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  • Summary: Rock and roll! Hurting for cash, Strong Bad sets out to dominate the "Battle Royale of the Bands." Can he rule the stage and win the big prize? Or will he be drowned out by the competition? Find out in this high-voltage episode! [TellTale Games]
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  1. 95
    The transition from the politics in episode 2 to the completely different slant of rock and roll in episode 3 never feels forced, out of place, or nonsensical. It just works because the writing is so damn good, and leads me to believe the creators of this series could cover any topic and still make a funny game.
  2. Decent puzzles with hilarious jokes. Surely I'm dreaming? [Christmas 2008, p.99]
  3. Baddest of the Bands is another solid entry in the Strong Bad series. The storyline is self contained and it isn't essential that you played Episodes 1 or 2 in order to enjoy Episode 3.
  4. Any problems melt away fast with writing as sharp and hysterical as this. [Jan 2009, p.75]
  5. Fun, forgettable and well worth the impulse buy. [Issue#14, p.62]
  6. 70
    Baddest of the Bands is pretty funny, and has a fair bit of content for your money. It's just not very original.
  7. Baddest of the Bands takes on an ‘80s hair-band schlock as the sense of humor grows even slightly less predictable than its preceding episodes. Its take on reality TV-based competitions, however, isn’t the most timeless theme, but the chuckles don’t suffer from it.

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