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  • Summary: Beginning approximately five years after the events of the first Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords takes players on an entirely new journey as they assume the role of what is believed to be the last Jedi in the galaxy. The game features a cast of memorable returning characters and sinister new villains. Using more than 30 new Force powers, players can turn weak-minded enemies against one another in combat with "Force confusion" or see through doors and view character alignment with "Force sight." Assigned to protect the Old Republic and the Jedi Order from the terrifying Dark Lords of the Sith, players must explore and battle through seven diverse worlds while being challenged whether to choose the light side of the Force or surrender to the lure of the dark side. [LucasArts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. The epic struggles of the universe are told in a cinematic, moving style. The interpersonal conflicts are brought out through rich dialogue and well thought-out storytelling.
  2. A masterpiece. It is more than a worthy successor to the original game, and it continues the strong tradition that Bioware started with an epic space opera of morality and thought provoking decisions that affect the lives of both individuals and entire cultures.
  3. 90
    The quality of the characters, story and writing is the biggest draw as far as I was concerned and is certainly the game's greatest strength. The characters are full of quirks, idiosyncrasies and flaws, making them seem like realistic individuals rather than the tool of a games designer.
  4. Sith Lords tends to exaggerate the best features and few flaws of its predecessor. Its environments are still linear and some are less polished, but the combat, character interactions, and story are all terrific. [Apr 2005, p.62]
  5. The combat system, while boring at first, became much more appreciable once your party begins to grow in size.
  6. there’s nothing new or innovative in this sequel and thus is merely a good RPG. Fans of the original will probably find the story enjoyable but will feel like they are just replaying "KOTOR" with a different story.
  7. A really good RPG, but only if you’re part of the lucky minority that can run the game with none of the huge technical problems everyone else is suffering from.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 112
  2. Negative: 21 out of 112
  1. AndrewB
    Feb 16, 2005
    I usually don't go into sites like this and rate my favorite game, but after seeing the rating I felt I had to give my opinion: this is simply one of the best RPGs I've played. Amazing interface, plotline, and interactivity. I have not been this impressed by a game in a long time. Expand
  2. NicoleM.
    Feb 16, 2005
    Loved it, it exceeded my expectations. I was addicted for days. I can't wait to see if there is another one.
  3. Aug 4, 2012
    Some people believe kotor one is better than kotor 2 or vice-versa. Through what i have seen, it depends on the player's character. Because in my opinion the stories are both equal in depth BUT they have different feelings. Kotor 1 has more a story that anyone can understand and it's story is more open ended than the 2nd kotor. Kotor 2's story is darker and richer. You feel like your choices decide whether the sith deserve to rule or the jedi. Therefore it's more about your choice. Other than that the gameplay is the same other than kotor 2 has a few more powers. But kotor 2 has some points where the only way you will understand is if you played the first. But kotor 2 can easily be played before playing kotor 1. They are a great series and if you aren't the itchy kind of gamer that just wants action, then this is the game for you as it has one of the best stories and feel to it. Expand
  4. lewisc
    Jun 23, 2009
    This game is darker and more philisophical than the first one.If it had been finished properly, it would have surpassed the original in my opinion.
  5. BryanN.
    Mar 15, 2005
    I like the game engine, in the sense that challenger and opponent are using melee weapons. It is nice to just see them fight. The graphics are okay, and i did not encounter any bugs throughout the game. I feel that the storyline is too complex,and certain side quest are a little "boring". The animation are also a little dissapointing. It's like all focosing on landing on planets and departing. No action. KOTOR was much more enjoyable, more joyfull, you to romance with characters, and alot of side quest of party members. More joyfull i say. Why Are Sequels Always Darker !!! less joking , more killing, you know? --_--. The ONE thins i must comment is the ending. The ending is so rediculous and very dissapointing. Usually we would expect a climatic duel but this is uhhh...dunno what to say...This Is a game that should stay in the lab for a longer period of time, and not russhed out, and what about bastila, and carth?i have games that have no ending.Still i would prefer having to play as REVAN again instead of some 'Excile".Nevertheless, it is a rather interesting game as it inherited a lot from KOTOR.So..i dunno? the choice is your Dark side or light /gg. and May the force be with you... Expand
  6. Aug 16, 2011
    KOTOR 2 has the misfortune of being named after an outstanding game. If it was a completely different Star Wars game it probably would have a better place in my heart but because it failed to live up to the expectations of its predecessor it will forever be doomed to sub-par. But even disregarding those failed expectations the game is simply average. Combat The melee combat is automatic and aside from occasional force spells is not very engrossing. The force spells are interesting and Force Lightning is always a blast but the melee feels like it could be done without you. If you started fighting and went to make a cup of tea the game might automatically win the fight for you before the kettle dings. You are really only needed for the more difficult fights and to move your characters from one encounter to the next. The main satisfaction is derived from waving around lightsabers.

    There is enough dialogue to fill a book the size of War and Peace or a washer manual but instead of a plethora of well defined characters like Tolsky's masterpiece you find yourself talking to a washer manual with as much character as the soapy water within it. In the beginning there is plenty of people to meet but eventually you can predict what a characters next plot point will be 10 hours before it happens. I called the antagonist from the moment I met them and it was just a matter of time before my predictions were confirmed by their betrayal.

    In KOTOR you are a Sith Lord. In KOTOR 2 you are an old soldier. Why does the story need to exist? Who are you saving? What is your motivation? Why cant I just wave my lightsaber around for 20 hours? All these questions are unfortunately left unanswered and even unacknowledged. The plot is simply a device to move the character from one lightsaber battle to the next. I think the game wanted a character that anyone could relate to, a person with no outstanding qualities or past accomplishments that the player could then mold into an ultimate bad-ass. But there is no quest to save the galaxy or even defeat someone who is remotely capable of destroying a planet. You are simply a nobody who is trapped in the story of a nobody.

    In conclusion the only selling point of this game is the lightsabers. If you want to fantasize about yourself holding with a glowing hot stick then go for this game and skip all the dialogue and character interaction. But if you are looking for an engrossing and interactive game that will enhance your appreciation of the Star Wars universe then look elsewhere.
  7. WSK
    Feb 10, 2006
    Just 1 point for putting up all the marketing effort to 'market' this 'product'. Did I mention it's a game?! (Shame on Black Isle ... what a big let down.) (Btw, it is so conveniently ported till they cannot revamp controls for pc?! How many of the QA/Testers really tried this shit out?) With that lousy graphics, and yet lagging ... a 'great trait' comes from part 1. Either way ... if it is RPG ... goes for something else ... light saber just don't fit with lazy coders. Expand

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