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  1. Sep 30, 2014
    An effective start to season two, highlighting much of what made Season one so great; that being, Telltale's ability to make us emotional, especially for Clementine, the fantastic protagonist, along with some gut wrenching scenes, reminding us that the harshness of zombie apocalypse isn't getting any easier to bear. Infact, it only takes a few minutes to see the death of characters, each one demonstrating how bad Clementine really has it.

    It is fair to say that the biggest decisions the episode has to offer aren't on the scale of some of the ones in Season one, and many of them seem to have little effect on the overall outcome on what happens, however as an introductory episode it does about as much as you'd expect, while introducing new characters (which are already perishing before the episode is out)). Thus, the episode is a triumphant return to the game, which hardly ensures the refutes the quality of future episodes, but reminds us of how sadistic and brutal TWD universe really is, and will doubtlessly continue to be.
  2. Aug 28, 2014

    Well, this was a sure good game, but after Season 1... We were waiting for a better game, but this game was surely worse than Season 1 for me. Your choices doesn't matter at all. Whoever you choose, Nick is gonna survive and Pete going to die. It goes on like this on other episodes too. Some of them just talk a bit rude to
    you, but who is with you or who isn't never changes. It's always the same.


    Also, why are we a little girl? In Season 1, we was a leader of a whole group. We had lots of things to choose, we had lots of responsibility, our choices changed lots of things. But in this game... Nothing changes, whatever you do, they go on as they were meant to be.
  3. Aug 27, 2014
    'All That Remains' is a good start in the second Season of Telltale's 'The Walking Dead', however, Episode 1 is nowhere near Season 1 this far.

    The writing isn't as good and doesn't feel as complete, although it is far from bad. There are some great scenes, but also boring and confusing scenes. Don't expect too much choice-wise, either. The major choices didn't feel that important and
    were easy to make, which isn't at all the point of this game.

    After all, I would give it 7.5/10, but in this case 7/10 feels more appropriate.
  4. Aug 20, 2014
    The Walking Dead Season 2 starts off good enough - but I think, after the much deserved recognition and praise that TellTale Games got because of Season 1, they could have at least worked out some bugs and issues with their software. Clementine still moves like a box and, even if the comic look of the environment and characters is still well represented, it could use some refining - the character work from The Wolf Among Us proves that it can be done.

    Sadly, this whole episodic Walking Dead act is not a novel concept any more, so the thrills and emotions easily pulled out from us by Season 01 will need to step up its game to have a matching reaction from not easily impressed gamers.
  5. Jul 15, 2014
    Honestly, I wish it could have been good. I enjoyed the first season, but this one just wasn't good. It feels like it was forced, somehow. I really think that they were just trying to kill off any remaining characters from season one (Besides Clementine), just for the sake of killing them. I get that they were trying to make sure we knew that not everyone was just a good person after the apocalypse. The writing in this one was terrible.

    A majority of the interactions with other characters were shallow, although there were a few exceptions. There was no real explanation for why they went to North Carolina in the first place. I only gave it a 4/10 because frankly, the gameplay was still great, just as it had been in the first season. I haven't played the other episodes, but I doubt that anything could be worse than this. Like I said earlier, the gameplay itself was impeccable, possibly even better than before at some points. For a story based game like this though, it's just not good enough. I'm fairly certain that a majority of the people who rated it a perfect score haven't played Season 1.

    They could have made playing as Clementine enjoyable, but they did not. 4/10, solely because of the gameplay.
  6. Jun 12, 2014
    While this is probably the best telltale could've done after that crazy dramatic season one finale. This I feel is probably THE worst episode in the Walking dead series. There's Lack of Choices and Its pretty damn short. and the Choices that are there feel kinda cookie cutter, Its also painfully obvious that its building itself up for something deadly to come in the next episodes. But on the positive side is that The writing is still amazing, telltale rarely disappoints in that aspect. There is also some really strong "Feels" moments in the episode (but honestly they feel really lazy ways to get out of keeping decision distinction)
    Its the best they could've done but I feel like skipping this episode.
  7. Apr 21, 2014
    great opening to the new season! glad to be playing as clementine and right off the bat you have some pretty heavy decisions to make that question whether or not clem has held on to her humanity. don't really know where the story is going in terms of plot, and the game kind of ends abruptly. but those the only real issues of the game.
  8. Mar 27, 2014
    First of all the previous game (more like an interactive story) was superb, one of the only media (including movies) that got me to feel real emotion towards the characters and if you didn't get to play it, DO IT NOW!

    With this in mind, telltale did a great job at making a sequel for the first game which I thought was impossible.
    I wont reveal anything significant, but lets just say
    this sequel is great and should be played.
    This product is worth it!
  9. Mar 14, 2014
    Fantástico do inicio ao fim, a história começa já começa a mil com cenas de ação, desespero, a clem já com uma maior maturidade, tendo que aguentar tudo aquilo sem o lee para ajudar, o modo que a clem amadureceu foi espetacular também, muito bom, esse jogo está bem melhor que o seriado, perfeito.
  10. Mar 11, 2014
    Great Beginning to the season 2 of The Walking Dead Game, I had doubts about this season but the theme, surprises and the overall plot makes me feel very positive about the season. So far it looks like Season 2 Could be better than its predecessor.
  11. Mar 8, 2014
    This is everything you expected from the next walking dead game. Telltale played the safe route with this one it seemed. The design of Nick is too similar to Kenny, and it seems like they are trying to force you to like him by trying to make you feel like he is Kenny. This is quite slow, most of the walking dead is slow and that adds to what makes it the truly amazing experience it is, however this episode felt REEEEEEAAALLLLLY slow. Expand
  12. Mar 5, 2014
    The game is full of false choices. It looks as if you are in some sort of control, but it is just a cutscene that waits for you to click once or twice.

    Take the opening bathroom scene. No matter what happens, x gets shot. So why not make it a cutscene? What difference does it make what stall I open or what sink I try? It all leads to the same event....
  13. Feb 23, 2014
    An eye-opening, adrenaline filled return to form, Season Two of The Walking Dead amplifies the tension by casting you as a (seemingly) defenceless, young girl. As with the previous season, this game toys with your emotions and has moral dilemmas galore; all things we should see more of in computer gaming!
  14. Feb 15, 2014
    9 Personally I can't wait for Clem's story to continue. Telltale have raised the bar set by Season 1 and look to keep on raising it higher and higher. These horrible events have shaped Clementine and destroyed every little scrap of "little girl" she had in her. All that remains is a survivor.
  15. Feb 5, 2014
    And follows Telltale surprising me again. First with the first episode, now with this incredible sequel.
    This second episode was very short and did not have many choices of options fast but it was still a great episode as the other was.
  16. Feb 5, 2014
    Too short and unsatisfying but my love for Telltale Games and The walking dead franchise gives me hope. It can get better and it will. It will probably as good as the first season.
  17. Jan 25, 2014
    A great start to a new season although there are A lot of things that need to be tweaked with the game and i don't really care about the characters (expect for Clem) YET i know that they will grow on me in the next (most likely 4 episodes) but i cant wait what they do next .
  18. Jan 25, 2014
    Not as good as the 5 previous episodes but still great fun. The episode is definitely a great kick starter to the second season . I hope that the next few episodes will only get better.
  19. Jan 23, 2014
    Thank you very much to the developers of this great game!
    I am waiting for next seasons 3, 4, 5 etc )
    at what programming language you wrote this wonderful game?
  20. Jan 21, 2014
    All the gore you want from a zombie game, all the best story aspects from the show you would expect. Pretty good graphics, pretty good sound and gameplay. Overall a great game.
  21. Jan 20, 2014
    The season 1 loose ends are cut off too rapidly and too quickly to make you really care. Other than that, Telltale gives you an episode which is used to introduce the story. That raises the question, whether that would've been something the DLC was supposed to do.
    Choices, once again, do not seem to be making the big difference as you'd think, as you're mainly just progressing through a
    set out story, in which you mostly only adjust details.
    However, the rise of several possible main characters shows potential. Let's just hope Telltale doesn't get all wrapped up in the hype the fanboys seem to have caused, as it's likely to throw them out of balance.
  22. Jan 17, 2014
    Don't get me wrong, the entire series is brilliant. I just kind of wish Telltale would make their games open-ended and actually 'tailor to my decisions' like they say they will.
    Instead of mixing things up with more outcomes, they give you a very linear storyline with small differences. You can choose to let person A live, or person B, but they'll both die in different ways, so it doesn't
    really matter which ones you choose. It just changes the dialogue a bit.

    I know why they don't do this, though. It would make a LOT of work for them and the storylines could eventually get so varied in different playthroughs that they wouldn't be able to come up with such a huge number of outcomes from which to continue each episode.

    That being said, I just want a game where my decisions actually make a difference, not one where everything is predetermined. Is that so much to ask from a game that prides itself on its' difficult decision-making narrative?
  23. Jan 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was a fantastic way to start the new season. I was very skeptical about Clem being the player controlled character for two reasons

    1. I was afraid Telltale would tone down the intensity of the game because violence against children is frowned upon most of the time.
    2. I was not sure how good the dialogue would be if you played as a 12 year old.

    Telltale answered both of those problems right off the bat and it really helped the game. The horrible things Clementine has to endure shows that Telltale didn't miss a beat with keeping it almost more brutal then the first one, and this really helps add to the hopeless atmosphere that keeps me playing these games. It shows that in this world, the dead don't discriminate (much like the scene from the first where Duck got bitten) and its your own survival at any cost, even if a little girl may die. My other issue with Clem being the main character was nullified too when it cut forward like a year. Clem is very mature in this, and her dialogue options reflects this. She has the will to survive, and its nice to see the transition from the innocent little girl into a brave survivalist badass. I know a lot of people say the characters are bland but this is just the first episode and I won't really judge them until later. They haven't really had very much time to develop just yet.

    All in all, this was fantastic. It was gritty, depressing and very realistic to what I would expect to see in a real zombie apocalypse. Can't wait for episode 2.
  24. Jan 17, 2014
    The Walking Dead S2 Episode 1 hasn't got any difference even when you load the save from S1, but I hope that will change in later episodes. Good start, Telltale!
  25. Jwv
    Jan 16, 2014
    Episode One was a bit of a disappointment after having played through the entire first season, which I was - and still am - crazy about. Although only a year has passed, the graphics don't look as good anymore to me (especially the zombies and the foliage). This game is all about making decisions, and I felt bad that some decisions seem irrelevant and do not influence the story at all, like the choices 'Survival', 'Generosity' and 'Trust', and that's three out of the five choices that get featured on the ending screen. But I have to admit that the final choice was a whopper - and one that I had to think about for several minutes. What I also noticed, and hadn't really in the first season, is that controlling Clementine in static point-and-click scenes doesn't feel natural at all. The movement feels awkward, hampered and slow and the camera doesn't cooperate at all (remains static), which made me loathe these scenes. These moments also don't feature any interesting interactions and, I feel, are primarily focussed on getting the player to move around a bit. You will perform some boring chores without much significance, and this really pulls you out of the immersive movie-like experience (except the scene when Clementine seeks medical supplies). The combat also doesn't feel very interesting anymore after what we have seen in The Wolf Among Us: Episode One, although it still gets your blood pumping. I absolutely loved The Walking Dead: Season One, and was looking eagerly forward to Season Two, but this episode was a disappointment to me after having played through Season One in a fever. I have to admit that the release of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us has changed my standards for the better, but then I wonder why this episode can't live up to it. Expand
  26. Jan 15, 2014
    A really great start to the Second Season. Telltale has done it again with this one. It truly is a beautiful experience. Hopefully the following episodes will be just as great as this first one. And I truly believe that they will.
  27. Jan 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a big fan of Season 1 this is a great sequel - still maintaining a good storyline and manages to surprise you. I found the dog all of a sudden revolting against you very random and totally unnecessary but aside from that i really enjoyed it, even though it was short compared to previous episodes. Expand
  28. Jan 6, 2014
    A very credible continuation to the previous season. The story does neither feel forced nor like a gratuitous sequel. One of my greatest fear for this season was Clementine being the central character and I must say that, given how difficult an accurate portrayal of a child's reaction can be, Telltale did a wonderful job in making Clementine a strong, realistic character. As for the story itself, given that this first episode is some sort of introduction to the second season, I feel it's been told with an appropriate pace (some action takes place, but nothing feels rushed and the story builds itself in a natural manner, with small and interesting events). That being said, if the previous season has been criticized for it's lack of actual and meaningful interactions, this one feels even more close to a movie than a game. The choices are very few and most of them seems to lead to the same conclusions for this very reason, I would give a 7.5 out of 10 if it was possible on Metacritic. Anyhow, I believe that, as for the previous season, the real experience can only be enjoyed if you play all the episodes in a row (hence 7.5 out of 10 means nothing by itself). In the end there is too little content in this two hour episode to really make up your mind about it, it's a great introduction but good introductions will always be unsatisfying teasers. My recommendation to anyone considering to play the Walking Dead Season 2 would be: just wait until all the episodes are out if you can. With the Wolf Among Us being released in parallel to this series and with the many side projects that Telltale just signed on, I guess the wait between episodes will be long and equally frustrating if you got engaged by this first one. Expand
  29. Jan 6, 2014
    The Walking Dead Season 2 has shown us how to make a game affect you and dive you deeper into the story than ever. This addition of the game is darker and more serious than before. Clementines childish attitude is gone as she becomes a very charming and mature character, I am excited to see what Telltale has next in store!
  30. Jan 6, 2014
    This game is so aweasome and i cried so much.THis game is the you haters .|,
  31. Jan 2, 2014
    All That Remains is a welcome return to the Walking Dead universe but not the one I necessarily wanted. The added emphasis on Clementine and the references to your struggles as Lee really bridge the gap between seasons. The shocking opening and nail-biting conclusion, as well as several horrifying feats of survival, really make the game worth it. But in many areas the first episode feels like a missed opportunity. The gameplay is not refined and many awkward swiping motions led to unnecessary deaths. The graphics feel off in plenty of areas and the game is perpetually laggy throughout the hour-long journey. However, All That Remains definitely shows promise for future success. I enjoyed most of the new characters and I see plenty of potential conflicts for nail-biting decisions in the coming months. While Clementine's first spotlight isn't a masterpiece, her story and evolution is more than worth the price of admission.

  32. Jan 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. **spoiler alert**
    This game is ok given it's low cost but it's far from the numerous 10's posted. By the way how can you say it's a perfect and follow with a "but...". I played through twice to see if my choices made any changes to the outcome and found, like most here whether they want to admit it or not) they did not significantly alter the outcome. I also found the dog scenes forced. Can some one explain to me why a dog that has likely hunted and scavenged for over two years would allow a potential meal reach out and grab its tag; play fetch at least three times; and submit to petting on the head only to go for the throat over some family style beans?! Discuss....
  33. Dec 31, 2013
    Where do I start? Telltale Games have done it again! The gameplay is just- oooh! A bliss! I loved Season One. Heres the plot: Several months after the events of "No Time Left", Clementine is travelling with Omid and a visibly pregnant Christa after it's assumed that they reunited outside of Savannah. Stopping at a public restroom next to Gil's Pitstop, the trio discuss the name of Christa's unborn child before deciding to clean up. After heading into the female restroom, Clementine puts her gun down and begins to clean herself up but accidentally drops her bottle of water and heads into a stall to retrieve it. After retrieving it, she hears someone coming in. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine stays in the stall as the stranger, Michelle, retrieves the weapon. However, Clementine accidentally makes a noise, causing Michelle to coax her out at gunpoint and demand that Clementine hands over her possessions. Suddenly, Omid enters the room and realizes what is going on. He takes a stealthy approach and sneaks toward Michelle, but the door closes loudly, causing Michelle's reflexes to turn and shoot, killing Omid. Christa suddenly runs in while Michelle immediately drops the gun and apologizes. Christa ultimately kills her with a shot to the abdomen before cradling Omid's body.

    The scene then cuts to sixteen months later, where Clementine and Christa (who is no longer pregnant) are seen sitting around a campfire in an attempt at cooking a weasel they caught and killed earlier on, evidently in a solemn mood with plans to head towards Wellington where Christa believes it may be safer. Soon Christa heads off to look for more firewood, whilst Clementine's left to tend the fire. Searching through her backpack, she finds the other half of the Everett Family photo of Lee that he had torn off in "A New Day" and looks upon it sadly, before finding her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck and again looking upon it with a solemn attitude, before eventually finding a lighter which she uses to tend to the fire. After fueling it with a nearby log, Clementine hears a noise not far from the camp and finds Christa being held at gunpoint by two bandits, who demand to know whether or not there is anyone with her. Given the option of either sneaking away or throwing a rock at Winston (one of the bandits) in order to distract them, Winston chases after Clementine and attempts to restrain her, though she's able to break free by pushing Winston into the reach of a nearby walker, which then grabs and eventually kills him while Clementine is approached by several other walkers which emerge from the woods. Backing away in fear, Clementine falls into a nearby river and is taken downstream by the current until she passes out.

    The next day, she wakes up on the banks of the river, and after a brief trek through the woods, she encounters a dog named Sam, alongside an abandoned campsite which presumably had once belonged to Sam's owners. After a brief search around the area, Sam begins to bark at a walker tied to a tree with a knife sticking out of its arm. After Clementine remembers some words Lee told her before his demise, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife which is still sharp. There's also a trash can and, after searching it, Clementine finds a can of beans. After using the knife to pry open the can, Sam will begin to beg. After a choice to feed him or not, Sam will attack Clementine, biting her on the arm. After grabbing her knife, a rock, or nothing, Clementine stabs, punches and/or beats Sam multiple times until she successfully kicks him where he is pierced by a metal frame in his torso and hind leg. Clementine has the choice of killing him or leaving him to die.

    Clementine eventually heads off with a severely wounded arm and eventually ends up almost passing out from exhaustion in the woods, only to realize that she's surrounded by several walkers. Attempting to flee, she's almost overwhelmed by a walker only to be saved by Luke and Pete, who begin to carry her off. Suddenly noticing the wound on Clementine's arm, however, Luke initially assumes it to be a walker bite and begins to discuss with Pete over what to do, only for Clementine to tell them that it was a dog bite. Still skeptical, Luke and Pete continue arguing if they should leave her here or not to. Pete eventually decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and take her to their cabin, where she can be seen to by their doctor. Again exhausted and wounded, Clementine passes out and eventually stirs from consciousness only to wake up as several other people argue over what to do with her. Noticing someone with an uncanny resemblance to Kenny, Clementine is initially surprised and causes the individual, revealed to be Nick, to become startled and accidentally fire off their gun close to Clementine's proximity. After further arguing between the group and herself over the origin of her wound, Clementine is examined by Carlos. BEST TWD EVER!
  34. Dec 29, 2013
    TellTale Games Second Season starts poor, lost Clementine out on dark and dangerous path. Alone and scared, she will meet some very unusual, but well written, characters along the way, including a seemingly nice dog that apparently has a voracious appetite for canned beans. Overall, I was quite pleased with the pacing and dangers that Clementine finds herself in during the game's almost 2 hour playthrough. Can't wait for the next episodes to arrive. Great job, TellTale! Expand
  35. Dec 29, 2013
    Episode 1 is amazing, better than I expected and a great way to start the new season.
    Gameplay, graphics and how much your involved is improved a lot compared to Season 1 and the story is still going greatly strong.

    A MUST HAVE if you finished Season 1.
  36. Dec 29, 2013
    finally the long awaited second season of telltale's masterpiece The walking dead is here but the question is is it as good as the first season and let me answer yes it is after only 10 minutes of playing you'll be stunned and amazed by the presentation of the game the graphics are a little bit better but you don't play this game for graphics you play it for the story and it is as good so far as the first season and as always it will keep you dying for the next episode to come welldone telltale games
    now we will have the wold among us in a month and the next month we will have the walking dead 2014 seems promising to me already
  37. Dec 29, 2013
    It's exactly what I expected and wanted, in the positive sense. The "interactive story", as the game calls itself, is interesting, thrilling and the characters are faithful.
    Some clipping errors cost the maximum points.

    Telltale, I want more like this!
  38. Dec 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A fantastic episode. I had some concerns about playing as Clem, since I care about her and want to protect her, but not being her. However, it turned about perfectly fine... I still love her and in a way i can still protect her as being her.... The opening of the episode is jaw dropping for me, really good.. The dog scene is quite dog, no one wants to kill a cute dog.... The stitches scene is, just so intense.... The ending is just ok, i really dont care neither of them All in all, an amazing and a strong start for season 2.... Expand
  39. Dec 28, 2013
    Shorter than I expected and not as interesting as the first season. The writing was ok, but the decisions presented to you as the player were not as powerful impactful as I would have liked in a season opener.

    So far I'm not impressed, but maybe it's because the Wolf Among Us was SO good my expectations for this game were too high.

    I trust TTG though, and think the season will pick
    up in later episodes.

    At the moment, I'd wait and see what happens; I am more excited about TWAU than TWD.
  40. Dec 28, 2013
    The first Episode from Season 1 was a lot better than the first Episode from Season 2. Not only did season 1 bring a more friendly introduction, they also did it in a slower pase. In Season 2 they rushed everything, they didn't give time for us to enjoy some of the environment, and the space that was available like in Season 1. In Season 2 you will feel like you are trapped in a small environment, you could say that you were in a small box., with very limited interactions, they didn't add as much activities to the place due to it's limited space. You constantly jumped from a ''story'' to another ''story''. You would fell as if you were always teleporting. If you miss something there is no going back, oh you saw that little boat? But you checked that ledge first, so forget the boat!

    It took away the puzzle ellements that made Season 1 so interesting, where you needed to explore the whole environment to see if you find the puzzle key, or even find something that will help you in the future. Season 2 took that all away, maybe they wanted to take away the backtracking, but that is what made the puzzle elements so good, that you always explored everything, and you wouldn't get annoyed or bored to go back and check if you missed something. In Season 2 they made everything convenient, not adding any challenge, you just pick up item A and use it on place X and that is what the puzzles felt like.

    The voice acting could be better, graphically the game was better than the previous one, really look like they tried to add some of the art elements from ''The Wolf Among Us''. You can easily get used to the characters, you immediately see who friends and foes. Seeing Clemm fighting against walkers and humans is gold, she uses the environment to fight with her enemies, and doesen't because of her lacking weapons.

    The story is kind of ''blah'' at the beginning, you don't really care what happens to certain characters, you just move along along to later sections of the game. The late game is actually quite stunning, taking away the puzzle elements Clemm shines in the story, being with other people, especially strangers, not afraid to face them, she does whatever she can to survive, and shows the true horror that can happen in these kind of situations.

    I didn't enjoy the first bit of the game, but I would recommend to at least try the game for everyone, it doesen't shine like the first Episode from Season 1, but it's still worth a try.
  41. Dec 27, 2013
    This game has twist and turns which makes the game more interesting. What mistakes you make can come back to haunt you. action and more excitement which made me give this game a very high rating a ten could be a good number but at times it was boring but interesting.
  42. Dec 26, 2013
    This episode represents promising characters for the future. The action sequences were exciting and the story seems promising. This episode looks like a great start to the season two!
  43. Dec 25, 2013
    BEST GAME EVER. Story is too great, the characters are strong, (Clem is the best) and the gameplay is easy but funny... Thank you Telltale. You are fantastic.
  44. Dec 23, 2013
    This episode is a great pilot to season two. It is not perfect. For example, the new arrow mechanics feel more like quick time events rather than intense segments that Walking Dead is known for, but to be fair, the arrow mechanics do add to this one moment, but thats it. It is still a blast to play, and I would still recommend it.
  45. Dec 23, 2013
    This series is just getting better and better.

    Amazing new characters, shocking moments and excellent art style. I just can't wait for the next episode.
  46. Dec 22, 2013
    While the first episode of this season of Telltale's epic adaptation of The Walking Dead WAS one of the most depressing things I've ever experienced in my tenure as a gamer, it was such in a very good way. The writer's have again managed to pull huge amounts of emotion from the player in a relatively small amount of play time, while staying faithful to Clementine's path, and delivering a gripping story. The absence of Lee is felt in nearly every aspect of the first episode, and guilt for the more recent loss of friends is pervasive throughout. Telltale did an amazing job of painting an atmosphere of complete and utter hopelessness, then brushing in something hopeful, this is an undeniable success. I believe this season will have far more impact than it's predecessor, and end on a note of strength and stability, likely leaving it open for Season 3. Expand
  47. Dec 22, 2013
    Congrats Good job, Tell Tale Games, you did it. The beginning is great and the whole game looks more interactive and even if you do your best, this game will be good challenge for your mind and feelings. I highly recommend it.
  48. Dec 21, 2013
    The Walking Dead is back and just gloomy, nerve wracking and intriguing as ever.

    When something isn't broke you don't fix it, and Walking Dead Season 2 wisely sticks to the tried and true formula that made the first season so successful. One could almost argue it's the most linear chapter yet, however I think in retrospect it's simply a faster paced episode, which is surprising for the
    opening act of the season.

    Story wise it continues almost immediately following the end credit sequence of last season's finale, however we quickly jump ahead much farther in time with some pretty major plot threads left in limbo. At this time I can only assume they will be returning to them later in the season, but in this episode there wasn't even as much as a hint that they would be addressed.

    As mentioned earlier the gameplay is very linear, but with that being said it does have a strong narrative and is well paced. New characters are introduced with the typical tropes we've been accustomed to from this series. There's the experienced wise man, the hard headed shoot first guy, and of course the one person who just doesn't like you no matter how many times you save them.

    These characters all fill the necessary roles to make this story locomotive chug along, but I wouldn't say I found any to be unique or essentially compelling. The only exception possibly being the doctor's teenage daughter, and her actions in this chapter will immediately set off warnings in your mind that will likely be more than foreshadowing.

    As far as gameplay is concerned, if you're a veteran of this series then you know exactly what to expect. There's a balanced mix of action QTEs, point-n-click and light puzzle solving. The actions sequences felt slightly changed up with new button sequences, but more importantly I felt they were a tad more forgiving with player input. One problem I had with the previous season and which still remains is there feels like a more than slight input lag when it comes to moving the mouse cursor. Maybe it's just my computer, but during action sequences where timing is imperative, I always found the mouse lag frustrating and often detrimental to my progress. Fortunately the dulled reaction times make up for it a bit. On that note I should also mention there are fewer spur of the moment QTEs during mid conversations and narrative sequences. Some will argue this dulls the nerve wracking survival feel of the game, and perhaps it does, however in my opinion it allows you to relax a little during cut scenes without worrying you might have to quickly press a button.

    The user interface has been cleaned up slightly and makes for a slightly easier play experience. Not that season 1 was challenging control wise, but this episode felt slightly easier to start playing. I've played the whole series on PC and remember it having more of a console like UI, but that seems to have been corrected this time around.

    Overall I found it an enjoyable couple hours of gaming which captivated me more than any film I've seen in recent memory. For the first act it has enough of a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more, although I thought the sneak preview of chapter 2 was actually more interesting. If you're the type who likes to watch an entire season of a show all at once I suggest waiting until the entire season has been released, because if last season is an indicator, the wait between chapters will have you climbing the walls in anticipation.
  49. Dec 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is just great. The story is great and the characters are very well written. Yes I do not feel as connected to them as I did with the last season but that's because the new season just started and I am sure by the next episode I will be as connected to them as I was with the other people in the group last season (never as much as Lee of course). I am excited to see where all this is going. This is a very strong opening to a another great season from Telltale Games and I am excited that we get the opportunity to play this great great game. Expand
  50. Dec 21, 2013
    Nice to see some continuation of Clementine, but the game feels as though you have no choice when it comes to certain parts of the game. (gun part, Shed). It is only one episode so far and the director from the wolf among us directed episode 1. So it felt shorter than season 1 episodes.. a solid 7. but here's to hoping for some improvement.
  51. Dec 21, 2013
    Boy, there was a lot of expectation to live up to after Telltale’s renowned first season. And I am happy to say they met that expectation with good success. The second season of The Walking Dead immediately throws the player back into the harsh realities of this fantasy world, offering twists that are truly unexpected, and new characters that are almost as loveable as the first season’s.

    While there were one or two graphical bugs to begin, those bugs did not defer the story, which is a tough one to grasp at first. On the subject of the story, this first episode does not meet the same level of story produced from the first episode of the original season, but it is safe to assume that it makes a suitable precursor to the remaining episodes, adding with it a very itching cliff-hangar for the next episode.

    In a nutshell, if you loved Telltales’ first season, you will most certainly love the second; be prepared for those twists!
  52. Dec 20, 2013
    This game is too overrated. Too many technical issues that Telltale or their hardcore fans don't address and the characters aren't well written. How much do you really know about Clementine? Plus, the choices you make don't make too much of a different. This Season of the game wasn't too good. Started off pretty slow.
  53. Dec 20, 2013
    I bought this game blindly because I enjoyed The Walking Dead so much. This game is boring and extremely short (it is probably only 45 minutes long, I am not kidding). There are a lot of action sequences, which are good, but the extremely small amount of writing in the game is pretty dull and not very good. The characters are pretty boring, character actions and reactions oftentimes do not make any sense. Even Clementine is much blander than in the first season.

    I am quite disappointed and don't like this game at all. One can only hope that it improves in the next episodes. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the game to wait until the episodes play out and see if it actually improves, right now the game is running solely on the success of the first season with absolutely nothing to add. The spirit that made the first season great is completely gone.

    It seems to me as if Telltale is only interested in on cashing in on the success of the first season and nothing more. Hopefully this is not the case and the season improves drastically.
  54. Dec 20, 2013
    What made this episode for me was Sam the dog. Heartbreaking and it showed us Telltale isn't afraid to push boundaries. Excellent dialogue as usual and improved action sequences. The only significant flaw for me is the choices you make still don't really affect the course of the narrative.
  55. Dec 20, 2013
    Telltale have once again created another great game. I was a little unsure as to what it would be like to play as Clementine but Episode 1 has shown me that Season 2 will be another fantastic series from Telltale. I give it a 9 out of 10 as i wish that there was more chances to be able to talk to the new characters to get to know them as the lack of dialogue options make the S2 E1 30mins shorter than S1 E1 as you got more chance to talk to everyone and get to know them a little better. Expand
  56. Dec 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The new episode of The Walking Dead is better than ever before. There both intense and thrilling scenes [the break-in and the arm stitching scene] and many surprises like when the dog bites you in the arm]. The only con is that playing the game feels a little passive and the choices doesn't seem to matter at all until the end of the episode. Expand
  57. Dec 19, 2013
    All That Remains is a solid start to a new season. Many new characters were introduced, and I know enough about each one to start forming opinions. I was forced to make decisions that will no doubt affect chapters to come. The episode didn't wow me with anything in particular, but it kept the quality bar steady. I'm looking forward to future episodes.
  58. Dec 19, 2013
    WOW!! was thre ever any doubt that this game wouldnt be good? The first season was hailed as goty and or good reason. This series is awesome. Way better than the show on amc imo. Telltale knows how to tell a gripping, intense, emotional thrill ride of a story with choices and consequences. The new season starts off strong as you play the role a clementine, a strong willed girl who is trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. She has really grown into a survivor and this 1st episode shows. without spoiling it she goes through ALOT. the gameplay is the same as the previous season with a little more qte and fast thinking. the story is good as well though i do miss some of the old characters. overall the game is great! i recommend it to anyone who loves the walking dead or really hard hitting emotional stories. First the wolf among us series now the brand new second season of the walking dead..... Telltale has done it again. Expand
  59. Dec 19, 2013
    A great start for the new season. Although it is more of a build-up episode for the remainder of the season and the main story is still unclear, this it is understandable. This doesn't mean this isn't an incredible episode on its own. Clementine is an incredible character to play, and playing a little girl is nothing like what I had in mind. There were at least "Holy moments in this episode, and this is another thing I am concerned about how are telltale going to keep bringing on "Holy moments that are even better than in this episode? Overall a great experience, but I hope telltale didn't put all of their eggs in one basket, and that they still have a lot of great moments ahead of us. Expand
  60. Dec 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Telltale makes a good start with season 2 if The Walking Dead but makes a few miss steps along the way. First off I loved playing as Clementine, going in I was a but concerned about playing as the girl I spent so much time protecting as Lee. But playing as her has opened her character up remarkably, when playing as Lee I idolized her as a perfect little girl I must protect at all times. In season one she was a cypher, now she is a fully realized character, with motivations and flaws, which makes her much more 3 dimensional. Much if the game takes place nearly 2 years after the first season. Clem is older, wiser, and much more hardened now. My Clem while not fearless now has agency all her own, when locked in a shed and bleeding, she does passively wait for help, she helps now helps herself using the lessons Lee taught, namely check everything and then improvise. Melissa Hutchinson reprises her role as Clem beautifully, she delivers many great lines if dialogue, and a few are pure gold.

    The story is a bit unfocused right now, which is fine for a first episode but I hope the next episode focuses more and gets down to the business of delivering a griping narrative. You begin the game with Crista and Omid but that quickly goes to hell, Clem ends up alone, injured and in the company of strangers, some nice some not so nice. One complaint I have is that the story never took a breath and allowed me to get to know the new people. Clem went from one bad situation to the next with no real let up. This led to the overall narrative feeling a bit listless. By no means was this a deal breaker but I would have liked more time to settle in.

    On the the technical side it has been improved a bit, action scenes flow better and there were no glaringly obvious bugs, but Telltale still needs to improve their engine and work on the chugging frame rate, the Jenny animations, and glitches. I would have gave this game a 10 had this been a bit better in the technical aspects.

    All in all this is a great start to TWD season, can't wait for episode 2.
  61. Dec 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An average follow up to Season 1, but it has some problems to be sure. While I like how the player is in control of Clem this time around and forces her to go it on her own, and the moral choices presented, I took issue with some out of character moments for Clem. (Not being able to get the gun off the sink in the washroom comes to mind: She's had several traumatic experiences that have resulted from mistakes. Losing Lee would be the final kick in the pants she would need to be on alert, or at least one would expect it to be). This detracts from the experience as the writers are trying to set up what they need to have happen at the expense of characterization and development. The solo bits for Clem were grand and tense, and the dog attack came out of left field. The stealth bits were well handled and the drama was more than adequate. Characterization for the other supporting cast however is either great or barely there, something that wasn't an issue with S1:E1. Logic wise, there are some issues: some that arise from out of character moments, and others like trained medical professionals not being able to tell the difference between a dog bite and a bite from a human, or experienced hunters making amateur mistakes in this zombie apocalypse. As well, Clem taking no steps whatsoever to sanitize the pocket knife she took from a ROTTING WALKER CORPSE was pants on head stupid. And remember, she has the lighter to do so. Things like this, where she comments on a sewing needle being sterile but being too stupid to realize "Rotting corpse blood in your food is probably a death sentence". This may be to set up plot points later in the season in some instance, but it's a bit jarring if that is the intent. Other times, it seems the writers are not paying attention to what they are writing or are not terribly concerned with consistency in this setting. Extremely linear gameplay also marrs the experience: it was fine in Season 1 but getting railroaded now in S2 is grating to say the least. My choices from S1 don't matter either, aside from a few blurbs. The important ones, like "always get the gun", were lost on the writers in favor of forcing events on Clem to get what they needed to happen to pass. Instead, Clem throws what I taught her out the window to hide in a bathroom stall... Yes really. Bravo writers. The episode, while having lots going on, doesn't feel like it has much movement. My last gripe is the fact that they are releasing this episode by episode. Yea yea, I know I'm impatient. Ultimately, this has some good moments in it, but the fact that it's only slightly longer than 400 days and double the asking price (in the face of these flaws) I must recommend that only die hard fans give this an immediate purchase. Everyone else should wait until the price goes down. 5/10. Expand
  62. Dec 18, 2013
    Once more, Telltale surprised me! This game is a must-play for everyone! Especially David Cage! An awesome QTE gameplay! actually Telltale has reinvented the QTE genre.
  63. Dec 18, 2013
    The Walking Dead: Season 1 ranks in my top ten games of the PS3/Xbox 360 era. Telltale games completely revitalized the point-and-click genre that I enjoyed so much when I was younger and Lucas Arts was churning out classic after classic. The tradeoff, however, from those days of Sam and Max and Indiana Jones is that the puzzles have diminished in complexity in almost the same degree that the story and emotional involvement in the game have increased. Unfortunately, The first chapter of Season 2 sees a further drop in the complexity in the logical puzzles which Clementine encounters; but the story the characters, and Clementine’s difficult choices are on par with the best moments of Season 1.

    Telltale Games once again shows the humanity of the people scattered about the increasingly resource-scavenged and dangerous landscape. People are pushed into desperation and enough time has gone by since the beginning of the infection that people have adapted and have become consumed with the reality of a situation that just does not seem to get better. Some are even facing the prospect of bringing new life into this living hell. People distrust out of past trauma and are territorial and selfish of possessions out of a strict sense of survival the smallest of generosities, then, can make an average person look a paragon. In this world, the characters are consistent and believable; they act as I imagine people would in these situations, and therefore I can become emotionally tied to this story care about the decisions I make.

    Telltale takes these decisions and fashions a unique experience for each player.
    Personally, I weighed my decisions and made them, as best I could, in the role of the Clementine that perhaps I would perhaps have turned out to be given all that had happened. I measured the loss, the lassitude, and the uncertainty of the times and made choices that showed the effects of Clementine’s childhood being stripped in a death-soaked, paranoid world. At these moments, the game simultaneously became superb storytelling and cause for introspection.

    Still, this is an interactive game and as such, is a bit weak. Action-wise there were some great moments where I was pounding my controller’s button with genuine desperation and panic, but there were also some moments where only the most minimal effort on my part was enough to see me through a very perilous situation safely. The puzzles, as well, were also far too easy this time around. The range of exploration was quite small and the use and function of nearly all items was clear even before they were picked up. No one expects Telltale to produce a game like Dark Souls, but cleverer problem-solving and more challenging action sequences would definitely be welcome.

    This current chapter is a bit disappointing in terms of play, but the gnawing sense of anticipation I feel to be able to place this episode into its full-season context assures me that these games are truly something special.
  64. Dec 18, 2013
    Oh God why, Telltale, why did you had to do that to them, the all that remain, why? I'm so sad which proves that you are in the right way, but was that necessary?
  65. Dec 18, 2013
    'All That Remains' is a great successor to Telltale's iconic Walking Dead series. Smoother gameplay and the rich, narrative story really shine, putting Clementine through even more terrifying events than the first.
  66. Dec 18, 2013
    A step up from Season 1. Graphics have been improved as well. Slow start but its gonna get sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo brutal and unpredictable. I'm excited
  67. Dec 18, 2013
    Well, the story of sequel is promising...Though episode one seemed to be EXTREMELY short. But hope it is only the beginning of new wonder created by Telltale Games. They have also optimised game it works much more faster than season 1.My score is 9 only because of several graphic bugs (in two rooms in the house i saw people models, which should not have been there).
  68. Dec 18, 2013
    Emotionally this episode hit me harder than any in Season 1 and I can't wait to see where they take us. To be honest, at first the episode was so overwhelmingly dark it seemed the game had devolved into "torture a little girl" (just in general), but when all truly seemed hopeless and I was about to give up, there was a ray of light.
  69. Dec 18, 2013
    This time, the Walking Dead game put us in the role of Clementine, and while the game keeps telling us that our choices in the game can affect the future, it seems like no matter what you do, the results have been decided previously.
    It's way worse than the previous season.
  70. Dec 18, 2013
    Waiting for next episode of TWD for a year maybe made my expectations a bit too high or maybe not but I'm a bit disappointed. The game still has it's moments but it's not good as season one, just the gameplay mechanics, introduction and story telling was a lot better in first season than this one, which is quite unclear because I was waiting for something at least on the same level as the first season. I'm not even comparing this TWD episode to The Wolf Among Us (which was a big positive surprise and a step forward), because my opinion would be even worse than it is. Anyway the game is still good but don't expect too much of it because you can be disappointed as I am. The price is too high for game that lasts one hour. Minor bugs and a little irritant exploring. But if you think you can ignore these defects, you clearly should play this episode! Expand
  71. Dec 18, 2013
    This game is wonderful! Telltale Game thank you for this experience. Well don on creating such a great and engaging first episode. Episode 2 here i come.
  72. Dec 18, 2013
    Perfect introduction of grown up Clementain. I think this is all that this first episode should do. Show how much Clementain change, and how is it to be on her own. The story is pushed back and others characters too but I think this meant to be only Clementains introduction. There are another episodes ahead so there is no worry about. What is perfect for me is that I love Clementain more than ever before. Expand
  73. Dec 18, 2013
    Was nerves going into the new season having almost been brought to tears at the end of Season 1. TellTale have already got me on edge waiting for Episode 2 to come out. Fantastic start to a fantastic series.
  74. Dec 18, 2013
    A great experience.
    It took me 103 minutes to finish Episode 1. (You will get 5 Episodes)
    I recommend playing through all of Season One before playing Season 2.
  75. Dec 18, 2013
    Not much to say, except that holy hell was Episode 1 a ride. After Season 1, I wasn't expecting to go through another emotional rollercoaster quite so early in Season 2. Boy was I wrong. It was great!
  76. Dec 17, 2013
    Waited for a long time and already have it. Telltale, you did it again. You stole my mind, and now everything what i'm thinking about is Clementine.q
  77. Dec 17, 2013
    Just finished the episode I really enjoyed it so here's a spoiler free opinion. Well, the intro was quite shocking to me and so were the events right after. My favourite character was definitely the dog since I didn't see his role coming at all. As for gameplay, it's the best part since now you have to survive as Clementine the tough but vulnerable little girl and also due to some more interactive changes. The episode is a long one too around 3 hours so that's a plus. One complaint I have though is that Clementine didn't seem to have any specific purpose other than surviving unlike the previous game she had a bunch like finding her parents, going to a certain place, aiding Lee, etc so I hope they elaborate on this in the next episode. Also, there were minor frame rate issues most of which are already fixed though with a patch. Overall, I'll give it 10! Very satisfying. Expand
  78. Dec 17, 2013
    It would seem that Telltale is using this game more as a prologue rather than the first chapter to their new season, you can spot that it's more setting up itself rather than actually establishing itself. However, it's still only bumps in what will probably end up being, a clear road of any problems. Melissa Hutchinson returns in her role as Clementine and is absolutely breathtaking, she has now added more grit to her character while still remaining the Clem we know. The new characters are fascinating and will probably get more development later. Telltale also continues to experiment with how cinematic it can be, they experiment with focus, lighting, and angles which gives The Walking Dead an edge that not many other games can match. The best part of the game for me was at the campsite, when confronted by the dog, I won't say much, but all i can say is that was a true Walking Dead moment, and those white eyes will haunt me till the day I die. Telltale has set the stage, it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close and a great opener to what will probably be, another masterful season of the real Walking Dead Expand
  79. Dec 17, 2013
    First episode was absolutely amazing. My expectations were definitely met and surpassed. I've never felt so invested a story in my whole life, I was cheering, crying and scared and it made the experience that more sweeter. Definitely recommend.
  80. Dec 17, 2013
    Telltale Games has done it again. With an interesting buildup on what we will be seeing over the span of the next 6-9 months, intense,fast choices to be made, and ideas that always seem to catch me by surprise. It is everything you would want in a heavy story driven game. Only disappointment is it's technical issues. Some many stuttering and frame rate problems occurred which caused me to not enjoy the cut scenes or parts as much as you should fully get to. This is a very common problem so it wasn't just my system. Overall, well worth your time and attention that will keep you begging for the next episode right away. Collapse
  81. Dec 17, 2013
    What can I say? I am shocked to see just how amazing this first episode has been. At first I thought that adding Clementine would "tone down" the situations she would be involved in... But, oh boy, how have I been proven wrong. This is not only a story about survival, but also about a little girl losing her innocence in a world gone wrong, very wrong.

    Thank you Telltale, you have done
    it again... You have unleashed another masterpiece. Thank you. Expand
  82. Dec 17, 2013
    Great episode. The first 10 minutes blew me away, they are so good at pulling out your emotions. Telltale has done it again, if you played any of season 1 this is a MUST have. Clemetine is tough as nails.
  83. Dec 17, 2013
    A huge step down in writing from season one. The story often feels extremely unauthentic and unbelievable, the characters are shallow, and character interaction is bland. I did like how Clementine's character was given more attention and how her braveness and inner strength was procured to the player.

    I love Clementine and I shed cheers of joy when I saw her, but the game slowly went
    downhill after the introduction. The writing is just not doing her character or the series any justice. It is quite obvious that the game is being driven solely by the momentum of the great first season of the Walking Dead, one of the best games ever made.

    I am rather disappointed and can only hope that the writing improves. 7/10, but only because I love Clementine.
  84. Dec 17, 2013
    Okay, most of it has been said already in the top critics and I'm not gonna tell them again. This game toys with your emotions in a way I've never experienced it. If the rest of the season can build something from this first one that has set it up just great this is gonna be much harder than the first one.

    Kudos Telltale, kudos!
  85. Dec 17, 2013
    This episode is even more impressive than the ones of season 1, it may be short but Clem has never been this much convincing and delivered such intense emotions. She's growing up to become the game character with the most impact of this decade and if this is what Telltale is aiming for this season then I say: Bring on more seasons!
  86. Dec 17, 2013
    Yet another great game from telltale games. It's awesome as always. I am a huge fan of the first season and this one beat my expectations. Only negative thing is that they decided to kill Omid instantly so actually Clementine is the only character who survived from the first episode.
  87. Dec 17, 2013
    The Walking Dead Season 1 was easily one of the best, most memorable games of all time. Its emotional payoff and simplicity is hard to match, and not even this season seems to equal the immediate appeal of the first season: Choices. But while the first episode, "All That Remains", from the second seasons lacks on choices and gameplay quality, it doesn't lack in excitement, nail-bitting tension and some of the most gruesome, raw scenarios the Series has offered yet.
    The story is a little bit more complex this time around. Clementine lost it all, and on her struggle to survive she finds a group of people who are dificult to trust. The first season of TWD had some basic structures revolving around each episode. In Season Two there is more to talk about. First of all, nothing is the same. While the world in Season One had already gone to crap, the world here is even crappier. We see the characters (And ourselves, of course) doing unimaginable things, and those moments are really touching if not horryfying. THERE ARE A LOT OF QUESTIONS that the chapter does not answer, but let's say that so far, the story seems fair enough for a game based on decissions. Talking about them, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? The only decission that felt impactful happens at the end of the chapter. Like if someone was reminded that the game has to have decissions and were like "Oh! Now" A quick life-saver decission!". This moment felt cheap, and without the character development of the first time, it just didn't touch me (Gosh, I'm really starting to talk weird right now).
    Another problem I had is with the gameplay. I don't mind QTEs, in fact, they make the gameplay much more tighter and tense. I do have problems with laggy framerate, poor animations, bad lip synching, character design... and the list goes on. Compare to Telltale's most recent series, The Wolf Among Us, this game lacks a lot of polish on the visual side. I still cannot deny that the comic vibe is charming, although this time around, it feels as an excuse to hide the several flaws.
    But if you don't mind graphics, or decissions, you are in for a real treat. TWD's "All That Remains" is a new beginning for fans. It feels unready yet, but I'm sure that Telltale will put heart and soul into this series. After all, if they f**ck up, there are a lot of people they will have to answer to. But hell, seeing Clementine again, and see her do the gut-wrenching things she does in this chapter, means only one thing: "It is good to be back"
  88. Dec 17, 2013
    This was a great episode for series fans like me, bravo Telltale, you've outdone yourself again. Firstly, this episode does a great job of playing with your feelings. You'll hate certain characters with a passion, while absolutely loving others. There's also a whole slew of interesting and well developed new characters, as well as some returning ones. There are also some cool choices in the episode and I'm interested to see how they will play into later episodes. It's also awesome to see how some of your choices from season 1 can impact the way that season 2 plays out. Certain dialogue options will change depending on your actions in the first season, Clementine may react differently to situations and characters, etc. It's all really well done. The only real issue I can think of in this episode was a minor technical glitch where the mouse cursor disappeared from the dialogue selection screen, but thankfully you can still use the keyboard to select the dialogue options so it was no big deal. Overall, this was another great episode that all fans of the series should play. And if you haven't played the first season but are interested in picking this up, i DEFINITELY recommend playing through the first season and the 400 days add-on episode before you play this one. You can pick up the entire first season and the 400-days add-on for around $30, and trust me, it is oh so worth it. Expand
  89. Dec 17, 2013
    A really good episode of the Second Season. It didn't disappoint me. Unexpected and really cool moments have been going on and i really liked it. Telltale once again did it, but this time even better!
  90. Dec 17, 2013
    Great Telltale, just great.

    If you loved TWD Season 1, you'll love this: it's just as emotional and suspension-filled as the first season.

    The story seems to be progressing nicely and the characters have all been set up excellently, there are some small glitches but don't let it dissuade you from purchasing this great game.
  91. Dec 17, 2013
    Congratulations, Telltale Games. You did it again. As good as season 1; in other words, perfect. The story seems to be getting on a good way and Clem is incredible! Except for some graphical glitches it's impeccable.
  92. Dec 17, 2013
    My feelz D: I dont know how to handle them. I dont know how to handle them. I dont know how to handle them. I dont know how to handle them.
  93. Dec 17, 2013
    TWD 2 is a great game so far..but there are few technical issues that are really the mouse isnt working or the sound cut for a second
    and the story is like a telenovela...great characters so far but i cant see how far the story will go for another 4 episodes..
    i give it 8/10 because of the technical bugs and the mixed story future
  94. Dec 17, 2013
    Telltale Games has done it again. With an interesting buildup on what we will be seeing over the span of the next 6-9 months, intense,fast choices to be made, and ideas that always seem to catch me by surprise. It is everything you would want in a heavy story driven game. Only disappointment is it's technical issues. Some many stuttering and frame rate problems occurred which caused me to not enjoy the cut scenes or parts as much as you should fully get to. This is a very common problem so it wasn't just my system. Overall, well worth your time and attention that will keep you begging for the next episode right away. Collapse

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
  1. Feb 16, 2014
    A gripping opener that suggests TWD will zombie-dodge tricky second season syndrome. [March 2014, p.75]
  2. Feb 14, 2014
    TellTale has been using and refining the same engine over multiple games and there are still some really awful bugs. Not game breaking by any means, but when non-interactive character models appear, stock still, in the middle of a room it breaks my focus on the story
  3. Feb 12, 2014
    Impossible to judge in isolation, but definitely a good start. [March 2014, p.73]