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  1. Nov 17, 2013
    This review mostly delves into the back story that the game starts with. In 1942 the German navy didn't have enough troop transports to launch an assault on the US, they never had any aircraft carriers, they only had 2 battleships, a few destroyers and assorted other vessels. It would have required at least a year to build the troops ships needed to transport enough men and materials to invade the US... at which point it would be late 1943. The US already had taken N. Africa and Italy by that point as well as having air raids on Germany, how and where would Germany launch enough ships that could evade Allied air power to actually invade the US? Since Barbarossa was launched in mid 1941 troops were required on the Eastern Front as well as in Italy. Where does German get millions more troops to invade the US? Also by late 1943 the Japanese navy was decimated at the battle of Midway and likely couldn't launch an invasion or defend the fleet needed to do so, the Emperor stated the situation was grave before the end of 1943. For the story to be even remotely plausible it would have to start most likely with a build up of German naval power in the late 1930s coupled with a decision in 1941 not to invade Russia, which would have been moot since the Russians intended to attack German forces and were roughly 3 weeks too late. The issue is that the entire time-line leading up to WW2 would have needed a rewrite and the contrived story of a Dealy Plaza type assassination in the heart of Nazi Germany in 1942 also needed a rewrite. All in all the story is not believable on so many levels that it just as well never have been bothered with and they could have substituted any other nation or story as they wished since the initial premise had failed miserably. Expand

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