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Mixed or average reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 19
  2. Negative: 7 out of 19
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  1. This time around there are more units to build as well as new traps and siege equipment to help out on the battlefield.
  2. PC Zone UK
    Despite my own selfish reservations, the switch to an attack focus is a very good thing. [Christmas 2006, p.78]
  3. PC Gamer UK
    Sadly, regular combat again proves Stronghold's downfall. Units require extreme babysitting. [Dec 2006, p.100]
  4. PC Format
    Solid and full of promise, but it never quite delivers the goods. [Christmas 2006, p.96]
  5. A thoroughly enjoyable game with a deliciously retro feel, despite the somewhat improved (but still lack lustre) graphics and the adorably camp accents.
  6. AceGamez
    The campaigns are vast and varied, with interesting stories to hold you attention, while the three Legends Trails offer up even more varied missions with a much stronger emphasis on castle building and besieging.
  7. I was disappointed to see the developers add the fantasy elements, which threw me a bit once I started playing. The game is still entertaining and with the map editor and online play I still feel this is a decent game.
  8. It may take a pretty thick suit of armor to fully embrace Legends but if you can stomach many, many defeats you'll be rewarded with the particle-laden powers of witches, wizards, magical nights and fire-breathing dragons.
  9. It’s somewhat ironic that by attempting to take a more RTS-led approach, Firefly has robbed Legends of what’s made the Stronghold series so endearing.
  10. The fantasy armies really do provide a fun twist, and the castles that are rapidly erected in Stronghold's clever building system are stunning. Ultimately though I wish this game had been Sandcastle: Legends, but it completely wasn't.
  11. PC Gamer
    This entry, however, is hardly legendary. [Jan. 2007, p.76]
  12. 57
    It's perhaps a little unfair to criticize a game for not being what it never intended to be but we're still confused that Firefly decided to take a step away from the series' castle simulation roots and opt for this rather generic and bland RTS experience.
  13. 49
    It works, it's competently put together and it does indeed run like a dream on any old machine. Yet it is totally lacking in any spark and there really is an unbearable sense of ennui from the very outset of the tired looking and cliched intro sequence.
  14. Say good-bye to the historical authenticity of Strongholds past and hello to one generic, seriously flawed fantasy RTS.
  15. 40
    Legends has ruined many of the fun elements of previous Stronghold games, and reuses clichéd real-time strategy themes such as dragons and magic that really make no sense at all to the final product.
  16. Computer Games Magazine
    When the core gameplay is lacking, any variation on "blah" comes out as "bleh." [Jan. 2007 p.52]
  17. 40
    If you are going to make combat the central focus of a game, that combat better be, at the bare minimum, on par with other real-time strategy games, and Legends fails miserably in that regard.
  18. 40
    Everything about the presentation has a rushed, sloppy feel that belies the game’s lengthy development cycle and preexisting source material.
  19. There's really no reason to buy this game, especially if you're expecting anything resembling a return to Stronghold's roots of castle-building sim.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 9
  2. Negative: 1 out of 9
  1. Mar 13, 2014
    Stronghold Legends is an interesting direction for Stronghold. The emphasis has always been divided between constructing a working kingdom andStronghold Legends is an interesting direction for Stronghold. The emphasis has always been divided between constructing a working kingdom and forming a powerful army. However, Legends shifts this focus onto combat. Action does, however, remain the same as it's predecessor, with a slight twist or two. They scrapped Stronghold 2's Spearmen and Armed Peasant units and replaced them with a unit called Men-At Arms, who function much like Stronghold 2's Outlaws. They also added Fantasy units, such as Dragons, Mages, and the Knights of the Round Table. Each of these warriors have special abilities. These make sieges much more interesting than in previous versions, as combining the abilities available to you offers some unique strategies that you can't replicate with plain old wood and steel.

    Economically, however, the game suffers. It did away with the Crime and Punishment system (my favorite part of castle management in SH2), as well as various other factors such as Plague and whatnot. Jousts and Minstrels and what not are also relegated to Random Events. This makes Castle Management much more simple, as supplying your populace with enough food and a Church or Inn means that you don't need to worry about your home when you're marching off to war (which, again, is the main focus of this entry in the series). However, as the delicate balance of army-building and kingdom management is what makes previous Stronghold games shine, it feels more like a spinoff (albeit a very fun one).

    In conclusion, this is a great game for anyone who likes medieval/fantasy themed battles, but if you REALLY prefer economic management in a Stronghold game, this may not be the best of options.
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  2. HanseS
    Jan 10, 2008
    An excellent game drawing on the previous versions for a fantasy spin on the units. The maps in the trails seem more challenging than An excellent game drawing on the previous versions for a fantasy spin on the units. The maps in the trails seem more challenging than previous versions, as well. Full Review »
  3. BenderBending
    Dec 9, 2006
    Its hard but good fun great for a chalenge and a time killer the hardest strongholod since ccrusader i say.