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  • Summary: Without warning, the world is overrun by an alien invasion. The Earth is in chaos. You are John Armstrong, a medical student drafted in to the National Guard. On a critical mission that may help turn the tide, your team is wiped out. Now success depends on you. Will you rise up to the challenge? [Tri Synergy] Expand
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  1. Though Terra Wars: NY Invasion is destined for the bargain bin(priced at $19.99, it's actually probably already there), playing through its approximately seven hours of gameplay will at least satiate your natural instinct to kill aliens--but not much else. [Oct. 2006, p.58]
  2. A mindless, pure shoot-em-up game, Terra Wars may be fun for the kids but lacks any depth for mature, savvy gamers. It looks like an old game. It plays like an old game.
  3. The overall lack of quality is painfully evident throughout Terrawars, from the eye-gouging visuals to the rudimentary, almost primitive, design. Compared to modern PC shooters, Terrawars is outclassed in every possible way, and it certainly isn't worth even a budget price.
  4. All in all Terrawars was a disappointing experience and one that may leave you much as the paperboy in “Better Off Dead” but wanting your twenty dollars.
  5. One of the worst games I have ever played. The gameplay is a total nightmare, there’s no music, and the objectives are redundant.
  6. TerraWars is the worst game I’ve played in several years.
  7. Generic and poorly executed, there is absolutely no reason for you to buy this. In fact if anyone ever gives this to you as a gift, they might hate you.

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  1. Apr 16, 2012
    This game was horrible. One of the worst games ever made.

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