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  1. 93
    Note: this experience is for trigger happy, technique twitch gamers. If "Baldur's Gate II" makes you feel a little bit stressed by its pacing, then Tony Hawk 2 will give you a serious migraine, and possibly dry mouth.
  2. It may not be the best-looking PC game available, but Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 has a solid look and a level of replay value that's unmatched by any game of its type.
  3. Near perfect. Only small flaws and nuisances take away from the game. The high flying no holds barred action is more than enough to make up for any problems the game might have.
  4. 89
    As a PC port however, it's somewhat disturbing that these issues weren't resolved. It all comes down to the apparent laziness in fixing the shortcomings of the PSX version.
  5. 100
    With a ton of tricks, parks, and game modes, and the included park editor, THPS2 provides a great gaming experience with tons of replay value.
  6. Offers amazing gameplay with no serious flaws and that makes it one of the best games of the year.
  7. Great for anyone with good reflexes and an appreciation for air-sailing stunts. [Jan 2001, p.167]
  8. There are intermittent slow-downs and brief stoppages during play, particularly during aerial acrobatics. The game seems to prefer Voodoo cards over the NVIDIA line, so you may have better luck if your machine is equipped with Voodoo magic.
  9. With so many different ways to play, tons of secrets to uncover, great graphics, a rocking soundtrack, and the ability to create your own skater and skate park, THPS2 is a high water mark for all 3D accelerated titles.
  10. If you have even a remote interest in skateboarding, get this game.
  11. One of the most rewarding and downright fun games on the PC. It's gripping, addictive and quick. What more could you ask?
  12. Music and sound effects are great.
  13. A much bigger oversight is the removal of the PlayStation’s split-screen multiplay in favor of a LAN-based multiplayer mode.
  14. After a few hours of Pro Skater 2, you might even be tempted to check out deck prices at your local sports shop.
  15. 100
    It doesn't take a skateboarding fan to be a Tony Hawk fan -- this is just a fun game that PC gamers won't want to miss.
  16. The levels are great, the tricks are great, but the implementation is just awful.
  17. Its addictive style, replay value, and enormous appeal to all levels of gamer make it one of the first PC classics of the new millenium.
  18. While THPS is one of the finest games ever made, THPS2 is so much better that it makes the first seem almost unplayable.
  19. But for sheer fun, there are a few games that can compete with Tony Hawk 2's excellent mix of tricks, bails and hidden swag.
  20. The best skateboarding experience going on the PC -- and given the improved graphics, it is arguably the best version of the game out there.
  21. If it weren't for my fear of pain, this game would make me pick up a board again.
  22. If you've got one of the consoles this game appeared on, I'd recommend playing the console version instead. This game is just more at home there.
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