the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed RPGs of all time, KOTOR 2 had a lot resting on it's shoulders. Thankfully, in many ways, Bioware's epic science fiction stands above the original, and is a worthy sequel, if not an entirely polished one.
    The combat system has been basically reused in its entirety, not that that's a bad thing, and as such contains the same pause and
    direct action that let you plan your attacks wisely.
    Presentation is where KOTOR 2 makes it's biggest downfall, and unfortunately, (in rare cases) can be an absolute deal breaker. During my first play through of the game I reached a point where I could go no further, hindered by incorrect ally NPC spawning. I was forced to start again, as any attempt to load any previous save from that character turned up fruitless.
    Musically, it's as good as you'd expect. John William's theme is used less than you might imagine and in it's stead, a brand new orchestrated soundtrack accompanies your battles with foes and explorations into the unknown.
    Overall, KOTOR 2 is what fans of the original have been asking for. Some may find that the over abundance of reused assets and gameplay elements invokes a sense of retreading old ground, but speaking a someone who found it hard to fully become immersed in the first game, KOTOR 2 made me feel like the planet hopping bad-ass I always knew I was destined to be. Just don't get to attached to your save files. You may have to delete a couple before getting to the games end
  44. Sep 23, 2013
    A very good overall game. Does not quite live up to the original, BUT the restored content mod fixes a lot of the 'unfinished' content from the main game.
    Unfortunately that mod can't fix everything wrong with this game though. The ending seems pretty abrupt, the added in planet is awful and interaction with characters seems to be missing something that the first game had nailed down.
  45. Aug 6, 2012
    This game had so much potential, but suffered heavily from a lackluster developer and a rushed release. The game engine, graphics, etc. are all basically the same from the first game--no improvements there, but that's not such a bad thing. The real problem is the bugs, which were still not fixed a couple of years after release. The good news is that KOTR 2 does add some interesting new features, such as stat bonuses from developing relationships with your party members, item crafting, and the ability to train some party members as Jedi (eventually). The story is not as good as the first, but is nonetheless pretty good. Unfortunately the ending is very rushed and becomes both confusing and unsatisfying. It's also a bit slow getting started: the first 'level' or two are fairly dull, but after awhile you get to visit some pretty cool places. KOTR2 is probably well worth playing, but I'd recommend against expecting it to live up to the first game's standard... Expand
  46. Aug 23, 2012
    This game is very buggy and completely unfinished. But it's got a great storyline with memorable characters, an interesting plot and plenty of Star Wars goodness. The gameplay is only slightly improved from the first one but still pretty good. It's a flawed gem but definitely worth picking up especially if you liked the first one
  47. Sep 24, 2012
    Despite the occasional bugs for some and the ending that was rushed for a timely release, this remains the best written game I have ever played. Though the gameplay feels the same, the story has a different tone than the first game. This sequel is darker and narrative was deep and thoughtful, along with the dynamic characters and overarching story which kept you siphening through a philisophically grey mist to unravel the conflict which was intertwined with both the external and interpersonal. Highly recommend it, especially if you like over analyzing things as there is a lot to speculate on in this game (in a good way). Expand
  48. Nov 5, 2012
    This is my favourite game ever, I constantly revisit it.
    Gameplay and Item crafting really fleshed out, the story is phenomenal - I would even go far enough to say that it's story is 10x better than that of the original Knights.
    However it is not without ( sadly devastating) bugs, and is unfinished. Though, TSLRCM fixes most of the bugs and adds most of the cut content.
    I feel that if
    LucasArts weren't the greediest bastards and let Obsidian finish it, it could be one of the greatest rpgs of all time. Expand
  49. Dec 30, 2012
    Reviewing this game is complex.
    At first you'll think this is only a sad and buggy re-rash of the previous title; because of similar characters (like HK-47) and similar stories (the amnesiac jedi aboard a ship). And gosh how this game start bad, you are thrown in a repetitive and bland dungeon, doing meaningless quests.
    But then the game open up and you see a lot of qualities unseen in
    the previous title.
    If Kotor 1 had a intense macro plot involving everything, but forced conversations with characters (for example, a character would bring a talk about his parents only to develop background) and an often unilateral representation of the world , Kotor 2 offers the opposite: the bigger plot isn't all that relevant or entertaining, but the characters are great and their personalities amazing. Some lines of Kreia and Handmaiden are writer's material, and it's a relief to finally see someone being original and playing with moral and ethical dicothomies in the Star Wars universe, an universe so hungry of this.
    The downside is that Kotor 2 is an incomplete game with a lot of wasted potential, besides the fact that, unlike Kotor 1, you can't really enjoy all the social interation with characters due of the inexorable influence system; if you mistreat a character once you may never be able to interact fully with him again.
    Play this game as weekend casual rpg and you won't disappointed. Also don't forget to install the mods.
    If any bug happens, see the bright side: at least you are not playing a game with bioware level of writing.
  50. Jan 5, 2013
    This game is better in almost every way over the first one, the only thing i find lacking in this one is the story, and dont get me wrong its still a great story. every thing else gets improved over the first kotor the inventory the abilitys the characters. i still play it from time to time.

    if your looking into this play the first kotor before you delve into this part of the story
    blends together. but if your picking this up for the first time crafting is a must on your main character for the first play thru, blaster deflection alone once it really gets up there will not only save your butt, but kill people in the process. Also i would go as far as to say "i dare you to be good" it takes about 10x more work and side quests to play all light side. (jedi mind trick is considered dark side, as are a lot of the damaging powers.) Expand
  51. Jan 26, 2013
    I really can't undrestand why peole say that this second enstalment is worse than the first. First of all the main questline is well-builded and it's not as commonplace as the original KOTOR was. Secondly, none can say that the gameplay has been worsened (in fact some features have been developed). Last but not least, the role of the main character has been rearranged in a better way: 1. you can empathise better, because of his obscure past (and considering he has not a real identity); 2. the choices he makes can rally change the course of galaxy history.
    Considering how well-made KOTOR I was, I can't but promote this game with full-marks. I really think that people don't like this game only because they played the former before, and, unable to adapt to this one, they can't make a lucid analisys.
  52. Jaz
    Feb 23, 2013
    The second part of KOTOR had a better combat than the 1st one, a good darker story (some dialogues could be shorter) but it isn't as good as the original KOTOR. But it is a great game non the less.
  53. Apr 22, 2013
    Kotor Knights Of The Old Republic is my second favorite game and RPG of all time and this disgraces the franchise i loved KOTOR it was the first game that got me into gaming and i've never stopped loving gaming sense. Then KOTOR 2 sith lords comes out and i'm ready to experience KOTOR all over again instead i get left with this. It is nothing compared to The original KOTOR and is overall a bad game it has crash problems and was shoehorned out by development to make a deadline. The only thing that makes this game possibly worth picking it up is the wonderful modding community trying to fix all of this games problems and a couple memorable characters. But even with that the game still suffers many bugs and just overall bad design. Expand
  54. Apr 16, 2013
    Great RPG. Great Star Wars game. Enjoyed it from A to Z. So much information about the Star Wars universe. Its hard to believe this game was made in 2005 since it is so full of information and there is so much to do and learn in this universe. No wonder why people are asking for KOTOR3 so much.

    This sequel is superior gameplay wise, but I found the story telling of the 1st game a bit
    better. Still overall this game is a must. I bought both Kotor 1&2 on Steam for 2,49$ each. At this price, we are almost stealing them. Expand
  55. Jul 28, 2013
    Excellent game, very entertaining, maybe a bit too easy on normal difficulty. Great plot and storytelling, very interesting characters. Not as great as the original, but still a very recommendable game.
  56. Sep 11, 2013
    KOTOR 2 is the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.
    With Knights of the old republic, Bioware raised the the bar considerably for the RPG genre as a whole and especially for its sequel, so my expectations were very high for this one.

    When I knew that Obsidian, and not Bioware, was going to make the sequel, I was very skeptical but also excited at the same time. I was
    actually more eager for this game, at the time it lunched, than the movie Prequels.

    And in ended up beeing the first game from Obsidian to suffer its “Obsidian syndrome”, in other words: an overly ambitious, unpolished and unfinished game plagued with bugs which ends up being strangely good for some reason. The people that played Alpha Protocol will understand what i'm trying to say. (Don't get me wrong, KOTOR 2 is a much better game than Alpha Protocol.)
    What angers me the most, is the fact that, there is so much wasted potential in this game, the story is so elaborate and mysterious, and the atmosphere is so tense, you'll feel like something major is always about to happen.
    The party members in this game are also much more interesting than the ones in Kotor, everyone acts like they have their own secret agenda, even the ones you think you can trust, start doing suspicious things behind your back. And at the same time, you'll be eager to know the fate of everyone from the first game, especially Revan and Bastila.
    I wont spoil the story for you but when everything is said and done, the game ends with an aftertaste of plot holes and dead ends.
    Knights of the old republic 2 has something special and it could have been one of the best sequels in gaming history, but all was lost when LucasArt putted profits first and fans second. So I'll forgive Obsidian for this one.
    In conclusion what could have been an legendary game ended up being just great.
  57. Aug 12, 2013
    The game is too bugged. First time I drop it in the "always crushing" cantina. Second time, when I got it on steam, it is not working on Win 7 x64.
    And story so far was not so great.
  58. Aug 24, 2014
    Kotor 2 has a lot of fanboys that make the game out to be way better than it actually is.

    The problem with the game is that you basically have to talk to your companions to get a good idea of what exactly is going on. If you don't you'll get to the end and will wonder "what just happened" because of how poorly explained many things are in the game.

    What some people call the
    "richness" of the characters is really just making up for the otherwise sloppy writing and game development.

    The game was left by Obsidian in a totally unfinished state. There are parts of the game where they clearly intended to add more, but didn't. The final area is an example of this.

    There is considerably less to explore in this game compared to the first game, and it is much more linear. Also you are never going to be awed by a richly created background on a planet like Manaan. Nope, instead you get a lot of very bland areas like Nar Shadaa and Telos. Nar Shadaa was especially disappointing as the enemy you fight there is probably the least interesting boss in both KOTOR 1 and 2, and the quests you do on the planet are cartoonish at best.

    The balancing is also frankly laughable, as the additional force powers and advanced classes that they add to the game make it so that enemies are barely even scratching you. The pretty much make your jedi a god by the end, which makes it just not particularly fun if you are looking for any kind of challenge.

    Ohh and then there are the bugs. The game is full of them, to the point where FANS HAD TO PATCH IT. Even then you only have to go onto other places like the Steam forums to see how many problems people have in trying to either get the game to work or to not crash when they enter their ship or go to a new area.

    Overall it is inferior to KOTOR, even if KOTOR has a cartoonish final boss itself.
  59. Mar 17, 2014
    SW:KotOR II is a wonderful example of how to take a great concept, show it to the player, let them bask in it for a few minutes and then crush it. Throughout the story, there is the underlying theme of "right and wrong are just perceptions", yet everything you do is so polarized between right & wrong that it's impossible to really drive that theme home. Each of the characters in your arsenal have SOME moral grey area and inner demons that they all must confront in some form, but it's poorly undercut by that light side/dark side conflict that demands the spotlight and just serves to make the characters more bland and just as polarized.

    KotOR had the luxury of being able to throw an INCREDIBLE twist at the player toward the end, but without that, KotOR II builds up a great atmosphere, great tension and then just... stopped it all. The ending can't even be considered a "Deus ex Machina" because there was no real conclusion, there's just "this is the good guy's ending" and "this is the bad guy's ending".
  60. May 7, 2014
    Play the first one, complete it, then buy this game. The story is absolutely incredible. I would recommend this to any Star Wars fan. 10/10, enjoyed the f*** out of both of the games.
  61. Aug 2, 2014
    Even better than the first game's story, much darker atmosphere and shows that the Modern Sith of the Old Republic era are **** compared to the ancient sith. Although this game couldn't live up to its full potential it still proves that star wars games can be amazing. The gameplay is improved from the first game, pretty much everything is, if you're going to play this game on PC make sure you download the Sith Lords Restored Content mod with the restored planet m4 78 mod. This will pretty much fix the game closer to how it was supposed to be. I highly recommend this game because Obsidian knows how to make sequels to famous RPGS better than the company that started it lol.. WE CAN ONLY HOPE FOR KOTOR 3, OBSIDIAN BIOWARE OR SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN, IN ALL MY YEARS OF GAMING THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES ALONG SIDE THE FIRST I'VE EVER PLAYED. Expand
  62. May 4, 2014
    One of the best games I have played. The gameplay itself is better than KOTOR 1 (if you played it), with more customization options and more powers/feats. There are some strange glitches at times, but you'll find that you can easily ignore them for the fun you'll have from the rest of the game.

    If you have played KOTOR 1, though, you'll quickly noticed that the story is not anywhere
    close to as good in this game. It's a solid story, sure, but it suffers from that unfortunate ailment known as "being compared for KOTOR".

    Overally, it's a 9 when standing on its own, no comparison to KOTOR. Compared to the first, though, it drops to about an 7.
  63. May 20, 2014
    There are bugs with the base game. Update the game using a patcher and install the TSLRCM (the sith lord restoration/content mod). A dedicated group of modders took everything that obsidian never got to complete and turned the game into the experience, the reskinned planescape: torment, it was supposed to be.
  64. Jul 1, 2014
    It is a fantastic game, great and well designed environment, greatly improved upon from KOTOR, and a truly immersive story. I truly felt like I was the exile, deciding the fate of myself, unfortunates whom I attempted to aid, or not, and the fate of the galaxy as a whole. My issues with the game are primarily with the vast array of bugs, with the environment, enemies and the story. There were several times where the decisions I made in conversations left me stuck perpetually, unable to move on with the game, until I loaded a previous save state. The worst was of course with Atris, and this same problem has been recorded my many other players. Choosing one conversation line leads to no story progression, while others work just fine.

    All in all, a really great game, held back by the many apparent bugs in the game.
  65. Sep 23, 2014
    Darker, better sequel for more mature and demanding audience. Offer great storytelling experience and offer a deconstruction to the Star Wars setting. Like a predecessor it's combat system is weak but it entirely makes up for it by a thick, grim atmosphere and splendid writing. One of a player companion, Kreia, is one of the best npcs ever created, she is so good , she might have as well come from Planescape Torment. Which is not surprising as this game narrative designer was Magnificent Chris Avellone. It had many bugs on release, but now it has been corrected by fan patches. Expand
  66. Oct 13, 2014
    do not buy the cd steam is cheaper and takes less time to download and %0.1 crashes..........................................................................

Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. 80
    As good as the storyline and basic gameplay are, there are more than a few issues that keep this game from reaching the bar set by the first KotOR. The first: bugs. There a lot of them; most are just annoying, but a few are deadly.
  2. It's remarkable that the game's quest is every bit as big and complex as the original's. On the other hand, some unsightly technical issues and a general feeling of déjà vu will probably prevent you from feeling as strongly about The Sith Lords as you did or still do about the first game.
  3. 87
    More importantly, all these mechanics -- the moral slider, the influence system, combat, etc. -- are surrounded by a first rate story that's almost as mythic and fantastic as the films themselves.