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  • Summary: StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival. Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II presents a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard again offers unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game. Features fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game. New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race. Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes. Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience. [Blizzard] Expand
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  1. Dec 14, 2010
    For anyone else interested in or already on board with RTS games, Starcraft II isn't just an amazing, it's required reading.
  2. StarCraft II, as expected, is an evolution rather than a revolution of the original. True to its roots, the game doesn't lose itself by trying to reinvent a formula that has proven itself (and still is, actually). StarCraft II shines thanks to a flawless production, fantastic gameplay with loads of of little additions and improvements, and an overhaul of its multiplayer side. With a very demanding high-level gameplay but still very accessible to newbies thanks to its casual mode and matchmaking feature, the latest Blizzard baby is another demonstration of the old saying: old friends are the best. Can't wait for the follow-up!
  3. This is the perfect sequel. It reaches a hand out to those who didn't enjoy the first game, while keeping its fiercely loyal fans happy.
  4. Starcraft II has certainly been long overdue, but the immense waiting has really paid off. Blizzard have another jewel to add to their crown, and it's easy to see why. By not veering too far away from the original formula, Blizzard haven't at all 'played it safe' – they've recognized a gaming model that works and then given it a much needed 21st century polish.
  5. And, more to the point, because millions will thoroughly enjoy StarCraft II regardless, thanks to a dense, thrilling, relentlessly clever and class-leading campaign adventure that takes this RTS to the masses in spite of itself. It might be less than half this sumptuous package, but it's a lot more game than almost anything else.
  6. An excellent game that you can consider the chess of the 21st century.
  7. Don't get me wrong. Starcraft II is a fine game. It's just not great.

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  1. Jul 12, 2011
    I've come to expect a lot out of Blizzard since i first started playing their games (I started with Warcraft 2). And with each release (except World of Warcraft, I do not play MMORPG's) they take what I expect, and add even more. Starcraft 2 exceeds all of my expectations and adds things I never knew I needed.

    The control interface is extremely important in RTS games and this is one is hands down one of the easiest to use, and as precise as a razor. Using the tab key to select different unit types within a control group was ingenious. Hot keys bound to similar keys throughout all the armies, no more remembering what the ability is called to use it. But typically E is engage and D is disengage. And the presentations is beautiful. Not only this, but it is extremely smooth for the amount of action the game shows onscreen. Just look at gameplay videos and screenshots to see how great it looks.

    Better yet, the multiplayer is addictive and fun. New units have arrived, and they fill multiple roles. Vultures and firebats are NOT in multiplayer, instead they are replaced by a Hellion that fills both roles in one unit. There are many more instances like this, but I'm not going to carry on with all the changes. And custom maps are there to give you fresh change of pace and play some interesting maps that are sometimes nothing like the original game.

    In the end the singleplayer is engaging and fun, the mulitplayer will keep you coming back for more, the graphics are slick and smooth, all coming together to create a game well worth it's cost, and another heavy hitter title under Blizzard's belt. Absolutely worth getting!
  2. Jul 5, 2011
    Starcraft is another one of Blizzards legacy games it will be around for while just like Diablo and WOW you have to appreciated these games for what they are if your not into them well that's too bad because Blizzard polishes there games with TLC unlike other great games out there which are buggy beyond belief. Starcraft II is a great strategy game and the mechanics are setting great examples for future Strategy games. As far as the story goes, well you have to know the older game stories to appreciate this continuing story which i think is just perfection. Expand
  3. Oct 24, 2011
    "If it aint broke, don't fix it". This game changes very little from SCI, but it doesn't really need to. It is fresh enough to warrant having a "2" put on it, and still it feels alot like "1", enough to bring back great memories from the first game.
    I dunno how many hours I have played this game, but one thing is for certain, it was never dull. The campaign I liked, alot (first campaign I have ever finished for an RTS, I never really played SC1's campaign, I just played skirmishes), the multiplayer (as always is awesome). All in all, its a great game.
  4. Jan 1, 2012
    Release Date Jul 27, 2010 and i just take notice that i finished the campaign only one single time in this one and a half year and still do not feel like starting a second round. Honestly a bit unusal for a blizzard game. Anyways if you like rts just go and get it. Rts sure doesnt get much better than this. Problem about this game most likely only is that its standing in the huge shadow of SC1. Expand
  5. Aug 26, 2010
    Starcraft II is a GREAT game. It has quite possibly the best graphics i have ever seen in an RTS and the gameplay is great and I only have a few problems with the game. Problem 1) the need to be logged in to play singleplayer that is seriously just a pain in the ass. Problem 2) The fact that the majority of units you can get in the campaign and lots of classic Starcraft Units cannot be used in the multiplayer (Firebats, Medics, Vultures, Diamondbacks, wraiths, Science Vessels, and Goliaths) and other units from the original starcraft are not even included (dark archons, Valkyries, Scouts, Corsairs, Reavers, Gaurdians, Arbiters, Devourers, Scourge, Defielers, and flying queens) like is there really a reason you need to take out a ton of the original units? 3) The protoss have been incredibly weakened to the point where they're almost not worth playing im not a great player but i am pretty decent but the loss of scouts, corsairs and arbiters has destroyed the protoss air forces void rays are good for destroying buildings and tanks and stuff but when they come up against another large force of air the specializes in anti air they will get destroyed, pheonix's are useless and carriers have had their build time increased. Reavers have been completly taken out meaning the protoss no longer have a long ranged anti building unit/defence unit (though i must admit the colossi are pretty good at holding back waves of ground units) and immortals while powerfull really dont have the punch or the range siege tanks do or the massive damage of ultralisks. No more dark archons means that you can no longer steal units from enemies which im sure that terran and zerg players are thankfull about but i always loved being able to branch out into other races and just in general if im low on minerals steal enemy units to bolster my own forces. as for defending your base Photon Cannons have had a huge range reduction and have had some damage reduction this makes defending your base from reapers incredibly hard as they can just hop cliffs anywhere and take out your buildings fast and always seem to stay just outside your cannon range while they hit your pylons. Despite all these flaws i still consider starcraft II to be a great game the terrain mechanics are just great small eye candy things you may not notice like the fact that when you blow up something if the wreckage is on a ramp it will slide down it (i just found that to be a cool thing in sc2) so obviously alot of work went into this game (10 freaking years of work) but its here now and hopefully through balancing and patches the races will be balanced because as it is protoss are waaaaaay underpowered Expand
  6. Aug 14, 2010
    Competently built but utterly unnecessary; adds nothing and takes no risks, it tries nothing new and feels retro in the bad way. A completely cynical release by Blizzard, who know they'll make squillions off sheer hype and nostalgia alone, the game has no reason to exist; it's plot is incredibly bad, it's writing god awful, the game is less balanced and less suitable for tournament play than the original, and it strips many features away from the original in the process (with the absence of LAN being sorely missed, and in an incredible level of greed, adds region locks to screw countries with high game prices like Australia)

    I ask then, what reason does this game have to exist? If a game adds nothing over an original in the way of plot or gameplay, then why make it? The game is fun and well built, sure, but then I can crack out my old copy of Starcraft and have the exact same experience and save myself $90 AUD.

    Starcraft 2 is the worst kind of cynically marketed products, a completely unimaginative paycheck of a game that took no risks and learnt nothing - designed to sell on **** hype and nostalgia; and shame on us for falling for it.
  7. Aug 20, 2010
    I played this game just enough to know that it is practically identical to the first one, albeit an unimpressive graphics overhaul. It is sad that the "highlight" of this game for most reviewers is how similar it is to the previous one. "Don't change what doesn't need to be fixed!". If it doesn't need to be fixed, then why bother making a sequel? If people are so happy with this game's similarity to Starcraft I, why don't they just go play the original, rather than waste $60 on this overhyped, unnecessary sequel? The original had more campaigns to play through and was (obviously) DRM-less. The pros? The cinematics are good. Expand

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