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  • Summary: As the all-powerful dictator El Presidente in this "Tropico" expansion, face new challenges as you build your thriving island paradise... not to mention a bountiful Swiss bank account. Paradise Island provides more tourist attractions such as beach villas, tennis courts, and nature preserves to help lure those Yanqui tourists. And for you "evil" tyrants out there, new dictator attributes allow for the success of even the most unjust regime! It may be time to enforce Martial Law, because it looks like there's trouble in paradise! [Take 2] Expand
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  1. All the added features of the nicely-priced expansion pack provide an absolutely enjoyable and unique city-building gaming experience that will keep you entertained each and every visit you make to the sunny beaches that make up the sultry and sometimes dangerous paradise of Tropico.
  2. This expansion improves on all aspects of the game from basic mechanics to the soundtrack.
  3. Kudos to the development team for speeding up the build times, including a plethora of new structures and edicts, and adding even more great tracks to the excellent soundtrack.
  4. 80
    If you enjoyed the tourism aspect of the original game then this add-on is a definite must for you.
  5. Tropico has a great Caribbean soundtrack, and the visuals are colorful and for the most part well animated, even if they look a little blocky sometimes too.
  6. 80
    Buildings are built noticeably faster now. Especially huge projects like the airport. Now there is a random damage element courtesy of the elements themselves, occasional storms will pass through and they can put a final nail in your faltering economy, or at least slow down a burgeoning one (this feature is optional).
  7. Barely a step above a patch. An expansion pack like this makes you ask, "Is that all?" [May 2002, p.91]

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  1. Jun 21, 2011
    The absolute best city-building game I've ever played, without exaggeration. From overarching policy shifts such as encouraging the populace to eat better, to micromanagement specific enough to assassinate individual citizens, this game truly has everything I could want in a sim. Expand

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