• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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  1. Sep 7, 2013
    Just started to play this game this morning and the first thing that came to mind was the graphics. I thought they must have been on low but no, they were set to very high and they looked terrible. Path finding is grim. AI is poor and the optimisation is rubbish. As a software developer it's hardly surprising such a bodge-it-and-scarper job was even released as this seems to be a trend in the dev world. Hopefully this game will be patched and the devs will listen to the fans complaints.

    All in all a massive disappointment, I don't often pre order games and this is the final straw. Back to playing a finished game like Tomb Raider until patch number 15.
  2. tux
    Sep 7, 2013
    worst game in the Total War series. nothing alive and warm remains of the first part. wacky icons, no clips, unrealistic morality, bad management, and more more
  3. Sep 7, 2013
    There are too many problems right now for this game to be considered playable.
    - The AI is absolutely terrible, every battle they simply bunch up together in the middle of your army. The siege AI is broken entirely and they often don't even move.
    - Naval battles are terrible. Ships become unresponsive and ignore orders, the boarding/ramming mechanism is bugged and often decides to do the
    wrong thing.
    - Ships become stuck and continue to attempt to row forward (they cannot row backwards), units become stuck walking into trees.
    - Capture points in the middle of field battles eliminate a lot of tactics and make it impossible to win with an inferior force.
    - Game is so badly optimized it makes me wonder if they even tested it on more than one computer, nVidia have even stated that they can do little with a new driver release and that the problems come from the terrible optimization.
    - Removal of the family tree it's not the end of the world but it is missed by a lot of people and it makes me wonder why they bothered to take it out? It means I have no attachment to my generals and means I don't care when they die.
    - Politics system is a complete waste of time, no one I know who plays the game even bothers to check the politics screen.
    - End turn time is abysmal and on a coop campaign it is much worse and has stopped all my friends from playing them.
    - Unit cards are terrible and the building cards are even worse what is wrong with a simple picture of the unit, like in every other total war game?
    - The UI is terrible and needs some serious work.

    If all they had done was take the first Rome and improve the graphics it would have been far better than what we have in Rome II. There are some good things about the game but they are overshadowed by everything that is wrong. It's possible that patches could save this game but it will be months and even then there is so much to be fixed I think it is doubtful.
  4. Sep 7, 2013
    It is simple, I pay full price for the game, the game crash everyturn and is not playable at all. A game that is not playable worth nothing 0 Whoever lucky enough to be able to play the game without crash, well lucky you, please rate it base on your own gaming experience. But in my case, my gaming experience is 0. I would forgive them if they release this as a Beta, I would forgive them if my machine/system do not fit their spec, I would forgive them if those bugs is isolated and only happens to me. But no, the game is not ready and clearly they have not properly tested it before release. This is bad management and CA is trashing their name. Expand
  5. Sep 7, 2013
    A sad day for all TW fans. CA had rough releases before, but this tops it all. Their questionable design decisions threaten the very core that was TW.
  6. Sep 7, 2013
    I don't normally submit reviews on games, however after awaiting this longly anticipated sequel to be released, I can't help but vent my frustration & disapointment to others. Rome 1 was surely one of CA's most fondly admired titles in the Total War series, therefore it was vital that more than ever CA stepped up & delivered a 2nd that we all craved for. Rome 2 however fails do to this, poor graphic performance & constant bugs equals a frustrating experience when you were promised (and expected) far far better. Shogun 2 is more than this ever will be & sadly the Total War series is in demise, like so many others.
    Typical Cash & Grab im afraid!
  7. Sep 7, 2013
    Rome 2 is an ok game, but does it make a worthy successor to the original Rome? No.

    The original Rome was the most innovative total war yet, and Rome 2 was supposed to live up to that. But when it comes to the end, it turned out to be one facepalm after another. As repetitive as it sounds, this game desperately needs a huge patch. They released the first patch, but for me personally,
    it did more harm than good, as it degraded performance.

    Issues that need addressing
    -A.I. (Both battle map and campaign) A.I. in campaign would attack a 15+stack army with a single unit. A.I. isn't as intelligent as I would have liked it to be.
    -U.I. is not the greatest it's a lot of menu then submenus.
    -Graphics need a huge overall (bad textures, horrendous faces, etc.)
    -Battle speed NEEDS to be slowed down. All my battles have been under 10 minutes (Usually averaging 6 minutes.) 2 of those minutes are spent walking to the battle, 3-4 mins for the entire battle.)
    -Naval battles are buggy!
    -Capture points make no logical sense in game. (needs to be removed)
    -A lot of features from the original rome have been removed. (assassination videos, family trees, unable to toggle use of pila on roman units)
    -Campaign end turn times are LONG

    Overall, they released the game way too early. The game is 60-70% done in terms of content, and 30% done in terms of testing. What really grinds my gears is that before release, a lot of the community at TWC were addressing 60-70% of the current gameplay issues. Also, it would have been smart to release a beta to a variety of people with different systems, to have had a stronger release.
  8. Sep 7, 2013
    Wow, I can't believe I preordered this...
    This game fails on so many counts. The 5 year engine is poorly optimized and graphics look terrible. The basic TW gameplay is dumbed down for casual audience. UI looks bad and very confusing. Disappointment.
  9. Sep 7, 2013
    I could not even play thru the first campaign before feeling like I wasted my money. I have 2X 680 and SLI is not supported. The game really needs to be optimized. That aside my biggest gripe is that if you fail any part of the campaign you have to start all over. What a pain. Also the UI is NOT intuitive.
  10. Sep 9, 2013
    First off, I am a HUGE fan of the Total War franchise. The first Rome was my overall favorite game for several years when it came out. I cannot say the same for Rome 2.

    Game is huge failure. I can't really think of anything good about this game, so I'll focus on the bad. Features that existed in previous games are gone. They removed family tree and made city management very simply.
    Units now have ridiculous magical abilities. Map look huge but empty. Graphics way to cartonish. UI is awful.

    I am very disappointed.
  11. Sep 9, 2013
    Worst Total War release yet. How can you possibly give this a 81/100? The AI is completely retarded. Optimization is horrible. The only good things that have improved over previous Total War games in the combined naval and land battles, and even that is wrecked by the glitches that happen.
  12. Sep 9, 2013
    I'm pretty sure this game is unplayable, I don't understand how the critic reviews are so high, are they getting bribed or something??
    the game should be a pre-alpha.
  13. Sep 10, 2013
    AI is for me an absolute showstopper.

    There is NO challenge for me in Mid/Lategame. AI is not able to handle the game.

    Rome 2 official Reviewers should take more time testing a game. They should test not just the early steps because when the game go on the problems start poping up all over.
  14. Sep 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Quote:"Rome II is a testament to all that is great about PC gaming and should be a must buy for all its followers"

    Thoughts:" NO THAT IS A FREAKIN LIE!!!"

    I just cant understand what this game has done to all my hopes and expectations maybe it was hyped too much but still Rome 2 goes back 2 steps in the franchise where Shogun was 2 steps ahead.

    I cannot believe the professional review score ..still it might be a good/ok game it DOES NOT deserve a
  15. Sep 10, 2013
    As a Total War veteran i urge those who haven't buy this game to wait, maybe a month, or 6 months, or a year, or better until they announce release of a new Total War game, so then you can buy Rome 2 on sale, otherwise you will be just wasting your money.

    Maybe next Total War game will be much, much, much better, provided that Creative Assembly survives this disaster.

    Shameful display CA
  16. Sep 10, 2013
    It's quite funny how CA games are more bugged with every new release, while modders get less and less opportunity to make these alphas playable. Hilarious.

    But no problem people will still buy pre-orders, otherwise they will be given more castrated product, aka "buy it now or we don't give you 3 factions, LUDICROUS.
  17. Sep 10, 2013
    The core concept of the game is there but too many optimization and bug issues sit high above this game...in fact they are crushing Rome2 it deserves a poor rateing..the AI seems like its been programmed by a rabbit too many promises never delivered...if you havn't figured out yet what is wrong with this game then your not much of a fan...Hopefully with patches this game may rise but i have my doubts maybe a DLC adding some new stuff with some fixes may change its value...they have a lot of work in front of them..lets hope they are up to it. Expand
  18. Sep 10, 2013
    3/10 By far the weakest Total War game we have been delivered. - Graphics are jerky and buggy and at the same time the game performs much worse than Shogun II - Dumbed down UI (no more graphs, much less information etc.) - Victory Points in land battles (seriously, just WTF?!?!?!) those were by far the MOST idiotic battles I've ever been playing in a TW game - The lack of units. Haven't been counting them exactly, but from what i remember Rome II has far less units than Rome I.(Oh right, i forgot.....CA still needs to make more money and will sell us some fancy, over-priced dlc-units)
    - I've been playing the game for like 50 hours now and even on legendary difficulty battles are ridiculously easy, due to a very crappy AI that isn't able to build armies consisting of anything else but 20% levies and 80% skirmishers
    - When you play as a minor faction (like barbarians), so-called "major-factions" like Rome are being overrun by celtic tribes within the first 100 turns. So the expected "big war" against rome won't happen for me in my legendary arverni-campaign, which kind of spoils the complete campaign and i'm already bored to death with it, because there is absolutely no challenge.
    - Even on Legendary battles are extremely short lived. Pretty much everything's decided after one big clash. Due to this fact battles become very chaotic, too. There is no battle-line, no flanks, no order, nothing... There is no need to keep reserves in a battle for example. Just throw in everything you have at once and you'll win, because the enemy ranks immidiatelly start to crumble within a few SECONDS. Yes, whole enemy armies will route within only a few seconds into battle, because they haven't learned how to defend themselves and keep on dying like flies.
    - 1 Year turns: Add to the dumbing down of the game. You can only attack in one season, which is apparently winter. So you can't avoid attrition by summer campaigning. DERP
    Oh....I still could add dozens of points about this game, that I don't like at all.
    To me this is NOT Rome II: Total War. This is Beta II: Total Fail.
    All my hopes lie in Europa Barbarorum II, which will hopefully be coming soon for Medieval II (which in my opinion is the best TW game in the Series.)
  19. Sep 11, 2013
    Totally horrible stupid A.I and graphics buy even with my high end PC and flag points on the battlefield totally ruined it .Horrible campaign matches that serge battle depend on a stupid flag point
  20. Sep 12, 2013
    No No No No NO! The game performs poorly on a 780 GTX, the AI is completely stupid. The release looks nothing like the Marketing screen shots and movies. CA were clearly on drugs when they sat down and made the developer vids.

    Most infuriating of all, I paid for an unfinished, rushed, unpolished game. What the hell are the industry reviewers talking about as well! 80!!! more like 40
    my friends. If you have read this than read the user reviews, not the industry ones as they have clearly not played the game at all! Expand
  21. Sep 12, 2013
    the only good thing about this Total War game is the campaing map size and the number of factions. Rest of the game has taken major steps back. No more family tree, AI is horrible on all aspects, open field battles have capture points, navy has lost it's meaning and moving armies is way too easy, cities are dumbed down and they no longer feel like cities, most battles are silly "city-battles" (not sieges really), politics they promised are the most offensive slap into the fans' faces, units are now dumbed down so bad that no unit feels special, battles take less than 5 mins and have lost all epic feeling, diplomacy is meaningless, all provinces feel even more the same than before, agents and generals die too fast and you have no connection with any of them... I could go on with this but I think you get the idea.

    This game is made for the dumb casual players who play the game for 50 hours and then move to the next game. There's no more any dept in this game, no epic feeling and it's so mainstreamed that I almost feel anger towards the devs who made this pile of crap. But then again all companies have their serious flops and this is one of them. Now their only hope is marketing to get this game sold, not the actual game.
  22. Sep 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. HUGE bugs that can be fixed with patches but some key features like the random capture point on the battlefield or the stupid long wait in coop campaign make it barely enjoyable. As someone who played all the total war games and has spent about 2000 hours playing these games i fell like this game is the worst of them.

    I cant even enjoy the battles because of the brain dead AI and the steamroll strategy which consist in making all your units charge and winning instantly even at legendary difficulty because there is no unit collision and they all stack and attack at the same time.

    The diplomacy is broken right now because the AI will never take into consideration your military power when negotiating with you for some reason. The navy is useless cause you don't need it cause your armies can fight in the water like if it was a fleet and 80% of the battles are siege battles WHEN THEY SAID IT WAS A WEAK POINT IN SHOGUN AND THEY WERE GOING TO CORRECT IT FOR R2TW. Seriously i don't know what kind of illegal substances they took when they made the game.
  23. Sep 13, 2013
    Disappointing. Paid full price for a Beta. They saw record pre-orders. Can be sure I won't be one of those next time. Every promise that was made pre-launch was a lie. That just about sums it up.
  24. Sep 13, 2013
    Dont buy this, it´s a alpha. The game it´s broken, the AI it´s broken, the fps sucks. Im a fan of the Total War saga and this game its just Total Crap. CA you broke my heart.
  25. Sep 13, 2013
    Awful, CA lied about so much that they were implementing, iv played every total war and this one just doesn't have any feeling in it, its been totally streamlined and it doesn't play any different playing as rome, or carthage etc as they all have massively similar units, no unique events or intro movie and even though there are so many factions they all have the same units!!! I don't care if theirs say 30 different greek factions if they all have almost identical troops and don't act or strategise differently! and lets face it the ai doesn't strategise AT ALL, im into the late game as carthage, HOPING the game would improve as it has gone on but honestly it just doesn't, no particular part of this game is fun, I waited along time to play this game as so many did. All those CA videos are lies, like the Macedonian skirmish one: showing how 'good' the new ai was! its obvious now that it was a person playing as the romans in the video because there Is no chance that is the ai!!! Also I feel its sick that the critics reviews are so wrong, there is clearly something wrong when most critics are saying this game is amazing etc when clearly... CLEARLY its not. we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that this can be salvaged somehow... Expand
  26. Sep 14, 2013
    Even as a stable working game (which it isn't for most people) it still sucks! All of the trade off decisions that made the game interesting and deep are gone in favor of stupid arcade simplicity.

    Old total war: Roads are EXPENSIVE and take a LONG time to build, but they will grow your economy and help your troops move faster. Invest in building them too earlier and your small military
    will be starved of needed funds. Invest too late and you fall behind in the economic race.

    Rome II:Roads build themselves automatically. You have zero control.

    Old total war:Navies are very expensive and take a long time to build. A small one can protect your ports from pirates but is vulnerable to enemy navies, a larger one (HUGE investment) can protect your shores from invasion, and a massive one can project your power throughout the world with a relatively small army. Should you invest in a fleet now, or will one of your enemies land some large armies on your shores while the boats are being built and your army is not in condition to repel them?

    Rome II: If your army walks to the ocean, transport ships magically appear and they can go anywhere. Put them on double time so they can reach a safe landing zone each turn and you'll never need to build a navy to move your troops. Also, your enemies get free magic transports too, so no point in investing in a Navy to hunt down and destroy theirs. Its just not possible. Just don't worry about it.

    Old Total War:Units have lots of abilities that increase one aspect but sacrifice something else. (Increased defense, decreased movement rate.)

    Rome II:Those abilities are still there, but the vast majority of abilities are new ones that can only be described as "magic". They are all benefit and no downside. (For example, increased rate of fire for missile units, generals can select an tired friendly units and restore them to "fresh" instantly). What archer wouldn't fire as fast as he could just because you hadn't told him too yet? His life is on the line! He's gonna kill as many of the enemy as he can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Worst of all, these super magic bonuses are time limited, but there is no limit to the number of times you use them. So instead of picking the critical moment of battle to use your brief increase in abilities, you have to constantly micro-manage the abilities, waiting for the clock to run out so you can instantly re-enable it. The new SUPER fast pace of the battles also means that managing these abilities well can have a greater impact than actual maneuvering! Winning battles is no longer about good positioning and timing the critical charge, instead its about how fast can you click magic buttons that are associated with different units. Game ruining feature.

    Old Total War: Deploying for battle? The defender can use a large hill or cliff to make a stand, or use woods to conceal units for a small but critical surprise attack. The attacker must read the terrain and try to anticipate how the defender will choose to use it.

    Rome II:Introduced a new battle realism option that limits your view of enemy to the line of sight of your troops. This enables you to use terrain to mask the movements of your army, makes hills more strategic because they reveal more of the battlefield, makes scouting units actually useful on the battlefield, and adds the excellent tension of "Where are they?!?!?" This is all awesome and a change everyone should be excited about.
    Too bad its entirely undercut by the fact that randomly generated flags determine the outcome of the battle. Capture the flag, win the battle. Doesn't matter if you have the larger army. Doesn't matter if you're holding the best hill ever. If the enemy stands on a stupid flag on the other side of the battlefield, you lose and your army is forced to retreat. That hill/forest/ravine perfect for deploying your army and controlling the outcome is now meaningless unless it happens to be near the flag the just kinda pops up out of nowhere for no reason. Worst feature of any strategy game EVER.
  27. Sep 14, 2013
    Firstly, I created my account to review this game. I usually dont review games here, but I felt I owed it to you all to do this.
    Firstly the positives. The attrition while maintaining siege is good, although its not been done very well. You seem to lose standard amount of men each turn, instead of getting random results (disease for example).
    Negatives... well, let me start off by saying
    that the game is horribly optimized, buggy, the multiplayer coop is unplayable etc. Its all that, true, but I dont even care. If there was a gem below all this rubbish I would be able to live with it.

    But no, this is not a gem. Its horrible. The victory points in battles are completely ridiculous, and remove a lot of realism from the battles (CTF anyone?). The AI is dreadful no matter what it does... in amphibious assaults it just stands in the beach until the time runs out. Guard button is not there anymore, making battles a horrible point and click babysitting fest. The user interface is incredibly bad, considering that the Shogun 2's was pretty damn good. The tech tree is just pointlessly difficult to use. There are no more family trees. The game has no more seasons, as 1 turn 1 year, so youre not going to be attached to your characters for long anyway. The main problem however is the terrible army management. You have a limited number of armies, so you can have 3 x 2000 men armies, but not 4 x 500 men armies. Makes no sense whatsoever. Individual units cannot move from, lets say, city A to reinforce city B without a general anymore. You cant divide your armies. You cannot recruit from towns that dont have a general. I could literally go on forever. Literally.

    Im sorry people, this game is a total mess. Even if you ignore the horrible optimization and bugs, the game itself has nothing to offer when compared to older Total Wars, it actually has less to offer. Please people, do yourself and everyone else a favor, and dont give your hard earned money to these moneygrubbing idiots.

    I'll give the game 1/10 as it is, and 2/10 when its optimized. Shame... a real shame.
    And by the way, the site that gave it 100/100 should consider stopping game reviews completely.
  28. Sep 15, 2013
    And I promised never to pre-purchase again... and this is exactly why. Great game history. I've bought every Total War previously but Total War: Rome 2 has SO many faults it is basically unplayable for a rewarding experience. Worst is the fact that the AI is completely broken for battles, so broken that the game is essentially completely broken.
  29. Sep 15, 2013
    Horrible everything. Its another Empire total war, but dont get me wrong I love the total war series (excluding now Rome 2 and empire.) It has horrible amount of bugs and horrible Ai. This is just a mini review, watch videos on youtube for more indepth review of Rome 2. Youtube: Total War: Rome II Angry Review by AngryShowJoe, really depicts the worst of Rome 2.
  30. Sep 15, 2013
    They copied the AI, lack of collision physics, and monotonous city-building from Empire and tacked it onto this mess. SAVE YOUR 60-70 BUCKS! The troubles start when the game crashes for no good reason and the how user interface became downgraded to the point of being patronizing. NO MORE CUSTOM FORMATIONS!?. Massive lag on the campaign map with 100+ factions together taking 1+ minute on an optimum gaming computer to finish the turn, then there's the battle lag... This game was pushed to release and I have a feeling that the talent who actually make the game did not have a say in the matter as no self-respecting programmer should accept money for selling such a broken and falsely-advertised product. The punch-line being that some empty-greedy suit decided to do some DLC whoring by announcing DLC BEFORE the game was released. If money is no object, buy the first Rome Total War and this one, play them both and you will find a perfect example of what has gone wrong with gaming within the past 10 years. Expand
  31. Sep 16, 2013
    This is a disgracefully incomplete & flawed game incomplete, bugged, poorly designed & broken. The list of faults with this game are so long a review cannot begin to enumerate them. Effectively you are being asked to pay to Alpha Test a game that is, at best, 6 to 7 months away from being release ready.

    However I doubt even modders will be able to salvage this game and even after bug
    fixes and AI tweaks it is hard to see how this will ever be more than a below average game. A major disappointment and a salutary warning to all consumers not to pre-order PC/Console games and facilitate the industries appalling recent record on incomplete releases (and don’t even get me started on DLCs).

    In its present state it is the equivalent of buying a book with attractive covers, a contents page, an introduction with a missing end paragraph, a few incomplete chapters & the rest of the content completely missing.

    The Specifics as a veteran of thousands of hours for all of the Total War Games and having logged 20 painful & frustrating hours on this game quite simple Rome II is incomplete and broken. The issues have been identified on many of the reviews but here are a few of the lowlights:

    1. Performance Issues well documented. Fortunately I have a high end gaming spec so these graphics & loading problems have not been an issue for me. However, even with AI moves turned off it takes a very long time to process a turn (even early on in a campaign you have time to get up & put the kettle on). Naturally it gets longer to process as more goes on in the game leading to excessive waiting time.

    2. The Campaign AI is too passive even at the highest difficulty level it will sit as you set up and then pulverize their faction, perversely, it will launch suicide attacks against city garrisons it can never hope to win. Coupled with some game design changes (naval moves, recruitment changes, extended range of armies, limits on armies available, tech development, & construction) it makes the strategic level shallow, boring and far too predictable.

    3. The Battle AI (again at highest difficulty level) is not only too passive it is also broken. In one AI initiated joint Land & Naval attack after I had defeated the land force (in about 3 minutes) the Naval based reinforcements (although greatly outnumbering me by nearly 3 to 1) stayed on their ships refusing to move. I had to fast forward the game to end it and claim the victory (time to actually make the cup of tea!). The AI will send troops forward and then withdraw them in endless loops while being showered by missiles and destroyed. It will mindlessly attack choke points (such as encampment entrances), allow itself to be surrounded and charged in the flanks even when it has a 3 to 1 numerical superiority.

    4. Naval battles totally broken Transport ships too powerful, AI is stupid, interface buttons often don’t work

    5. Diplomacy hopeless. AI makes unrealistic & stupid demands and will not accept even the most rational of offers. Diplomacy has always been tricky in Strategy games but diplomacy in Rome II is a major backwards step. You won’t achieve the requisite goals for a Cultural/Diplomatic/Economic victory so don’t bother trying.

    6. Battles There are numerous graphic glitches, cohesive battles formations are non existent as soon as contact is made, troops move too fast, skirmishing & missile fire is ineffective due to unit speeds, and the (questionable & frankly arcade-like) special unit abilities are almost never useable as battles usually take no more than 5 minutes (longest battle was 10 minutes with roughly 30-35 units per side).

    7. User Interface inconsistent application of the interface, buttons & toggles often don’t work (record of 7 presses to make one “in battle” button work), standard interface tools (closing boxes, highlighting selected options, hyperlinks) are often absent or non-existent. The Encyclopedia is poorly designed and lacking indexing and cross referencing.

    Very soon after the campaign starts you will be auto-resolving everything as the battles & sieges are completely pointless, characterless & lack any tactical challenge. This leaves you with a non existence real –time battle component & a slightly below average strategy game. For every good design choice made in this game (there are a few minor ones) there are probably 2 or 3 bad ones.

    Buyers should be demanding money back (I will be) & suppliers like Amazon asking for compensation from the publisher for providing a defective product.
  32. Sep 16, 2013
    This is not a total war game. This is basically just starcraft with roman legions. Battles end within a few minutes and nearly every unit has some stupid arcade like "special ability" that gives them some magical damage boost or faster running speed. Units run and perform actions like throwing javelins way too fast and you can have your men run extremely long distances without getting tired.

    The game also places a hug emphasis on capture the flag battles now. Open land battles consist of rushing magical flags to win instead of using your brain to rout the enemy and run them down. Units also dissolve into mindless mosh pits as soon as they reach the enemy. The guard mode is gone so good luck trying to keep your men in formation to set up proper battle lines. Family trees(one of the best features in any total war game) is also gone and replaced with some shallow "internal politics" system that has no impact on the game whatsoever since the game will just fart out generals endlessly for you to use no matter what.

    Worst total war game ever.
    This makes empire look like a masterpiece and I will never buy another total war game again until CA gets their together. If you want a real total war game then go play classic Rome or Medieval 2.

    P.S. WTF were you thinking CA by hiring Richard Beddow instead of Jeff van Dyck? The empire and napoleon soundtracks composed by Beddow were boring as and it clearly shows in Rome 2 with it's generic monotone music that doesn't build up to anything. Jeff's music is what brings life to the total war series and the game feels dead without it, no matter how good the game is in other regards.
  33. Sep 16, 2013
    I would like to make a clarification. Objectively the game rating should be about 6.5. Not quite a 7 but not quite a 6. The only reason I gave a 4, is because the reviewers, the critics, decided to give it a near perfect score, which is pure bull, and would only encourage companies to flood out more unfinished/unpolished games.

    "It's not about the score, it's about sending a message"

    The jist of it is summed up in the last two paragraphs, if you don't want to read the whole review. Basically it's a 4, plus points for size and beauty and a whole bunch of negative ones for it being a complete mess playability wise.

    As of date I have spent roughly 80 hours in Rome 2, but I have no idea why. Every two seconds in the game a random bug appears which makes you want to tear off your scalp. And although the Beta 2 patch solves a lot of issues, it is still way too easy to call the entire game a Beta test.

    Don't get me wrong, I looove the game, I absolutely adore it. At least that was my first impression of it, which I'm guessing is all the "official" critics bothered to get: a first impression with one hour of gameplay. Or they were just pandering to the company. Either of the two. After your tenth hour you start noticing annoying little things and after about 20 hours, you want to smash your PC. But you'll still love the game, and this is why.

    It is stunningly beautiful. And huge. I mean the campaign map is unbelievably huge, with over a hundred factions on it. And the smallest thing which i love the most is that the cities expand on the map visibly when they grow.. it;s amazing, with all the other little improvements it makes the game fantastic. Best of all it actually makes you feel like you're in the time period, it gives you that feeling. even more so than any Total War game to date. And again, incredibly beautiful. I cannot even imagine the amount of that went into making this game, and to the developers I say bravo.

    But then there is the game as a whole. It's a buggy mess, and some of the game mechanics are completely retarded. That amount of work that they put into it is not even noticeable compared to that. And yes the current patch tries it's best to get it to work, but it;s still bugged to the core. Ships riding sand dunes armies just dancing around for no reason, soldiers flying, 12 elephants killing an army of 3000 strong.. one time I did a siege, broke the enemy's gates, and when I ran my army through it, they all died for no reason. wtf? And that is just a few of them. But I would be able to look over them if not for the two biggest problems the game has.

    The streamlining and the AI. I mean holy what the huh? The AI is incredibly stupid, it's the worst one I've seen in years... it is a passive moron on every difficulty. Both the campaign and the battle and naval. By the way, naval battles are bugged to the point of unplayable, so don't even bother. Just to give a hint at how stupid the AI is, I've won a battle where outnumbered 10 to 1. 10 to 1!!! This is Sparta? And no, not because of some strategic chokepoint or anything, it was a plain field, no high ground, no nothing. All it was that the AI sacrificed half their army for no reason, and the rest did nothing even after that. And the game is streamlined to the point of it makes no sense. Random capture point flags appear in battles, which makes the AI go crazy and destroys any option of strategic maneuvering. Battles have been sped up, now the whole thing looks like a mosh pit, you can barely issue a few orders and the battle is over. A lot of features have been stripped and replaced with some easy nonsense, and it adds nothing substantial. Granted it does add a few minor improvements, like provinces and cinematic cameras, but the core of it is bare. General's speech has been shortened to almost nothing, there are barely any cinematic cutscenes, and so on.

    Here's the jist of it: overall it seems to me that it the biggest issue it has is that it's been rushed like most games as of late. It's a shady business practice that I will not stand for. It's not that it's unfinished, it's unpolished. The only thing they seemed to care about was the aesthetic of the game, so they can sell it based on pre-release advertising. And they botched that up as well, because the graphics are a mess. It's been overhyped and underdelivered, and it's not optimized at all. The best PCs could barely run the high settings. The Beta patch seems to fix this one issue, for which I am grateful. The streamlining and brain dead AI only further proves that they tried to sell as many copies as possible to retarded teenagers, rather than making a quality game.

    In closing I highly doubt that it will be ever fixed completely. Your best hope is the modding community, who already did tremendous progress towards solving certain issues. I would advise checking the TWcenter,and downloading the mods you think are needed. It's a hug
  34. Sep 16, 2013
    I was very excited for this game, and expected the very best from CA, however what I got was a bad, unfinished and dumbed down game. The main issue I found during the first couple of days was how horrible the AI is, and being a primarily single player game I had expected a more appropriate AI skill, besides the fact that my fairly new upgraded pc had some performance issues.There are just far too many issues and I highly recommend you wait or simply not buy this. Expand
  35. Sep 17, 2013
    I am so angry about this game. Instead of finishing the development and THEN releasing it, the just throw it at the people and say "ok we will give you a 5GB Update every week from now on"-until it' s finished in 2045. And I won't comment on the 100GB Steam donwload you need to do first. And how big my hate against Steam is. I have sent the game back although I registered the key. If they try to prosecute me, I will fight to death.
    I am so angry about this crap.

    I was happy when they released it but NOOOO it's unplayable and makes my PC go nuts.
  36. Sep 18, 2013
    As a strategic game it fails on many points:
    chaoticc user interface.
    Non intuitive user menus
    Many glitches
    The advisor looks useful but the feel of the game is that one does not know what is happening or what you are at.
    What is the point of this game?
  37. Sep 18, 2013
    The game AI is awful. The numerous bugs and unfinished features are a real kick in the backside of people who expected more from this development team. Even worse are these people (so called gaming sites) giving the game high ratings. Do we really condone unfinished products like Rome 2? Don't reward them with high marks on what a game can be as opposed to what it should be?
  38. Sep 18, 2013
    Sega and CA are at it again. Wait a year and buy R2 for 20 bucks. It might be fixed by then, but it probably still won't be as good as previous Total War titles. The franchise is going the wrong direction. Things are getting dumbed down and the hardware, stability, and AI issues are worse than ever.
  39. Dec 6, 2013
    This release is by far the worse release yet, been a fan of total war games since the frist rome total war, it would take too long to list all the issues on this game. Bugs UI worse then any other previous release? (no fire at will button just to start) Pointless objectives, Politics seem pointless? DLC all over the place the list is endless Bottom line rome total war 1, medieval total war 2 is far better than this game so get them and save yourself a heap of cash. Skip this release Expand
  40. Dec 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Although many problems have been addressed and fixed the game is still a complete mess, and is flawed down to the bones. A game that could have been the flag ship of the total war games is probably the worst ever made. Expand
  41. Oct 23, 2013
    In short, I call this game a failure in the series, simply because the changes over the previous titles, and the new additions are poorly implemented, and they are not fleshed out enough to make a difference. What I don't understand is, even though they had a bigger budget, and "experience" from the previous titles, accomplishments and mistakes, how have they come up with such a disaster.

    Longer version, the battles play way more faster than any previous title in the series, and mostly it becomes a blob-fest where your orders doesn't matter. This is where you'll notice that nearly all units have an ability, maybe more than one, and this is another example to the bad implementation. You win battles by using to these abilities, rather than a careful planning and execution of the strategy. Which is a shame, as I think many people play this game for its epic battles. Not to mention that the AI is still troubled, and most of the time do stupid stuff.

    Among the new features, now you pick a stance for an army. Why? It felt natural before; if you have slow moving units, your army movement was bound to those units. To move fast, you had to use cavalry-only forces to hit and run, or catch an enemy. To ambush, you had to set up "camp" in forests, and alike. It felt natural, you didn't have to click on anything to "toggle" those stuff. Also, the way the recruitment is done in this game is just retarded. Why change the old ways? Recruit from any city/town, group them up, send them to the general. While it seems logical in Rome; that your general has to stand still, it is not. Game tries to "emulate" the process for you, but it makes so in a stupid way. Shogun II's system was better, recruit at general, and recruits move to general, also can get intercepted. Recruit in towns, group them up and send them to general yourself. Etc...

    Naval combat... I don't like it. The best naval combat was naturally in Empire Napoleon. There, you can execute some strategy. Any other game, where cannons are not involved, it generally ends up in an orgy on some ship, and all other ships around it. Still, combining naval combat with land combat, that's a very good step. However, that thing is bugged aswell, I am unaware if it is fixed but, there are just a few landing points, and when all of them are occupied, all your ships can just watch the rest of the battle.

    City management also suffers. You cannot get a clear picture of what is what that easily, and this IS a big problem. UI has always been one of the weakest points in Total War games in my opinion. Instead of expanding on and improving what they had, they just skimmed the UI heavily, and buried the essentials even deeper. Introduction of bread, and changes to growth, while sounds sensible, takes away a part of the game; town/city development. In Shogun II, if you captured a well developed city that belonged to your enemy, you'd be keeping it intact, because any sacking/razing done would affect the accumulated growth aswell. Now, there is no point, a city is always the same, razing or sacking doesn't change a thing.

    Among other new things, the political system is rudimentary, non-essential at best. It involves a few buttons that are totally unnecessary, and takes up hard-disk space in short. Also, (for Rome and Carthage at least), political system sort-of gets disabled after the major rebellions. As I've said, poorly implemented and not fleshed out fully.

    The performance of the game is on the floor. While I can play Shogun II on extreme, and even Rome II offered me Extreme, it turns out, I can only play it at low-medium. Just unbelievable.

    I can go on. But among this many negative reviews, I think you get the point already.
  42. Sep 24, 2013
    Well, what can i say what others haven't.
    I had high hopes for this game, expected it to be the pinnacle of the franchise and then it all fell down.
    Maybe after 2 expansion pack this game will be in line with Shougun 2.
  43. Sep 7, 2013
    Am I just lucky? I'm trying to be helpful with this review.

    Any rating below 7 is just ridiculous. I've played 14 hours now. My hardware: I did a clean operating system install (win 7) recently to avoid possible conflicts (which many seem to be experiencing), samsung SSD, i5 2500k processor overclocked to 4.5ghz, 1GB mid-tier VGA card 8GB Ram (nothing spectacular).

    I've been a fan of
    about every Total War game and modded games. I only experienced one glitch (fixed in patch notes) to date and run the game on extreme w/ no frame rate or other glitches. I believe this is the best of the series to date and will only get better with time, especially with mods.

    Now to the game: Took me 11 hours to figure out the UI. Yes, it's very clunky, you will need hours to figure it out. And when you do, many things will make sense. A lot of info and a different method of finding it will frustrate long time Total War gamers. My first 11 hours were as Sparta on "Hard" (too easy). I'm now playing Rome on "legendary" and loving it. You make stupid mistakes and you will pay dearly but not be completely wiped off the map.

    Diplomacy is awesome, Campaign AI is very good, Battle AI is just ok (not broken just a speed issue and I think will be resolved by raising unit Hit points as well). Game is more epic than ever and more manageable. 3 Amy's & 3 fleets max. Additionally, fortifying units based on buildings is perfect for this game. No stack spam or ridiculous rebel spawning.

    This is a massive game so expect long turn wait times. I think a lean SSD helps. My turns complete w/in 20 seconds unless you want to watch every opponent unit make it's move which drags it out.

    Last note: I still haven't figured out how the family systems works and probably a lot of other things, but I think that will only make the game that much more enjoyable when I do! If you don't have the patients to learn the UI and how it works, you will hate this game.
  44. Sep 6, 2013
    So after logging about 10 hours into the game it is safe to say that there are issues with RTW2 but, unlike some on this board (which I understand after dealing with these issues for all of the recent TW games) I still see a very bright future for RTW2.

    The biggest issue I have is that the learning curve, because publishers have gone away from printed manuals, is very steep. I found
    myself stumbling about as the Iceni not really understanding or knowing the effects of putting an army in "Raid" would be. I couldn't grasp for awhile how to manage population growth (it makes you choose, essentially, which settlement to expand instead of being able to do every settlement whenever) or how to split armies. However, once you do figure these things out, it becomes apparent what RTW2 was going for, authenticity.

    I know there are skeptics out there who just wanted a more awesome Shogun 2 with Rome or a high end Medieval II with stellar graphics and I'm not excusing CA for not delivering on that end (that being said, my machine, which is not top of the line, has run the game without crashes and enjoyable level graphics. Crashes which, on the same machine, I still experience with Shogun 2) but I think I can see that CA was going for which was a motif of authenticity. Those unit cards you hate? Those are based of black-figure vases from Ancient Greece that were treasured across the classical world. Armies weren't individual units that were recruited and sent out the were raised en masse and meaningful, empire defining clashes were mammoth affairs, not dozens of smaller armies running about (that is what the Raid stance implies). Contending with internal political rivals was a way of life for nearly every political unit from those times. These were choices CA made to convey a sense of realism and reality of many of the classical world's most prominent leaders.

    Again, if we want to talk about AI, bugs, and disappointing graphics, I couldn't agree more. CA most certainly should've put more time and effort into those areas to make sure they were the best they could be. But did anyone really find the AI that atrocious its worthy of a 0? I still command my armies with the same sense of ability as I have in any other TW iteration (minus Empire's of course) and with just as much enjoyment.

    What I'm saying is this game makes you put in the time. You aren't going to get high end units within 50 turns. You aren't going to wipe out half of the Eastern Mediterranean and start a new campaign because you are bored (admittedly, aided by the army and fleet cap limits) you will have to build trust with allies slowly throw NA pacts, trade agreements, defensive alliances, etc. RTW2 is about actually building an empire not flexing muscles instantaneously.

    In the end does this game have its issues? Yes. Should these have been resolve prior to release? Absolutely. But I can't sit here in good conscience and bash a game where I was able to crush Epirus with a fleet based army while my Athenian allies attacked from land. I can't bash a game where I was able to defend my Iceni city from two armies but pulling them into a choke point, watching them break on my shield wall, and then run them down with skirmishers and chariots. Where my generals are in just as much danger from the enemy as they are, truly, from rivals within their own faction. Or where you have to make a snap decision as a leader about a celebrity citizen. Or a game that allows me to "Raid" and destabilize an entire hostile region inciting civil wars to soften it up for my true thrust.

    Rome 2 is a flawed game but, when, not if, these issues get corrected I think the players who stick around, learn, and dig are going to find a very enjoyable gaming experience. Its these gems of gameplay mentioned above that have left me with a sense of hope for RTW2 future and, hopefully, you revisit it and see some of them for yourself as well.
  45. Sep 24, 2013
    Very buggy AI (Unit AI is so bad its destroying the game right now) and not much to do in the game. Got bored very fast.
    Also, VERY expensive DLC that gives you basicly nothing. Feels like a rip-off.
  46. Oct 4, 2013
    Hey look another CA Total War game, with all the same caveats poor computational optimization, lack of unit diversity, only masochists play naval combat manually, AI turn times which progress about as fast as a legless donkey, useless combat AI which stands around while you slaughter them (it's been such a long-running problem, I'm starting to think CA believes AI you massacre effortlessly is a selling-point because the player's supposed to feel like a bad*ss, instead of cheated), a boring and unengaging "metagame" (campaign map play), and sadistic camera settings which don't let you really grasp everything going on without breaking flow to move the camera and see all the different engagements while the game's paused (seriously there's no excuse for this. If I wanted "realism," or whatever it is they're going for, I'd just keep the camera zoomed in). Modders rush in to fix the many deficiencies of the game, and do a fair job with it but I'm not going to take mods into account when vanilla gameplay is so awful, I uninstalled the game after less than 5 hours of play. In defense of CA itself, however check out Extra Credits Extra History, which CA's marketing division funded. I imagine it's the most fantastic history lesson on the Punic Wars ever given. Expand
  47. Sep 25, 2013
    Constantly crashes, ugly graphical tears and poor shadows on both the campaign and battle views, All the units look nearly the same, have pretty much identical stats, and have similar unit icons.

    After 3 patches from Creative Assembly its still broken, still buggy, and still and huge pile of dog ****

    Thanks for shows us alpha shots that looks 10x better than the finished product,
    and thanks for lying through your teeth all through development. Expand
  48. Sep 26, 2013
    I don't know what it is but it seems that companies are getting more and more money grubbing. First Strong hold 3 and now this. I can't possibly see how this can get a good review. Rome was my favorite strategy of all time and they've done it a complete disservice. I'm pretty sure CA must be seeding the reviews. I have a very solid computer and this thing lags to hell. Crashes are rampant. "Normal" speed on battle map is at least x2. They've patched this twice and its done nothing... oh well, as long as they get our money they don't care about the game they make. Expand
  49. Sep 6, 2013
    Fantastic game, yes the AI could be better but other than that it is fantastic. One of the best in the series imo and will only get better in the future with updates. Alot of the changes I like but they do take some time to get use to, I think once people play the game for more than 5-10 hours they will relize the game is pretty awesome.

    It seems like people forget about the launches of
    Empire and Shogun2, people had said they hated the games on release then after some patches they love it.

    Whats here now is great and can only get better in the future, optimization and AI can ALWAYS be improved, these are things the series could always do better.
  50. Sep 19, 2013
    Total War: Rome II is total the my high end rig can not even run it a 30 fps at max settings I got a FX 8350 and 7970 and I don't even get a 30 fps stable if you want to play a RTS play Shogan 2 this game is freaking
  51. Sep 13, 2013
    This review score isn't based on the bugs (of which there are a lot, but they'll be patched out of existence soon enough). It's not based on day one issues of crashing, not being able to play etc. It's not even based on the ridiculous balancing issues (this is a world where an elephant could destroy the entire Roman legion on its own if it were so inclined) or the terrible AI and ridiculous overall simplicity of the game (currently, you have to actually try to lose a game, it's the easiest strategy game I've ever played in my life!). I recognise all of those things as issues, but they're not deal breakers for me. They can and will be fixed.

    No, the score is so low because of one completely unforgivable and unfixable problem in particular; the capture the flag mechanic is mind-numbingly stupid and a central facet of this game.

    It's beyond bad. OK, so armies charging through impossible odds to take the shortest route to the flag etc. "may" be fixed, but the mechanic will remain and thus the game will forever suck. It had no place in this game and it's difficult to comprehend exactly why the devs thought this was a good idea. It would have taken one proper strategy game enthusiast an hours testing at best before telling them it sucked, so the question has to be asked: did they test this game on any scale at all before releasing?!

    And it's such a shame, because there's a classic game waiting to burst out from under the surface here, but there's just too many stupid and/or lazy decisions by the devs which weigh it down to the point where there's little to no hope for it.
  52. Sep 14, 2013
    I have been waiting for this game for several years, since the Empire TW. I played for a total of 4 hours? I have not played again or have any desire to play again any time soon. They made to game look pretty. They ruined the games internals and made it so that this game will be broken for years to come. The turn waiting is way to much, over 5 minutes in some cases. They really killed the game, between:

    1. Turn waiting
    2. AI is broken Which causes the battles to be broken and boring.
    3. Battles are broken and boring.
    4. Easy to raise armies and go on a capturing spree.
    5. Building structures is boring and purposeless.
  53. Dec 5, 2013
    This game is absolute piss. Play Rome 1 or Medieval 2 and weep for it. Don't waste your time actually trying to have fun on this boring garbage. The biggest disappointment in gaming history.
  54. Sep 14, 2013
    Big deception all over this game. Too long between tours (take your coffee), very poor AI, bad research system, battles are too easy, Navy battles are ridiculous. City and Army Management is dull.

    General Map is nice.

    I return to the original Rome Total War
  55. Sep 3, 2013
    This game is great. There seems to be an issue with optimization for some. I have been lucky enough to only have some fps issues and that's all. The new features and diplomatic systems are really an improvement to me. My major complaint with the game itself not the bugs that will be ironed out in time. Is that the battles are over too quickly. Despite that I love the game and see at least 100 plus hours of my life slipping away its glory! Expand
  56. Sep 13, 2013
    Over 60 hours now and I just can't take it any more. I tried to be a good little fanboy but this game is sh*t in its current state. SHAME on sega and SHAME on ca for taking advantage of a loyal fan base.
    -Battles are now capture the flag
    -AI is the most broken its ever been. Set the battle timer to 20 minutes because they wont even attack half the time and youll end up just waiting out a
    battle, suicide AI charges
    -Super streamlined. No politics, no family, no senate, no Factions Ranking scroll, cant base taxes on a city to city basis only faction-wide, units replenish in 2 turns
    -Glitchy graphics, poor AI pathfinding, poor unit responsiveness
    -On "legendary" difficulty enemy agents have 99% succes rate, yours have 10%, which doesn't make it hard but unfair
    -Armies make a fleet automatically by entering water. Those fleets of transports easily defeat the "real" fleets of warships
    -Random lag on campaign map and battles
    DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY wait several months for the 9,875,889,785 MB of patches that have to go through this game
  57. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really feel that the user reviews for Total War: Rome 2 don't give the game justice. Before receiving the game, i was well aware of many of the "game breaking bugs" and "horrible user interface" that people claimed the game had. I was also aware of the painfully low score on metacritic. None the less, i wanted to give CA the benefit of the doubt because i have not played a Total War game to date that i did not enjoy. I started playing and the first thing i noticed was the steep learning curve that came with managing your faction. There is far more detail in dealing with settlements (which are now divided into many provinces with settlements inside of them). Once I got the hang of it however, it wasn't too difficult to figure out basic functions that allow you to run your settlements efficiently. As for the actual battles, the game is absolutely stunning if you have a system capable of running it. Unless you play on lower settings, clone armies are no longer an issue with most soldiers having some form of variation from the others (this is particularly noticeable with the barbarian factions). The battle AI is not always the smartest, but still provides somewhat of a challenge. Overall, its not my favorite Total War game, but it is a worthy addition to a great series. I honestly cannot understand how people are giving the game 1's and 2's. Expand
  58. Sep 3, 2013
    I'm gonna go ahead and give this a 10, just because of the lot of trolling crybabies on here smacking a 0. "Drr, give it a 0 so they don't release another game that needs a patch". Riiight.
    Let me know hot that logic works out for you pal.
    How about you stop whinning about how the game is over-valued and then you turn right around and vastly under-value it by smacking a score of 0 on a
    Total War game? Hypocritical bull.

    The game has graphic settings ranging from low to high to very high to extreme, and it is obvious there are some graphic issues with the particle effects on the extreme/very high setting during water battles. Easy fix.
    Don't use the extreme/very high particle effects settings. Magic!

    All-in-all the game is a weaker 8 higher 7. Professional review average is closer to the mark than the trolled user score. Rome II doesn't add anything ground-breaking. It keeps the same old gameplay formulas used in many previous titles and adapts them to a modernized Rome Total War.
    Which is EXACLTY what so many people wanted to begin with. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    It is polarizing experience. One end being any players waiting for a modern Rome Total War & any players that have been happy since Medieval 2 Total War players that know how to resolve simple graphic driver issues, in which case you will be happy & fine.
    Or on the other end: player that wants new groundbreaking RTS/player that has been unhappy since Medieval 2 Total War/player that wants ultimate graphic experience & can't handle playing on high instead of 10!@#120EXTREME!@!, in which case you will be PM-Sing all over Metacritic.
  59. Sep 11, 2013
    1000s of hours playing total war games from shogun 1. This has topped the disgrace of empire total war release by a hundred fold. AI so poor, buggy and crashed, unoptimised performance. No chance for a refund this is an alpha build scam Buy in 6 months to a year and dont be scammed.
  60. Sep 4, 2013
    Rome 2 is certinally a disappointment, though hardly the worst game ever as many user reviews state. It does, however, more than earn it's mixed reviews.

    On one hand the game is beautiful on higher end systems like my own, giving a gravity and scale to the conflict unseen in any Total war game before. It brings cultural diversity that Shogun 2 sorely lacked also.

    However, in many
    ways it is broken. Good ideas like internal politics are not at all explained, and are poorly executed at best. The player seems to have far more limited control over their cities, with the new interface robbing cities of much of their infomation. I often find myself at very low public order with little ability to work out why, or what I can do about it. Though the new army system is cool in theory, and it's nice to give armies some personality, it robs the game of some tactics, especially the- who should I hold back to garrison, who should I advance- question. Though their are many cultures, and a great deal more diversity than Shogun, there is a startling lack of unique troops, and the large number of filler factions with one or two provinces only seems to rob the primary factions of any unit individuality. Battles are far too fast paced, with combat taking mere seconds, gone are the epic scrums, now battles rarely take longer than five minutes at best. Mist of which is moving your armies. The AI hasn't improved much at all, and all the challenge in hard simply comes from relentless numbers, rather than genuine, fair tactics. Multiplayer has been massively stripped down from a Shogun high point, with all progression and army individuality dropped to return to a comparatively stale no stakes battle. Rome is a strong game on it's own terms, but very weak for a total war game. I have come away more disappointed with Rome than any TW game to date. A sad mistep for the successor to my favorite total war game. It lacks the depth of paradox, and the responsive war-based fun of the older games. The worst of both worlds. Expand
  61. Sep 15, 2013
    Let's play Rome Total War 2, shall we ?


    That sums it up I think. This game is just boring, there is no challenge whatsoever and most of the time is made of... waiting. There is no rythm or ambiance that would keep the player interested quite a failure when you think it should involves Rome, huge battles, acts of heroism, conquest, politics, treasons, and the
    such. But here, nope, it's just plain boring.

    Congratulations for that Creative Assembly, it is really quite an achievement.

    Also, false marketing, false promises, we're getting used to it, but it's always totally unacceptable. Lying to customers is very very low. Watch Angry Joe review on youtube, listen to the people in charge of the AI and laugh your ass off comparing it to the reality. Shame, shame on you. Stop spending money on marketing and overhype, and use more in actual work on important things like AI.

    And of course everything else... UI is bad, especially for nowadays standards. Naval units are useless. Performances issues. Units balancing messed up. Loading times...

    Well pretty much everything is off.

    This game is maybe worth 3/10 and 10 bucks, but am gonna lower it to a 2/10 because of the false reviews. Guys, it really starts to show that you are bought and that is unacceptable.
  62. Sep 15, 2013
    This is not the ROME II Total war that was advertised. It is more like a dumbed down version of shogun II without all the things that make Total war unique. The family tree is butchered as well as the line of succession which would allow you to actually care about your generals. When I need a new general I just press a red button and one pops out. I have never been so disappointed with a Total war than I am now. Rome I was not improved upon. ROME II is a piece of what ROME I was. Expand
  63. Sep 15, 2013
    Sadly this game was a failure. Do not buy until it gets patched in a year. Ya it's really bad. Do not buy. Don't buy it becaues it's really bad. I hate it.
  64. Sep 3, 2013
    I will get right to the point. If you enjoy Grand Strategy games, or a fan of the Total War series....Rome 2 is a must. CA have improved on every aspect, from Campaign map depth....Land, Siege to Naval Battles....It does have it's bugs however, as with every TW Title on release, it is not enough to pull you away from playing though.

    The only big issue i have with Rome 2 is the
    performance....On a PC that could play Shogun 2 with all settings maxed and getting high frame rates. (70 fps Rome 2 can look worse at times...and achieve really bad Fps with the same settings (30-40fps)

    Hopefully, CA Will fix these issues soon.
  65. Sep 3, 2013
    Total war franchise is my favorite cup of tea since 10 years ago. Over time, I see improvement and nearer and nearer achievement to real battle simulating. The new games still fall short of some expectation from a fan like me. However, this is the game I will play countless hours, wait for mods and patches, and play again and again, until the new one come out, or even the one after.

    First of all, let talk on the bad side. The game GUI seems to be a lot more confusing. It is very different from earlier games. I took half an hour to realize that different between provinces and towns, and that you may control many towns but did not hold control of one province completely because 1 province may have many towns. I also had a bit difficulty with merging army. Once you created a maximum unit in an army, you cannot simple take out a unit and create a legion of itself to put in another unit to the old legion. I find a unit cards, building cards looking less appealing and confusing. HOWEVER, it is a DIFFERENT GAME, and I WELCOME THE CHANGES. I look forward to mod though.

    Second bad things about the game is the difficulty with diplomacy and finance. No one seems to want trading with you, even in good term. Every agent action costs money, yet I don't see much benefit it seems to me an agent action cost a unit for a gamble.

    Third bad thing: unit camera is great, but I have to move the mouse to click a button instead of double clicking on it. Still trying to figure out how to change that.

    Forth bad things: now sure why, but unit sizes seems to be very small in my book. And I think it is hard to mod it now.

    GOOD THINGS: the games brings in steep learning curve, new challenges, breathing in new feeling into the franchise, BRINGING REALISM AND ESCAPISM TO GAMERS I LOVE SIEGE GAME, AND COMBINE NAVY AND LAND BATTLES. I LOVE TO JUMPING UNITS TO HEAR THE OFFICER'S SPEECH !

    In all: I feel being a real general
  66. Sep 10, 2013
    Im not sure what they are thinking! They released the game way to soon when fans would have understood. It is dumb down and streamlined way too hard. So many bad design decisions make it depressing to play this "Total War" game
  67. Sep 4, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of the whole series and this is an inexplicably dismal entry. My rating is relative to Shogun 2, which for me is one of the best games I've played: polished, balanced, stylish, engaging on several levels, huge without being bloated and these are all qualities which appear to have been entirely gutted from the latest instalment. I'd be willing to forgive a large number of bugs, but clearly, there have also been some very bad design decisions in there. Really awful, confusing UI in places; woeful AI (maybe that's not entirely new); player decisions just don't seem important on the strategic map; un-tactical, boring battles. Maybe these things are exacerbated by each other and could be improved individually, but my overall impression is that it's just fundamentally uninteresting and unbalanced on top of being an extremely sloppy release. As a new game out of the blue, maybe this would pass for a 5 or 6, but the benchmark has been set high and this falls very short of it. Very disappointing. Expand
  68. Sep 4, 2013
    i am a big fan of TW series and I try really hard to like this one, but I just cant. Battles are completely spoiled, they last for few minutes/sometimes seconds Morale and daying speed are just to low, armies cannot hold formation. It is not about strategy anymore. All you have to do is select all your troops, click charge, wait awhile and if you are lucky you win. No walled cities were supposed to take away boring sieges, but in reality it didnt help at all. You are still forced to fight in narrow streets and thus you will face lots of pathfinding issues. Things such as ugly units cards, bad UI, boring soudntrack are just minor problems, but terrible AI and fast paced arcade battles with no strategy involved makes this game unplayable.(at least for me) Expand
  69. Sep 4, 2013
    It gets a 2 because I could get it to run, and it didn't crash...although the game looks terrible...with everything minimized and on low, i still watch as the game drops to bellow 10 FPS during benchmarking (wherein I got my first achievement...Play 1 hour of Rome II...yeah, I received it while benchmarking just to try and play the game at an FPS that wouldn't make my eyes hurt and bleed). They said this game would be optimized for high and low end machines. Blatant lie. The AI is hilarious...and by hilarious i mean silly and very non-threatening. I think this game actually took a step back from Rome I in that department...and also yes, I am a guy who created a metacritic account just so I could express my absolute disappointment in this game and Creative Assembly. With a system WELL above the recommended specs, I have never had so many problems getting a game to work properly....and I do mean ever. I own every other total war game except for Napoleon, and I am a huge fan of Shogun(1 and 2) as well as Medieval and Rome 1. This absolute piece of beta crap is inexcusable. I am one of the most forgiving gamers you could meet, but this garbage needs to end. First and last time I will ever be suckered into buying a game via pre-order, and fat chance I will support Creative again until they change this pathetic business practice. Many of us are to blame as well...if you pre-ordered like I did, its sad to say that we have become part of the problem....we are rewarding poor business practices by doing this (Thanks to TotalBiscuit for helping me to see that light). To those that read this, Rome II is yet another warning bell. We, as the gamer community, should down right REFUSE to pre-order anything. Period. Rome II is a GREAT example of why, and unless we hit them were it counts, they will continue this arrogant, terrible behavior...all the while patting themselves on the back on the way to the bank while throwing in-game dress up clothes at us to try and satisfy the anger of being lied to and having our trust abused. Thanks to any for reading. Expand
  70. Sep 4, 2013
    General Cap= bad idea
    Victory Point= You can win or lose battles just by avoiding people and sitting on random parts of the map...
    Confusing UI= I can handle a abundance of UI I've played wow with enough add-ons to fill the screen. This how ever was amazingly un-intuitive, confusing and just unpolished
    Lag ridden=I complete my move in campaign and spend the next 5 minutes waiting on AI
    so I can play again
    Overall Uninspired performance from this company, truly sad
  71. Sep 4, 2013
    Aside from consistent crashes when loading a tactical battle, the game is ok. If no crashes, would give an 8. Nice looks, removed some features I didn't enjoy in Total War: Rome.
  72. Sep 4, 2013
    A great example, why it´s more worth to be a pirate having paid for this game made me just feel really bitter. I´ve played for 24 h and it really isn´t working properly.

    Diplomacy isn´t working well (as always in TW), soldiers are VERY VERY stupid I hate it how the horses tend to return to fight the spear-men head on even if I order them for the 10th time to withdraw. Also capturing
    routing enemies is compared to Shogun simply broken it´s more like a Terry Fox run with your pals to the borders and eventually someone dies in the process. I can´t see whether my units are tired, can´t see detailed information about their status and mood, general unit is compared to Shogun quite useless. All together the fights are simply BAD I played Shogun campaign a week ago and EVERYTHING was better there....WTH is that supposed to be CA?!

    AI sucks generally, graphics are worse than Shogun 2 and performance is much worse also on the tactical map. Loading times between turns take forever and enemies tend to attack You even if their chances aren´t even visible at the strength bar. The more I write the more problems I suddenly realise...I could carry on like that for an hour, but I´ll rather summarize it in one sentence....

    Please, DON´T BUY THE GAME, because they don´t deserve Your money....at least not now
  73. Sep 4, 2013
    I played over 24 hours and i finally have to say that the game needs A LOT OF WORK....the AI is horrible(battles last up to 10 min.)....so where is the challenge CA promised? Also it has limited optimizing and the time waiting for your next turn is REALLY BORING...I don't have any serious problem with the province system but i really hate the diplomacy....Even though i don't have a lot of graphic problems (despite the fact that my pc is old), it makes me sad that CA made a step backwards....In conclusion i hope the game will get better with time but for now even 4/10 is the best i can rate it.... Expand
  74. Sep 5, 2013
    As a big fan of the Total War Series and the first Rome game specifically (at least 150 hours played on that one alone), it is safe to say this game is a giant step backward. The simplicity of management and enjoyment of strategic battle that was present in the first Rome game has been systematically removed. The number of bugs, optimization, and ai are inexcusably poor for such a high budget project, and so much less than I expected from the series. I hope some serious patches are released soon, but for me the game is probably a dead end now. Back to Rome: Total War for some serious modding, I guess. Expand
  75. Sep 5, 2013
    First ever game I pre-ordered, having played every total war since Rome 1. I've loved every single one of them, sure they all have flaws but nothing that sticks out too much. Rome 2 has been an enormous step down, a huge disappointment and a waste of money. I wish I could take it back and wait for the next release. Multiplayer is disgraceful, I would prefer to play Rome 1. The UI is horrible to navigate around and the army choices are limited. Having come from the outstanding multiplayer of Shogun 2, I won't be playing Rome multiplayer at all. The turn times have been an issue in all Total War games excepting Shogun 2, but in this release they are ridiculous. I can quite literally write a page of work while I'm waiting, my only fear somebody will initiate diplomacy and halt the process until I respond. The AI are terrible as always, and the campaign game feels cut down and shabby. The UI is hard to work with, there are limited management options and nothing really flows or makes sense. In battle, there are a huge amount of bugs but the ones that stick out are faulty attack orders and the complete stripping down of the UI. No fire at will, no guard mode etc. The unit cards are hard to read and take up almost half the screen. The graphics, at my current settings (Medium-High) are worse than Shogun which I can run on high, and the frame rate is slower. I thought that there must be a glitch when I saw my first battle lasted 5 minutes but no, every single battle takes 5 minutes or less. Politics is useless, there are no more events and overall there is no real flavour to the game. There are some good points, multiplayer loading times are vastly improved and the scope of the game is impressive, but unfortunately the good is lost in a sea of disappointment. It's an incomplete money grab, and CA have toyed with their fans including me who were so keyed up for the launch. I've learned a bit of a Roman life lesson; trust nobody and never jump into anything. Expand
  76. Oct 22, 2014
    Its been a little over a year since my last review and little has changed.
    The same stupid flaws of the game remain, all thats been done to improve things is add more DLCs to make more money.
    The game is the same as Empire, was an absolute nightmare.. that was their OPEN BETA...
    When Napoleon came out, it was much improved.. errors from Empire fixed etc.
    Now Attila is coming out, Rome
    2 support is basically at a finish.
    The next game will be the Full Release, as Rome 2 was the Beta
  77. Sep 21, 2013
    After Patch 3 i Re-Rate this game and give it a 6 cause its finaly playable fps are still sometimes to low but its okay now.

    If you make it better and also dont let the fps fall in late game i came back and give you maybe a 7 8
  78. Sep 6, 2013
    Rome Lite is an arcade game designed for the casual player. Boring things like strategy and depth have been done away with, and by mid-2014, once it's been patched, it will look very pretty and be good for several hours of gameplay. Take no notice of all these reports of bugs, for they are immaterial and transient; what really matters is the vanity and incompetence of the design team. Given these two qualities, no way will Sega CA allow full modding tools to allow enthusiasts to create a beautiful sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. Expand
  79. Sep 7, 2013
    I have a gtx 660 ti 2gb), i5 3450, 8 gb ram and I thought this would be enough to play the game on high settings. I was wrong...~20 fps on the campain map...that's ridiculous!! When I zoom in during a battle the fps drops down to 15 or less. So I have to play it on low/medium settings. And even then the fps aren't stable. I waited for the patch, which released on Friday, but it changed nothing...
    The AI is just as as the performance. It happens very often, that one unit (sometimes even hurt) want to occupy one of my cities, which are well defended. On the battlefield the AI is a disappointment, too! 5 hours of playing and i have concluded...there is no fun playing this!
  80. Sep 7, 2013
    Total War fan since shogun. Loved Rome and Medieval2, was TWs prime time. Been downhill since ,and this launch is just a fiasco. Soooo much content missing I just feel so let down and missed chances with this game. Been wanting it for months
  81. Sep 7, 2013
    I played this game for almost 25 hours so far. I could not play longer. This game has many issues. I am not talking about performance issues, surprisingly I did not have many. I am talking about flowed gameplay issues terrible AI, Victory Points which kill all tactics in the battle, lack of family tree, 3-5 minutes waiting for turns etc. i don't know if this can be fixed in future patches, I hope so, but for now this game will go to shelf for a few months. Expand
  82. Sep 7, 2013
    Claps to the devs you just made a abomination thats called Rome 2
    now you can go walk hand in hand with EA and such
    hope you like the money you got from it
    and thanks for letting down True Total War Fans
  83. Sep 7, 2013
    Almost nothing redeems the flawed structure and tacky feel of this game. I got Medieval 1 when I was 7 and have loved every total war game since (Empire was ok). But this game just sucks, it's no so much the slowness as much as the arcade and disjointed layout and of course bad AI. Anyone who honestly says they enjoy this game/alpha is pretty stupid.
  84. Sep 9, 2013
    My first impression was great gameplay and awful optimalisation. I ran Shogun 2 on very high settings without a problem and it was really pretty, while in Rome 2 my good old 448-bit GTX 260 had terrible issues because it cannot support dx 11. I was shocked, first TW games looked way better than what I saw. Got a rather cheap new GTX and the performance is good, I have no more problems with it. The poor AI doesn't really bother me that much, I got used to it and sometimes it's cool that I can hold them off with small armies just because they're dumb. Simplified city management... I like it, to me it's much better than management from the previous releases. Simplifying armies wasn't a very good idea though. Recruiting right on the general anywhere in the province is comfortable, but limit of armies sucks, I mean, economy should be the only thing that stops me from having a lot of troops. What I don't like about it is that I can't just split whenever I want. I can't leave some additional units to help city's garrison, they can't stay anywhere without a general now. This is imo the worst thing in the gameplay itself. But ok, it doesn't really make the game bad, garrisons are pretty strong now, at least I don't have to pay all those guards I usually kept in my cities. The most annoying thing would be ending your turn. There's so many minor factions it takes ages to wait for your next turn and it takes even longer when I alt-tab, not to mention that stuff happens, AI may attack me or some diplomatic proposal may appear. Personally I just play piano or write SMS in the meantime. If you don't have anything to do while waiting for your turn you will spend most of the time looking at the silly AI running around several times longer than in previous games. Of course, it's nice that there is a big variety of factions instead of just anonymous rebels like in, say, Medieval 2, but sometimes it's just scary to press "end turn". I thought it took long in Shogun 2, I don't anymore. Technical issues will probably be fixed, but even though my rig is rather mediocre (i3, gtx650ti boost, 12gb ram) it works and looks decently on high settings now. Lack of a nice multiplayer like the one in Shogun 2 disappoints, that's a huge step backwards. I loved almost everything about Shogun 2, except the fact it's set in Japan, which I dislike. I wanted a new TW game with S2's awesomeness set in Europe, but I feel a downgrade. It's still a fun game to play though, the only thing I really want fixed now is BLOOD. I don't care I have to pay for that anymore, I just want it released SOON, not year after I stopped playing the game. I like watching them fight, but without blood it's really dull. At least the "kill captives" and "raze city" options have returned.

    - very comfortable province management
    - great skirmish map choice
    - huge map
    - very pretty gfx and good audio

    - awful technical issues right after release, bad performance
    - no more depth in multiplayer
    - long wait between turns
    - still no blood
  85. Sep 9, 2013
    55 hours of gameplay mostly on legendary difficulty prior to reviewing.

    The good:
    1.Graphics are amazing with latest patch and beta graphic drivers on extreme settings and run smooth as silk on 2 6990 running in crossfire if I had reviewed it prior to that they would have got a 1
    2. I like what they did with the spies, diplomats and champions, that side of the game seems well thought
    out and purposeful

    The bad:
    1. The AI is bad on the campaign map: they don't ambush but sometimes fortify when absolutely decimated and will just let you waltz all over their territory without even a hum on legendary
    2. Diplomacy is terrible: good luck trying to secure trade agreements without a mountain of gold, never take a vassal state ever as they are consistently more of a hindrance than helpful.
    3. Anything to do with slaves is broken, they cause way too much unrest and I actively try to kill off armies outside of cities so I have a chance to loot a city without taking too many slaves. I really want an option to loot cities with releasing/killing captives. Having too many slaves will cause slave revolts which don't reduce slave population so the negative unrest per turn stays the same and causes perpetual endless slave revolting.
    4. The entire political system seems tacked on and not finished. No family trees, no marriage except to bring a political rival into your fold and no offspring. Taking political office with any faction other than rome is next to useless as its impossible to accumulate enough gravitas to get anything other than the base bonus.
    5. Ship battles are really really horrible, to be auto resolved with stacks of doom or preferably avoided at all costs. Tons of glitches, for example tiny ships without rams ramming my huge ships and sinking them.
    6. The factions all seem to be the same unit wise and get very similar 'unique' units
    7. Slingers are better all round than even mid tier bowmen and it makes me so damn sad.

    I will attempt to update this review as the game gets patched but for anyone thinking of buying it... Wait for a sale, maybe it'll be patched by then.
  86. Sep 9, 2013
    I feel Rome 2 is a very poor total war title. I am doing this because reading these forums I feel like many people are content with the game. I personally find that hard to believe. I have played every game in the total war series for anyone who is wondering what I am comparing it too.

    The game has a few pros/features that I think are excellent additions:
    1. The new top down birds eye
    view accessed via the tab key. This is a great idea for managing large battles.
    2. The region concept on the campaign map where multiple cities give you control of a region. This is a brilliant addition and adds depth and complexity to the game.

    Now for the cons, sadly this is a much longer list.
    1. No seasons, these have been in every total war game and add depth ad complexity to the game. Attacking in the wrong season has serious consequences. There is absolutely no good reason to remove this long standing feature.
    2. VASTLY reduced options regarding defense on the campaign map. Spending your precious resources on walls and towers was always something to balance with the rest of your empires needs but it paid huge dividends when your town came under siege. Now some cities have walls some don't and regardless you cant modify them.
    3. Generals skill trees/abilities: In previous installments in the Total War Series generals who had won many battles had numerous perks and skills that were sometimes quite unique. Losing a veteran was a huge deal as it would be a long time indeed before you had another commander that was his equal. Rome 2's generals all follow the same skill set and come and go so easily its like they are another regular unit card. There is no need to care about them.
    4. Family/Clan management is basically non existent now. Where it was once a deep and involved part of the game.
    5. Agents no longer have cutsceens. While not a vital part of the game by any means, every previous iteration of the game had this and they added to your immersion.
    6. The encyclopedia is now bare bones containing minimal information and no historical references. All the previous Total War games included a substantial amount of history about a unit or advance. Really added to the games depth.
    7. The AI is poor and borderline incapable of doing its job. I at least believe this can and will be patched.
    8. The battles are over in a few minutes. No more epic battles here just 5 minutes, 10 if you are lucky and things will be decided. Why the sudden shift in the scope of battles?

    In summary I believe that all the technical bugs will be fixed in the coming months. The problem I see is that several reason why Rome 2 is a poor game boils down to features that were intentionally removed. I doubt they will be addressing anything like this in the patches. Thus in the end we are left with a hollow "Rome Lite" when we should of had their best work to date. Am I missing something here is this really the game the rest of you were looking for? Or are you as disappointed as I am?
  87. Sep 9, 2013
    This game is pathetic, it feels like creative assembly had nothing to do with the development, they hired somebody else to do this crap…, every known feature common to the series is lost, doesn´t feel like a total war game. Resuming some of the messed up features: First, AI: Retarded, both in campaign map and battle map. In the campaign map is stupid because it does nothing, stays still waiting for you to destroy them. In battle they are stupid because they do stupid thing or they do nothing as well…, like in mi last battle when I was able to occupy a city without fighting at all…, none died. I separated my army in two, while the AI was worried with one part the army I was able to walk mi way through the back of the city and grab the wining point and win, with no opposition at all. They tried to do something but they couldn´t reach me, they get lost in their own city.

    Second, Multiplayer:
    Too much time doing nothing, there are a lot more factions than previous games so I believe is ok waiting for them to resolve, is part of the business, but why they take much longer in multiplayer campaign?. The big problem with multiplayer is that you can´t do almost nothing while your friend is playing his turn, you can´t choose what to build or queue units, this could be done in previous games like napoleon, shogun and fall of the samurai. Here you must take note of all the things you must do in order to do them as quick as you can when your turn comes, before your friend gets angry of doing nothing and says, enough. We both quit in turn 4, with only a few cities to run, we saw it coming... If that was annoying, imagine having 30 or more regions each, one player waiting doing NOTHING, and the other one doing what he could have done while the other one was playing his turn.

    Forth, Battles:
    Units routs out to quickly, move to fast, seem to be immune to fatigue, ridiculous button press abilities: we have some of this in shogun and fall of the samurai but this is abusive. They say: “we want to take out some of the micro management”, they took it out from the campaign map and put it into the battle map.
    I like generation of maps based on campaign map, but I´ve seen some cities that looked essentially the same...

    Fifth and Last, Campaign Map:
    No seasons, looks pretty bad compared to previous campaign maps, probably because it´s made with the battle map engine I don’t know. It´s bigger but armies seem to walk much further than previous games so that makes it smaller than it looks. Nothing happens after taking a region with a wonder on it, no screen, nothing.

    Me: never pre ordering again.
    You: don´t buy it, wait for Christmas!!!
  88. Sep 9, 2013
    Horrible UI. AI is brain dead Poorly optimized. Navy is useless (Normal troops can spawn magical boats) No more guard button. Units don't fight in formation (Phalanx have to brake to attack etc) Stupid magical powers (flaming javelins etc) Arcadey useless effects (Glowing light on everything) Unit card that covers half my screen. (5 times bigger then shogun) Awful and useless generals and agents 3D models (Really awful)
    Civil war is pointless (Both choice mean nothing no color beam sry)
    1 year turn, no point caring for generals they die way to fast
    No more seasons
    and again
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
  89. Sep 10, 2013
    For new players, if you can deal with illogical menus, horrid ai, imbalanced units, confusing unit cards, a perplexing government system, combined with a severe lack of in-game help (despite the encyclopedia and numerous tips options), not to mention the terrible optimisation, glitches and bugs there's something for you to enjoy here.

    For total war vets, guys, just wait for the modders
    to fix the game. It will ruin years of fond memories and make you cry real man tears. Expand
  90. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is only half made. Before the patch the glitches were game breaking. There is no unit balance elephants for the win if the A.I. even sends more the one or two army units to attack you at all. The A.I. is incompetent doing nothing even if your troops are standing right out in front of them. The game stripped many features and had many half baked features this game was clearly rushed. Even after all of that its still a Total War game and it is still enjoyable, but not $60 enjoyable. Either buy Shogun 2, a far superior Total War game, or wait until a Steam sale to get this. Or skip it all together you wouldn't miss much except for a broken game. Expand
  91. Sep 15, 2013
    I paid 60$ for a early acces game??? currently the game is on beta stage,so many bugs,i regret buying this.
    at least CA should reward us for testing her awful game.
  92. Sep 11, 2013
    BS to all of the critic reviews.

    The game is disappointing and not finished. CA rushed the game and its still basically a beta. The AI and UI are terrible, which makes no sense because TA games are all pretty similar in their battle mechanics so why would the battle AI be worse... The load times and graphics are also worse then any other TA game. Good things are, the map is huge and the
    campaign UI is good. I like how you raise troops in the army instead of a town and I like the province system.

    DO NOT BUY until they finish the game.

    If you want a good and true review please watch Angry Joe's review.
  93. Sep 11, 2013
    This Game Is not bad but you can´t call it total war anymore. I played total sice rome I but rome II is the first game which I don´t like from total war. I miss all the good stuff from the older Games. I wish that they are patching it up soon and massive.
    In Hope
  94. Sep 12, 2013
    I am extremely disappointed in the game. FPS is 10-15 max in battles and just as bad in campaign on my ultra high end pc.

    Within an hour of trying to get the game working, anyone can see, this is not a completed product.
  95. Sep 12, 2013
    I love Total War, I really do. But this game... I don't know if it is proper to call THIS a game. I played this for about 30 hours and the more I played, I became more disappointed. Huge amount of bugs, crashes, extremely stupid AI, poor optimization, minor UI issues like hidden skill tree for your characters and etc., etc. Now patches every week... CA promised us so much and gave us so little... They fed us with gameplay videos and interviews, teasing. And then they released this. What a mockery.
    I feel like I was betrayed.

    Disappointment of the year, no doubt.
  96. Sep 12, 2013
    Rome 2 effectively punished its consumer base by releasing the game unfinished. Even if patches make the game perfect, I mean a completely reskinned Shogun 2 would have been so much better than Rome 2. SEGA and CA are lucky the "press" has given them a total pass, the biggest concern is the streamlining of the game, features that really made the original Rome the epic game we all came to love.are gone, to favor a more arcade approach... Epic fail CA/Sega Expand
  97. Sep 12, 2013
    They sell a beta game for full price. Clearly unfinished campaing ui, undeveloped features (politics), terrible ai in combat and campaing. They laugh at the spanish and italian customers.

    The game has a lot of good thigs but those mistakes make the be below of the acepptable.
  98. Sep 12, 2013
    Total war is about WAR!! no battles at all unless I attack a city. or the AI attacks my city with 1 unit in suicide missions.100% siege battles.dumb AI. no family tree, no immersion to the game. it feels shallow. no politics no senate,nothing that makes the game enjoyable. diplomacy is a joke. navy is useless cause you can magically take your army to the sea and it will transform in to a navy. open field battles have a FLAG?! that you have to capture or defend!!! that alone takes off all the enjoyment of battles of previous total war games. buggy to the point of just leaving the game alone. very poor choice of features. basically the game is crap regardless of the fixes the are going to do. I spend 60 bucks pre order for this THING CA I will never ever pre order again. thanks for the worst ever total war game. a decade waiting for this game and you did THAT?! shame on you. keep my money maybe you can enjoy it, I will not. Expand
  99. Sep 13, 2013
    Hugely misguided effort, which tries to be Starcraft or maybe a commercial sellout but is just a boring pointless game. It also happens to be bug riddled with terrible AI and has numerous unfinished features to boot. Buyer beware. This is the strategy turd of the year!!!
  100. Sep 13, 2013
    Disclaimer for my review:

    I created a Metacritic account simply to write a review. I have never reviewed a game before, but due to my love for the series and my utter disappointment I went through all the damned hoops to do this.

    I am copy/pasting my request for a refund from Steam Support, but feel that others should read it as well and interact with this review as they see fit.

    Hello Steam Support,

    First of all let me apologize for not putting "Rome 2: Total War" into the Product line of the ticket, as I was unable to find it [only found Rome: Total War and didn't want to add undue confusion].

    I, among many, preordered the new Rome Total War 2 game from the Creative Assembly. As I'm sure you're aware the reception to the game has been less than positive. I feel it prudent to state that I have been a Total War fan since Medieval: Total War and have purchased and played every single game, expansion, and DLC for these games since that release.

    Shogun 2 was a masterpiece (I played over 800 hours). It was engaging, taught me a level of discipline and patience I never knew I had, and made me appreciate a culture previously foreign to me (as did all of the other previous games). The game was solid and defined, smooth, and fostered a gaming community of unparalleled cooperation.

    Rome 2: Total War, however, is a disgrace. The Creative Assembly, no doubt influenced by Sega, has pushed out a "game" that experiences critical errors, but, more importantly for me, has misrepresented itself and its product. As a stout capitalist I believe it is my duty as the consumer to humbly request a refund of this product. I will happily pay for the overhead fee I incurred while downloading the game through your relay. I additionally vow to keep the $60.00 I spent within the gaming ecosystem as a whole and will use this money to reward games and expansions that accurately represent and deliver their product (Xcom: Enemy Within, DLC for DOW Retribution, and Space Hulk). I believe it is our responsibility, mine as the consumer whose voice exists solely through the power of the dollar, and yours as the the most powerful and reliable relay in the U.S. (probably the world), to keep this issue from recurring and poisoning the digital PC game ecosystem that I know you have spent so much time protecting and promoting.

    While I admit this is a most humble plea, please know that I have never requested a refund from any product on Steam before, that I love the Total War franchise more than any other, and that I could not live my life knowing I had rewarded the sloppy mess that is Rome Total War 2.

    Rome Total War 2 is NOT the product that was advertised. We cannot reward the delivery or sustainability of this product.

    This is the most powerful message that I can send to make my voice heard as the consumer and therefore I leave this impassioned request with the sincerest plea to allow me to redistribute my investment within our beloved gaming community to games and companies that accelerate our gaming experience, not retard it.

    Humblest regards,

    Commissar Petrov

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  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]