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  • Summary: With a roster featuring over 30 hand-drawn fighters, a number of detailed stages bursting with life, over a half dozen play modes, a refined fighting engine built for speed and complete with new moves and supers, a vastly improved Online mode, and a host of other additions, tweaks, and enhancements, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII represents a rebirth for one of gaming's longest tenured franchises and one of the most popular fighting brands ever. Expand
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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    If you’re into fighting games and have yet to try out KOF, you should definitely check out the Steam Edition.
  2. Sep 24, 2013
    The PC version of The King of Fighters XIII is the best on the market, due its flawless netcode and the inclusion of the DLC's contents in the base pack.
  3. Sep 23, 2013
    KOF XIII on PC is the best version of the game. All the DLC are included and the net code has been deeply improved. The real 2D versus games lovers will love it.
  4. Oct 25, 2013
    With a large roster of characters to choose from, the focus of three-on-three fights, and the overall art style and sensibility, King of Fighters XIII really does feel good to play.
  5. Oct 30, 2013
    As a modern reinvention, The King of Fighters XIII is everything longtime fans could hope for, and a sufficient cleansing of the disappointing KoF XII. It’s too bad that SNK couldn’t cater more to newbie players just tuning in, but even with the confusing third act storyline, the tight gameplay and character variety might prove enough to make those late bloomers into newly converted fans.
  6. Nov 5, 2013
    A fine combat system soured by poorly explained complexity, and a lovely looking game let down by a lack of graphics options.
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  3. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. Sep 22, 2013
    Simply the best. I can't stop playing.

    Honestly the netcode could be a tad bit better but it is very good as it is.
    Some people blame the
    netcode because their computer is slow or because they live in an island in the middle of the pacific. Realistically, apart from Skullgirls you won't find a better netcode. Expand
  2. Nov 2, 2013
    36 completely different characters (no moveset clones like Ryu & Ken) of varying types (projectile based, grapplers, chargers...)
    * 23 very
    detailed stages (many of them change visually from round to round!)
    * Deep and elaborate combat mechanics (4 different cancels, 4 different jumps, rolls, techs, guard rolls/knockdowns, specials, supers and ultras which can also be EXed, HD mode...). You can stick to the basics for casual play or try to master the system, both hardcores and beginners should be happy!
    * Beautiful 2D graphic with not-so-2D effects.
    * A LOT of modes (arcade, time attack, survival, branching story mode, input trials, 3vs3 or 1vs1 versus, practice, online ranked or casual matches).
    * A LOT of extras (artwork and movie gallery, character colors customization, SFX test, icons...).

    All in all, best 2D fighting game since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
  3. Sep 6, 2014
    Game: The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition Genre: Fighting Developer: SNK Playmore System: Steam (PC) Total Score: 90/100 Value Score: 9 /10

    • Story: 8/10
    • Characters: 9/10
    • GamePlay: 9/10
    • Graphics: 10/10
    • Sound: 10/10
    • Music: 8/10
    • Length: 7/10
    • Replay Value: 10/10
    • Player Value: 9/10

    +Has a fully fledged storyline in the form of a visual novel that has 3 different scenarios and routes filled with cutscenes in each.
    +Healthy cast of characters from various King of Fighters games
    +A lot of great content and different modes such as Arcade, Story, Online, Mission, etc
    +Great tutorial mode
    +A gallery mode which consists of Music, artwork and cutscenes
    +Allows you to customize character appearances (with colors though)
    +Includes all characters which were originally DLCs on console versions
    +Well designed sprites and backgrounds
    +Great quality sound and music

    -Few noticeable playable characters missing such as Chang, Mary, etc but still appear in the storyline
    -The final bosses can be unforgiving in terms of balance and difficulty
    -Still no option to play as a single character campaign (but I guess that is a given considering its KoF)
  4. Sep 14, 2013
    One of the best if not THE best 2D fighter available. This game has more depth than the Mariana Trench and is very balanced especially relative to other fighters on the market. The console netcode was pretty bad, but the devs worked really hard to make the Steam Edition play silky smooth. Even 2 bar connections are surprisingly playable. Just make sure you're wired and forward the appropriate ports and you should be good to go.

    I want to give this game a 10 but I'm deducting 1 point because I feel with 2 years between the console and PC release, they should have been able to implement multi-person lobbies, spectator mode and an online practice mode. These features would have gone a long way in helping teach new players the game. Otherwise it's fantastic, a must buy for 2D fighting game fans at a great price.
  5. Sep 14, 2013
    The King of Fighter is one of the most beloved series in the Fighting Game genre. While SNK can often give us a mixed bag where each KoF may be very different from the last, XIII is a callback to the days of KoF98 and 2002, two of the most competitive fighting games of all time. By adding an HD mode that reminds us of KoF2002's maxmode, a mode in which you have a small amount of time and the ability to free cancel nearly any special or super move, SNK has taken several facets from the past beloved games to take into the new age of fighting games.

    As can be expected, the gameplay is tight with blazing fast responsiveness. The inputs, while often requiring more complex motions than say Street Fighter IV's often quarter circle quarter circle button supers, have a deep system of shortcuts and tricks, along with an extremely lenient buffer system. This is a fighting game that, while deep, does give players the tools they need to succeed.

    Balance, as can be expected of Fighting Games, has its issues. For the most part, outside of the EX characters, the game is pretty fairly balanced. In many fighting games having 5 tiers to describe the strengths and weaknesses of the various characters. In this game, arguably no character is more than 3 tiers away from any other character. Its refreshing to see a game as balanced as this is in an age of Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Soul Calibur V, Street Fighter X Tekken... It may not be perfect, but it sure as hell beats the competition.

    This would be a 10 review if it weren't for the netcode. Now, they've done a lot in listening to us and working their formerly bad netcode to something atleast playable. But we need more than what we've got. We need a GGPO equivalent (for those who do not know, GGPO is a netcode that utilizes "rollbacks" to allow inputs to be virtually lagless). SNK Playmore, this will be what puts you over the top. You need the netcode to get the people to play the game.

    This game is a must have, and this version is the definitive version of KoFXIII. Any self respecting fighting game-lover should buy this game and give it a shot. We here in the West have often relegated SNK to the East. Its time to change that.
  6. Dec 8, 2013
    A good port for the pc and in my opinion the best 2d fighting game for the pc out there nowdays. As others said it's advisable to have a joystick because the keyboard isn't that responsive (which is ironic, older iterations of KoF were very responsive in emulators).
    There are much unjustified hate against the "new" KoFs from people who never arsed themselves to learn to play with a interesting character such as Ash. And what other options you have? A game as Blazblue or Skullgirls with less than 8 characters? A 3d game made for 15 years olds?
    Unfortunately the age of arcades died here where I live- and pretty much elsewhere besides Japan- and this game offer something I haven't seen for years. I can only compare it to Last Blade 2 or Garou:MotW.
  7. Jan 25, 2014
    Wow! I was very disappointed in this game, and I'll KOF one thing, it has a major hardcore audience that will despise you should you say anything negative about it.

    I love SNK and NeoGeo. I've played every game on the NeoGeo and I'm a huge fanboy of all things SNK. I'm not a fan of SNK Playmore... specifically the console they released with inferior emulation. My favorite NeoGeo games are Last Blade series, Fatal Fury Wolves, and yes KOF pre-2000s.

    The fighting part of the game... the graphics are retro and are just bloody gorgeous. Probably the best looking graphics you'll find in a 2D fighting game. The sprites aren't overly clean like a drawing, they have pixelated qualities in a good way... it feels very arcade like. The animations are equally gorgeous and the controls in pulling of the moves are satisfying.

    What's wrong? The game is retro but the UI/menus are just plain ugly and over-the-top. There are so many menus and sub-screens that I felt like that was the game not the actual game itself. It's overly saturated with UI garbage and it gets in the way. The game also has overly stylized cut scenes that are incredibly long, boring and don't feel like they belong.

    The controls in terms of how they've used the 360 controller with the game is pathetic. Low Kick and High Kick are the buttons you use to select and deselect in the UI. Should you put those buttons on the triggers of your controller like I did, it can be awkward. Also the buttons per the controller are not shown... so instead of Y = High Kick... it'll just say HK. Plus there are other buttons that beyond 6 buttons that you'll have to put throughout the controller... also you'll have to forfeit a button combination because there aren't enough buttons on the controller. That being said, try the tutorial and try remember where you mapped HP+HK when they call for it because you'lll get no reference as to what button on the controller it is. Other games do show what button you use, so it's not because it's a Steam game.

    I had bought the game months after it's release. NOBODY was in online mode. The only online people I could find were in ranked matches and ALL of them were very high ranked... so the fun is sucked out as you try to build your rank... since there's about 10 people playing the game with high ranks.

    If you want to jump into a quick game, have fun jumping through a million menus, sub menus first... then play for a minute to then have to repeat again.

    If the menu aspect was subtracted or reduced, this game could be much higher. It's hard to look past because the game feels overly done for such a simple fighting game.

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