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  • Summary: StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival. Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II presents a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard again offers unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game. Features fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game. New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race. Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes. Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience. [Blizzard] Expand
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  1. Dec 14, 2010
    For anyone else interested in or already on board with RTS games, Starcraft II isn't just an amazing, it's required reading.
  2. StarCraft II, as expected, is an evolution rather than a revolution of the original. True to its roots, the game doesn't lose itself by trying to reinvent a formula that has proven itself (and still is, actually). StarCraft II shines thanks to a flawless production, fantastic gameplay with loads of of little additions and improvements, and an overhaul of its multiplayer side. With a very demanding high-level gameplay but still very accessible to newbies thanks to its casual mode and matchmaking feature, the latest Blizzard baby is another demonstration of the old saying: old friends are the best. Can't wait for the follow-up!
  3. This is the perfect sequel. It reaches a hand out to those who didn't enjoy the first game, while keeping its fiercely loyal fans happy.
  4. Starcraft II has certainly been long overdue, but the immense waiting has really paid off. Blizzard have another jewel to add to their crown, and it's easy to see why. By not veering too far away from the original formula, Blizzard haven't at all 'played it safe' – they've recognized a gaming model that works and then given it a much needed 21st century polish.
  5. And, more to the point, because millions will thoroughly enjoy StarCraft II regardless, thanks to a dense, thrilling, relentlessly clever and class-leading campaign adventure that takes this RTS to the masses in spite of itself. It might be less than half this sumptuous package, but it's a lot more game than almost anything else.
  6. An excellent game that you can consider the chess of the 21st century.
  7. Don't get me wrong. Starcraft II is a fine game. It's just not great.

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Score distribution:
  1. Dec 3, 2012
    Outside of SC:BW, it's the best RTS out there. I've put hundreds of hours into this game and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Right now zerg is super imba, (I play random), and the game seems to suffer from waves of imba ness. Expand
  2. SeanK
    Jul 28, 2010
    This really is an exceptional game, at least from what I've seen of the campaign content. The story aspect, which is what I like in a game, is well written and acted. The missions are interesting and varied, a nice mix of defence, escorts, and all out attacks. The performance is impressive. I'm on a 2008 MacBook Pro, and playing with most settings on medium or low, but it looks pretty sweet. Looking forward to trying this in a few months on a newer machine. Expand
  3. DanD
    Aug 2, 2010
    This game is hands down the greatest game ever made. Everything about the original was improved to a great degree, from match making to game balance. The new units add a lot of new strategies as do new mechanics such as destructible rocks, xel'naga watch towers and the addition of a second gas node at every base. As a die hard fan of SC:BW I went into this game with very high expectations and I can tell you that it lived up to every bit of it. The campaign, im sure is fun if youre into that sort of thing, I myself went straight for the multiplayer, which is excellent with the brand new ladder system. Gone are the days where you play against people significantly below or beyond you in terms of skill . My only complaint is the lack of clan support which the original enjoyed. I think it'd be great if people could make clans to make it easier to connect with other skilled people for team matches, such as 3v3s and 4v4s. All in all, if you even sort of enjoyed BW you will love SC2. Stop reading this and buy it now. Expand
  4. Dec 1, 2011
    Great game, played through the campaign twice now and would play again, the plot is fairly linear but the great characters, voice acting, gameplay and upgrade system more than make up for it. The multiplayer is extremely well polished with leagues and ladders and it's really easy to find a game. Then there are all the custom mods which add thousands more hours of gameplay. If I had to find a flaw with the game it would be that some of the multiplayer features from other Blizzard RTS titles seem to have disappeared in this game, for example clan support and automated tournaments... The only people I would not recommend this game to are those who absolutely hate real time strategy games no matter what, for everyone else it's a no brainer, play it. Expand
  5. Dec 5, 2011
    this game is pretty good. ITS great. but bad enough to get an 8. this game was awesome when i first got it. i loved it and had a blast with my friends about the custom maps and how great the game was. but there are so many ways to break the game its ridiculous. im looking at you zerg. the game was boring i felt without friends with you and when they stopped i tried to continue but it just wasnt that fun anymore. dont get me wrong but this game just became a game that didnt last long at all. still a great game, just not the best in my opinion. but when i see people saying that this game is like a copy of the origonal, i think to myself and say that the game fixed some things that needed to be done. 1. The game needed a remake, all of the games minor details that at the time were good, are ridiculously outdated now and just need to be fixed because that was the big flaw of the game, not game play but that its outdated.

    2. A game becomes less and less popular as it gets older and more outdated. what better way to fix that then to hype a sequel and boost its popularity. starcraft is not an old game anymore.

    3. Their actually were some major changes in the game, units were added, modified, and removed, and in a game like starcraft that massively changes the game. they can't add too much because they still want starcraft. and keep in mind that if you dont want a sequel to be the same or similiar, that it brakes the game because its supposed to be similiar. jut play another game if you want a different game, they kept it starcraft, but added a 2. Cod has no excuse though because they have don this like 3 times now.
    Overall starcraft 2 was made exactly how and when it was made.
  6. MIkeM.
    Jul 27, 2010
    If this game was released 5 years ago, it would have been wonderful. Oh wait, it was basically release 5 years ago with all the beta testing that was happening year after year... I don't know, feels kind of anticlimactic now. Expand
  7. JacobG
    Jul 31, 2010
    Sc2, same crap, different day with shinier graphics. Gameplay from last decade that is extremely boring. Where are the tactics from the RTS's we have come to love like Company of Heroes. SC2 SP campaign is only interesting because of the story, you dont play it because the missions are engrossing, you play it to get to the next cutscene. Expand

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