Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. The developers behind the game have done an excellent job with their first expansion for The Sims 2. They already had a brilliant game to begin with, and the aspects they have added with University only work to increase that brilliance.
  2. 90
    As a complete package, then, Sims 2 University delivers in a big way. There's a staggering number of new things to do and new ways to interact with your Sims. While bugs occasionally crop up, they're not quite enough to spoil to party.
  3. It's brilliant, and I can't wait to see how the team expands on other areas of a sim's life, because now they have my rapt attention. [Apr 2005, p.139]
  4. While there’s plenty of new items that fit into the consumer demographics of the college-age Sims such as mp3 players and cell phones, and chances to experience full-blown Animal House-style college days, it’s hard to take advantage of those chances because if you’re serious about getting a Sim college degree, you really have to focus on schoolwork.
  5. The first add-on to Sims 2 paints a pretty picture of the party-heavy student life. The new influence system, career studies and mounds of extra stuff make it a worthwhile expansion. [Mar. 05]
  6. Yes there are some rough spots that make the student life seem like work and yes its not easy surviving each semester but overall this is a refreshing way to build up your teen Sims into the resourceful adult Sims that will make up your neighborhood in the core game.
  7. The Sims do college right, with all of the fun but none of the pressure of the university experience.
  8. There is just so much here that it really doesn’t feel like an add on pack, it feels like the other half of The Sims 2!
  9. 85
    There are a lot of really great additions to the core game. What's especially nice is that many of these translate pretty directly into the regular game. New elements like influence, the many new items, new jobs, and actions settle on top of an already stacked deck.
  10. 85
    The expansion neatly captures the frenzied pace of college, the numerous things you can discover and do, the strange secrets every campus is rumored to have, and of course, streaking.
  11. 85
    The best part is, you can then control the rest of your Sim's life after they complete their major, so you can set them up for a perfect life of health and wealth.
  12. The new items are sure to be a hit with the fans and the University aspect lends an entirely new atmosphere to explore.
  13. Once my kids graduate the first thing I thought about was having babies so they could grow up and I could send them off to college.
  14. As a standalone experience, University doesn't quite live up to The Sims 2's high grade point average. New stuff like pranks and streaking actually aren't that much fun and the whole experience feels like a lot of work... As an expansion pack to the main game, this is a terrific product.
  15. 80
    A fine expansion with fun locations and seductive opportunities, but it needs a bit more gameplay balance before graduating to the "real" world.
  16. You'll always be busy and it can be a lot of fun if you don't take it too seriously - just like your real life which you waste playing computer games.
  17. Even if you don't go to university much, the price tag is worth the influence meter alone, as well as the 125+ items it adds to the already rich game.
  18. The songs from the radio are nothing short of brilliant; they sound exactly like actual songs without being recognizable but they are of course in “Sim-ish”.
  19. If we're going to have Sims add-on packs, let's have them like this. [Apr 2005, p.106]
  20. There's nothing transcendently brilliant here, but there's enough new stuff to keep you happy. Everyone else, you can keep scratching your heads.
  21. University demands a lot from the player to achieve success.
  22. The whole thing is animated by a catchy faux indie rock soundtrack. [July 2005, p.58]
  23. That new life experience is something of a letdown, but the new items and strategic options more than make up for it.
  24. While some features reflect the students' life accurately, the general atmosphere makes the experience rather childish and not very varied, as there are simply not enough elements from the college life.
  25. Brings a generous number of new elements to the Sims 2 core game. But you're forced to focus on the more mundane, tedious aspects of Sim life, and that makes it a bit too hard to enjoy all the cool new stuff. [May 2005, p.68]
  26. They made it a bit too hard to actually go to school and do all the work, but the additions of influence, new items, and new career paths are welcome.
  27. And once you become Van Wilder, life can becomes easier as you can influence people to help you with homework, leaving you more time to get on with life/earning/relationships.
  28. While it improves the overall Sims 2 game significantly, the "university" aspect is disappointing and very short-lived.
  29. If dabbling in the Sims 2 appealed, but you desired something with a bit more structure, an application to the Sims 2 University is well worth filling in.
  30. A worthy addition to the franchise.
  31. 60
    The increased emphasis on exploring different lots on campus serves to exacerbate the tedium involved in getting your sims from point A to point B, and the time traveling logic it entails.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

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  1. LaurensdeJ.
    Oct 12, 2005
    The best sim game ever!
  2. GemmaH.
    Oct 10, 2005
    This game is really good but it doesn't look as good as it has advertised. I had to uninstall the game for quite some time, when i This game is really good but it doesn't look as good as it has advertised. I had to uninstall the game for quite some time, when i finally got it back on again i realised how much i missed it. Fantastic so it gets a 9 from me! Full Review »
  3. CalS.
    Jun 6, 2005
    It was the best game ever it was amazing.