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Summary: The designers have made a great game by creating an experience that is entertaining and challenging.
Rating: T
Developer: Burst Studios
Genre(s): General
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Comic Mischief, Mild Animated Violence
Cast Credit
Dean Macdonald Animator
Aubrey Ankrum Animator
Joey Kuras Original Music
Joey Kuras Original Music
Joey Kuras Original Music
Keith Arem Animation Music And Sound Design
David Fries Audio Department Coordinator
David Fries Dialog Editing And Processing
Steve Ganem Flick Processing
Mical Pedriana Dialog Editing And Processing
Jennifer Terry Additional Video Composites
Quinno Martin Additional 3d Art
Richard Hare Lead Designer
Richard Hare Screenplay
Richard Hare Screenplay
Richard Hare Screenplay
Richard Hare Screenplay
Jennifer McWilliams Designer
Jennifer McWilliams Screenplay
Gary Priest Lead Programmer
Gary Priest Technical Production
Doug Hare Lead Programmer
Doug Hare Technical Production
Michael Gater Programmer
Kevin Olson Programmer
Bil Skirvin Art Director
Bil Skirvin Background Layouts And Color Models
Bil Skirvin Background Layouts And Color Models
John Piampiano Background Animator
John Piampiano Storyboard
John Piampiano Storyboard
John Piampiano Storyboard
John Piampiano Storyboard
Ron Allen Producer
Dana Hanna Producer
David Bishop Executive Producer
David Bishop Original Idea
Bob Smith Animation Director
Marc Curtis Camera Operator
Tommy Rolfs Tools And Technology
John Williamson Key Animator
Sebastian Hyde Animator
Martin McDonald Additional 3d Art
Mark Soderwall Background Animator
Mike Michaels Tools And Technology
Doug Cope Additional 3d Art
Tomoko Sasaki Computer Painter
Jaqueline Corley Character Animation
Max Chapman Additional 3d Art
Christopher Lloyd Voice - Drew Blanc
April Winchell Dialog Director
April Winchell Voice: Ms. Fit / Polly / 'Punisher' Polly / Dr. Payne's Receptio
April Winchell Voice: Ms. Fit / Polly / 'Punisher' Polly / Dr. Payne's Receptio
David Ogden Stiers Voice - King Hugh
Dan Castellaneta Voice - Flux Wildly
Ben Stein Voice: Sam Schmaltz
Gary McCarver Character Animation
Shelly Goldstein Additional Writing
Sib Ventress Additional Writing
Perry Zombolas Animation Supervision
Perry Zombolas Storyboard
Perry Zombolas Storyboard
Tim Curry Voice - Count Nefarious
Mark Drop Screenplay
Dom DeLuise Voice - Fingers
Peter Herrmann Animator
David Soren Key Animator
Jeff Gordon 3rd Assistant Director
Jamie Whitney Key Animator
Parker A. Davis Design Consulting
Lou Chagaris 1st Assistant Director
Lou Chagaris Video Editing
Em Stock Design Assistant
Juan M. Alvarado Programmer
Paul Duncanson Programmer
Kevin Aguilar Programmer
Steve Heimstra Tools And Technology
Jeanne Brinker Additional Video Composites
Laura Janczewski Background Animator
Laura Janczewski Character Animation
Molly Talbot 3d Art
Susan Mazer Storyboard
Allan Gibson Storyboard
Ray Huerta Character Animation
Ray Huerta Clean-Up
Jennifer McChristian Clean-Up
Bev Chapman Clean-Up
Mila Kelly Clean-Up
Mila Kelly Scanning And Coloring - Flux
Mark Walat Scanning And Coloring - Flux
Susan Haight Scanning And Coloring - Flux
Betsey Grey Masking
Joel Paley Additional Direction
Giles Ashford 2nd Assistant Director
Gregory Kendrick Lighting Director
Charla Miller Make Up And Hair
Craig Dorsey Set Designer
Renee Davenport Costume Designer
Robb Hart Special Effects Supervisor
Robb Hart Video Editing
Rich Hare Dialog Director
Shane Doyle Animation Director
Dale Cox Color Designer
Tony Tulipano Key Animator
Stuart Shankly Key Animator
Mitch Rose Key Animator
Ian Mah Key Animator
Grant Lounsbury Key Animator
Karen Lessman Key Animator
Bill Giggie Key Animator
Stephen Baker Key Animator
Enzo Avolio Key Animator
Jeff Astolfo Key Animator
Lee Cadieux Key Animator
Heather Doyle Key Animator
Ronald Kilbride Key Animator
Paul Mota Key Animator
Andrew Murphey-Mee Key Animator
Mel Vavaroutsos Key Animator
Andrew Adolphus Computer Painter
Andrew Baggley Computer Painter
Jen Hopewell Computer Painter
Bozena Klichta Computer Painter
Remi Klichta Computer Painter
Eugene Martinez Computer Painter
Nassrin Monem Computer Painter
Alaric Nurm Computer Painter
Jyun Oki Computer Painter
Rebecca Orr Computer Painter
Gordanna Penfound Computer Painter
Madis Saks Computer Painter
Ronnie Shum Computer Painter
Sean Whitehead Computer Painter
Dylan Wickware Computer Painter
Zaldy Zuno Animator
Richomond Zuno Animator
Yang Young Don Animator
Seung Geon Kim Animator
Hyun Seok Kim Animator
Hyo Sun Hwang Animator
Rodolfo Badiola Animator
Jojo Badiola Animator
Kate Aragon Animator
Richard Fong Animator
Katie O'Shea Animator
Svea Seredin Animator
Yu Fen Shen Animator
Jane Sommerhauser Animator
Sheltine Vandermey Animator
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