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  1. May 25, 2012
    Tera offers almost nothing different or unique outside of it's combat and political system (even then, I'm not fond of a potentially retarded player being in charge of so much). It feels like they put a lot of effort into over hyping their combat system and not enough effort into...anything else. The game would have more potential if it wasn't a standard-style MMO with the most basic cut and dry questing system available. If you want a story line, forget about it. Just expect to collect 10 boxes and kill 50 boars. Not just -any- boars though, but boars with the same model and skills you saw when you were level 5, forty levels ago. Yes, a lot of recycled mobs standing in a field. If you manage to stomach the horrible level 55 through 60 grind and make it to level cap, expect the game to be heavily dependent on gear (which you'll struggle in getting unless you know a Tank or you are a Tank). Otherwise, have fun in 2hr+ queues even if you're a healer. ==== As for the dungeons, it's probably the best part of the game, however their LFG system is flawed but it gets the job done (barely). What's wrong with the LFG system? Well, for starters, people AFK and that's not the worst part, the AFKers are usually the group leaders. Who can kick? Group leaders. By then, you'll probably have your tank leave out of frustration and your group falls apart. Another scenario, my personal favorite, is someone who "buys a tank" to tank for them in a dungeon but upon arrival, the Tank will leave as soon as everyone zones in. Again, the group falls apart. The next best part though is wiping. Since you get zoned into an instance, chances are you have no idea where this instance is, so if you wipe, you're ported back to a town somewhere in the zone. Thus, you have people leaving because 1) You wiped, 2) They're lost, 3) They're tired of waiting for the lost person to find their way. *Another* flaw is the fact that if you press "wait" before entering a Dungeon, there is no option to teleport back to the dungeon. Yeah..this wasn't thought through. ====

    Finally, I don't think Tera offers enough to be deemed as "unique." The hype of the combat system will wither away after level 40 and I promise you'll be clawing your eyes out by the time you kill your 9823794872938479824 recycled quest mob. The depth of the quests is not worth reading (not even the "story" quest), the cut scenes are awful and poorly translated. There's just not much to do at cap to even justify putting yourself through so much pain and agony. Not to mention (take it as good or bad, as a female gamer I found it weird) all the female characters look and dress like porn stars. Tera took "battle thongs" to a whole new level. ====

    PS: I hope you -really- like 100% gear based, stuns, back-to-back knockdowns, chain CC's, getting ganked/zerged, and getting two shot ['re a lancer], because that's about what you can expect from Tera's PVP. So much for skill (because..aiming is hard or something?). Honestly, it's no wonder this game failed in other countries already. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourselves and make your own opinion.
  2. May 8, 2012
    FIrst, let me say, the combat is pretty amazing..for an MMO. I have to admit. However, the character races, the quests, and the general feel of the game [outside of the pretty aesthetics] is incredibly dull and repetitive. You have a pedophilia based class of little girls [creepy anyone?], as well as some random idiotic animal furries, and absurd looking humanoids.

    Typical of an Asian
    mmo, and maybe it suits some people, but not me.

    All of that aside, the game is fairly shallow, focusing on little more than a slightly enjoyable combat system, that will get old fast. Should have been a single player rpg.
  3. May 1, 2012
    The game is very pretty, the controls are fairly decent and the combat is very action packed but I can't recommend this game. The support is lacking due to the many bugs that have popped up, character creation and transfers have been severely limited resulting in new players being unable to join their friends on more popular servers and in general it's been a bumpy ride.

    Give it a try on
    a buddy pass if you can. Because I can't recommend spending $50 on the game in its current state. Expand
  4. May 1, 2012
    Game is beautiful I'll give it that but that's all I will give it. Combat is okay but for a game that specifically talks about how the game requires skill and what have you for playing there are a lot of lock on spells that make it even easier to use than typical MMOs. The quests are boring and the text is just meaningless so no point in reading any of that which just removes it more from feeling like a decent money worth MMO. If you like the typical kill 10 of these endless amount of quests this is the MMO for you. If you want a bit more money for your buck like most MMOs coming out these days you probably won't fancy this one too much. On the PvP side of things its fun but what really ruins it is the fact that people can switch channels (yes there are timers and some limitations but still easily doable) and if decent enough with a lot of spells to get you to run away you can get away from a fight. The second to last thing to talk about is censorship and what this company has done to this game. The game is wonderful in Korea looks beautiful and would be perfectly fine here in the states but due to some higher ups religious beliefs the game is censored. The Elin wear pants are ungodly ugly and do not match their outfits. It would be one thing if they matched and looked good but this is just down right ugly, EU users have a special gore modifier because ohh dear god fake blood, and certain armors on various character models are edited to censor even more. All at the same time NPCs are wearing such armors with no censorship...what? The thing about all of this is too that the game has pissed off quite a few players with the censorship that you can download a mod and undo it all...or go even further(I'll leave it at that). The mods are so popular that tens of thousands of players have downloaded such mods and installed the various mods before the game even was released. The final thing is the fun factor which is important. It does have some fun, I like the spells, I like the animations, and I like the fighting. However I have a hard time not falling asleep or just down right bored after an hour or two even when playing with friends. I can't tell exactly why, it's just boring. I think a lot of it has to do with just the quests and how boring the dungeons and boss fights are currently. The first time is like WHOA AWESOME boss, huge, cool, etc...second time...yeah, k you died, I don't want to come back here ever again. Same thing happens while running around it just seems boring and most MMOs I play even the not AAA+ titles I still have fun jumping around after several hours. This one it feels more like a boring grind that isn't a grind. Thank someone for that, if this game was a pure grind like L2 used to be there is no way I'd play this for more than 5minutes. So as of right now it's something to pass the time but I think there's better MMOs out there, even free ones that will contain your interests. Expand
  5. May 1, 2012
    Marandopsu said it best. The graphics sliders don't seem to affect the draw distance. I hate when enemies appear in front of me and to me that's a deal breaker.
  6. May 10, 2012
    Game is nice to look at. Combat is fun, but simplistic. The rest of the game....well where is it? PVP? ok...but with such a simplistic combat system, it's not really worth the monthly sub. This game is a one trick pony. This game while nice and polished just doesn't tickle the MMORPG nerve. It's a console game masquerading as an MMO, and not even a good console game at that.
  7. May 2, 2012
    I'd like to preface this by saying that TERA has alot of potential. However, the biggest threat to TERA's success isn't coming from any current or upcoming MMO; it's coming from TERA. Mainly, the 1-19 leveling experience. It takes a 6-8 hours to start having fun in the game. That means if you have one of each of the 8 classes (like myself), you will wind up spending 48-64 hours doing the most unimaginative and mundane quests in MMOs in the last 5 years. It is the single stupidest thing that a generally smart dev team has done for this game. THIS needs to be changed before I can give TERA a good score (-2 points). And no, the 20 min prologue did not only serves to confuse new players.

    Character Design
    There is enough variance to make most people happy, but you will be playing someone with an overly sexualized body, or a baraka/amani. I was very happy with my Archer

    Combat is stupid easy for the first 1-19 levels. The monsters in general are either small and don't take much damage or big enough that there really isn't that much of a challenge in aiming. Level 20, you fight your first BAM, which is quite a jarring and fun experience. However, it only serves to highlight the absolute idiocy of having the first 6-8 hours be so lame. EME has FUN stuff in the game!! WHY don't they show it to you outside of the 20min prologue?

    Not going to even talk about it. It's nothing special.

    Final Opinion
    I feel that TERA is a waste of HUGE potential. It's an MMO that forgot the RPG. Is it a good MMO? Yes. Is it good enough to warrant the $50-80 box cost + 10-15 bucks a month or chronoscroll cash grind? I don't think so.
  8. May 4, 2012
    Not only will my download for this game no pass the 4% mark but it also says it will take an AMAZING 7DAYS to completely download. My first months free game time is for 29 days not even a full month leaving me with 22days of actual play time before I have to pay to do it all again. I entered my first customer support ticket 9 hours ago and on a 71minute call back time I have not heard anything in those 8hours. 3tickets and 10calls still at step one with these people Get your money back if you can...FAST!!! Expand
  9. May 1, 2012
    For every good idea, TERA has several bad ones. They attempt to create more action-based combat and while you don't lock onto targets, combat is slower than traditional MMOs due to long attack animations which can't be cancelled and lock your character in place until they finish. They boast about how different the core game is thanks to the politics system even though the majority of the game's content consists of generic kill/fetch quests with the same time consuming end-game raiding as other MMOs.

    TERA also caters to pedophiles with their Elin race which are effectively extremely sexualized little girls.
  10. May 9, 2012
    The game does try to be a little different in some areas but fails to be much different at all. The combat which should be the highlight is actually more a novelty than anything. It gives the illusion of no tab targeting but fails to actually deliver that type of combat. Between the forgiving nature of the aiming system, having your targets rooted while they try to use abilities, the AoE nature of most attacks, the fact that many abilities still home in on targets, and due to how slow paced the combat is the lack of tab targeting does nothing more than give the illusion of action combat. The reality is that it is traditional MMO combat with a twist. Other than this the game is just bad on many fronts. The questing is atrocious, the mobs are repeated many times through out the game, PvP servers are out of whack because something as minor as a 1 level difference is a huge disadvantage and one hard to overcome with skill. The graphics simply aren't my cup of tea but I can appreciate the fact that they are well done for the style. I wish I had more good things to say about the game but I just don't. I have a level 40 lancer, level 30 archer and a level 20 Warrior. It's the same boring quests, the same rotation spam combat (With a twist though), the same level>Gear>Skill PvP you see in many other MMO's. Plus it has it still relies on the trinity. All in all whats there for the most part simply isn't my cup of tea. Whats good about the game is sadly nothing more than a novelty that wears off rather fast especially if you've gotten the chance to play one of the up and coming games yet to be released. Expand
  11. May 7, 2012
    So much potential and it was wasted. The Good: Customization Combat System Crafting is interesting The Bad: Combat System gets old Players abuse the Infamy system Endgame is lacking because there is none PvP isn't all that and a bag of potato chips No diversity for leveling Only one starter area Elin are creepy Grind overall isn't worth it because of the lack of Endgame Lacking content

    The combat system is fun but overall is not going to be the saving grace of a game with no content. and to people who think it is are lying to themselves. I stopped playing my level 560 Slayer 2 days after hitting max and it is because the game is a waste of time. Why? Because it lacks content. This game is going to die for the exact same reason it did in Korea. I honestly don't understand how they couldn't improve upon the one thing that killed the original it makes no sense to me and angers me so much!! I waited for a good while to get this game and it is going to fail because they couldn't learn a lesson. Don't buy this game unless you are blindly contempt with no content and act as if new game mechanics make it an amazing game.
  12. May 14, 2012
    A lot can be said of the combat style; its certainly different from the "WoW" combat system. Its decent, but nothing special. But that's not why i'm here.

    I cant play this game on good conscience. When i first logged on i was immediately shown a character creation button. After clicking it, i was shown a stripper. Breasts bouncing, but swinging; it was so tacky. immediately repulsed from
    this character, i skipped down the selection list;
    Child Porn,
    And more boobs were all that i was shown. So, finally, i switched to men. Despire the lack of breasts, there was still a massive ammount of erotica. Now, see, some people like this sort of thing, but i do'nt care. Whenever i log into my level 85 paladin on WoW, i immediately start role-playing; This is the sort of character i love, a great warrior, protector of greatness and blah blah blah. But when i logged onto the male human stripper, i wasn't a great warrior, or a mage, or a thief. I was a stripper. If i have to sit down and try and care for these people - care for erotica - I would go insane. i just couldn't do it.
    I had so little fun in the 2 hours i played the game that i cant recommend it to anyone. The only reason its not getting a 0 is because of the (Decent) combat system. That's all i can say, really.
  13. May 24, 2012
    Absolutely NO endgame whatsoever. Takes less than a week to hit max level. After that, nothing to do. Meaningless PVP, no reward whatsoever. Looks good though.
  14. May 9, 2012
    Game is nice looking(except for the kiddie porn part) and combat is different. But at this point, it's pretty much the same old MMO cookie cutter approach to games and I am bored to death of it. So take this into consideration. I couldn't even make it to level 11, but some tell me it gets better after level 20. If you have more patience than me, this might be something to try. But overall, it was very boring asian style grinding. Expand
  15. May 28, 2012
    Combat system is okay. Just okay. The questing is horrible. Very, very, horrible. The character models are really ridiculous too. If your really into Asian stuff than maybe its for you but i find it stupid.
  16. May 3, 2012
    Many people will tell you the combat is revolutionary, but it's not. We've seen this before in games like Invictus. And the truth of the matter is that invictus does it better. In Tera you're locked into your combat animations, which is incredibly lame.

    After that, the game is nothing more than your run of the mill WoW clone MMO. Incredibly linear questing, fedex quests galore, kill 10
    rats and so forth. All that polished off with a strong pedophile vibe.

    I guess some people like looking at overly sexualized 10 year old girls though. Not the kind of people I like being around though.
  17. May 12, 2012
    Tera has two things going for it: #1 Nice graphics #2 Nice Innovation of Aim Combat (in an MMO) From there on it's a downward slope and it gets very old and boring quickly. I found the aim combat to work better in PvE more than PVP (archer vs archer was ridiculously stupid). Sure tackling some BAM's and instances are fun... at first... but the fun does die out quickly, at least for me. I've tried K-Tera long ago and lvled to 50 and thought the game was disappointing, I then tried European Beta and found that the only things that have been westernised is the language difference and a few map icons, needless to say the European was also disappointing... at least for me! Expand
  18. May 15, 2012
    TERA has great combat styles but terrible questing and inane NPC dialog. The only thing going for this game is the combat.

    It has repetitive questing (i.e. every area feels like it has the same quests, just with different monsters), and for me the biggest killer is the lack of story, what story there is has been written by sarcastic and nasty teenagers, same goes for the NPC comments,
    they are all so stupidly annoying that it is beyond a joke. If they had a way to turn off the NPC comments and had some story I'd think about come back to this game, but if you like variety in questing, more than linear areas to quest in, a story, or dialog not written by teenagers on a power trip, then you will cancel your sub before the end of the free month.

    It is a pity because the combat is so much fun and a really good change from tab targeting.
  19. May 15, 2012
    This is got to be the worst game i have ever played.

    Great graphics give you that. But the questing system is 20 years old. The combat is just copy and paste from dragon nest, vindictus, rusty heart to just name 3. I am sure there are 100 other korean grindy mmo that has the same combat.

    in short, Tera is just a junk game like diablo 3.
  20. May 24, 2012
    Combat is amazing except that you have to stand still to much to cast. The rest of the (early) game is just terrible. Standard MMO questing and levelling. I am done with that really. A game has to be fun right away. Not later on. Though I doubt it will be any better on higher level. Probably more of the same standard MMO stuff. When will MMO makers learn that the early game is very important to keep players (especially trials) interested. Expand
  21. Nov 2, 2013
    Don't listen to the 10/10 glowing reviews, because they are all fake, and they conveniently leave out fatal drawbacks of Tera. Here is a REAL Review, from an actual player: Pros: Graphics and FPS-style combat. Cons: MAJOR game-breaking bugs (reported over 50 of them so far, and this game has been out for 3 years?)! HUGE design flaws such as: Can't even enter or exit through doors of your own team's castle in PvP battlegrounds

    Teleporter menus in cities are TEXT-ONLY rather than a VISUAL MAP

    Quests are completely redundant and have little or no creative process involved (e.g. same quest, different monster)

    Quest List is very cluttered

    Quest objectives do NOT automatically show up on the map (e.g. you have to open each one manually, and find the objective, activate the link, and THEN it shows up... redundant? Lazy programmers? Yes!)

    Opening up the map does not show the current zone you're in, rather it is completely ZOOMED OUT (again, lazy programming)

    Mini-map radar in the upper right has no terrain on it, and it is completely dark, has some dots every now and then... is this a joke? (no, it's lazy programming)

    Lots of repetitive spell animations (i.e. they use mostly generic circles for every single caster AoE spell)

    No AFK command (can you believe this? I was laughing when I first found out)

    While riding a horse you CANNOT dismount by casting a spell or ability; the ONLY way you can dismount is by using the "summon horse" ability again (e.g. imagine how annoying this gets after a while, you just want to jump right into something with a spell, bam, but you can't, because you have to de-summon the horse first instead of allowing you to de-summon it by simply casting any other spell like every other MMO does... lazy programming yet again)

    When you disconnect from the game while in a dungeon, and you are kicked while offline, you still receive a 15 minute debuff that does not allow you to use dungeon or battleground matching system again; even if you were already in there for 15 minutes

    You lose all your spells and abilities from your hotkey bar after you finish a Battleground match if you're still inside of a siege tank or tower gun (this bug has been around for over a year apparently, still NOT fixed)

    There are NO MAILBOXES in this game, you must go through an NPC, which holds both Bank and Mailbox options, and the Mailbox option is labeled as "PARCEL POST" (Seriously? You couldn't even just make a simple mailbox?)

    When you die in this game, your base health upon resurrection is dramatically reduced due to low "stamina," and the only way to get it back is either drink an expensive potion, or stand by a campfire for 5 minutes (do you really, honestly, truly, want to stand by a campfire for 5 minutes in the middle of your dungeon run?)

    Another note on dying: If you "release" or "resurrect" while inside of a dungeon, it will revive you at the nearest town, all the way outside of the dungeon, and typically it would take you 5-10 minutes just to get back to the dungeon (unless of course you have a lot of money and pay for teleport scrolls, which most people do not have... do you really want to waste 5 minutes by a campfire AND 5-10 minutes running back to the dungeon?)

    Dungeon bosses have absolutely no diverse range of mechanics; it's all tank and spank, and the tank can't even hold aggro half the time (I guess that makes it a little more exciting at least? Until you die of course, then you have the 5 minute campfire or 5-10 minutes of running back)

    More on Dungeons: There are VERY FEW of them, and you have to wait until level 20 (only 60 levels max in this game just so you know) before you can try your FIRST dungeon. Also, there are GAP periods between some dungeons, where you will be unable to queue up to the instance dungeon matching system (i.e. at level 32-35), so that is yet again another period you will be forced to either manually find a group, or go back to redundant questing

    Very Low Population: This is probably the biggest drawback, despite all of the design flaws and horrendous bugs, because without other players, you can't even form groups to do anything, so you will often be stuck waiting even during the middle of the day to find a group for a dungeon, or go back to redundant questing

    Massive Server Lag due to lack of consistent maintenance (delay of up to about 10 seconds for chat messages at times)

    I will update this list in the near future, but this is what I have so far at nearly maximum level.

    Overall: This game's development team is shamefully lazy, and you should invest your valuable time elsewhere.
  22. Jun 8, 2012
    Grindy, poor storyline, uninspired design, little content, extremely buggy. As one reviewer put it, TERA wastes your time--this game does not have enough content for even a month. I unsubscribed 3/4ths of the way through my first month, my two friends playing the game did so shortly into their second month. (Lvels 36, 42, and ~30 respectively).

    Not worth your money, it will go F2P soon enough.
  23. Jun 11, 2012
    Depressing. I bought this hoping it would be amazing, and it's sad that this game is the equivalent of a dumb cheerleader. "Pretty, perky and new" in the looks department, but "bland, uninteresting, and slightly daft" everywhere else. Questing is the same grind, TERAfan's will defend it to the death and begin to attack other games instead of admitting it's bad. Too many "KILL X OF Y" quests, not a lot of variety in the quest department. Rewards are a trifle compared to just grinding mobs for XP, (Unless you are on a PVP server and getting ganked by bored level 60's who consider the endgame= griefing lowbies) It's stale, and boring.

    Combat is fun, snappy, and responsive but it falls flat on it's face everywhere else. A game that's a year old (In Korea) is bringing NOTHING but a new combat system to bat. No matter how hard people deny it, this game is on a one-way path to F2P and eventual abandonment by everyone but a core group of Elin loving weirdos who think it's a "crime" that they censored the "little girl race" in the west.

    The subscription fee is high, coupled with NOTHING to do at Endgame except grief and PK other players, do GvG battles (Where the other Guild Leader hides on a level 1 alt, to avoid losing), or do the ultra lag inducing and horribly implemented Nexus raids. (EVERY PLAYER ZERG RUSH THE NEXUS! IT'S HOW YOU WIN!)

    This game deserves at least 2 points for being pretty, and running decent. Outside of that, the lack of story, lack of any substance, and the lack of anything more than a /local filled with elitist trolling jerkoffs spouting off constantly about how "TERA IS BETTER THAN X, Y, AN Z". If you need to do that in /local daily, you're obviously trolling or trying to actually convince yourself that what you are saying is true.

    The sad fact is, most of the discussion on the forums is asking EME to fix things, or petitions to ad something as simple as officers to a guild. This game WILL NOT LAST!

    tl;dr- Probably the WORST MMORPG I've ever played, Guild Wars 2 is worlds above this in terms of quests, story, combat, PvP, action, and fun!
  24. May 25, 2012
    Personally Tera feels like a console game acting like it's an mmo. The combat is fun but at the end of the day doesn't really matter nor does it save itself. This game failed in Korea, and it's no wonder.
  25. Jun 3, 2012
    I have been leveling a Sorcerer in Tera. My initial impressions are not good. The sell on this game is the combat system. It is interesting, but really I thought that Conan had an interesting combat system also that was different from the standard MMO. So how new really is this? If you like EWOK like creatures and over the top sexual overtones in the toons then maybe this will appeal to you. The leveling so far has been pretty mundane once you get the hang of the combat. I found it awkward to interact with other players. You click on them and get this menu, but there was no choice to chat with them to get them to help you. This is pretty basic. There must be a way, but it is not obvious. They seem to have twisted around your mouse for the combat system so that the standard MMO approach no longer works for you movement. So you are forced to use the WASD keys with your mouse. With some work, i you might be able to reprogram this or just get a hand controller. The graphics are good, but really not any better than what RIFT is offering or even WOW. The atmospherics from the characters, environment, and music are childish. If you like this Asian childish, cartoon like feel, then you will be happy. If you like an environment that feels more alluring and mysterious, perhaps dark then you will do better with RIFT or WOW. I have spent about 5 hours with this game and i have to say that i was recently leveling a new Mage in WOW and had more fun doing it. There is just no comparison in the environments in my view and the social aspect of WOW are much stronger. The only reason to play an MMO are for the social aspects, otherwise you are better off playing an RPG. My summary is that this game appears to be a bust. I do not think it will last and prosper. Maybe for little kids. Expand
  26. Jun 22, 2013
    TLDR: If you like pvp, content updates, or balance, avoid Tera.

    Tera is in many ways attempting to be creative and innovative, but falls flat in the most basic of expectations.

    The levelling process follows the standard set by World of Warcraft. Killing x mobs, gathering y flowers, and wandering from quest hub to quest hub. Every now and then the quest path leads to a 5 man dungeon
    where the standard tank/healer/damage dealer trinity is required.
    As levels increase, the process gets slower, and the final step from 59 to 60 is time consuming and tedious.

    Once at 60, the endgame is composed of more 5 man dungeons, a few larger raid instances, and a single battleground where players can group up and face an opposing team in a control based scenario. All in all, it is similar, though perhaps slightly more frugal, to most MMOs in the ARPG genre.

    The game does however fail to deliver at even the most basic level in four distinct areas.

    The Economy
    Never before have I encountered a game where playing the market was absolutely necessary. Progress through the game is measured in gold. Enchanting your equipment to competitive levels requires jawbreaking levels of gold in your piggybank, and acquiring those weapons in the first place is easiest with gold as well (as few weapons are bind on pickup). Acquiring even a small portion of the materials required yourself will take a long time, and requires the assistance of a team.
    This approach is the direct opposite of how most MMOs do it, and it ruins any sense of progression or respect for that progression.

    Balance and content updates
    The european version of Tera receives very few updates, and most of these only deal with specials and price cuts in the TERA shop, a place where players can spend real money on ingame items.
    No balance changes have been applied, meaning that the state of balance in the game is unaltered. The player classes that perform at a superior level will continue to do so, and the player classes that do not perform sufficiently will continue to underperform. This creates a notably lopsided diversity, as the dedicated players continue to reroll to the functional classes. Notably, this phenomenon can be perceived in high-performance battleground teams, where only specific classes are represented. This is a direct result of the balance, and the certitude that changes will not be coming. This means that unless you picked the right class (or rerolled to one), prepare to be fodder.

    Gear based performance
    No matter how good you are, gear is more important. Never before have I encountered a game where gear accounts for such a massive amount of your performance. The difference between the damage of an ilvl145 and ilvl155 geared character can be as large as 20x in a pvp setting. That means that you have to hit your opponent 20(!) times more to achieve the effect your opponent will have with only one. As a result, unless you are at the gear top, prepare to die in one hit, and die often.

    Player vs Player
    While I have mentioned the issue of class balance, the topic of PvP deserves its own section.
    The basic layout is very simple, with classes receiving rather few talents and abilities, resulting in linear and predictable combat. There are plenty of stuns and knockdowns, and these usually last longer than the average life expectancy. Thus, if you do get stunned or knocked down, expect to die. As a result, surefire stuns can be used in lieu of skill to quickly and efficiently kill opponents, even if you only have the most rudimentary knowledge of gameplay.
    There is no way out of stuns or roots, meaning that once affected, you will suffer the duration with no opportunity for counterplay. There is also no version of diminishing returns to reduce the duration of incapacitation, meaning that stacking long duration aoe stun classes (such as warriors) allows for a stunlock that never ends on multiple opponents.
    This absolute over abundance of stuns, roots, and knockdowns ruins any form of tactical player combat.

    Tera has some interesting aspects, such as the action element incorporated into the standard RPG formula. The graphics are pleasant, and if one can oversee the childish art style of weaponry and enemies, quite innovative.
    So why score the game a 2?
    While there are some good aspects to the game, the abyssal failures outlined above intrude upon the gameplay to such an extent as to make it unplayable, destroying whatever parts of the game that can be enjoyed.
    PvP is horrible. Playing the market is a superior alternative to actually playing the game. There is no hope for balance. Without toplevel gear, you are a liability at best.
  27. Jun 16, 2012
    The people who swear by this game can say whatever they want but when it comes down to it, everything but the combat system is on par with a mediocre free to play game. The questing, NPCs, and game world in general is as bland as you could possibly imagine. "Kill 5 trees" "Kill 5 more trees". Yeah it's THAT kind of mmo. If you don't mind those kind of thoughtless quests then you might like this game but to me they feel like a chore and it's just a result of developers thinking they can get away with making a crap game as long as the combat system is unique. Really even the combat system in general isn't very good. The melee combat has no weight to it, no interesting ragdolls from enemies, and no interesting combat. The ranged combat isn't any better because all the enemies have hitboxes the size of Texas so you might as well just be using auto. This is just another boring Korean clone with a tacked on gimmick. Collapse
  28. May 19, 2012
    i tried to like this game but i cant :( its just a typical Korean MMO, Ok its got a dynamic combat system... gets boring fast, Story is very bad, don't like the art direction , the quests are the same old fetch , kill ones you get in any MMO, its not for me, however if you are into Asian style games you will probably love it. I gave it a low rating as i personally didn't enjoy it, but that's just me, you may like it, and to be honest if its your first experience of an MMO , there are worse ones out there. Expand
  29. May 15, 2012
    The only good thing about Tera is it's graphics.

    Everything else is your typical grindy MMO.

    Combat is not NEW or "TRUE ACTION COMBAT" it's old and outdated. Only reason people think it's good it's because they all come from WoW. There are so many games with better combat then Tera, but guess what no one knows about it. Once they see Tera, they automatically assume Tera is #1, which is
    not true, because Tera's combat is just copied from other Korean MMOs.

    BTW this game failed in korea and japan, so F2P in 2 month i would say.
  30. Jun 22, 2012
    First of all, it took literally, 8 hours to download the trial version to even try it, i even heard for some people it was longer. When i got in i was fairly impressed, i had fun using the ability combinations and killing mobs, but as the quests progressed the first thing i noticed is they repeated killing the same mob many many times. For some reason the fact that when you climb up ladders it literally takes a minute and a half and your feet aren't even really on the ladder bugged me a lot. When the first cinematic came around, i noticed the voices weren't even in sync with the characters mouths which was just terribly funny. I can't write much about the story line but i also heard that was crappy. The only pros i find in getting a game like this is the different combat style, the environment which i actually enjoyed because of how vast and beautiful it was. Expand
  31. Jun 16, 2012
    The people who swear by this game can say whatever they want but when it comes down to it, everything but the combat system is on par with a mediocre free to play game. The questing, NPCs, and game world in general is as bland as you could possibly imagine. "Kill 5 trees" "Kill 5 more trees". Yeah it's THAT kind of mmo. If you don't mind those kind of thoughtless quests then you might like this game but to me they feel like a chore and it's just a result of developers thinking they can get away with making a crap game as long as the combat system is unique. Really even the combat system in general isn't very good. The melee combat has no weight to it, no interesting ragdolls from enemies, and no interesting combat. The ranged combat isn't any better because all the enemies have hitboxes the size of Texas so you might as well just be using auto. This is just another boring Korean clone with a tacked on gimmick. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Aug 23, 2012
    Tera sure makes promise on the "true action combat" that it so advertises, but that change alone to the MMORPG formula isn't enough to flip the genre on its head, especially when you've forgotten about other aspects of it.
  2. Aug 22, 2012
    That being said, Tera is in surprisingly good shape for a game so early in its life cycle. The journey to level cap is mostly entertaining, endgame content is available, and the core gameplay elements are solid.
  3. Aug 13, 2012
    Action-oriented combat and interesting graphics aren't enough to overcome what is overall a rather bland experience.