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  • Summary: The Witcher combines spectacular and visually stunning action with deep and intriguing storyline. The game is set in a world created by best-selling Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The world shares many common features with other fantasy lands, but there are also some distinguishing elements setting it apart from others. The game features the player as a "Witcher", a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood, subjected to mutations and trials that transformed him. He earns his living killing monsters and is a member of a brotherhood founded long ago to protect people from werewolves, the undead, and a host of other beasts. It's an action oriented, visually stunning, easy to use, single player RPG, with a deep and intriguing storyline. [CD Projekt] Collapse
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  1. Take notes, Obsidian. This is how stuff should be done.
  2. Come for the role playing and story, but as soon as someone speaks, please turn down the volume to save your ears some distress.
  3. The game is immersive and while you can pause it, consider choices and the like, this is a game that will ask you to think and make choices, not just hack ‘n slash your way to glory. The leveling system and alchemy elements are very nicely done.
  4. 83
    This intangible attribute of the game is difficult to put into words, but Geralt's personality, the mature humor, the bizarre characters, and the sex and drugs combine in odd ways to create a game better than the sum of its parts.
  5. The Witcher's quality emanates from the understanding CD Projekt have held on Sapkowski's work. Engaging and thought provoking throughout with a rich gameworld that is effortlessly layered, The Witcher matches the style and substance typically associated with a Bioware RPG - perhaps the finest recommendation we can make.
  6. Perhaps not one for the hardcore role player, but an FPS gamer or MMO addict might well find The Witcher to be a great alternative to watching a DVD during the evening.
  7. The game fumbles its potential with unanticipated incompetence. [Christmas 2007, p.94]

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  1. Negative: 18 out of 185
  1. MarkO.
    Jan 29, 2010
    One of the most captivating rpgs that I have ever played. Something that I truly appreciate about the game is that it is often difficult to predict future events. This game is not focused entirely on loot, skills (although there's a wide variety), and other distracting (though important, I know) features. The game is all about the story. The developers intentionally put less loot into the game so that the player would not be distracted by superficial materials. The main character, Gerault, instead, grapples with challenging decisions during the course of the game. In most games today, it is a matter of good vs. evil (take Oblivion, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age for example), in which good usually prevails in a concrete, simple fashion. But, here we have a game where the line between good and evil is difficult to draw and define. You really need to analyze the plot to get a sense of Gerault's purpose in the game and whether his actions are good or bad. You might think that the main character is this nice guy that sets out to destory some evil nemesis (sadly the plotline of most games today), but you're really dealing with a much more complicated plot (which makes it interesting of course). Gerault commits wrongdoings like gambling, drinking, adultery, and etc. which shows how he is flawed despite his heroic deeds (he is indeed a tragic figure). I also found the ending very profound and philosophical. Unlike most video games, you'll actually find some insights into the human character. You'll question whether it is right to interfere with nature, and ask whether it's right to live in an ideal world. The quality of the artistry, dialogue, music, and gameplay is also very good. Overall, good game. At least give it a try. It will stick with you, I promise. Expand
  2. coldred
    Nov 5, 2007
    In RPG most important is story and The Witcher has one of the best story line ever! The world of The Witcher is based on Sapkowski's books - fantasy, but not so full of sugar like Tolkiens, it is ratcher dark and realistic. Adding great characters, music, fabulous intro/outro. We have best RPG in 2007, and one of the best RPG ever. When you play The Witcher you realy see that many people did great work. Thanks CD projekt, i count on sequel :) The Witcher - recomended for every fan of RPG. Expand
  3. AliT.
    Apr 11, 2008
    With Betrayal At Krondor and Planescape : Torment, one of the best computer based RPG ever. 2 Thumbs up.
  4. JohnK.
    Dec 20, 2007
    A fantastic RPG both for mature gamers more interested in uncovering a teriffic, well-paced story than power leveling and selling loot. Easily the best RPG of 07 and second overall only to Stalker. Expand
  5. Jan 5, 2012
    One of the most interesting role-playing games that I played. Non-trivial plot, lot of skills, charismatic characters, non-linear quests, moral choices and perfect soundtrack. Well done, CD Projekt. Expand
  6. PeterT.
    Nov 23, 2007
    Great graphics, interesting story, a real-time combat system that isn't retarded like the one in Oblivion, real choices and consequences instead of fake dialogue options like you have in Bioware games... On the negative side: long loading times, an awful inventory and some minor scripting inconsistencies. Hands down one of the strongest CRPGs in years. Expand
  7. ManricoT.
    Nov 3, 2007
    Boring. Long load times. Out of date graphics. Klutzy interface. The much maligned Two Worlds is much better.

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