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  1. Aug 17, 2011
    supremo! Sam fisher rocks! Kick the people finding flaws in this is much better than hitman where if u wear enemy cloths then no one recognises you.oh come on it is impossible to unrecognise top most honour killer agent 47 in any getup specialy because they have those barcodes on the back side of head.
    Splinter cell rocks man!
  2. Mar 6, 2012
    Age beat it up, but it never fell down. I love the game, it comes close to my heart the testament of how good games stay forever whereas some leave, this one will not leave me for one second though!
  3. Jun 23, 2012
    after playing chaos theory this game looks abit stale but for it's time it's great you can pretty much tweak anything in the ini solid game showing its age
  4. Feb 12, 2013
    story- it revolves around 'sam fisher' a spy agent that you play as. you work for a type of government security agency. gameplay- the controls can get a bit problematic, sometimes feels blocky. but it introduce a new way to play with tactical gameplay. you use a variety of tactical equipment to get the jobs done. video- solid for its date of release. its about the standard during that time.

    audio- music is solid, and effects are well done. overall- the original sometimes is always the best and this one beats the recent release imo. conviction didn't really introduce much new and felt all over the place.
  5. Apr 3, 2013
    Considering that this game was released in 2003 its a pretty remarkable game. Not for the graphics those are okay and on par for the generation of games it is in not for the controls of the game and its responsiveness to your actions (drove me insane that Sam would not do the simplest maneuvers without doing it multiple times "No GRAB THAT LEDGE YOU MORON") but purely for the game play. The voice acting is okay. The sets are decent. But what makes this an 8 and not a 5 is the design of the game, the variety of approaches, even in the restricted space of a spy/stealth game and the need to really examine all the alternatives before taking a particular route or approach. Its still a fun game even nearly 10 years after its release. Expand
  6. AWG
    Jul 7, 2013
    A funny and interesting game experience wrapped in a great-written story: more than 10 years after its release, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is still one of the most innovative and lovable "first game from a franchise titles" ever.
  7. Aug 20, 2013
    although i like stealth games but i can't seem to get well with this one maybe because i played it lately and not when it was released or maybe because i didn't like its slow paced gameplay
  8. Sep 1, 2013
    The original Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is the best game in the series because of its
    1) Game play in which we can do the same thing again and again in different ways.
    2)Graphics which is good for game of 2003.
    3)Sets which are awesome like the CIA HQ & Kalinatek
  9. Jun 4, 2014
    I have played many stealth games and after playing through this game I am still not convinced that this is one of the best stealth games but it was still enjoyable and well made for it's time. The controls was ok but there are problems with the gameplay when descending from a ledge to another ledge and jumping from a ladder to a ledge which can make you miss the ledge. This was annoying but with many tries it finnaly worked. The difficulty of this game was very hard and not because of how smart the A.I was or how the level design was built, but reather the recoil and accuracy of the weapons which made the game harder in a unrealistic way and also those times when you had to kill your way through to complete a level was a bit annoying. You can get used to it but still it could have been more enjoyable if the shooting mechanics could of been better.

    The difficulty was unrealistic how the A.I could spot you with their eyes in the back of their heads which also made the game bad. Some might disagree with me and say that I made too much noise but was not the case here, the A.I knew that you were behind them all the time quite often but this could be a bug or the A.I. was inconsistent.

    Being the first game in the Splinter Cell franchise it is still a enjoyable stealth experience but it is disappointing to me that the A.I is inconsistent and the weapon handling is bad.

    The story is good but not great but how the story was told was quite interesting.
    I would like to have a longer story campaign with more stealth gameplay but they wanted to balance the variation of the gameplay by having more shooting rather than stealth which is unfortunate because I still think that this game needed more stealth moments and If the shooting mechanics would have been better, well then I would have enjoyed having those crucial shooting moments in the game. Despite those flaws this game Spinter Cell is a very good stealth action game and I recommend those that love the stealth game genre to play it.
  10. Jun 22, 2014
    I can say this is a well developed stealth/action game. This is when Ubisoft actually put some heart and soul into this franchise. It's an outstanding game with a simple, but quite unique gameplay element - hiding in the dark.
    Even though it was made in 2002, the game manages to run OK on Windows 7 64-bit. The controls are something you need to learn, but in the end they make the game
    quite enjoyable. The shooting mechanics are a bit under-powering, but I guess that's to make you feel like you should be sneaking instead. I loved all of the interesting features such as lock-picking, shooting surveillance cams, rappelling down buildings, grabbing officers to bypass a retinal scanner, using zip-lines and scaling all sorts of obstacles as well as getting into tight places.
    The story is really well written, it gives a very honest feeling of actually working for national security - to prevent any threat to the nation. It's amazing how it teaches you about how information warfare works (thanks to Tom Clancy, may this man rest in peace). The cutscenes are very good as well. The characters seem alright and well detailed and the dialogue is superb. Michael Ironside does a great job voicing the main character, Sam Fisher, making him sound cold and brave, alongside a pinch of sense of humor. Also, Irving Lambert's voice actor Don Jordan
    The level design, while at first a bit confusing, is not bad. I like how it gives more than just one option to pass an area: shall I sneak behind a guard and knock him out or climb up a pipe to get up on the roof and then strike him from above? Speaking of guards, I am a little bit disappointed with the AI. It seems at certain points their field of view is superhuman and they can sometimes hear me when I'm sneaking as slowly as possible.
    This may seem like a burden for your temper, but thankfully the environment in the game is very nicely done. Many places are quite detailed and there's quite some variation as well. There are some areas in the game that make it sound like breaking into them would be insane, but in the end you can actually pass through them. The graphics, for 2002, are quite stunning. Though most of the time the player is accustomed to using night-vision, but while the goggles are off, some very fine details can be seen like the clouds, the faces of the NPCs and the guns.
    To top it all off, the sound quality is amazing. It feels like not one bit of quality was sacrificed when it comes to hearing gunfire, explosions, dialogue and the ambiance. I have to say I love the music too, especially when guards get a bit alerted and there's a sudden piano chord followed by a tense, ninja-esque soundtrack. But when things start to get messy, there's a perfect action theme for the upcoming combat. Overall, the last mission's soundtrack has got to be the best though.
    In the end, this game was a great starter for an interesting franchise. I believe this is when Ubisoft was a respectful game developer, unlike now, unfortunately.

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  1. It’s all rendered beautifully, possessing a realistic quality that will likely be unmatched for quite some time. Animation is incredibly fluid and the attention to detail is impeccable.
  2. The graphics in Splinter Cell are unsurpassed. The lighting effects are incredible, the character models look great, and the animations are realistic.
  3. It's not all stealth. Ubi Soft's Montreal studio did a terrific job sprinkling the missions with spasms of frenetic action and tech-savvy stunts. [Mar 2003, p.84]