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  • Summary: Tropico 4 sees you return as El Presidente, the tyrannical (or benevolent) dictator of the island paradise of Tropico. The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times � geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers -- and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your Swiss bank account. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 46
  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. Oct 4, 2011
    Overall though, Tropico 4 was a delightful experience. It made some incredibly useful changes and additions to gameplay while maintaining the heart of the Tropico series. And the annoyances were few and far between enough that this title is worth turning on again and again. Viva la Tropico!
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    The latest Tropico's sole problem is the fact that the visuals are not very different from the previous game in the series. Other than that it's an immensely absorbing title and the built-in editor along with the ability to share user created scenarios will guarantee its longevity. [October, p.42]
  3. Oct 19, 2011
    A good-looking, accessible, charming city-builder. Not much new here from Tropico 3, but lots of potential for Tropico 5.
  4. Sep 10, 2011
    It's best to look at Tropico 4 as port of entry for new players. If you've never set sail for the island paradise's sunny climes, you'll be happy to know that the improvements allow you to enjoy a more accessible version of Tropico 3 without feeling like they've dumbed-down the content.
  5. Sep 9, 2011
    A strategy game full of absorbing gameplay and a one of a kind dictatorship atmosphere. It's a pity that fans of the previous game could feel a little disappointed with a small amout of gameplay changes - sure, the whole campaign has been written from scratch but adding only a few new buildings, factions and challenges seems not enough. On the other hand, the developers managed to keep the original mechanics and used some well known patterns in a good way.
  6. Apr 18, 2013
    Taking control over the fictitious banana republic Tropico is still very entertaining. The changes from Tropico 3 are not overwhelming, but for new players the learning curve is a bit steep. However Tropico 4 is an addictive title and a safe alternative to Theme - and Sim -games.
  7. Sep 6, 2011
    Whoever already owns a copy of a previous Tropico chapter won't find many reasons to buy this new chapter, gameplay is just the same and new features are too few to justify a full price.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 75
  2. Negative: 14 out of 75
  1. Aug 28, 2011
    This game is just what the fans of the series and the genre in general want and expect. A fun, relaxing game with decent graphics and gameplay complex enough to keep you occupied, but not frustrated. Tropico 3 was nigh on perfect and the developers just built a little bit on that foundation. Some will aruge it's the same old game, but why fix it if it's not broken? A major overhaul often results in destroying what used to be an entertaining and fulfilling game...If you liked the previous versions of the game, you'll enjoy this one just as much. Expand
  2. May 5, 2013
    By far the best single player RTS game ever made. Great graphics and game play. I played Tropico 3 before and fell in love with the series. Although it looks like it can be a repetitive game it isn't. The mission story lines you go through are really good and at time funny if you read the text.

    The added help of the map editor allows those who are good with some scripting to make their own missions and upload them for others to play. If you are a die hard RTS player then you will never be put off with this game. Even 3 months after I finished the game, you can still go go back and play and get thoroughly engrossed into the game again.

    Well worth the money....Tropico 5 is in production and Kalypso have said they are start the graphics from scratch. I personally can't wait.
  3. Jan 5, 2013
    I already owned Tropico 3 but since this was only
  4. Apr 21, 2012
    Game is definitely a solid upgrade to its predecessor. Tutorial to teach you the basics. Campaign is much more coherent, and from my experience you have a lot more flexibility economically to build up your nation which should make it overall more accessible. That isn't to say you can't screw up. I don't consider myself an expert and have had a few missions where I spiraled into debt, but most of them I have been able to grow my nation as I had planned. I think I am around 14/20 through the campaign and have been enjoying this one much more than Tropico 3. Expand
  5. Apr 25, 2013
    Actually I like the game a lot, if there wasn't those ridiculously low limits for population and streets. You're forced to stop expanding and your beautiful built up city is damned to just stagnate and any gaming fun is gone. Expand
  6. c3p
    Nov 23, 2013
    Game is probably a 8/10, the fact that i have to provide a mail to play it (even though i bought it on steam), is responsible for -2.
    just the most stupid/annoying thing i have seen in a game in a really long time! Expand
  7. Apr 5, 2012
    The gameplay is generally pretty good. The developers have spent all this time on good gameplay but they have forgotten to include the basic continuity features. This game doesn't include autosave. Even when the option is ticked, freeplay games are not autosaved which causes huge frustration. Even then, in challenge mode, autosave saves so far apart that if you crash it feels like restarting anyway. Furthermore the menus including the bottom left controls take up most of the screen. They should be made small on user choice and if the user chooses, be 'minimizable' to a small tab on the bottom, similar to the Windows interface. This is really frustrating. How could the developers lack such obvious continuity features, yet make general gameplay pretty good? URGH!! Expand

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