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  • Summary: US Special Forces: Team Factor has a unique three-team scenario, with each team competing against the other two, all with overlapping objectives. Become a member of an elite fighting force as a Soldier, Scout, Sniper or Specialist. Players must move swift, silent and deadly in many drop zones such as a Siberian airfield, a Turkish bath, the Mekong Delta, a Middle Eastern port and locations in the US. The 3-D LightForce engine designed specifically for USSF brings the drop zones to life with superior graphics, texture mapping and extraordinarily smooth animations. [XiCat Interactive] Expand
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  1. Overall, it just felt like this game was striving to be "Rogue Spear" with the production value of "Donkey Kong." If you want squad-based games, play the Tom Clancy or SWAT games.
  2. Team Factor's dated graphics, sparse sound, and lack of interesting play modes keep it from measuring up to action-game heavyweights like "Counter-Strike," "Battlefield 1942," and "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault," and even to budget-priced shooters like "Serious Sam."
  3. Clever ideas don't make up for shoddy craftsmanship. [Jan 2003, p.75]
  4. Gamers have already seen, heard and played everything Team Factor has to offer - and had more fun doing so.
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