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  1. History Channel: Civil War is good for a few mindless hours of shooting action, but not much else. History buffs need not apply.
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  1. CivlWarBuff
    Feb 23, 2008
    This game was great. there could of been more then 12 battles but all and all a great game. The guns are very realistic and fun to use. I also loved the bits of information about the battle in between them. The only reason I won't call it a 10 is because you can't realy explore the battle ground, like if you go the wrong way a cannon ball will fall on you and you die!
    But the rest makes up for it. The detail I great, each of the soldiers hase their own face. But they die too easily, even your guys. Your basicaly fighting alone, and if they don't die in battle, they just fall down and die. The rest makes up for that too. There is always fighting to do. My favorite is hand to hand fighting, it is realy fun. This game is a sit back and relax game that I beat in a day. If you buy this game you won't be diapointed.
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  2. RoryR.
    May 17, 2007
    About time someone made a civil war first person shooter. I rate it high just because of its uniquenes and attention to detail.
  3. JonathanM.
    Apr 21, 2007
    It's Call of Duty: The Civil War in terms of gameplay and style, but it's not quite as exciting. The game has its fair share of bugs and issues. The first of these that comes to mind is that the AI has psychic-level perception (and accuracy on par with that). It does not matter how well you think you have hidden yourself or how much you maneuver; they will "see" you, track you, and hit you accordingly. It's a little easier to understand why that is if you happen to disable the undergrowth in the video options menu. You will notice that A LOT of clutter is removed: the very same clutter you were using to hide from your enemies. Yeah, while you foolishly used that "thicket" for cover, the AI had achieved a level of Matrix-like enlightenment bringing them to the conclusion that "there is no thicket." *BANG* *BANG* And you get peppered with bullets from enemies who remain unseen until you make that little trip to the options menu. Of course, stealth is much more possible in pre-determined *stealth missions,* where a man could crouch, in something FAR from the black of night, 15 feet from a pair of sentries, stab another sentry (who manages a conspicuous shot in self-defense), and continue on without further incident. Even when you do get "peppered," as mentioned above, every character the player controls possesses a comic-book-hero caliber constitution that positively dwarfs the one-shot-one-kill lifespan of his fellow combatants, allowing him to continue his role as a one-man army without much incident. And claims to historical accuracy are just ridiculous. Every other soldier has a repeating rifle! Of course, that's necessary if you want to maintain the CoD feel of the game: it wouldn't be very exciting if everyone came equipped with one-shot muskets. Then you'd have to throw away the specops/modern warfare style gameplay (sneak behind enemy lines, destroy artillery, sabotage supply depot, find commander, sneak behind enemy lines, destroy artillery... you know). Outside of that, the game lacks the "epic" feel you think a Civil War game should have. You never find yourself as part of some grand infantry column of hundreds or thousands of soldiers or on some open-ended battlefield with bloody mayhem around every farmhouse or copse of trees. Instead, you're stuck in fairly small, wholly linear *levels* (NOT history book battlefields, just ordinary FPS levels that happen to have a Civil War theme) with at most 20 or 30 guys fighting, dieing, and respawning around you until you get tired of watching it and decide to move on to the next disappointingly small and obviously scripted area where the same thing is going to happen again. There's some other stuff I could say about it on the negative side, but I think that's enough. Was it fun *at all*? Yeah, for a CoD clone it was, but only for several hours. If you just HAVE to see what a History Channel FPS looks like right this minute, buy it. I'll admit the Civil War twist was sort of cool, but I say don't buy it for more than about $14.99 (really more like $9.99). Full Review »