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  • Summary: Experience this epic adventure on your own or together with your friends, guild mates, and thousands of alliance members. Explore dangerous caves and dungeons, embark upon adventurous quests across Tamriel, and engage in massive player versus player battles, where the victors reap the spoils of war.
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  1. Positive: 27 out of 64
  2. Negative: 1 out of 64
  1. 90
    A few bugs and balance issues aside, it genuinely feels like its single-player predecessors rather than a cookie cutter MMO, and that in itself is enough to draw back in the weary crowd yearning for something fresh from the genre.
  2. Apr 17, 2014
    Zenimax had a steep mountain to climb: They had to cater to both the expectations of fans of Offline-Tamriel as well as demands of online-mechanics. And even though the result is far from perfect and seems to lose focus here or there, I don’t regret any of the rather large amount of time I’ve spent with TESO.
  3. Apr 15, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls Online is a remarkable MMORPG that keeps the essence of the original series. The game could have been more original in the design of its missions, but its PvP mode and the high quality of its contents are very good.
  4. Apr 15, 2014
    Under the surface, not enough has changed to the formula that separates The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or established properties, and I would find it genuinely hard to recommend to anyone seeking an experience outside of a cosy, well presented, box.
  5. May 16, 2014
    Something good is being brewed here by Zenimax. The Elder Scrolls Online definitely needs a lot of work just to be able to reach other MMOs, but by playing this game you get a feeling that the online version of this franchise could become a milestone for the genre.
  6. May 5, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls Online is a big game with a lot of work put into its creation. ZeniMax Online has created a large world with many quests and a cool PvP mode. The game tries to satisfy both solo gamers and MMO lovers, but the end result is short of expectations. TESO can be recommended only to the fans of the genre, who accept its flaws: repetitiveness, not very exciting combat and lots of simplifications. This "Skyrim online" is well made, but not very original.
  7. Apr 29, 2014
    Apparently existing only to serve as a strawman for future arguments against the whole genre, Elder Scrolls Online is a game of exposed weaknesses and failed potential. If you’re hankering for Scrolls, I recommend modded Skyrim. If you’re after an MMO, I recommend any other.

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Score distribution:
  1. Sep 5, 2014
    Great game. I'm playing from the beta and I still have cravings. This is the best MMO I've played since ages. Unfortunately some bugs still remain but I really love the game, the atmosphere and graphics. The community is very mature and PVP is simply terrific. Expand
  2. Apr 14, 2014
    Not perfect by any stretch, but certainly the MMO i can recommend most out of the last 5 years. Reviewing after playing to cap and doing a fair amount of pvp

    -No cooldowns means youre actually managing 3 resources instead of mindlessly spamming abilities
    -Active attacking, blocking, dodging, and interrupts, the ultimate system, two swappable weapon sets with their own bars, all make the combat a lot more visceral than 95% of MMOs out there, and with the above, makes it better than just about everything, combat wise, save TERA imo
    -Questing gets rid of the "hub" design and instead brings you to different towns/villages/forts/settlements/etc that have a specific problem going on that needs to be solved
    -Many quests you options on how to resolve them, some even having interesting (read: not GOOD OR EVIL?!?!) moral decisions to make
    -Character design is pretty detailed. Certainly less ugly than Oblivion or even Skyrim as far as models go
    -Character building is second to none as far as MMOs go. While not the same as the classic TES system, you end up with an amazing amount of flexibility and options
    -TON of solo content. I've had to play a ton to get to cap within the two or so weeks by launch, and am now given the option to play the OTHER two territories for content.
    -PvP isn't quite DAoC, but the adjustments to siege equipment and respawning certainly make it better than WAR or GW2, imo. Massive area to fight over, generally very awesome.

    only real complaints
    -peak hours have made loading times awful at points (they're "working on it")
    -hate not having nameplates above players
    -need more guild customization options
    -Vampires/werewolves don't have near enough drawbacks to be balanced
    -need better chat options for PvP for coordinating the faction
    -wish i didnt have to use addons to get proper dmg and buff feedback
  3. Apr 4, 2014
    Did you ever play WoW and wished it wouldn't be so boring levelling up? Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Online. It plays very differently from traditional MMOs in the sense that there are not quest hubs. This means that it is up to you to find and explore and by doing so level up. The combat is fantastic, there are no cool down timers. It is up to you to dodge, block, interrupt, cast, heal. It's very hectic and very fun, but also true to the Elder Scrolls Combat formula. Being able to play in first person adds immersion. The graphics are fantastic. All quest texts are voiced. The list goes on and on, in short I couldn't be happier with this game. Expand
  4. Jun 10, 2014
    Its a great MMO unique style of game play and I like the combat system. However like with any MMO at least for me you tend to get bored of it once you hit the high levels. It was fun for about a month or two now its just the same old. Still great company and great games they come out with Expand
  5. Apr 16, 2014
    I am giving ESO a 5 out of 10 because it has a potential. The crafting for once is a useful thing, I wish it was in more MMOs, the storyline is great and the quests are interesting. The problem with it is the clunky interface, horrible animations and sadly just terrible gameplay. I wish I spent the money on Wildstar instead, it's in beta but it's so much better. Expand
  6. May 23, 2014
    As an Elder Scrolls fan and player of MMO's I am disappointed in this game in both aspects.
    I nearly stopped playing immediately, but
    continued. The recent craiglorn patch has made things even worse, unfortunately.

    Main negative aspects:
    -Many bots, even on the higher maps and strong reliance on the client for security. There is no focus on removing this problem.
    -Laggy combat; laggiest that I have ever seen in an MMO. (I played SWTOR, Flyff and some others)
    -No way to effectively grind; 2 exp per enemy when grinding, 50 when you kill a lone enemy, or a continuous 20 exp per kill when grinding with 2 players. That is insane.
    -Only 5 hotbar-able skills that me long back to SWTOR, when I strung many skills together
    -Few if any buffs for healers to cast on teammates.

    -Main positive aspects:
    -Good, spoken, dialogues on many if not all characters.
    -Interesting quests, very few repetitive 'kill X of Y' or Gather 'X of Z' quests.
    -Familiar TES environments

    The main 'distinguishing' feature combat and gameplay wise from other MMO's is that you need to aim and can miss. However, I find this a large downside, since it is hard to play this way and far more straining on your mouse arm.
  7. Jul 24, 2014
    50 Quid .. .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......

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