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  1. Sep 5, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The reality is that the first public release of TF is no more than an Alpha or at best a first Beta release. Playability is low. The user interface is primitive, confusing and misses most basic features found in similar games. The game challenge is very low. It is difficult to build realistic networks. I haven't found a way to schedule or select a loading plan for vehicles. But as there is no manual, I don't know know if this is possible or not. Graphics are dated and it is difficult to follow what is actually going on in the spreadsheet .... er game. I have seen Excel spreadsheets more fun than this. 24hrs after release there are a lot of very unhappy purchasers on the Steam forums as the poor state of the game was not revealed before launch. It has been mentioned on Steam that of 200 beta testers, 80 were investors in the game, which may explain the glowing reviews that have been published. Hopefully the game can be fixed, but there has been no statement from the developers yet. Even if it is I can't see it offering anything new in railroad gaming. Expand
  2. Sep 7, 2014
    The graphics are good, but the fun ends there. The menus and controls are terrible, the soundtrack is weak. There is no fun in the game. The trains are obsolete and you should replace them, but this should send them back to the station, which sometimes does not work well. The logic for the carriage of cargo does not make much sense. In short: I'm regretting having bought the game.
  3. Sep 4, 2014
    The game is nicely done. The devs care about details. Of course for a small company there are things missing, but modding is very easy and the community already solved one of the flaws of the game (4 industry chains), you have now 12.

    - Graphics are great.
    - Gameplay is good. Laying tracks could be better, but as its complex I don't know how it could improve since it allows a lot of
    - UI is good to me. Some people complain of being small. There is already a mod with bigger icons. You can mod yourself, as change the UI icons is as simple as replace an image in the folder of the game. Font, music, everything, simple replace it.

    The game give a nice environment and atmosphere of the old Locomotion, TTD and RT2. Its worth it for those who like this kind of game.
  4. Sep 5, 2014
    What's this? A game that can actually claim to be a worthy successor to the Transport Tycoon subgenre of tycoon games? Why yes!

    While the game is definitely a bit rough around the edges (as of release date) and the transport mechanics are a bit of an initial uphill struggle, it's definitely worth the sweat and tears. Once you grasp the basics a very robust sandbox "Transport building"
    game awaits you at the peak.

    Living and breathing cities that change as the years go by not only in size but also in style and complexity - Lots of challenges along the way to supply the ever increasing demand for goods and commuters force you rethink old strategies and adapt to the turn of the century. From simple horse carriages and early steam engines to modern Electric trams and trains, you'll be spending far too many hours playing this - if you give it a chance and live with the few annoyances it current has.
  5. Sep 20, 2014
    I bought this game relying on the positive reviews. I was fooled. This game should not have been released in its current state. Let's start with no instructions whatsoever. You are left to figure it out on your own. That's fine when all you have is a jump, shoot and aim button for an action game. This game is complex and it would take hundreds of hours of trial and error to figure out how the economics work. Speaking of economics, the game's title should be wagon/truck fever rather than Train Fever because you make much more money from road vehicles. Laying tracks is beyond frustrating. They offer trains stations with double tracks, but no option to lay multiple tracks at once. You are left to do it manually. That would be okay if the terrain was completely flat, but it's not. Laying one track through hills or over water alters the surrounding terrain, making a true double track unfeasible, if not totally impossible. Maybe there is a way to raise and lower track, but I wouldn't know. There are no instructions. The interface is overly complex and infinitely frustrating. The first freight wagons last 15 years and it takes so long to retire the old ones and buy new ones, by the time you're done, it's time to replace yet more vehicles. It's a chore, it's not fun. I also own Railroad Tycoon 3, Steam version, and that old thing is a better game than Train Fever. Just too many problems to mention here. I absolutely love building games like this so I have spent many hours trying to like it. But for the average person, this game needs a ton of updates before it is worthy of a full release (especially for $35!). All of the problems should be fixable, but until then, this is an early access game and that's being kind. Don't reward lazy game designers. Do not buy this game in its current state. Expand
  6. Sep 17, 2014
    I am a long time fan of TTD, and I still play oTTD to this day.
    This game is at best a poor knock off, and in it's present state unfinished.
    Management of trains and tracks are a joke, and it is really impossible to make proper train networks.
    If I want to make something a bit advanced, I have to find ways to cheat the game to make things work realisticly. I'd say the game is a nice try
    of revamping the TTD feel, but as it stands, it lacks far too many features. I really wanted to enjoy it, but I just can't. Soundtrack is terrible, the game runs poorly on my very powerful gaming rig, and the UI leaves a lot to be desired. Expand
  7. Sep 5, 2014
    I think it's a good game.

    You can build passenger and cargo lines (with trains, bus, streetcars, trucks...) and connect the towns and industries to each other, which is fun. Cities grow when they are connected to other cities via your transportation network or get goods delivered.

    The simulation is very solid. Every inhabitant has a persistent home, work, a recreational area and a
    preferred shop where he or she likes to go.

    The optical presentation is nice which makes it very satisfying to watch the networks come to life. The cities are very lovely done, except sometimes the surrounding lands feels a little bit monotonous. There aren't any premade maps, instead they are procedural generated.

    There are some rough edges at the moment (like the UI), but the biggest oversight is that the developers somehow missed to provide a user guide and the tutorial is lacking. It doesn't explain all important things. Some people are simply lost and rely on user generated guides or youtube videos at the moment, which understandably is frustrating for some.
  8. Sep 11, 2014
    sorry but this game plays and feels like an alpha also the interface is to small besides the main hud
    i hope the devs patch this thing but i fear this willt ake months
  9. Sep 5, 2014
    A satisfying blend of SidMeier's Railroads and Cities in Motion. The detail in this game is immense and the desire to keep playing is superb. A well priced game £17.99 on Steam and a modest download.
  10. Sep 5, 2014
    This is a great transportation game, the best one I've played. It's still being developed and it has so much potential. If you're a fan of games like the Railroad Tycoon series and Locomotion (I’d call this game a 3D sequel to Locomotion) this game is a no brainer - buy it. If you're not, then perhaps this isn't your cup of tea.

    The game has flaws, but then again it has trains. If
    you're the not the type who thinks 3D trains more than overcome some annoyances and missing features, then I'd say skip this, or wait and see.

    So, the good: this is a game about building a transportation network for fun and profit. It heavily features trains, but there are road vehicles and trams too. You lay out your stations, tracks, roads (sort of) and routes. Then you purchase train locomotives & rolling stock or road vehicles and assign them to those routes. If you’ve designed well, people and cargo will use your transportation and you get money. It’s a real joy crafting a well designed network of tracks, switches and signals and then watching your steam locos chug along efficiently.

    It’s like playing with model trains, but there’s enough game here to make it more compelling than just a train simulator (I've played a few and found them boring after a few hours).

    The bad: laying down tracks and roads is complicated. When you try to build something the way you want it, the game often cites “collision”. It’s kind of picky as to what it lets you build. To me, it’s entirely forgivable and I look at it as a challenge, but not everyone may agree.

    And there’s no manual. Finding out information at this early stage of the game isn't as easy as you’d like. Again, with experience playing Locomotion, I found the game immediately familiar and I’m sure soon there will be much more concise info on the game from the community.

    Content at launch was a bit sparse – there were no North American trains. Sad face.

    But overall, I’d still recommend buying it if you’re into these sorts of games.
  11. Sep 8, 2014
    At first I had trouble with the game, because the developers only included a very poorly designed tutorial and they forgot the user manual. But I watched some Let's plays, read some guides made by the community and now I am very satisfied. Once one understands how everything is working it offers a deep and engaging experience. Good: - modern graphics engine - detailed models - it's really fun
    - speed of trains is adjusted based on angle of curve, incline/decline and some other factors
    - tracks must follow the same rules as real world train tracks (eg. no steep hills, no sharp turns, 90 degree road crossings)
    - cities grow dynamically (depends on quality of your transportation network)
    - train signals are easy to manage, they work like path signals in openTTD.
    - maps are procedurally generated

    - steep learning curve
    - user interface is ok, but nothing special.

    - poor tutorial
    - no user manual
    - needs better performance optimization
    - at the moment it is not possible to choose on which platform a train will arrive. (as far as I know it will be patched)
  12. Sep 16, 2014
    Unfinished Transport Tycoon. Slow time, the fastest speed 'bus' line goes his circuit one year. Only time updates and indicate whether it will be better
  13. Sep 5, 2014
    Awesome game and nicely done. Makes fun so far, although I made some mistakes in my first games. Restarted and planned ahead. Will probably spend many hours with train fever. Hoping also for mods and updates though.

    No MP does not bother me personally, but might bother some other potential buyers.
  14. Sep 22, 2014
    It sounds far better than reality. The idea of the dynamically growing cities is interesting, but doesn't leave you needing to capitalise on the market as it grows around you. No tutorial, which is acceptable if the mechanics were not so shrouded in mystery. It is based on journey times, so there is little point in cross-city bus routes, trains are too expensive in the beginning so you are left with a couple of routes early in the game. Once you have progressed and can start in a later start date the towns are of the same size roughly as when you started in the previous time thereby not allowing you to turn a profit as the cost of infrastructure is increased but the demand remains as low as horse and cart. UI is disgusting, I have never experienced anything so micro managed and vomit inducing. The system of management of vehicles and trains is terrible, that by the time you have a large network you are left to sit and micromanage all your trains as they need to be returned to a depot to be decommissioned, which sounds fine in practice, but in reality it is just terrible. It has the scope to be quite interesting. If Cities in Motion and these guys got together it may create an interesting game. But on it's own it is nowhere near worth the price tag. Expand
  15. Oct 20, 2014
    They have managed to capture the spirit of classic Transport Tycoon. Sadly, the UI is unfinished and the game balance is a little bit off (trains are too expensive and there is nearly not enough demand for all the industrial goods). The developers have been busy releasing patches and if they keep on improving this game, it could very well become a classic.
  16. Sep 23, 2014
    "i bravi artisti copiano, i grandi rubano" questo gruppetto scarno di sviluppatori nemmeno quello è riuscito a fare. La difficoltà estrema coincia già dall'interfaccia, un gruppo di finestre di testo sparate a caso nell'interfaccia e quasi sempre posizionate una sull'altra, già dal tutorial (se di tutorial vogliamo parlare...).
    Tutorial che per l'appunto, dovendoti spiegare le basi
    del gioco, quando ti consiglia di collegare le due città con una ferrovia non considera che se per sbaglio non riesci a piazzare bene un tratto di binari (e capita, visto che il posizionamento lo si fa tenendo premuto il pulsante sinistro del mouse, lo scorrimento lo si fa tenendo premuto il pulsante destro e, se per caso non hai azzecato l'impostazione visiva prima di iniziare l'azione, arrivare alla rotellina per settare lo zoom potrebbe accidentalmente farti rilasciare uno dei tasti) cancellandolo hai già esaurito il credito necessario per acquistare il treno.
    la creazione dei binari, quando si riesce a mantenere una sorta di equilibrio di tasti premuti del mouse, è automatizzata al punto tale (ponti, gallerie, rimozione terrapieni e curvatura decisa dal sistema) che se sbagli di qualche millimetro il posizionamento ti mangia metà dei fondi per eseguire le opere di adattamento del terreno, oltre all impossibilità totale di poter creare intersezioni a livello stradale (costringendoti a creare infrastrutture costosissime per superare una piccola strada di campagna).
    Anche la parte che riguarda i trasporti pubblici segue una sua strana logica dove, se un mezzo deve andare da A a B, magicamente seguirà un percorso a P invece che avanti e indietro, aumentando i tempi ed i costi di gestione.
    Questo tipo di gioco non sa dove posizionarsi se tra il genere simulativo, tycoon o quant'altro, riunendo alcuni punti di forza che resero celebri altri giochi tripla A passati (Locommotion, Railorad's) ma allo stesso tempo riuscendo anche a denigrarli completamente creando uno sconforto generale di chi sta al di là del monitor e vorrebbe vedere un feeling positivo, un accostamento divertente o comunque che appassioni (le sfide tycoon sono ormai impronta storica e standard per questo tipo di giochi).
    Insomma, a conti fatti se di programma vogliamo parlare non ci sono molti punti a sfavore. ben fatto, pochi bug, quasi nessun artefatto grafico, una buona componente texture e spazio per aggiunta mod, ma siccome parliamo di un videogioco con cui (ovviamente) si vuole interagire, se proprio si vuole sorvolare sulla difficoltà di approccio dell'interfaccia ci si ritroverà comunque davanti all'impenetrabile muraglia di un gioco che nemmeno lui sa cosa vuole essere, e cosa vuole trasmetterti, e queste sono cose che purtroppo con una Mod non si risolvono.
  17. Oct 12, 2014
    It is not a typical TTD clone, so many hardcore TTD fans would be disappointed.

    In many ways, the game goes further than TTD, especially in realism. It is hard to lay a new track, but that's it! In real life you too have to predict and plan when you want to build a new railroad track. Here it is similar, when you underestimate it, it wil be very costly, or it will end with LOAD button
    :-) But after few hours you will become skilled in track building and every new track will make you proud of it when the first train/bus/tram appears on it.

    The graphics is detailed, the cities seems like living and sometimes you stop building/managing and you can only stare at everything moving, working, living. Only the terrain outside cities could be more detailed, more trees, different scenery etc, but i believe that will come later from the creators or community.

    There is great modding community, so you can have a new high detailed train/bus/tram/building model every few hours if you want, the adding of the content is very easy using the community made Mode manager.

    I you like complexity, challenge and trains, the game is for you!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Oct 18, 2014
    The passage of time and the subsequent technological evolution forces the player to a meticulous planning of his actions, and the gameplay manages to thrill when your company can make a profit.
  2. 60
    Another potentially great game that serves more as a beta version for the price of a finished product. You'll need a powerful PC to run it - and a lot of patience as well. [Issue#245]
  3. Oct 10, 2014
    It's got some nice potential and it could grow with future expansions, but right now Train Fever is a very thin and convoluted game.