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  • Summary: Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. Unrest is a story driven RPG set in ancient India in the midst of an uprising. Play as ordinary men and women struggling for safety, freedom, food for their children, and a chance at peace. Expand
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  1. Aug 6, 2014
    Unrest offers a gripping story about hope, failure, action and inaction, fear and security, which feels more like an interactive visual novel than an actual game. And a well-written one, at that. Sort of like A Game of Thrones without endlessly waiting for the dragons to come, the game delivers its quick shot of gripping narrative, challenges you to make a couple of life and death decisions, then leaves you boiling in the karmic print of your choices.
  2. Aug 6, 2014
    Seeing as how I was one of those few that loved dialogue scenes in other games, I really enjoyed this title. My only real gripe was how most of them end rather abruptly (one time, I moved on before I was ready and missed out on doing some side events) and one character didn’t get revisited like the others.
  3. Aug 8, 2014
    Unrest is a short, smart work. Most roleplaying games are about those in power, but Unrest is also about those who aren't.
  4. 70
    Unrest is a choice-driven RPG with little combat to speak of that touches on relevant social issues.
  5. Jul 23, 2014
    Unrest is a short narrative full of ethical dilemmas, presented through the eyes of an unusually diverse cast of RPG characters. Those choices have an isolated impact, but don’t expect them to alter the story to a radical degree.
  6. Jul 22, 2014
    In a sea of clearly defined morality systems, Unrest proves that sometimes the best waters consist of infinite shades of gray.
  7. Aug 1, 2014
    A compelling story with many outcomes, but the game itself is a little too rough around the edges.

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