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  • Summary: Total Pro Basketball puts you in charge of a professional basketball team. As general manager, it's up to you to lead your franchise to greatness over multiple seasons. Powered by a fast and accurate game simulation engine, Total Pro Basketball challenges you both on the court and in the board room, where you are responsible for drafting the next franchise superstar, negotiating that key free agent deal, making sure you're staying in the black on the balance sheet and, oh yeah, winning some basketball games! Whether watching the results from a distance or getting down on the floor, coaching your team to victory in Total Pro Basketball is a fun and immersive game experience. [.400 Software Studios] Expand
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  1. I love the draft idea and the impact that a GM can have on the finances of the team. However, the unrealistic simulated stats are a huge roadblock right now, but all that repairing that requires is some tweaking by the programming team.
  2. Interface is everything in a large-scale simulation and TPB2003 provides pretty good access. It’s not entirely intuitive, but it is sufficient and somewhat streamlined.
  3. A professional product from the ground up, boasting a solid interface and a wide breadth of duties to keep virtual general managers busy from opening tip-off to summertime free agency.
  4. Well below average when compared to other all-text sports games. The interface is too multilateral, while there is a feeling that you have little impact on the simulated games.
  5. The other major drawback is the absence of specific plays that you could call in a given situation during a game. That said, Total Pro Basketball is a very solid offering, and, most importantly, fun to play.
  6. It believably simulates the pro game, and for a text game, that's the most important thing. [June 2004, p.81]
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