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  1. Sep 16, 2013
    To everyone complaining about the cut scenes, start playing the game and stop complaining.
    This game is an artwork and a masterpiece.
    I have bought and played over 1000 games easily and I can compare to all the ones played before.
    No other game has this kind of story line and game play. The graphics are stunning and the cut scenes bring depth to the story and makes you feel like you
    are playing a movie and at the same time make you feel like you are part of the story yourself. (you do not like the cut scenes you can skip them for the whiners here below)

    Also I could play many hours without getting frustrated about parts which you had to try over and over again like so many other games which are out there. Well balanced and well polished.

    Whilst you play you earn different kind weapons which you can upgrade depending the time you spend finding the necessary pieces.

    This is finally a game which uses save points as should, you die you do not have to play another 15 min before getting back at the point where you died.

    Yes this is a total different kind of Tombraider (which the developers already mentioned so do not complain about this), almost no puzzles to solve like in the previous Tombraiders, but much more story, action and shooting.
  2. Mar 12, 2013
    I didn't think I would get this game but my friend convinced me it was awesome. He was right, this game is fantastic. Crystal Dynamics really poured blood and sweat into this game. The PC port is very well done almost to the point of reminding you of The Golden Age of PC gaming. The graphics on High and Ultra settings vary from solid to mind blowing (Geothermal Caves looked amazing). The sound design is exceptional. There is so much detail in this game that you really get immersed in the world. The pacing of the game is tight and the combat is good. If you buy this expecting the old school arcade style Tomb Raider combat you will be let down. The combat requires using cover and moving tactically but also offers melee takedown options. The world design and leveling/upgrade system is like Batman Arkham Asylum. Old fans of Tomb Raider might be let down by this but if you like a quality game you might get over it because this game has it all. There are a few reasons I didn't give Tomb Raider a 10/10. The game on Hard is just a bit too easy and there is not NG+ or any mode to make the game more difficult. One time the AI bugged and just sat there while I killed three guys. Even though the audio and graphics are a 10/10 the combat is really only and 8 or 9, it's good but not perfect to the point where it's the primary reason you're playing the game. Another problem I had with the game is Lara's voice acting and the lines they gave her, it's just the same tone over and over even though the character evolves throughout the story. Despite these problems this game is still a great achievement and I hope Square Enix allows Crystal Dynamics to produce an even better sequel because they obviously have the talent to produce a nearly perfect game. Expand
  3. May 28, 2013
    I like the previous Tomb Raider games also, but this one... this one tops them all. Before, the foundation of Tomb Raider was it's game-play, caring much less about story, characters or even graphics. However, this one has them all. The story is well written and though out, the characters are interesting, the game-play is much more complex and witty, and the graphics are beautiful. Amazing game. By far 10/10. Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2013
    I enjoyed this game immensely. I am a long time Tomb Raider fan and I thought this game was a well needed breath of fresh air. I think Lara has earned back her treasure hunting crown from Nathan Drake (not bashing uncharted, love those games too) as there is plenty to see and explore in Tomb Raider, even after the story ends. Looks amazing on PC, excellent port by nixxes.
  5. Mar 5, 2013
    (After five hours of playing, I'm currently at 12% complete.) As an old fart of a gamer, I remember when Lara Croft first burst onto the scene and how she changed the gaming landscape. Since then, many others have duplicated the success of the Tomb Raider series (see: Uncharted) while Tomb Raider, itself, was left to languish as an aging property. The new Tomb Raider doesn't really change the genre like the original did but, instead, is content to merely copy off of successful IPs that had originally copied Tomb Raider itself. In case that line sounds confusing, think of it this way: Get rid of Sully and turn Nathan Drake into a woman, and you have the new Tomb Raider. Both games play the same, are loaded with quick time events, and are graphically appealing. The critical difference between the two is that the story of Lara is more gritty and realistic than the over the top stories of Nathan and his quests. Graphically the game is quite a treat. With DX11 support and TressFX, the game looks beautiful. Even something as mundane as rain can make you stop and just look around at the rich graphical detail. Of course, this all comes at a cost. DX11's SSAO and Tesselation are, as always, some of the biggest perfomance consumers and TressFX, while nice, costs a considerable amount of performance just to have more realistic character hair. To elaborate, running on a i7-3770 with a GeForce GTX 550 Ti, I have no problems running "High" level graphics and maintaining a consistent frame rate. Turn on TressFX, however, and the frame rate plummets into the 40s. Not worth it for "hair effects", in my opinion. Despite the graphical polish and more realistic Lara, the game thus far is higher than mediocre but falls just short of greatness. The major complaint I have is that it is TOO linear with a LOT of hand holding. Stand in one place long enough and Lara, no matter how injured, will tell you EXACTLY what to do next. Even if you ignore her constant dialog, tap one key and the world will light up all the critical elements like the Grizwold family Christmas Tree. I know people hate the term "linear" but, much like Uncharted 3, there's little reason to explore beyond the predetermined paths. Actual tombs to raid are few and far between (I've seen 3, one of which was only thanks to having the Survival Edition) while the puzzles within the tombs themselves have not been very challenging. Lara's story starts out engaging but starts to unravel after only a few hours of gameplay when the entire story line becomes muddled. Part of this is due to the way Lara turns from shrinking violet into action heroine. The transition is too rapid and incredulous which causes the game to drop focus on the other characters including the main antagonist. All in all, it's a good reboot that brings Tomb Raider on par with the Uncharted series but what does that really say when Uncharted owes its existence to Tomb Raider itself? Crystal Dynamics did an amazing job graphically and have made a story better than a lot of AAA titles so I do recommend playing the game. However, I can't see it having any real longevity beyond the first playthrough since the only reason to go back is to obtain missed collectables, as the scriped story never changes and the tomb raiding is such an afterthought that any tomb-adding DLC will likely fall flat. At $49.99 (current Steam PC price) or $59.99 (console price), I'm not so sure the price/entertainment ratio is quite worth it for a title that will collect dust after one playthrough. Your mileage may vary of course but, based on the gameplay experience thus far, it is my opinion that anyone interested in the new Tomb Raider should wait for a Steam sale or rent the console variety from Gamefly. Expand
  6. Oct 14, 2014
    When you're actually allowed to play, the game is pretty fun. The problem is they have this nasty habit of throwing in awful QTEs all over the place, some of which just require flat out memorization of the sequence to get through. I'm docking points for that alone, because they should have known better.
  7. May 5, 2013
    This game is absolutely a fantastic experience. For me the gameplay is second to the story in this one. The story and the way the game tells it really catches you as a player and engages you in the game. The gameplay itself plus the RPG elements are nice but just above average.
  8. Apr 3, 2013
    There's nothing especially wrong with Tomb Raider. The team have done an admirable job rebuilding the Lara Croft character to be less the vacuous masturbatory aid she has been in the previous games and more a strong-willed female with a story to tell. Still there's not a lot that's different about this game either. The game mechanics are functional, the island everything takes place on is... well, it's monotonous. It feels like you're progressing through the same Jungle=>Cliff=>Temple=>Cliff=>Jungle settings all the way through the game. The opponents you encounter are limited (Wolf, 2 types of human, samurai thing, bigger samurai thing) which adds to the repetitive feel of the game. There is very little variation here, by the time the game finished I was just glad to stop playing, I was thoroughly bored. Expand
  9. Mar 6, 2013
    The game is fantastic. I feel really sorry for Lara! I love TR Legend, Anniversary and Underworld and i Love this Lara! It shows her fragile part! I give it a perfect 10!
  10. Jun 9, 2013
    A well polished mediocre experience all around. Whether you enjoy shooters, puzzles, or a good story, you will be uninspired all around.

    I wasn't as annoyed by the various quick time events as some, mainly because they were not difficult but I would have rather just watched a movie in those sequences and enjoyed the visuals than missing those parts to hit a couple of keys at the right
    time and pretending I was taking part in some way.

    It is still worth a run through but wait until it is on sale for $15 or less. I waited until it was on sale for $29 and should have waited longer. The content was way to short for the original asking price. Maybe 12-15 hours if you complete all side content.
  11. Mar 6, 2013
    This game is by far the best Tomb Raider in the series. It is very well polished, the graphics are excellent, the story is great so far and the gameplay is really excellent. The game has a few too many quick-time and cut scene sequences for my liking, but they do add to the story and the excitement I guess. Its clear the developers put a lot of effort into the game and I'd say its well worth buying, even at full price. Expand
  12. Mar 5, 2013
    Brilliant reboot! All the nostalgia is coming back in a good way. But in with a more refined and compact package that leans on what Batman Arkham Asylum showed you could do with a story and RPG-style skill weapon unlock system. Lara ends up getting into the thick of things and slowly unlocks gadgets and new skills that make traversing over the visually stunning and very atmospheric areas with ease. There is a little bit more gun-play than you may be expecting, but nothing that gets overly distracting. You are still very much at ease most of the time to go hunting for collectibles (and there are a LOT of collectibles), as well as hunting down the "hidden" tombs. The entire game took me ~12 hrs to complete on normal at ~80% completion, with 1 skill point and 2 weapon mods away from 100% the upgrade zone, and the rest were missing collectibles. (diaries, relics, gps locations, treasure maps etc.). The game ran very smoothly on my q9450, 560ti, Windows 7, SSD, 4gb ddr2 at 1080p everything set to ultra, except: shadows on medium, tressFX off, reflections on normal pumping out 40fps.My favourite part of the game has to be the melee fighting, where you can dodge enemies and then get finishing moves if you time it correctly to kill them off in brutal fashion. Arrow to the face, bullet through their heads etc. in super slow-mo eye candy brain popping glory! (Yes I was just playing Dead Space 2... so slightly into it!). All I can say is the story is well worth your time, the characters are interesting, and this rebooted Lara will definitely be worth continuing on with for a few more outings hopefully. The PC port is well done and has numerous graphical settings, runs really well (just like most Squenix ports of recent times, DX:HR, JC2, etc.) and works perfectly with a mouse and keyboard. The QTEs are slightly annoying at first, but once you pick up the 3 buttons required, they are no longer annoying and really just immerse you into the world. One of the best parts of the entire experience beyond the visuals, story, atmosphere and gameplay would have to be that they've managed to pretty much do away with any level loading screens as you transition in these little tunnels and ledges and what not between areas and it is done so professionally that it really ramps up the immersion as you can play the game for 5 hrs straight and never see a loading screen if you don't die. TLDR: Get it, love it, thank me later! Expand
  13. May 16, 2013
    Well. first up games are meant to be fun, and I had a ton of fun with this game, yes its nothing like the original tomb raiders, and the game tends to hold your hand way to much, it didnt need the "click to see where to go" option.. that was dumb, would have been far better to let players find out on their own which was a core element on the original games, but it is fun there are elements of the old Tomb Raider in there but its more like Uncharted. Still worth playing. Expand
  14. Sep 18, 2013
    Extremely good game. The story, graphics, gameplay, sound, atmosphere, immersion, it's ALL there. There is even innovation not the gameplay type, but still, innovation, which in my ratings is a prerequisite for a full 10/10 score. This innovation is the use of TressFX, which on my SLI GTX 580s worked well.

    So basically, yes this game is somewhat like the Uncharted series, and that is a
    very GOOD thing. It's still Lara Croft, it's still Tomb Raider, and the types of puzzles we use to see in previous TR games are still to be found, except there's a lot more action, more story, more characters, more immersion, more of all that makes a game good.

    Wrexmer is complaining about cut scenes and quick time events. I must say, both of these elements were extremely well done in this game, blending in well with the action and context, they are not disruptive at all. I can imagine some people have an absolute dislike for cut scenes and quicktime events, fine, but if that's not your personal case, then I say, you will love the cutscenes and quicktime events. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, this game has THE VERY BEST quicktime event implementation I have ever seen. So there.

    There really is nothing negative I could say about this game. It could have been longer, but only because it is so excellent you can never have too much excellent gaming, right? I clock my playthrough on medium difficulty at 14 hours, which is very decent.

    Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this game, it is a SPLENDID release, and for once, fully worth the full retail/launch price of $49.99. I almost feel guilty getting it on special for $12.49. Yes, it's that good.
  15. Mar 17, 2013
    This is a fantastic reboot, and very few people are acknowledging the real bright spots. They've transformed Lara Croft from a bimbo sex object to a real person you care about. I found myself not wanting to die in the game because I didn't want the character to suffer. When's the last time you felt that in a game? Half-Life 2 with Alyx, if you're like me. The much hated quick time events are in the first hour of the game. Many of these haters did not play past them! Later on the quick time events become thrilling as they're incorporated into huge cinematic set pieces, and they're very intuitive instead of frustrating. This game has fantastic suspenseful combat. I just finished Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3; neither game produced the frantic feeling Tomb Raider does regularly. This game has perfect controls. When you miss a jump or something it's always your fault not the game screwing you. This game has great exploration. I couldn't wait to see what's around the next corner. The only negatives I have are those early quick time events and the stupid dialog coming from the henchman. They really should've come up with some better lines for those guys. But really it's the transformation of Lara Croft that should be widely praised. Expand
  16. Mar 6, 2013
    EVERYONE SHOULD BUY THIS GAME!! Ok, maybe not everyone but just people who want to play a generic Uncharted clone starring whiny emotional sissy Lara Croft. But, despite many many flaws this game has, I am giving this game a PERFECT 10 because I want my voice to be actually heard out there. I had my original 4/10 review deleted because Square Enix apparently paid just about everybody off. Don't give it to all the hype if you are a true Tomb Raider fan and appreciate games for their gameplay, rather than just TressFX graphics of Lara's hair. Who the %$ck cares about the hair in video games?!! Peace out. Expand
  17. May 14, 2013
    Great graphics (especially for a port) and engaging gameplay. The campaign is memorable but the multiplayer is more-of-the-same. In any case, it's worth every penny for the campaign alone (I played it 3 times, 40h+ in total). You shouldn't pass 2 thumbs up!
  18. May 26, 2013
    Tomb Raider is just as epic as we expected it to be. And adventure filled with endless fun, it is an incredibly well made reboot that has easily managed to leave Uncharted in the past.
  19. Mar 26, 2013
    In a time where it's popular to make terrible reboots that miss the point of the original series, Tomb Raider is one of the few that actually improves a series. I would of liked to see more puzzle and jumping elements like the original games (though they are still core to the game), but nearly every other aspect of the game has been improved. I really liked exploring the environments and finding all the hidden items and improving your equipment and skills, however I would of liked the skill tree to have more meaningful choices (the amount of unlocks required to unlock the next tier of skills means you will get pretty much be getting everything anyway). The story has it's ups and it's downs. Discovering what happened on the island is quite interesting, and is told through the environment, enemies, and diaries, however your cadre of multicultural stereotypes that represent Lara's companions is probably the weakest link as it doesn't ever give you a reason to care for them, and luckily they are a very small portion of the narrative. Overall the game is quite good, and I feel it was worth my money. Expand
  20. May 31, 2013
    This game is a generic Japanese-style survival horror created for an imagined world market. Lara Croft is not really in the game, as this one has nothing to do with what makes her Lara (attitude, weapons, and James Bond style adventure). The character doesn't act like Lara and barely looks like her. Plenty of cutscenes interrupt the gameplay. Grostesque and bland environments are littered with junk, al-la Silent Hill. You can navigate the first areas holding down a single key. For long time fans of Lara, this is NOT a must buy. While not as crummy as TR2, I can say that the Japanese Square Enix ruined the series. TR: Legend, Anniversary, and the original game for the playstation are still what Lara Croft should be. This one is rebooted crap! The controls are ok, but compared to other 3d survival games, this one misses the mark, or is barely fun. Not a Tomb Raider game. Expand
  21. Oct 27, 2013
    Easily the best Tomb Raider game. There are a mountain of positives and a mole hill of negatives. I've been a long term fan of this series and one of those people that bought the original of PS1. At the time, that was a benchmark game in every aspect. Fast forward to this, the 2013 edition, I honestly feel this surpases the original in every area. The graphics have to be highlighted as a point of reference. Seriously, the level of detail is simply stunning and I don't own a better looking game. Set this to Ultra and you'd think you were watching a movie. The soundtrack, gun noises, attention to detail as Lara moves, the story telling, the cast, the dirt on her face, the wind in her hair, etc this list could go on and on. I'm tempted to give this a 10 because it really is that good. As I often say in my reviews, I do not understand other peoples take on games. How can this game (at its absolute worst) be anything less than a 7??? Seriously, those who hate on this game (or games in general) need a mirror. Sadly, the internet is making 'The World' a place for unnecessary venting. My opinion may not be right, but marking Tomb Raider a ZERO is utter BS. Such a shame that there is so much hate in modern day society. Expand
  22. Apr 8, 2013
    It is rare that a game will come up and take my breath away and even more rare that it will hold it for so long. Tomb Raider is one of those rare games that accomplishes both. I'd like to start off by saying I'm no fan of the Tomb Raider series. I was always ambivalent to the series. I have never played one all the way through and never found any of them all that compelling that is until now.

    It is rare that I come across a game with such a well-written story and such rich character development. Square Enix really outdid themselves this time. I have always been a huge fan of video games in general, but always wished they would focus more on good writing and character development something sorely lacking in a vast majority of games today. This game really came through in this department, and I feel I really understand the character of Lara Croft so much better now. It has drawn me into the mythos that I was so disinterested in before. I certainly cannot wait for future titles, and hope this game ends up where it belongs holding a place in history as one of the better examples of great story, writing, and character development in video games and perhaps even sparks a renaissance of good writing that this industry so badly needs.

    As far as gameplay, graphics, sound, and all the other aspects of what makes a game good or great Tomb Raider really hits the mark on each of these. The exceptional combination of each of these aspects of the game only help to support the real thrill here and that's being along for the ride of this great adventure with Lara and her crew. It really feels like I'm playing a movie but almost never do I feel like I'm doing so on rails. I feel in constant control, and always in a manner where my decisions decide the fate of Lara and her crew members. This is what a game should be. Highly Recommended!
  23. Jan 1, 2014
    Let me start by saying that even back at the 90's i was saying that the Tomb Raider series is just some hyped rubbish.
    On the other hand Legacy of Kain series IMO is the best game series ever made (by billion miles away from anything else).
    This Tomb Raider though has nothing to do with the old rubbish series, this is a proper Crystal Dynamics Game. (even though that some members from
    the LoK Series arent in CD now)

    Honestly Tomb Raider is better in everything than all 3 uncharted games combined.
  24. CBZ
    May 10, 2013
    The game is great. There is a lot to love from this game, especially the graphics, the art and Lara's agility is well done. The action and the upgrades are great and there are not boring side missions. A lot of adrenaline and explosions (the island seems to be made of dynamite because even rocks explode).
    It is indeed a very linear game and you will never get lost, however, it was like
    that for a reason and it gives the game a chance to add more mystery and drama.
    The puzzles were quite simple and sometimes repetitive but definitely entertaining. I think it's a must buy for those looking for a good action/adventure game.
  25. Apr 8, 2014
    This game was surprisingly awesome. I never played any of the previous games and really had no intention to but this one was available for free as a member of Playstation Plus so figured I would give it shot. This best comparison point would be the Uncharted series (which I love) and I think this game was highly influenced by those titles but they pulled it off pretty well. There are some mind blowing action sequences on par with the best of those in Uncharted.

    The environments are beautifully rendered and definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game - the island is just super fun to explore and there are plenty of extras to find. There are some role playing elements to the game and I felt that the skill system worked pretty well and most of the choices were actually useful or just plain cool to see in action.

    The story was engrossing but the character dialogue and voice acting seemed a little off (at least compared to Naughty Dog games) but it's still probably better than average. The one thing that seemed a little flat in this game was the combat - it gets a little boring at times and was too repetitive. The emphasis was clearly on other aspects of the game and I wouldn't call this a hardcore shooter so that's understandable.
  26. Nov 16, 2013
    Great game! But the game still feels less involving compared to The Last Of Us. Why? Even with better graphics and framerates, TR's adventure is all about being exploring & fighting all alone. Thus, only Lara's character is properly developed, but not any other supporting characters. TLOU is way more magical as it gets you fully immersed in the relationship between Ellie & Joel. Lara is just Lara. I think we need Lara to start having a serious relationship with someone else, explore caves together & go into battle together. Its more fun with "friends", even if they're AI bots. Other than this lonely feel to this game, the rest of the game is simply brilliant! Loved the highs & lows of the game. Decent length & a good story (unlike the ultra-short piece of crap called BF4). I'm glad the puzzles have been toned down, to keep the story moving. Those who like puzzles can always explore the optional caves. I prefer the main quests to enjoy the story on 1st playthrough. Well, looking forward to Tomb Raider 2! Expand
  27. Mar 10, 2013
    This is an awful step away from the basic Tomb Raider concept. If this game was called not "Tomb Raider" it could get away with 5 or 6 as a boring action/"movie". But we are presented with THIS instead of acrobatic puzzle with big open levels what a good Tomb Raider game should be. So it does not deserve even 1 point.
  28. Mar 26, 2013
    I have never been this pleasantly surprised by a video game before. Unfortunately, this is my first Tomb Raider game, so these aren’t the thoughts of a diehard fan. Therefore, I can’t tell you whether the franchise took a step in the right direction or not. I was personally anticipating Tomb Raider to be a mediocre copy of an Uncharted game, and I don’t think that my inaccuracy has ever brought me this much happiness. In fact, comparing this with Uncharted is rather silly, because the similarities between the two games end rather quickly. Tomb Raider is its own game with its own unique features. The gameplay is everything I could’ve asked for, and more. You gain XP and purchase skills that are divided into three different branches, or “skill trees”. There are many different ways to gather resources, which allow you to upgrade the 4 weapons Lara finds throughout her journey, each of which have unique advantages in combat. In addition, challenges and collectables are introduced with rewarding incentives, which will encourage you to dive into these fun optional features. While the characters may not have these remarkably appealing personalities, Crystal Dynamics gave us an incredibly strong protagonist. Lara Croft is a clever and tough woman who plays the “hero role” perfectly. Character detail and animations are nearly lifelike and the cut-scenes are cinematically brilliant. So far, many of the releases this year has disappointed me, but Tomb Raider was a friggin’ home run. My game of the year for 2013 may have already arrived. Expand
  29. Jul 18, 2013
    Tomb Raider a movie or a game? I call games like The Walking Dead "Interactive Movies". However Tomb Raider is not one of them since your actions do not change the story. TR is a game at its core but what makes it so special is not the game mechanics but Lara's steps towards becoming who we know her for. Some people say that they have to go through many cutscenes in order to play but the story is what kept me going. Perhaps that is why the game has so little replay value and is quite short. I don't mind. I quote Hilary Cooper "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away". Rarely have I seen more beautiful world design, animation, facial animation, voice acting and graphics. I've definitively never seen all that in one game. Lara is simply gorgeous because she is no longer solely a sex symbol. In terms of character development she can be compared to Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2. However you may ask if it's not the actual gameplay that counts, what not just watch the cutscenes? You could but you would never reach the level of immersion the game has to offer, it wouldn't feel like an adventure if you don't explore. Besides the gameplay is a lot of fun, it just doesn't stand on it's own. As for the price, if 50 euros scare you then you can often get 50% off on Steam. Totally worth it. Expand
  30. Mar 24, 2013
    With a $45 dollar Steam pre-order (with unlock rewards), a YouTube documentary series, and a Multi-prize sweepstakes, it was clear that Square Enix's goal was to offer up a Franchise reboot that would attract new players, and entice sceptical Lara veterans. And it worked. Really well.

    I was reminded of Batman Arkham Asylum when playing this game, and though there is a free roaming
    aspect to it, the world feels much more contained than other "open-world" games. The puzzles and ''tombs'' in the game are really quite easy, with most areas only requiring you to complete one or two challenges before allowing you to progress. It is very likely that this was done to keep the action flowing and eliminate any chance of player frustration. That being said, I would have liked to see longer and more challenging puzzles in the "optional" tombs.There seems never to be any downtime in the story, and there is always an important quest calling to keep the player moving. Large parts of the game are scripted, but it feels more like you're playing a Lara Croft action movie rather than visiting a Tomb Raider theme park.
    The single player took me about 15 hours to 100% on hard, meaning that its not a terribly LONG game, but it it does have some replay value in terms of game play. The combat, plat-forming, and stealth are all implemented extremely well, including a really convenient "survivor mode" which cuts out a lot of the BS that a game like this can contain (enemies detecting you for no reason, trying to climb on things that aren't interact-able, etc). The animations are great, as well as the context based rag doll and cover systems. Lara moves like a jungle cat while crouching, dodging, and rolling to avoid and take down enemies. Kill moves and cinematics feature the tried and true quick-time-event method, where you press one or two buttons to perform actions.
    While the single player is an excellent game all around and I'm really excited for a sequel, the multi player suffers from Max Payne 3 syndrome. There are no dedicated servers, leading to laggy player-created lobbies and eventually meaning a shorter shelf life. The controls don't translate too well and the action feels wobbly. Players sometimes warp around and kill you before you see them, and its WAY to easy to spawn camp the enemy team (or get spawn camped). All and all, Crystal Dynamics did what they set out to do; reboot an old and beloved action adventure series in a whole new way. The multi player may seem tacked on, and will likely only survive for a month or two, but the Single Player experience will excite and amp up players for the future of this (not so) brand new Series.
  31. Jan 18, 2014
    [TombRaider on SteamPC Score 9 ] Truly a great Reboot and a must for Fans of the TombRaider series. This is the perfect update to the TombRaider franchise with all the run and gun, the platforming and the puzzle solving you loved in the previous editions but with Gorgeous 3D modelling, atmospherics, physics, water and more. A perfectly balanced and highly enjoyable 36 hours of fun just waiting for you….. add to cart : )) My only regret is that there is no advantage to Solo Replay; finishing unfound collectibles is fun but very short. Multiplayer is available but you will need to look up a review elsewhere.

    [Released] by Square Enix and ported to PC by Nixxies: yeah Nixxies did good work and you should enjoy it. Nixxies did however screw one thing up: Remapping primary key bindings is possible but the alternative secondary key bindings just screw up and then screwed up the on screen instructions. Tolerable but just plain poor programming on somebodies part… NB: This is not a game breaker and should not affect your decision to buy this game because this game really is Fantastic, I just wanted Square Enix and Nixxies to know that this looks bad for them. I enjoyed every second of this game otherwise.

    [DRM] Steam only, thank goodness there is no GamesForWindowsLive / Origin / Uplay on this title, I did not have to create an alternative account. [Story] is a prequel to all the Lara Croft adventures…young Lara Croft, a little more helpless, a little more emotional, and sometimes a little too whiny. Character dialogue is immature especially with NPCs, who wrote this balloney? [Saves] Automatic saves as they should be. Perfect. Manual saves as usual.

    [Bugs] None that I am aware of….except the key binding fudge. Digital fudge.

    [Graphics] Default settings were to heavy on the post processing…. Even though my PC was flipping 60 FPS the depth of field effects and other sh*t was too much. I cut back a lot of the effects and it looked great; sometimes Less is More, and this was it.

    [MyPC 2011] i7-2600K 3.4GHz / ASUS Z68 ProGen3 / 8G RAM / Radeon 6870 / W7 PRO SP1 / Samsung 275T @1920x1200 / Logitech G15 / Kensington ExpertMouse / Sennheiser HD600

    [MyFavorites] [NowPlaying] BrokenAge [Win7] TombRaider Dishonored TheKnifeOfDunwall TheBrigmoreWitches TheDreamMachine Ep1-4 30FlightsOfLoving Fez BioshockInfinite Antichamber Stacking Metro2033 Rochard Crysis&Warhead&2 JustCause2 Rage [XP] Papo&Yo DeuxExHR&TheMissingLink DeadSpace1&2 Fallout3&NewVegas HalfLife1&2 Bordelands1&2 BatmanArkumAsylum AssassinsCreed Magicka RedFaction Portal1&2 FromDust MrRobot Sam&MaxSeasons1&2 CulpaInnata TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland DreamfallTheLongestJourney Syberia1&2 CrayonPhysicsDeluxe DefenseGridTheAwakening PlantsVsZombies Prototype Bioshock1&2 UnrealTournament3 Quake4 [360] AfroSamurai BrutalLegends [XBOX] HALO KOTOR1&2 Crackdown ArmedAndDangerous AggressiveInline BeyondGoodAndEvil DeadOrAlive1&2&3&ExtremeBeachVolleyball Psychonauts [AppleG4] FullThrottle DeusExMachina ONI ReturnToZork Suspended UnrealTournament TombRaiderSeries

    [Born] 1964 [PS: I do not know anybody who works in the game industry ~ I just enjoy games : - ]
  32. Mar 5, 2013
    Game is decent especially after the first hour is over with but my only big gripe is this game seems to favor AMD rigs. I have a 690 and I have had crashes constantly and really inconsistent frame rate dips. When the game runs it does run wonderfully but it seems to have a lot of bugs as of now. If you do have a NVIDIA gpu don't even bother turning on TressFX no matter what GPU you have it will murder your framerate. I'm about 5 hours in though and I am enjoying it. Expand
  33. Aug 3, 2013
    More of a movie than a game. More of a console than PC game. Quick Time events can get annoying and cutscenes are overused. Visually appealing, yet not optimal for PC gamers.
  34. May 25, 2014
    In this newer installment of Tomb raider series, we follow the young Lara's first adventure which starts her career as a treasure hunter.

    Story-wise, I think this game's content is quite confusing sometime. Unlike Nolan's Batman Begins in which Bruce Wayne became a fighter after years' training, Lara 's growth from a naive college student to an expert adventurer is so quick that it
    makes little sense. I think the developers made the main story first then attached a origin story of Lara on it as a selling point. To me, it would be better making it just another story of Lara, but the stunt of "origin story" may attract larger audience.

    The strong aspect of the game is the presentation. This time, Tomb Raider completely abandoned the old gameplay formula and is more akin to Uncharted and Batman Arkham series, but the result, I have to say, is fluent and beautiful. It has none of the movement or camera problems from previous games and everything moves fluidly. The gameplay is great too. Tomb Raider introduced new ways of fighting enemies: covered gun-fighting, stealth killing, and sneaking which eventually makes the game very pleasant to play.

    Overall it's still a great action/adventure game with believable world and characters except for Lara's unbelievable transform. I will certainly recommend this game.
  35. Jul 24, 2013
    Graphically it is very well done and the story-line is quite good. Character development is somewhat juvenile, but not in any meaningful way. The combat mechanics of the game and its controls are fairly easy to learn (Notable exception: QTE's) and they blend with the story-line well enough.

    However, all of the positives mentioned above are eliminated by the inept, frustrating,
    clumsy-beyond-belief and unplayable QTE's (Quick Timer Events). These absurd and enjoyment-ruining inserts bespeak a laziness and lack of confidence on the part of Square Enix/Eidos in their product. I believe they feel the need to "increase the challenge" of the game by inserting this ridiculous and unnecessary interactive cut scene construct into most combat sequences. Accomplished Game developers rely on a working difficulty progression, set by the player at the game's onset. I played this game (first time through) on EASY difficulty and was not able to get by the Wolf Fight in the Wolf Lair.

    I play games for enjoyment, first, last and all in between. Square Enix/Eidos has ruined my enjoyment by including this disastrous QTE insert into what could have been a fairly enjoyable game.. I rated the game at 3, in an act of generosity for the inclusion of those aspects mentioned in my opening remarks. Had I rated this game on enjoyment alone, I would have justly given a "0".
  36. May 19, 2013
    By far the best game I've played in a while. I wish they had a way to take screenshots better, some of the environments are awesome and would make for a great desktop background. The puzzles could be a bit harder. One of the few games I'll beat, and will probably even play twice.
  37. Mar 9, 2013
    The graphics are un-god-damn-believable. It's fully decked out for PC and then ported to console, not the other way around. Every frame of this game is a work of art. It's an adventure and not a blood fest. Open world. Love it.
  38. Apr 7, 2013
    I believe this game has some major problems. First things first: this is not a Tomb Raider game. Not just because this is a reboot. That would be fine. Problem is, this game has a completely different idea behind it. The previous games were about exploration, a sense of danger and wonder, and they played it straight: Lara was a female Indiana Jones able to walk in and out of every sort of adventure, and you got the sense that she, in fact, did that every day. The necessary tension to keep the game interesting came from the gameplay: limited life, limited ammo, scarce ammunition for most weapons. The puzzles were interesting and challenging, set in beautiful environments.
    Some of these elements kind of survive in this reboot, some do not. The puzzles are absolutely, boringly easy, and you also get an "highlight the objects I need" function, just in case. Some environments are still noteworthy, but as good as the graphics may be they fail to reach the same charisma of games like "the last revelation" or the recent remake of the original, and not even the platform elements remain intact. The "tombs" look like they were thrown in at the last moment just to be consistent with the name, and they usually contain one room with a single easy puzzle and a box. That's it. Now, I remember those challenging times when I did a few too many mistakes and kept going on, only to find myself with 1/4 of my life and 0 medkits in the old games. And getting past those moments was a rewarding experience. Now there is ammo everywhere and life regenerates (STOP TAKING THE GAME OUT OF MY GAMES). While the previous games created tension trough gameplay, this game tries to create tension mostly trough narrative. This is another mistake, as games are not supposed to be movies, but it could still work. However, they didn't play that right. If you want to create tension trough narrative, then the *spectator* (which should be a player, amirait?) should feel that there is something at stake, e.g. Lara's life. But Lara keeps being pierced, falling, and getting her feet in a bear trap, and falling, beaten, and then she just gets up and keeps on going! If you can see the main character basically brushing off almost everything that happens to her, then the tension is gone, no matter how much blood you want to show. Being too violent in this case spoils the effect, working against suspension of disbelief when the character just keeps on going. Later on in the game she is suddenly in need of medical assistance (even tough having been trough much worse), but the problem is solved is such an hasty way to make it as believable as the good ol insta-heal kits. But we accepted those kits in terms of gameplay, because it was in fact a different genre! Now, there were two road they could have taken: either go with the original formula, a female indy with over the top abilities we just take for granted, which does happily allow for much less realism, or a girl with little or no training except an archeology PhD that learns and refines her skills on the ground, forced to survive in a realistic and unforgiving environment. You would see her getting around clumsily at fist and gaining confidence trough her adventure. They obviously tried the latter approach, but excessive violence and a disempowered gamplay takes this game off the mark, not to mention how the added realism makes all the silly an unrealistic elements stand out, and there is very little character progression. Shes' already awesome to begin with, she just looks more insecure, again spoiling the tension. There is nothing at stake. Those two approaches are very different and you can't apply them both at the same time.
    Oh, I almost forgot: quick time events. Quick time events are a stupid excuse to make a long cinematic look like you're still interacting with a videogame. I'm fine with long cinematics, I hate "press E very fast to make the cinematic go on!!!". The number of too many QTE in your game is 1.
    It's not an exceedingly bad game tough, by all means buy it if you find a copy under 5 bucks, as there is much, much worse out there, but even if you're fine with it not being actually a tomb raider game, this is still a missed occasion.
  39. Mar 5, 2013
    This is a really good game, every aspect of the game is very polished. From the graphics to the voice acting. It is as good if not better than the Uncharted games on the PS3 in every way (except multiplayer but who plays uncharted multiplayer anyway)
  40. Sep 11, 2013
    I've finished the game in 14h on Hard difficulty so I can write the final review now. First, the game is beautiful. The story line is also quite decent. Controls on PC are excellent with mouse and keyboard, but you can also play on a gamepad (and it's possible to change it on the fly, the game adapts the controls info in QTEs for that). What's keeping it from being perfect: - overused QTEs in the first hour of the game,
    - lack of replay value: story is the main point of this game, once you know it and done all the puzzles it's really no point in playing it again,
    - lack of difficulty even on Hard mode, after the first hour you pretty much steamroll everyone as you go,
    - they confuse Lara Croft with John Rambo at times, you are supposed to kill dozens of enemies in a single area, wave after wave (and it's hilariously easy even on Hard),
    - not enough stealth elements (they seem to prefer the guns blazing approach).

    In the end, it's 10-15 hours of a really well done game and by all means worth the 15-20$ price tag on sale these days.
  41. Jun 8, 2013
    they have turned this franchise into a shooter game. Tomb raider have never been about shooting it was about sulving puzzles. yes there was some shooting sequences, but its not the main game. there are no puzzles in this game the only puzzle you find are the one that you have to shoot things. if the title of the game was´nt Tomb raider i would give it an 8 10.
  42. May 18, 2013
    Let's get some of the obvious out of the way. The game is beautiful, graphic and art wise, the hair physics is incredible if your computer can handle the highest settings. Sound and the music set the mood for the game perfectly. The new cover system is the most impressive of the whole game. Lara will automatically crouch down near or stand up depending on the cover you intend to use. This was such a breath of fresh air since I always hated that stick to the wall mechanic other TPS have. There are four weapon slots, on hard mode I did need to switch between at least three of those slots to survive. Enemies do try to flush you out of cover throwing Molotov 's or charging you. There are animals in the game that you can hunt for extra XP. They have no other purpose, don't expect to have a meter showing how hungry you are or use the skin of animals for other purposes. QTE's plaque the first hour or two of the game. On the PC, devs fail to tell you beforehand what button correlates with which QTE icon. This game is very linear, only reason to explore would be to obtain all the relics, documents, GPS caches, tombs, along with the in-game challenges. The tombs are not very mind puzzling like old Tomb Raider games and are incredibly short to do. There is no epic boss fight at the end, it's just littered with QTE's. If you can look past the QTE's this is a great modern day TPS gaming experience. Expand
  43. Mar 5, 2013
    This is one of those games where you get so involved with the character and with the visuals surrounding it. The story line is amazing the sound effect are awesome. The multiplayer is even not that bad I actually enjoyed playing a litle bit of it. I think this is one of my favorite so far this year.
  44. Mar 15, 2013
    Welcome back Tomb Raider, it looks amazing and the story is really good. Ever expanding no doubt with DLC but will be worth it. They have put a lot of effort into the game and it shows, a very fun and expansive story.
  45. May 16, 2013
    I want to give this game an eleven, heck at least a ten, but I can't. I can't give it a twenty, because the damn developers had to add shaky cam into the one of the best games released this year. I can't take shaky cam, a lot of us have a problem with it, same with 3D glasses. It gives a small part of the population motion sickness and nausea. For the love of god, please get rid of Head bobs and shaking cameras, we love your game, but we still can't bloody well enjoy it eh? Expand
  46. Apr 12, 2013
    This game exceeded my expectations! From the story to the gameplay (which reinforces the story), I was (or am, as I have not finished the game yet, but close!) captured into the journey and the struggle that is Lara's plight.

    This game really took me back to TR 1, 2, and 3, which I loved so much, but it is definitely its own game and no real comparison can be made between old and new.


    The story is really "survival", first her own, then everyone elses'. The quicktime elements forces me to make snap movements/judgements, it forces me to be on edge, it forces me to wonder "what's around the corner", and that is exactly what Lara is feeling. These quicktime elements do an excellent job of connecting the gamer to the character.

    Of course, Lara is pleasantly fleshed out a s a character, but no one else is as she spends 99% of her time alone. So when people die, the gamer doesn't care. Its hard to make the gamer care when there isn't a chance to get to know the other characters, so I am not sure what the developer could have done to assist. They tried leaving books around, and some video, but that wasn't enough to connect. Perhaps if we got to play Lara before the crash.


    Lara is motivated to survive, and this is believable. There are no strange quests that have you bringing something useless to someone else, its all just centered around getting things done to live. Which makes sense.

    Gaining experience and having loot/salvage is also useful, so looking for boxes/items is valuable and also believable.

    The controls for the PC were easy to learn and I had no issues with my keys.

    Lara's clothes actually deteriorate though the game, which actually makes sense since she's battered ALL the time. I like that she's wearing full pants and two tanks, rather than short-shorts.


    This is where I have my biggest beef. Its hard not to compare to previous games, it really is hard and as I said in the beginning, one should NOT make the comparison.. but the thing is called Tomb Raider, so.. here goes:

    The tomb puzzles are not puzzles. They are really easy "walkthroughs". Like.. lame easy. flick a switch and you've discovered the solution.

    I'm not sure what happened here. Did the developer think we (the audience) were 10 years old? or that we thought like them? Not sure. The tombs are almost useless (if it wasn't for the experience and the salvage). I'm only going through them now to confirm that they are all indeed that easy.

    Oddly enough, the hardest one I encountered was at the beginning with the plane.


    I think Lara Croft's VA did a great job in conveying pain, sadness and anger through the many different avenues that Lara communicates with the world.


    I wanted more from this, since I reached a point in the game that adding a skill didn't do much for Lara; though updating weapons did.


    What surprised me about the game was the believable survival aspect of the game and how the gameplay reinforced that story, along with Lara's journey from innocent to survivor.

    I enjoyed the stealth side as well as the direct attack sequences, and I think I may always remember ziplining through the beautiful backdrops of the game.
  47. Mar 11, 2013
    I stop playing Tomb Raider eons ago, Why cuz some of the puzzles in them were way to hard but then i was young thenthis plays more like max payne the anything else As i got older i went back to the series and give it another shot let me just say it gave me a real challenge back then, rather she was shooting extinct animals or not, also this tomb raider may look better then the olds ones is true but the game play is not the same by a long shot, yes they made some changes she can actually melee this time around and the actual cover system works for once for the new tomb raider, i can't say i've play uncharted 1 and 2 i gave it a shot when it was on playstation 2 didn't like it then and don't like it now.

    Now this is MY GRIPES about the new one noone else, like i stated in the very begining i felt like it had max payne 3 feel to it cuz that what i play that was similar to the game to me, the game start you off simulating that you actually need food to survive which i thought was a good start, seconds later you realize that you don't need food to survive ok Then you start to explore the map yes now you have bullet time indicator like thing that make stuff glows to actually help you find what you looking for, just press a button for you to explore basically the whole area of the map what is the point of that now that took the exploring clean out of the way, there were only a couple of times through the whole game that i thought lara was in trouble hell you had no control of that this is probably shortest game in tomb raider history.

    So now with that out of the way, how in the hell can you call this a survival game when you took out the most important parts, oh yea she has some new toys to play with wow really don't need to upgrade them just headshot any enemy with any weapon should suffice, then on top of that she wearing indestructible clothing that took the cake for me, i was playing a kids game with max payne graphics no story no depth to the characters nothing just hold my hand and the game will guide me where i need to go like a 2yr, thxs i didn't want to work any of my brains cell today anyway If you expecting to a fight a boss in this tombraider dream on.
    The caves look generic outside map were ok. Enemy characters, please one arrow to the dome its over even if they call for help, this was not tomb raider so why in the would they call it that you go into the tomb expecting traps and so forth an what you get is (gasping in awe) sigh wtf you got to be ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me right. This has zero replayability there is no real reason to get to 100% completion. The cons outweighted the pros in my book. Qtes i think that cover no need to comment on that Despite the amazing reviews on this game i have not read one that came to that conclusion on replayability from any of the professional writers for this game that's if they even play the game which i highly doubt.That kill lara croft for me will never get another tomb raider game period.
  48. Mar 8, 2013
    Wow... just wow. This game was awesome in almost every aspect. I really enjoyed it to the last minute. The only thing that I would give a an 8.5/10 is the combat. There is just something about it. I played it on hardcore mode and it was not as challenging as i thought it would be. Also the weapons did not feel like were improved that much until the later parts of the game. The bow upgrades are absolutely sicknasty! Expand
  49. Apr 21, 2013
    Tomb Raider is a superb action adventure! I never expected to be this impressed by it but it is a very well made and balanced 3rd person action title. I really think i prefer this to Uncharted as well it has a more serious and dramatic tone to it. The atmosphere the game creates really sucks you in and leaves you in awe at every cut scene especially on PC. Well worth everyone's money.
  50. Apr 6, 2013
    AmazingAwesomeIncredibleOutstandingExcellentMarvellousBreath taking.
    This is how I would describe Tomb Raider, since the first time I saw the gameplay at E3 I knew that I'll love it, I knew that I had to buy it, and it was my most anticipated game of 2013. My anticipations were high but there is no doubt that Tomb Raider not only met with my anticipations but also surpassed it. You are
    playing Lara Croft before she became the legend that we know today, she is just a young woman who is searching for legendary myth with her crew-friends, unfortunately for her a storm hit their ship and everyone is stucked on an unknown island and to make it worse there are people in the island, very dangerous people that will kill anything in their sight. Lara needs to learn how to hunt, how to kill and how to survive on this island. this is where the legendary Lara Croft is born and you are going to remember the moments, the hardship that Lara is going to endure. This is the first game that I ever cared about keeping the main character alive cause if you don't you will witness many gruesome deaths that even the mortal kombat can't be compared to. If you think about buying it don't think just buy, and remember it isn't the multiplayer that makes this game amazing its the single-player campaign that you will remember for a very long time. Tomb Raider is without a doubt 2013 game of the year Expand
  51. Mar 8, 2013
    the good news is: the reboot of the series is generally far better than expected. combat is cool, story is cool, the character is believable (although empathizing more on the survival part rather than going full killer after 30 min would have been the better bet)

    one thing that doesnt works out AT ALL are those STUPID QUICK TIME EVENTS which you cant even turn off. man its like a plague
    since every designer and his mother thinks to involve the player in some kind of press this do this and jump around in your room stuff.
    it totally breaks immersion. On PC it doesnt even tells you what to press (you have symbols which you can look up what exactly they mean) and generally it feels totally repeatedly and unsatisfying to die over and over from QTEs. too bad i didnt read all of the reviews. would i have known that i wouldnt have bought it. at least i wont endorse the game to any of my friends.

    If you want to annoy ppl with QTEs make them optional. bah
  52. May 9, 2013
    with to much QTEs and to many cinematic and way linear
    This is just another console port that isent worth getting,

    They totally Ruined that IP just like everything
  53. Mar 11, 2013
    This game does everything right. EVERYTHING. Great story, gameplay, graphics, music, puzzles, level design, controls, content. And no bugs. When is the last time a game came out and the prepatched game was not riddled with bugs? People seem to nitpick the crap out of this game, and I cannot understand why. Be sure to look at a reviewer's history before taking too much stock in what they say. 10/10. Expand
  54. Mar 5, 2013
    I don't often write reviews but... wow. I Am absolutely blown away, I didn't expect anything from this game. I enjoyed the old games, (1,2, Angel of darkness, underworld) but this one just blew me away, the intro was great and it kept me going, the adrenaline doesn't stop and the action just keeps coming, I even feel bad for Lara after everything she goes through.

    The graphics are
    sensational (I'm running a gtx680), the hair effects look amazing most of the time, but they have their glitches and screw ups (like the effects disappearing for a second and her hair looking bland during intense cut scenes, it could be a driver thing or something they could patch). As mentioned the story is thrilling and keeps you wanting more, the side quests are worthwhile and brings back old Lara memories. The gameplay is solid, the free running reminds me of assassins creed mixed with old school lara. The bow is great, the guns can feel a bit clunky at times but still suits fine considering she wouldn't be a gun expert. Point blank confrontations with enemies are awkward at first but goes nicely with the story, but once you adapt and learn abilities it works out great and flows greatly.

    Overall a true underdog for me and a very nice recreation of Lara. Good job crystal.
  55. Mar 6, 2013
    Pro's -

    Graphically very pretty.
    Nice to see an incarnation of Tomb Raider where Lara Croft's haven't grown by a cup size between releases and not look like silicon implants.
    Better story line (but only just).
    Nixxes have made this a half-decent port from console.


    Typical consoletard linear gameplay.
    Short probably less than 15 hours gameplay.
  56. Sep 13, 2013
    This game evolved Lara Croft in a way I never imagined. gone are the big boobs and ass but in its place Is something much more mature and intriguing. In a world where developers are dumbing down games for the average casual gamer, crystal dynamics have gone above and beyond and its really paid off...big time! congratulations on a truly epic game!
  57. Apr 6, 2013
    Awesome game and plots. Real challenges. Love the gameplay and graphics and found that I soon got very immersed in the game and really felt I was being hunted. My Game of the year. Beats Bioshock Infinite hands down and is the quality of Far Cry 3. This is a game worth the money whatever you pay for it.
  58. Mar 10, 2013
    An intense, interesting and great experience!
    I am not that fan of the "old" Tomb Raider titles. But this one is a really great story with intense visuals and awesme gameplay mechanics which are not gettong boring during the whole game. Even getting 100% wih all the collectibles is challenging and well done!
    Go buy it!
  59. Jul 17, 2013
    Even though Tomb Raider can't seem to make up its mind on what kind of game it wants to be, it remains the kind of game that kept me up way too late night after night (and not because of Lara's chest), so it's at the very least a good one.

    The combat system isn't terrible but neither is it terribly unique. Minus the bow combat, I could boot up Max Payne 3 for something significantly
    better. The stealth events are much more interesting, allowing you to slowly pick off your enemies from afar or up close. This carries a great deal of the gameplay, but it feels much more linear and carried than a game like Dishonored, which will drop you off in a sandbox filled with your soon-to-be-victims and a variety of ways with which to dispatch them or letting you sneak past them entirely. With this game, you're given a few interesting options and pretty much have to massacre everyone in your way to get by most of the time.

    The game is at its strongest when you're climbing, swinging, and exploding your way through the environment. Movement in the game really is quite enjoyable, when it occurs, but that brings me to my next point. Raiding tombs is not a highlight of the main story rather, it is offered as an auxilliary objective (which you should nab at every possible opportunity). It's disappointing that in a game whose name very clearly implies the desecration of sacred burial ground, you will only really be doing so when you have time to take a break from generic third-person-shooter action. Instead of offering a plethora of crypts full of railings, walls, and ropes with which to make our way about, most of these aspects are placed in the outside world where I really don't feel like they fulfill their potential. So, odd as it is to say, don't buy this game if your hopes are firmly set on it fulfilling its name. Other side objectives include finding relics complete with information about their usage in history and salvage which can be used to upgrade weapons, alongside a skill point system that lets you customize Lara's abilities to some extent.

    The game's biggest offenses come in the form of quick-time-events and overly cinematic gameplay. I love a good movie, but not when I expect it to be a game, and the first couple of hours are chock full of "Press F to not die" scenarios and other varieties of "gameplay" which serves as little more than a reason to keep your attention focused on the game. I'm okay with a few QTEs in, for example, climbing, where it feels like part of the movement and not a cheap excuse for gameplay mechanics, but the majority of this game's QTEs are just unnecessary and annoying.

    **Minor spoilers follow**

    Tomb Raider was advertised as a story about survival, which it definitely is for the first two or three hours. After that, all that remains of the idea of "survival" are a few questionably useful skills. For example, the first time you kill someone, Lara reacts as any humane person might with disgust, shock, and fear. Literally less than two minutes later you are gunning down small groups of men like a cold assassin, and not three hours later you're taking out rooms full of them. It really tears apart the survival theme that the developer was trying to push and doing a fairly good job of, QTEs aside during the first part of the game. It doesn't feel like a story about survival and adaptation, just a story about a woman who fights to survive until she gets her first taste of blood before becoming completely feral.

    Taking over from the story about survival is the story about constantly finding your friends while fighting through an endless army of savages who theoretically all washed up here on crashed vehicles because there aren't any women on that island. Then it takes a somewhat jarring twist towards the supernatural because, Tomb Raider and it sort of feels like the gameplay it just doesn't know what it wants to be.
  60. Sep 3, 2014
    Like quick-time events? Goofy cutscenes? Button mashing? Over-the-top gore? This game is for you!
    Like pathfinding and puzzle-solving to gain access to... you know... tombs? You probably want to buy something else.
    Very pretty game with some nicely designed big maps, but gameplay is uninspired at best, and annoying as hell at worst. Combat and movement is laggy while the camera jerks
    around wildly. Very linear in many sections, and the hand-holding for the console kiddies (despite being a very rated M game) is blatant. Tacked-on terrible multiplayer is worth nothing. Single-player campaign has little to no replay value.
    It's amazing how much good content manages to shine through this though, and ultimately it's a mildly entertaining diversion - for those that can stomach its glaring problems.
  61. Aug 22, 2014
    Excellent. However, it may feel repetitive at times but that doesn't take away anything from this beautifully crafted game. The only reason I shave-off a point here is because of the plethora of cut-scenes involved. All in all, a superb reboot to the franchise with an engrossing back-story. Disappointed with the Xbox One exclusivity of the sequel though.
  62. Mar 26, 2013
    I knew this wasn't going to disappoint considering this Tomb Raider was inspired in one of the best PS3 games, the Uncharted Series.
    This is a fantastic reboot and a step in the right direction. I just hope we get a sequel soon, because i loved and enjoyed every minute and completed it %100.

    The environment and the atmosphere is insane, the storyline is really good. It's amazing how
    Lara personality change over the course of the game in her first adventure. She changes from a naive and scared Lara Croft, to the badass Lara we all know from the past installments.
    The gameplay is fantastic and it adds a lot of value the fact that you can fast travel and go back to the beginning of the game to collect whatever you left behind during your playthrough. I enjoyed a lot going back to different areas after finishing the game, just to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island without being chased by freaks trying to kill me.

    The only thing they could have improved is the MP, which is not that good when you compare it with Uncharted MP. But still, when you play a Tomb Raider game, you play it for its single played and the storyline.

    What else can i say?. Tomb Raider is one of my favorite franchise since my very childhood when the first TR came out. This really was a nice surprise and i hope they keep making more like this. They did a tremendous job with this game and even if competition is tough this year, i hope it wins the GOTY or some other awards.
  63. Mar 17, 2013
    Tough one to review. Lara took my gaming cherry in her first outing on PS1 and as such will always be my first true love,and there are some nice nods to the original in this reboot (First "kill" is some wolves which will ring some bells for those who remember TR1). Two big pluses about this incarnation of Tomb Raider (seriously... don't even go there) are Lara and the Island itself. This is the story of a young womans right of passage, and Lara's strengths, weaknesses
    and inexperience both physically and emotionally are explored in such a way that fleshes out a gaming Icon in a very human way,with the Island a perfect counter point, at times deadly and threatening and other time beautiful and nurturing. For these two things alone this is a Must Buy.
    I feel and share the pain of those unhappy with QTE, and the lack of the joy of discovery and puzzle solving that made TR1 such a success. After the first 30 minutes you feel like screaming "I WANNA PLAY TOO!!!" as you are lead from one cut scene to another but bear with it. As you gain more skill and gear upgrades the game gets better and better and you will be rewarded with your patience.
    If you are looking for a new-gen upgrade of the Old Tomb Raider I fear you are going to be disappointed, but for old times sake I urge you to embrace the New Tomb Raider.
  64. Dec 26, 2013
    Buggy quick time events spoiled much of this game for me. I also didn't like the very dark atmosphere. Did anyone think it strange how many dead bodies there were lying about decomposing in massive piles in various locations? I mean how logical is it that there must have been tens of thousands of people killed and decomposing but how can this be? A remote desert island that an occasional ship or plane crashes into? I think the dead and decomposing bodies were put there to satisfy the blood lust of teenagers who might be enticed into the tomb raider franchise. Its a shame really because there was much I enjoyed about the game, I really felt invested in my Lara and her struggle to survive and keep her buddies safe. I enjoyed the exploration and I liked the combat. But I did find the immersion was broken by the bugged quick time events and the over use of dead and decomposing bodies. Expand
  65. Mar 6, 2013
    I really, really want to give this more that a 7 but can't quite bring myself to do it. The story, graphics and puzzles are excellent. For me there are 2 things that keep this off the 10 spot. Firstly. The quick-time events are awful, clumsy and extremely un-intuitive. I like the little ones if Lara slips while climbing but the major ones are just irritating.

    Secondly. The game tries
    not to be linear and encourage exploration but the map and navigation system needs improving and the objective view makes the puzzles a little too easy. It changes a puzzle from working out what to do. To working out how you are supposed to interact with the highlighted object.

    Good Game, worth getting but not the GOTY I was hoping for.

    - limited co-op options let it down aswel but I don't think that should effect the rating.
  66. Apr 24, 2013
    I just finished playing the game, and having played through every game up until the recent installments I was really hoping that this reboot deviated from the worn down pattern of the old games. While they had their charms, especially the first two games, the games were now beyond repetition and consistently suffered from the usualy clunky controls and poor camera angles ("leap of faith jumps" anyone).
    The reboot delivered!, and I found myself quite immersed in the game, especially near the end. The gameplay is one of the better ones i've played in a while, and the very few times i missed a jump was probably my own fault. Lara's movement looks natural as she gracefully navigates her surroundings. And the game had some pretty epic setpieces. Having a reasonable computer i was able to play this game on the maximum settings (though nvidia cards still suffer from the tessalation bug), and the visuals were simply stunning (especially compared to the console versions), though some color pallettes are a little questionable, especially the shantytown looked a little murky (i've got a E-IPS panel, it's not me). The TressFX feature is also a nice touch, though this is only a option if you’ve got a decent graphics card. (Make sure you update your drivers if you’ve got a Nvidia card). Bottomline, it should be said that allot of time went into these visuals, and the Eidos/Square Enix gets some kudo’s for that.
    Replayability is good, meaning i will definitely pick it up again after a while. Reason being that the game gives you the option to continue the game to hunt for the collectables after the end. So for the completionists, there is no immediate reason to replay the game again shortly after, you can just continue.
    Besides the story there is enough for you to do, though this ultimately comes down to mostly collectables. There are also allot of Secret Tombs for you to discover, though these seem a tad bit underdeveloped. Having been used to the huge dungeons in Skyrim, i found myself scratching my head when I was done in about 5 minutes sometimes. These had allot more potential as it was really exhilarating when you entered them with only your flaming torch, not knowing what was in there.
    The story is no shakespear, but it presents itself well enough for you to care long enough. The only real issue with the story is the somewhat predictable characters, that sometimes display slasher-movie type stupidity (“Let’s split up!”). I've also got to mention that i do not share the statements that there are huge plotholes, everything can be explained with some common sense, and most of it is also explained in the books/documents scattered arround the island. I think it all comes down how well you're able to immerse yourself. Also there are people mentioning the disconnection between Lara’s story and the gameplay. She seems to quickly go from defenseless girl to badass. It is explained she is not new to this, but just never put it into actual practice (traning with Roth). Though i do agree it is borderline believeable.
    Bottomline, I’m glad Eidos/Square decided to reboot this series. The series didn’t age well, and it was ultimately a gamble for the studios investing allot in this game. I think they did an excellent job and i feel i got my moneys worth. I’m also glad a forgotten icon of gaming history finaly has some of her shine back. I'm anxious to see where the serie goes from here.

    I really hope though, that they keep the emphasis on single player next installment. Who really needs a Tomb Raider multiplayer.. it felt tacked on.
  67. Apr 1, 2013
    As many others PlayStation positive I have expected the new TR to be a meh Uncharted clone. As it turns out this new Lara has a few tricks of her own and I can say I had more furn with the new Tomb Raider than I had with the Uncharted 3. It is basically the same shooting/climbing formula, but with a few twists: What I admire about the new TR the most is how it often isn't really linear at all. At several places you get this rather big area filled with collectibles to find, even the linear sections have their small share of detours and dead ends with some kind of reward to be found there. Lara occasionaly returns into some of those big locations with new gear that opens previously sealed paths, Zelda-style. Combat is where older Uncharted games come off better, but that does not mean firefights in TR are bad. Just a bit less polished. You won't really be able to stealth/bow your way through the enemy, but to some extent this is always a possibility and even in open firefight the bow is still quite handy against a smaller group of enemies. From all the bow-enhanced games that came out lately, TR seems to handle it the best. Graphics are pretty great, too bad that after all those patches and driver updates I still can't afford to run the tessaltion unless I'd fancy me some glitches and crashes now and then. It is really a shame for this is probably the first time I found it worth having tesselation turned on. On the bad side of things, characters aren't likeable at all, story might as well be nonexistent and the way devs torture Lara throughout the game is just plain sick. Regarding the "rape" scene how the can anyone see a rape attempt in that, unless they have a fetish for strangling or suffocation?! Leveling-up is a nice addition, same goes for weapon upgrading, though I'd wish for a bit more realistic approach to this. Puzzles are simple and short and I am perfectly fine with that. Overall great easy fun game hindered by lame characters and dull story. Expand
  68. Feb 1, 2014
    I nice-looking but inordinately shallow third-person adventure game / 'platformer' (*term used loosely). The platforming in the game is very disappointing, even if it weren't a TR game. The game suffers from the infamous modern day video gaming cancer known as "accessibility". Due to the shallow, hand held environment traversal, the game boils down to little more than linear progression through what's meant to be an open world environ, with ho hum shooting segments interspersed throughout. The fully automated cover system destroys any semblance of tension, as it enters cover whenever an enemy is in the vicinity; irrespective of whether they're within the player's view or not. The game is also hampered by overuse of the dreaded 'QTE's' and too many cut-scenes. The violence depicted in said cut-scenes is also way overkill for the TR franchise -- patently done in order to attract a broader [American] crowd. If you want to play Tomb Raider for what made it a fan favourite - platforming, puzzles and exploration - don't play this 'junk food' title. Stick to early Lara Croft adventures. For Tomb Raider 2013 is little more than one cut-scene followed by another linear TPS segment until the end credits. (NB: I did not play the online-only, arena-based mutiplayer component of the game due to the scathing reviews it received.) Expand
  69. Mar 7, 2013
    Simply put, the best adventure game in 10+ years. It's breathtaking on the PC. Beautiful, emotional, tense and filled with some of the best set pieces ever put into a game. In all seriousness, any of these reviewers that complain about the QTE's haven't gotten past the first 2 hours of the game. They can blah, blah, blah all they want, however, they have absolutely no idea of what their talking about because THEY HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME. If you're going to review it, FINISH IT. Anyway, just to put this out there, Daverid or whatever his name is, is a complete and utter moron on his review. Point blank. This is THE game to get for this generation. After completing the game, I've clocked in over 20 hours. Fantastic and utterly sensational. Love it. Kudos to Crystal D for this game. Expand
  70. Mar 10, 2013
    This game is easily a masterpiece. They very carefully created every single detail in it. You can see the love the developers handled the genre. The graphics are beautiful, the artworks you unlock are simply gorgeous, the animation is realistic and fluent. The theme is very dark and I guess it was a nice way to go though it maybe just my personal preference. I really can't think of anything negative literally. The gameplay is simple and fun. The story is enjoyable. Some people mentioned the characters are quite one dimensional and I quite agree, but then again the focus characters are well done (the transition of Lara is really well put together imo). I wanted to wait a little until it's price drops a little (because it isn't cheap), but I didn't regret buying it at all. The gaming scene could use more detailed and mature games like this. Expand
  71. Mar 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game, and on the plus side of things you have: The graphics, the aesthetics, the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere and the fact that the puzzle tombs are an option and not a requirement (though some puzzling and platforming is required for the story, ofcourse). Negatives: The amount of stuff you 'have' to pick up is insane and most of it makes no sense. Relics, mushrooms, gps cache's etc. All of this is just dumb, the only things actually worth picking up is the documents, because they add to the story and character development, other than that you just get an xp bonus.

    I would have liked to have the survival aspect of the game more thoroughly pronounced, I like that you have to salvage stuff to create your/upgrade your makeshift weapons, but they should have gone a bit further on that note if you ask me. Hopefully they will do that in the next game.
    I would have loved to see less QTE's aswell, or at least make them more apparent as to what you are supposed to do during the QTE, there was one where all it said was hit the button (not which one) when the circle blinks, and I have a keyboard, so there are lots of buttons to press. Anyway that would go down as a bug and something you can accept, since you will forget it later on.
    Also, stop with the achievement announcements and "model unlocked" stuff that happens almost constantly, it takes away from being completely gripped by the game. I would have been completely swallowed by it had these things not happened.
    A last negative is that the nVidia drivers for the game were horrible, which was both part crystal dynamics and nvidias fault, even if the game is "made for AMD" it makes no sense to have it so horribly optimized as it was for nvidia cards at launch. Crash to desktop, insane fps drops, weird gpu usage etc. This has all been fixed, but still, it should not have happened in the first place.

    My verdict is a 9/10, the issues I have listed are, for me, enough to drag it down a point, but no further... This is a masterpiece, and 2013 has shown to be a great year, so far, for gaming, if you ask me.
  72. Mar 7, 2013
    Its good and it might even be a contender for "all time best" Tomb Raider game. As far as the franchise is concerned, it gave it a much needed breath of fresh air. The combat is fluid, the movement and control of you're control quite simply miles ahead of anything that's been done before. Gone are the days of "Tomb Raider cookie cutter adventure" titles, but now perhaps a return to form and the first time a series reboot has actually meant something to newer players as well as old. Lara's upgrade system and the plot, though rather average, is still overshadowed by just about everything else it has to offer. Though linear in nature, it is a side of Lara Croft many thought we'd never get to see and those who are indeed so concerned about character changes might as well just admit: "They did a good job." Expand
  73. Apr 20, 2013
    This is how you reboot a game, it's really a 8 to 9 but I wanted to balance out all the idiots who gave it a 4 or less due to bad reasons. The quick time events are fine because it was the only way for me to actually feel surprised when I have to press something out of no where. None of them are even hard, you have like two different buttons to watch out for and sometimes you have to press left and right. If you get caught off guard, the death scenes are very well done. How can anybody say there's not enough exploration? You have the (keyword)choice of exploring an entire island and there's a ton of things to explore. I like the assassin creed like instinct thing, I guess some people enjoy mentally keeping track of where they are in the world but I prefer to not have to look at the map all the time. This does make the puzzles super easy though, I didn't google a single solution, they were all very straight forward and sometimes Laura will even blurt out a hint. The story definitely starts out pretty strong, but it gets pretty predictable towards the end. I was never sure if they were going to go with a scientific explanation or magic until about half way through. The game is a bit on the too easy side, the only time I died was from surprising quicktime events and the huge fire fights at the end. However, it's definitely fun, it's one of the few games in the recent years where I had to finish it. Expand
  74. Mar 6, 2013
    I find it hard to believe people are seriously complaining about QTE's in this game. There really aren't that many. I'm currently 49% through the game and I'm having a blast. I'd say about 8/10 fights I get into are just pure action shooting/brawling where the remaining two will have QTE's involved (So seriously it's not that much and they add a nice transition to standard beat em up)

    The graphics are very impressive on Lara's character model, so much that it actually makes the environment look not as outstanding. Same goes for the other characters as well, though it's not so crazily different it makes your jaw drop.

    The skills and weapon upgrades actually make an impact which is important to me, it's not one of those games that has a linear skill upgrade design (for instance you only have one skill to upgrade or you pick between two and that's it). The movement is perfect, throughout what I've played thus far, I never had an issue with controlling Lara around the environment, jumping from platforms etc. (Also I play with the Keyboard and Mouse, not a gamepad just for noting)

    The game isn't as "open-world" as I'd hoped it would've been. Like the other Tomb Raider games it still is somewhat linear, though they do have secret tombs you can raid to get unlockables and very nice experience for skills in.

    The combat is very fun and fluid. I say fluid in terms of being smooth (It's a word I've taken to when describing combat in games...) as in it doesn't feel clunky at all. Which was actually quite a relief to me as most games deliver on so many fronts then lack in the combat area where it just feels like a jumbling mess.

    The voice acting is great but there have been a few moments where it was somewhat embarrassing too. Not enough to make me not want to play the game though that's for sure!

    Old style Tomb Raider fans can also rejoice, they do still have puzzles in the side-tombs that you raid. Though using the survival instinct (Q) can really pave the way for you, so for an additional challenge I'd recommend resisting the use of it!

    All in all, I'm finding this game to be very exciting and fun. With the amount of hype and games that have been coming out lately that all turn to crap.. I'm very glad I didn't go wrong in pre-ordering this one! Also for an added note I'm on 7 hours of play time at 49% complete to maybe give you an idea of the length of the game. (I go off exploring every now and then but not extensively) Also for anyone curious about it's port to PC, it really feels like it was meant to be for the PC. Not saying console users got the raw end by any means though! Just stating something that must be said about all games from the console/pc-wide play-ability because the port to the PC can often be a nightmare without a controller!

    Thanks for reading! Hope my review helped in someway ^_^
  75. Mar 27, 2013
    I'm so glad this game turned out to be what it was. When I first heard that they were rebooting the Tomb Raider series again, I was quite disappointed as I thought they'd end up messing it up but they made it even better. The new direction this series has taken in this game has been brilliantly deployed, and I'm not even finished it yet!
  76. Jul 20, 2013
    What a fantastic game. To start this is one of the best looking games I've seen. The environments are gorgeous, detailed, and visual effects are incredible. From the fog in the forests to burning buildings and the rain and wind effects this game looks perfect. The direction of the game is incredible, with good camera angles, distance, screen shake and all that to really put you in the experience. This game uses a lot of things repeatedly...quick-time events, cut-scenes galore, and Lara gets tossed down a mountain every 5 never get boring (except for may some of the collecting challenges), it's always engaging, and often breathtaking to behold. This is a great origin story for Lara Croft and a truly fun game and cinematic experience. Expand
  77. Mar 19, 2013
    To be honest I'm surprised at how much I like this game. It probably helps that I went into it knowing that it would be a "Push X to win" type of game. I was expecting more of a movie and less of a game, and that's really what it is. Depending on what you're looking for, this can be a positive or a negative. In my case it was a positive. Thanks to the ridiculously good visuals, sound, and voice acting I was able to immerse myself into the story and enjoy the action-packed ride. The story itself isn't anything special, but it's good enough. Combat is fluid. QTEs aren't my preferred gameplay mechanic, but they're well done. Exploration is satisfying and rewarding, though I could have done with less hand-holding as far as discovering tombs and items is concerned. I don't feel compelled to 100% most games, but I feel like this is one where it would actually be fun to do. In short, if you're in the mood for a relatively short but satisfying game that feels like you're watching/participating in an action movie, Tomb Raider is a great choice. Expand
  78. May 8, 2013
    i've not played many of the past tomb raider games, i did play the very first one i think and there was a moment in that game, where the T-rex chases you that i still remember today. This new game has so many of those moments i've really just luved it all the way. The game really captures the emotions of being alone in a very dangerous place. Lara is scared and desperate changing to determined and resolute. the change is a journey that the player really connects with during the game.

    The game is quite linear, but you can revisit old spots to complete achievements. This really lets you take the game at your own pace. Some of the set scenes you just need to repeat until you figure the strat out, but luckily the game saves you to the very start of that set scene (so you don't need to repeat the lead up to the event).

    so basically,
    i luved the story
    luved the connection with the character
    luved the intensity and pace of the game
    --> get it!
    PS quite intense, graphic and violent not for kids.
  79. Apr 22, 2013
    One of the better story driven games I have played. I went into it not expecting much, but was instantly glued to my PC and couldn't stop until it was finished. Amazing graphics sound and story. Disappointed with Lara's development though, before you know it she will be mowing down waves of enemies, which doesn't fit her character at all. Definitely one of the best games so far this year, recommend it highly, even over Bioshock. Expand
  80. May 7, 2013
    One of, if not the best big title game I have played in the past two years. To start, the story, setting art quality and everything is absolutely astounding. The Pros: The graphics, The graphics are amazing and the game is well coded as the game run perfectly smooth under the right settings with 60+ FPS constantly. The sound effects and voice acting are really well done. I also loved the 3rd person shooting exspereince. The cover system, wall hugging, (Which work way better then most dedicated shooter games with this mechanic) including all the other animations really add to the obvious hard work that was put into this game. I mean, everything visually and the audio were all well done and really add to the immersion. The story is fantastic and I found myself looking in every corner to find all the artifacts to learn more. I also loved the slight RPG element of ranking up Lara's powers and tweaking out her weapons was a nice touch! I haven't had this much fun in a mostly single player game since Metro 2033 in 2010! I also loved how this game rewards exploring the island rather then other games that kinda steer you to powering through the level without any consideration for games details. Also unlike most games made these days that are so heavily flawed with bugs and glitches, this game had near to none and was extremely stable! During my 20 hours of game(Which is a lot of content and is totaly worth the price) I only have one game crash. I could go on and on, but to wrap this up; the reason this game did not get a 10 is as follow. Cons: What I did not like that was throughout the entire game was the abundance of ammo and the games overall difficulty. In a survival game I expected ammo to be scarce, particularly for fire arms. But, what I found was i was constantly full on ammo 90% of the time in the game. I found myself trying to waste ammo rather then hording it simple because there was so much laying around and on enemies. Also was the games difficulty, I started and played the game on HARD. The combat is pretty easy, unless you do something really stupid as run out in the open; you really can't die. The puzzles are really simple and easy to figure out, Tombs I expected were to be hard and dangerous mini-dungeons, but in reality each of the tombs were hardly deadly at all save maybe a few falls with no enemies guarding the treasures. So over all the game was actually pretty easy, also weapons are extremely accurate even at long ranges such as with the Bow or the Handgun. My last thing was the game did emphasize on exploration and you can explore A LOT of key land marks in the game, almost every prop was explorable, but at the same time you do have invisible walls. I was hoping for a more open world environment to explore rather then almost every level being set in some type of canyon, small basin, narrow passage or every environment where you constantly have walls on both sides or a bottomless canyon. Besides those things, this game is flawless and a must buy must play. You will not be disappointed! This game surely is fun and totally worth the price! Expand
  81. Jan 1, 2014
    Excellent game. I didn't find the characters and story as intriguing as other players did, but it still holds up very well. It follows a different formula than the old school Tomb Raider games, and in a good way. The controls are excellent and you'll never run out of action.

    The only negative thing I have to say about the game is the quicktime events. Some of them are done well, but a
    lot of them are very rushed and you may find yourself dying over and over until you get them right. Expand
  82. Mar 5, 2013
    Looks like GOTY just got sown up.. this is art.. this is movie and game become one. This is what we wanted and NEEDED after a lackluster and disappointing start to 2013. I love it. and cannot get enough. Awesome.
  83. Mar 5, 2013
    I am trying really hard to love this game as there is so much to love. The quicktime events need to go though. They are just so frustrating on PC and drag down the experience. Who on earth thought adding so many was a great idea? The game was strong enough to work without these elements and it seems to just be lazy programming that resulted in them. Leave them as an option if people want it that way but there should have been an option to skip as an instant death over and over again for not pressing a button on a controller or a key on a keyboard within a millisecond is pretty cheap.
    Visually this game is great and sound and exploration in parts is fun too but please no more quicktime events ever
  84. Mar 6, 2013
    Quite surprised how good this game to be turned out to be, easily one of the best action-adventure games in years. Very fluid gameplay, top line graphics and action filled engaging story. This is one of very few games where QTEs aren't too annoying and actually play a good part during action scenes. Gameplay is a good mix of stealth and firefights, the AI isn't too great but that is pretty common these days. Story is a great twist on typical Tomb Raider adventure, people who like the concept of the Lost show will love it. Expand
  85. Jul 12, 2014
    Not the Tomb Raider game that I was expecting, but since it was more a reboot than a revisiting of the original ideas, maybe turning this game into an Uncharted clone was a fair choice. It still has very good moments where the exploration of the levels is very well performed, but so many combats and annoying quick time events just ruin the rest of the experience. Apart from this, the plot is promising at the beginning, but it ends being a bad joke, so don't take this game too seriously. Expand
  86. Mar 5, 2013
    This game is just insanely good. I was thinking it was just a hype, like Far Cry 3, Skyrim (that I thought a little tedious), but no, this game is just the top 5 best games in this generations (PS3, Xbox360, PC), that soon the generation is over. Awesome graphics, awesome dinamic, and I think the best was the sound, that was marvelous. People that are giving yellow scores is the "Uncharted" fans. Altought I have to say I love Uncharted series, there's no match to Lara Croft and this games just raised the bars that Uncharted brought. They're just jealous. At some points I got goosebumps playing the game. Well, if you have any doubt, don't waste your time, play this game now. There's no way you can regret. Expand
  87. Jun 14, 2014
    The best tourism simulator ever made, and maybe one of the most giant hallway ever made in human's history.

    But not only: 25 hours of QTE, cinematics, collectible items, explosions, fights, fire camp, survival instincts, QTE, explosions, arrows, items to collect, QTE, fire camp, DLC, explosions, fights, QTE and uff.. rolling credits.
  88. Mar 6, 2013
    In this game you just get so involved with the gameplay, Lara, the entire story. Once you get hooked, you can't let go. The game has beautifully amazing cutscenes graphics to add to that. And the multiplayer, I was wondering how they would be able to put this in the game pull it off, now I know I tend to like it quite a bit actually. The only problem I find with multiplayer is not many people play it, either that or I just had a lot of trouble finding games other than team deathmatch the entire time. And another thing to know, I encountered a few bugs that really didn't bother me, but they were there once I got passed them I never didn't tend to think much of them afterwards. Anyways, bottom line is, you're missing out if you don't pick up this game. Expand
  89. Dec 27, 2013
    This is a good game but not a GREAT game. the reason being that you are lead by your nose though the whole adventure. You never have to do much thinking yourself as the puzzles are extremely basic and all ledges/climbable walls stick out like a sore thumb pulling you out of the game. Bright white rope that you can attach to, bright white ledges just bring home that you are in a GAME not a 'world'. It feels a lot like Darksiders actually.

    My last point is there really isn't much tomb raiding going on here. The tombs are all single room puzzles and are generally quite basic. A real pity that developers can't throw some more difficult stuff into the optional tombs.

    Luckily the plot and desire to see what happens should get you through the game. The beginning and end are very good. its just the middle that suffers from "you are an idiot and we don't trust you to play the game yourself" syndrome.
  90. Dec 8, 2013
    First off, I know this game is designed to be played on the console, but I decided to get Tomb Raider on the PC just to check out the awesome graphics. And so it's true, the graphics in this game is absolutely AMAZING!! It's so demanding that I can't believe I had to scale back the shadow quality to 'normal' and use fxaa even when running it with my AMD HD7990. That aside, we all know a game is not just about the graphics. So how does Tomb Raider play out in its gameplay aspect? Well, its actually what you would expect: a very linear and highly scripted gameplay that lacks overall creativity and innovation. It's simply jumping, climbing, laughable combat mechanic, quick time events, and if you're too lazy to figure out where to go, just hit 'q' and it'll show you what to do. It's rinse and repeat. Combined with a lacklustre storyline featuring a younger, less hot and not so badass Lara Croft, this game will easily make you bored of it after the first two hours. Sorry Lara, you know I put up with you for so long, but this is it I think I just fell out of love. It's 5 out of 10.!! Expand
  91. Mar 22, 2013
    Great game if you like the original series on the console, this one just makes the franchise better. The new Lara Croft is awesome she's more like a real person and less like a cartoon. The voice acting and the graphics are very well done. The story is immersive and compelling. So many titles for the Xbox are just rehashing the same old stuff, but that's not the case with Tomb Raider.
  92. Sep 5, 2013
    The graphics, environments, and weather effects are beautiful. Everything about this game is high quality and consisting of high production values. Its only flaws are the excessive amounts of quick time events and the overusage of cutscenes to tell a surprisingly good story. There are also many extras to collect.
  93. Dec 1, 2013
    Violence and gore pays off. Crystal Dynamics seem to have learned that because Tomb Raider used to be a game that could be played by everyone, especially children. With the insane amount of blood, point blank execution finishers and explicit depictions of Lara's body parts being pierced and cut off by various environmental hazards this game is the first Tomb Raider that clearly deserves a "Mature" (18+) ESRB rating. Even with the acknowledgment that the game's sole purpose is to explain Lara's transformation from an innocent, young and inexperienced girl to someone who could actually pull a trigger on another human being there is no justification for turning her into a blood-thirsty killing machine. So, what should we expect in the game's sequel? Tactical nuclear strikes and kill streaks?

    That being said Tomb Raider is a rather enjoyable game. The environments are simply amazing especially on higher graphics settings which have a tendency of making the player stop for a moment and simply enjoy the view. Its clearly visible that game designers spent a lot of time polishing small details which add up to the immersion factor. The audio component is sadly a mixed bag. While some of the voice actors did a really god job the extremely forced accent of Lara Croft (played by Camilla Luddington) is simply annoying. Compared to Judith Gibbins and Keeley Hawes, which voice-acted Croft before, Luddington simply sounds forced and unnatural. The soundtrack also leaves much to desire because compared to, lets say, masterpieces from the "Underworld" OST like "Thor's Room" or themes played during Thailand levels the new Tomb Raider soundtrack sounds simply bland and uninspiring clearly trying only to promote the new main theme. Controls feel okay but there are times when they are clearly too vivid and unpredictable resulting in a lot of unintentional deaths. Combined with the fact that Lara now does a lot of things by herself like crouching (there is no dedicated control for crouch) and reducing her speed when traversing stuff like narrow passages and tombs (there is no dedicated control for sprint)... Well it can be pretty annoying to say the least.

    Now we come to the most problematic stuff about the game cinematics and QTE (quick time events). This game is choke full of both! There can hardly pass more than a minute or two in the game without being forced to watch a cinematic or bash the controls like crazy to finish a QTE. At one time I even managed to count FOUR successive cinematics which followed each other! QTEs are a tale for themselves. It really boggles my mind how could anyone ever come to the conclusion that they would be a good way of immersing players into the gameplay. Having a ton of split-second QTEs is probably not a problem on consoles where every button has a specific color so its easier to follow them but when you get less than a second to read stuff like "Press RMOUSE LMOUSE repeatedly" on a PC then that's a real problem.

    There is also something to be said about the very anti-climatic ending but venturing onto that ground would probably mean divulging a lot of spoilers so I'll just leave it be. Tomb Raider is a very good game which could have been a lot better if some of the mainstream gaming elements were left out. I just hope that for the inevitable sequel developers decide to tone down those elements and simply get more in touch with the spirit of the previous games by expanding on adventure and exploring. From me personally Tomb Raider gets an 8/10 with a note of letting a lot of things simply slide.
  94. Mar 5, 2013
    It could be any other game..besides Tomb Raider. Its very easy and its more of a movie you interact with than a game. Its about 70% Quick Time Events as far as I can see..which are very buggy to say the least. I have to keep restarting the client as they just don't work..and after googling it seems to be a common problem. For anyone who's a fan of the older Tomb Raider games like myself..don't get too excited. Its still enjoyable...just not as a Tomb Raider game. Its not even Lara..they messed with the character too much. Expand
  95. Mar 7, 2013
    I was VERY happy seeing all these grrreat scores and terrrrific reviews around the www and I was starting to believe in TR being reborn, You know. I gave the game like 8 hrs now. it's just fair. m e d i o c r e. yes- this is sad. i'm not freaking out. i am just an idiot, I actually bought this game, because it is sooooo dumb. PROS: .great CGI .Lara is nice .great SOUND .cool weapon feel CONS: .FAR CRY3 resemblance .QUICK TIME EVENTS! .not so cool story .MORE LIKE A SHOOTERslasher then the LARA CROFTish tombRAIDING .QTE QTE QTE! NO SANBOXING Expand
  96. Apr 21, 2013
    I came here to give Tomb Raider 2013 a score of 10. I've done this. Tomb Raider has great voice acting, great graphics, great environments, great story, great characters, great multiplayer. great gameplay. I've been playing games all my life. I know games. Trust me. Buy this. You will not regret it.
  97. Mar 29, 2013
    The game is great, but the story doesnt make sense when we speak of Lara as a girl. Just now she was crying about being weak and then she shoots 100+ enemies doing headshots. Graphically its great. Mechanics is great but the plot is dumb.
  98. Jan 8, 2014
    Square Enix's rebranding of yet another Eidos franchise uses the same design philosophy as Hitman Absolution. The focus is almost entirely on producing a very high quality title, regardless of innovation or sophistication in level design. The game engine is incredible, offering not only amazing graphics, draw distances and of course, hair, but also realistic destruction, superb controls and realistic AI. Tomb Raider showcases some of the best practices in game programming and doesn't make any mistakes in this department. From intuitive controls to excellent combat mechanics, including an automated cover system. Although you have to always aim first before firing, the shooter sections are genuinely intense and provide a challenge on the Hard difficulty setting. The platforming mechanics and movement animations are meticulous and fluent. The instincts button is very helpful for identifying objects of significance and hints on what to do and where to go so as to minimise frustration. The checkpoint system is perfect, the ability to fast travel will make for some more enticing replay value and best of all, you are rewarded for exploring. Tomb Raider is an extremely linear game, and everything is scripted with a few (not annoying) QTEs and predictable movie-style cliché cutscenes. However, despite the almost automated progression, Tomb Raider will reward those that take the time to explore the extremely detailed environments and optional tombs with both direct gameplay benefits as well as some more backstory. The upgrade system is simple but not tacked on. You don't NEED to buy anything, and the whole game is very simple unlike most RPGs. There aren't a billion different skills and currency types and meters. Whilst this is preferable for non-RPG players like myself, it does lack depth and it would be nice if there was more player involvement and an opportunity to use the weapons. After all, it is a survival game so it should at least depict this in gameplay. The story and character development is OK but could be a lot better. The multiplayer has an interesting game mode with "Cry for Help", and the progression, weapon balancing, perks etc. are well balanced (minus shotguns, which are underpowered), but the quality is not comparable with that of the single player, with a few bugs and laggy matches aplenty. Overall, Tomb Raider is a true adventure game which tries to appeal to the casual audience. It is the kind of game you recommend to a non-gamer and the emotionally sensitive. Although Tomb Raider is a shining example of game quality and practices regarding collectibles, mechanics etc. and has mainstream appeal, hardcore gamers will find more enjoyment in other titles with greater depth and more gameplay-orientated, player-driven approach such as Far Cry 3. If you're looking for a modern adventure game though, Tomb Raider is by far the most polished and appealing even to those that don't like the genre. Expand
  99. oso
    Mar 24, 2013
    Excellent game, had about 13 hours of gameplay to finish it. What i especially like is the gamedesign. It looks way more mature compared to previous TR titles. It is also a perfect example of how to do a console portation the right way. Graphics are really good, gameplay perfectly adopted to mouse&keyboard and i have encountered absolutely no bugs at all.
    What i would like to see in near
    future is some free downloadable content. Atm there is just nothing to do after finishing the game. Didnt try the multiplayer so far. Expand
  100. Mar 8, 2013
    In summary... GET THIS GAME.

    I rarely find a game that will want me coming back for more. This game not only made me eager to get back to playing it, but I'm also eager to play through it again! After playing only one tomb raider game I hadn't had a high impression of the tomb raider franchise and the only reason I looked into getting this game is the extreme positive feedback from some
    reviews. The graphics are amazing, some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The detail put into Lara, the characters and the scenery is outstanding (I can't think of a word to praise it enough). The story is very original; I think they did the right thing by starting a reboot with a novice Lara and building up her character and personality through the emotional story. I liked the combat and controls, it is kept simple and fits in with her character (for example, instead of blocking she dodges attacks). The QTE felt simple but were extremely intense as most situation escalated quickly as our poor Lara was thrown around or falling once again. There are only minor things that this game could have improved on; the enemy AI felt like it was just a wave after wave of mindless drones and QTE were sometimes so well implemented I didn't know whether I was to watch an action scene or start moving Lara. Overall this game is brilliant and a very successful reboot. I expect another game to come after this one (I would be very disappointed if they didn't). Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    The new incarnation of the iconic Lara Craft might very well be one of the best games out there right now. [April 2013]
  2. Mar 30, 2013
    Everything you could want from an archeological adventure, except having to press six keys to mantle. [Apr 2013, p.80]
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    While not every promising idea Tomb Raider has is pulled off successfully, it nevertheless turns in a tense and memorable ride that combines modern game design with its forebears’ adventurous spirit in some exciting ways. Some of its missteps may well come at the cost of your enjoyment, but most can’t hope to hurt the adventure in the long run. Although it never fully finds its identity, this is a game and a story worth seeing through.