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  1. Street Fighter 4 turns out to be as good as we hoped. If you've never played a Street Fighter game or even one of the other games of the genre, this is your chance to do so. Countless modes and characters promise fun for several months. Similar games will have a hard time trying to be any better.
  2. It's instantly familiar but with enough innovation to interest fighting game fanatics willing to dig a little deeper. It would be a stretch to say the PC version is the definitive version – yes the graphics can be better, but not significantly so.
  3. Street Fighter IV on the PC is easily the best version of the game and a must-buy for a fighting game enthusiast, yet not too harsh introduction to a newbie either. The only downside? Arcade style joystick effectively mandatory, driving up the total price of admission.
  4. After years of absence on PC, Street Fighter comes back to PC with a flawless version of this outstanding fighting game. SF IV is a well balanced, fun and an easy to play but hard to master game, but the compatible version adds some welcome visual changes and a fantastic performance in a huge variety of systems.
  5. Street Fighter IV is the beat'em'up we've been anticipating for ages. It's the perfect synthesis of innovation and classicism, of deep mechanics and easy play. Fun and challenging, the game has stunning visuals, but to enjoy this masterpiece an arcade stick is absolutely recommended.
  6. There is so much depth to this game it's almost obscene! You'll likely be playing this title for years to come.
  7. The PC-version of Street Fighter IV is just as good as on the consoles, and is what we consider to be one of the best fighting games ever created. See it, buy it, love it.
  8. I am sure that the PC owners who didn’t get to play the console version will be amazed by the quality and will be happy to receive at least the same things as their "mortal enemies" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but as someone who played the console version for quite a bit, I can say that I expected something more.
  9. Street Fighter IV is the real "King of Fighters" – on console and PC! With its deep gameplay-mechanics, lots of game-modes, awesome design and rock-solid online-support, the lasting appeal is almost endless. To enjoy SFIV to the fullest, a decent gamepad or – even better – an arcade-stick is a must-have!
  10. Street Fighter IV makes difficult things look easy, and achieves one of the best fighting games in this generation. Apparently simple but plenty of possibilities, this game is accessible and deep at the same time: Capcom presses the right button once again.
  11. 91
    Street Fighter IV is the perfect heir of the Capcom saga. It is a great recreation of the original's spirit, its unbeatable gameplay and the near infinite online mode make it the best fighting game of this generation.
  12. Robust and challenging single-player modes, strong online multiplayer, and gorgeous visuals make this a must-have for any fighter fan.
  13. AceGamez
    Street Fighter has never really been a PC game – not only is the demographic between PC and console very different, control with a keyboard is difficult for games specifically designed for joysticks. As a continuation of the franchise, there is no doubt whatsoever that SFIV is a complete success. I’d warn you however not to pass this off as mere fan-boy fodder; even as a stand-alone game, or an introduction to the franchise, Street Fighter hits all the right buttons and is guaranteed to be a smash hit addition to your game collection.
  14. Despite a couple of minor complaints, Capcom has done a fine job porting SFIV to the PC, and its integration with Games for Windows Live is about as good as I think we can expect at this point.
  15. 89
    Street Fighter IV is a great game overall and Capcom should be commended for designing a game that can work on so many levels by appealing to both casual and hardcore players.
  16. A brilliant combat game that can be dabbled with in short bursts or long bouts of human vs human combat, there's no denying that it is a must-play for PC fighting fans and those looking for a bit of short, sharp fun. If you've got a setup that allows you to play in your living room on the TV, add three extra points to the score.
  17. Street Fighter 4 is definitely the best fighting game on PC since Guilty Gear #XX Reload. (Which is kind of ironic, because other offerings on this platform are shareware titles and certified trash.) However, the stagnation in the genre does not depreciate Capcom’s merits. Street Fighter 4 is a fast, beautiful game with an intricate combat system and a great soundtrack.
  18. 90
    When I peer down that rabbit hole, however, what is essentially a whole new game emerges.
  19. Total PC Gaming
    The best fighting game on PC. [Issue#23, p.55]
  20. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Best fighting game ever in the PC territory, has everything you wanted. The legend is back in full strength and knocks out all (non-existing) competitors with the power of fantastic combos. [Aug 2009]
  21. PC PowerPlay
    One Must Fall before this barrage of fighting goodness! [Nov 2009, p.54]
  22. PC Gamer UK
    The first fighting game in a decade built for flesh and blood gamers and simply the best brawler available on any platform. [Sept 2009, p.86]
  23. PC Format
    Street Fighter IV can be spirit crushingly hard in single player mode. [Aug 2009, p.98]
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 12 out of 37
  1. Aug 28, 2010
    Hahahahaa to all those losers who gave Street Fighter 4 a bad rating because they suck at it , you make me laugh , i bet i could pummel youHahahahaa to all those losers who gave Street Fighter 4 a bad rating because they suck at it , you make me laugh , i bet i could pummel you perfect in less than 15 seconds ......hahahaha ...... ok back to bussiness , the game is awsome and i love the new look on the characters but i do have to say that for me Third Strike's parryng system was better than Focus Attacks (have not forgotten the epic win by Daigo over Justin's defensive Chun-li parryng an entire super) but i still love this game and invite all of you to a match my gamer tag is the same as my nickname Full Review »
  2. Nov 10, 2011
    SF4? do we even have to explain what is SF4? its the best 2-D fighting game ever... and its on PC! that is the only really good fighting gameSF4? do we even have to explain what is SF4? its the best 2-D fighting game ever... and its on PC! that is the only really good fighting game on PC! buy a copy and play it. Full Review »
  3. qurntinc.
    Oct 12, 2009
    This is like the street fighter of old reborn! finally a fightning game on the pc that is worth a crap and isnt ported from the cheapest This is like the street fighter of old reborn! finally a fightning game on the pc that is worth a crap and isnt ported from the cheapest system its released on like alot of fighting games for pc. the characters are well done and well balanced. you have spammers here and there but if you can get around them with a CQ character (IE fei long, zangeif, abel) you can destroy any spammer. as for the people that say the games look is "Cheesy" well you must be a realism whore. street fighter has ALWAYS looked like this its always been more of an art driven look than a realism look but none the less it looks amazing and the extra toutch option on the pc is amazing . as for controllers you can use ANY controller that is compatable with your system IMO 15 bucks isnt expensive and this is a FIGHTING GAME a controller would be nice SO GET ONE! playing with a keyboard takes getting used to but ive seen people do just as good if not better than people with a controller. and if the game is too hard for you then give it to someone who WILL enjoy it and STFU. Full Review »