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  • Summary: Four new adventures take you from the rooftops of a high-tech city to the bowels of a German U-boat. Utilize new moves to overcome obstacles. Search through files, drawers, and shelves for useful inventory items. Enhanced inventory system for greater combination of a variety of weapons. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. 70
    For all it's flaws, you get a sense of achievement from this game. You do want to see what's coming next, and the exploration bits where you have to avoid a hazard by inching across a ledge or ducking under an obstacle are still absurdly enjoyable.
  2. Perhaps the most interesting addition in Tomb Raider: Chronicles is the level editor. With it, you can now create your own missions and scenarios to pass along to your friends in the mod community, but before you get excited, it should be known that this is one complicated tool.
  3. 63
    TR:C can be fun, particularly the killer final level. However, based on the price of the title, and the complete lack of ingenuity, I can't recommend TR:C to anyone other than the most frothy-mouthed, rabid Tomb Raider fans. The quality just isn't there.
  4. Right down to the familiar trapezoidal box, Tomb Raider Chronicles is completely lacking in significant innovation.
  5. Nothing other than more of the same stuff that we've already seen and that is simply not enough.
  6. The main story is not original enough to make you complete a chapter. Also, getting use to the camera is tiring. This pisses me of every time I play a TR, and being a game player, I demand satisfaction in this sense!
  7. If I can prevent just one piece-of-crap game like this from coming to the market, it will be the right thing to do for gaming.

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  1. Nov 20, 2013
    Although Chronicles feels like a compilation of leftover B-Sides; I still find this to be one of the most varied and interesting games in the series! However, the game offers nothing new except tight rope walking and pole swinging; so if you haven’t liked any Lara Croft game before you aren't likely to find anything enjoyable here. Again we are presented with an extremely buggy final level, which is a severe downside but thankfully the level design has gone back to its origins unlike its predecessor! Another benefit to this title is that it appears to have been properly optimised for widescreen resolutions, unlike previous entries which relied more on stretching 4:3 ratios. Overall, this is a very enjoyable game. Expand
  2. Jun 28, 2012
    This game is underrated. It's pretty linear with a easy to medium difficulty level. The presentation and story lines are IMO the most unique in the series. The game offers four different adventures each with their own story. The first taking place in Rome, which focuses on the perfect blend of Tomb raiding and puzzle solving. The second adventure is more action packed and modern. The third focuses purely on puzzles and exploration. And the Final adventure is more stealthy and challenging. Honestly, I enjoyed this more than The Last Revelation. The variety works better for me. The fact that the PC version came with a Level Editor was a huge plus too. Give this game a chance. It makes the best use of the TR engine. The game is simple, but enjoyable if you like the series. Expand
  3. May 7, 2013
    Bleh. It is better than Tomb Raider III and Angel of darkness but it is nowhere near as good as other games in the series. It is quite buggy. And the acting is bleh. I only recommend it to Tomb Raider fans. Expand

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