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  1. Jun 5, 2013
    Great tactical strategy game with a really nice scale.

    Wargame Airland Battle is an awesome strategy game because it features something that not many games like this have but which, in my opinion, greatly increases the fun a really good scale!

    In WAB you fight on really large maps and thus, the units have a somehwat realistic shooting and viewing range. In this game, a normale tank
    shoots at about 500m range and not like 30m compared to other strategy games.

    This allows for much more and deeper strategies because flanking and movement becme much more important and more fun and rewarding! Overall the game just feels better and more realistic just because of this gameplay element.

    The next thing is, the units have a good damage output and armor/health. In this game, your heavy battle tank can shoot down a light tank with one hit instantly while getting nothing themselves. That means, that there is no more spamming of little units that are able to kill any foe, just if you bring enough of them. You have to be very careful what you are attacking. Again, this leads to the player needing to develop more and deeper tactics in the battle and makes the game feel more realstic and more rewarding.

    The last thing that is really nice about WAB is the huge (and i mean HUGE) amount of different units that are in the game. You have not only many different categories of units but in each of them you have a wide selection of them. And they all differ in the many nice features and stats that each unit has, making them useful and giving them the right to be there and not being just for the numbers...

    Graphis are nice as well, the units are very detailed and sharp when you zoom in to the maximum and trees, plains, towns and so on look nice as well. The Sound is good as well, the firing sounds nice and are what you would expect from your units.

    The mediocre campaign is no really big deal because WAB is designed to give intense tactical battles in multiplayer or skirmish which works really well.

    Overall, this game is what i have waites for because i really like the more realistic games with a big scale and often critical damge that unis are able to dish out because this is much more intense than the somewhat lame short range stand-offs like in your c&c...
  2. May 30, 2013
    I resubmitted this review in order to clarify something very important. This is more of an expansion (stand-alone) to the original than it is a new game. For comparison though here are the differences between this game and the previous one. EE is European Escalation; ALB is Air Land Battle. -Campaign: EE had a very basic level structure. Level 1, then etc. ALB has a 'civilization' like campaign (minus civilization management. Only units).

    -Units: There are at least 350 units in EE. Note though that these are limited to mostly ground units and
    helicopters. ALB adds aircraft which is a massive new depth to the game. It consists of 750+ units.

    -Multi: EE had up to 4v4 battles. ALB has up to 10vs10 and the campaign is multiplayer (1v1 only).

    -Progression: EE had a command stars unlocking system. This system allowed players to purchase units with stars earned from multi and SP. ALB has stripped away this system. My opinion on this is in the review below. There is still a level ranking system in ALB for multiplayer (to show how long you've been playing).

    Hopefully this covers most questions. Back to the main review :)

    The good

    The massive depth of units and and attention to detail will astound anyone who takes the plunge. The game's updated engine can either give players a great amount of detail when viewing from afar (easy to read icons and a clean presentation) while showing off the firepower of your armaments in frightening detail when up close (from spinning death falls to plummeting planes. On the vehicle side the engine delivers. There are a few corner cuts here and there [in particular the infantry] but you'll not focus on these for too long). There is a lot of information to take in too that can be quite helpful. Unit statistics (showing how good a unit is at doing whatever job by detailing what weapons do what and other useful statistics like how good is the unit at spotting other units). All of this leads to exciting battles that involve a great amount of micro-management and positional planning.

    In the game you will create a stack of units built in a deck system. Each side has a standard amount of activation points. The more of a single type of unit you add to the deck the higher the activation point cost is (to the total activation points). When you select a specific unit type you can either select the trained version (which is more accurate and less prone to morale loss in combat) but you end up with less of that unit as a whole for deployment. You can specialize your deck to be specific to one nation (nations make up each side of the game) which gives you more activation points as well as specialize in a specific type of deck (armored for example allows you to use a prototype tank and more of the tank class uses less activation points in total but then you cannot bring as many infantry out as before).
    The game's units are called up via deployment points which you earn by holding capture zones (while in the normal RTS battle game). Spending points at specific intervals can either lead to the one unit that pushes you forward or the unit that merely fails to provide the needed kick into the game. On the campaign map this is even more important a decision as units that level up in rank (which gives them better stats and basic abilities) will keep their rank till they die. Once dead they will have to be reinforced with standard new units.

    There are many systems at play that you constantly will need to keep a thought on. From suppression tactics to morale, from ammo counts to basic repairs and the like. The game does a good job of telling you when a specific unit begins to run dry (normally highlighted by icons near the unit name). So you'll never be caught without ammo unless you're having to watch a number of war fronts at the same time (which is when things get hairy).

    The bad

    The massive depth can also be its downfall in a sense. The current system allows players to use any units in the game in a deck system (no unlocking). Some view this as a crutch but personally I feel that it does level the playing field. However the problem with this is that new players will find the list of units and possibly be scared away by the depth. Don't panic! I recommend you specialize your deck in a specific nation to limit the view of units so that you can figure out what each one does (skirmish skirmish skirmish).

    The other downside to the systems in place is that there isn't a fluent tutorial (basic tutorials cover deployment/capture zones, movement, airbase use and resupply) but it isn't as comprehensive as it may need to be. This means that there is a learning curve to the game that isn't gentle.

    A tough RTS with great rewards.

    Let me know if you enjoy this review. Have fun on the battlefield all of you.

  3. May 29, 2013
    Wargame Airland battle is not for you if you measure skill in an RTS by APM and build orders, its not about eco and production. In fact, there is no building of any kind other than one stationary supply unit (FOB) that can only be placed at the start of the game. Airland battle is named after the NATO war plan for the 1980s, which involved many small highly mobile hit and run strike forces and heavy air support. This is very well characterized in game.

    Every unit is mobile, there are no stationary weapons emplacements, everything can drive or fly under its own power. There is no entrenchment, this game does not portray a stagnant fortification based stalemate, it is of columns of rolling tanks, fast attack IFVs and helicopter born special forces.

    Combat is... unforgiving. Each unit is marginally intelligent and has a simple target selection algorithm which does solve some of the annoying gripes common to this sort of genre. There are a plethora of factors and stats for each unit, based on their real-life performance. The game does a very good job of sticking to realism, but knows when to drop it for balance.

    Multiplayer is intense, and frankly one of the best I've played, SP is not as amazing but still can be quite fun, especially later on.

    If you like a realistic armchair-general-war fiction-tactical military shenanigans, then this is the game for you.
  4. May 31, 2013
    The review is pretty accurate. It's a nice game with lots of stupid that just spoil the fun.

    I like the serious wargaming aspect, but for a developer who has already spent several years on the subject there are just too many stupid things. Like Artillery, that destroyes everything. Supply trucks you are sending around ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Infantry that is really good in
    cities and useless in forrests. City battles that are plagued by completely random line of sight rules. Well whole battles that are plagued by completely random sight rules.

    The list goes on. If you helicopter is flying high he can spot an enemy unit and you artillery can aim properly. Once the helicopter drops down he instantly forgets where the enemy unit was. So if you didn't zoom in on the enemy unit the moment it was visible you have no idea where exaclty to point you artillery.

    An infantry.. what great fun. You have mobile and mechanized infantry. The first one just has vehicles, the second one has firiring vehicles. But thats beside the point. What your infantry is good at is defending cities. You drive into a city block, your infantry takes position inside the buildings and your vehicles.. they get a bullseye painted on them. I can not explain it any way else they don' get hidden, they are not positioned behind buildings, they are just standing there, visible for everybody and waiting to be destroyed by the first random enemy that comes along.

    Well, I think this should do. If you have fun playing rts games, good micromanaging skills and never fought in the real military you may have fun. If you are looking for a serious war simulation or a forgiving rts game, look somewhere else.

    I will give it a six. I should give it a zero to level out all those 8-10 reviews, but the game doesn't deserve it.
  5. May 29, 2013
    Wow. I almost never write reviews of anything online, let along games, but i signed up for an account on metacritic just to write this one review if that tells you anything. What an amazing game this is. I am a strategy game fan and a modern day military strategy game fan at that. If you enjoy those types of games and would like the best modern-ish day military real-time strategy experience available you need to pick this one up. I can't praise it enough. Expand
  6. May 30, 2013
    AirLand Battle is an improved version of European Escalation. If you've never played EE before, it's like a far more tactical and realistic RTS, that requires management of resources such as morale, ammo, fuel, and supply lines, and no basebuilding. Resources are earned through outplaying your opponent, and strategy is absolutely essential to winning. You can't just blob your units and expect to win. For vets of EE, the biggest change is obviously the inclusion of planes, which are stabled offscreen, but can be called in to perform airstrikes and other missions. They hang around until they are either destroyed, or run out of fuel/ammunition, at which point they return to their offscreen base to refuel and rearm for their next mission. There are new terrain types, like hills, which can only be accessed by infantry, and other improvements like better graphics and sounds. The promotion system has been replaced with with a 'deck' system. I already loved EE, and ALB fixed the minor issues I had with it, so I feel comfortable awarding a 10. Expand
  7. May 29, 2013
    Loved the fist one, but ALB fails to live up to its predecessor. Game has been turned from a great RTS into a Total War clone. Single player campaign is horrific, removed the ability to save games.
  8. Jun 14, 2013
    Quick addition to my previous review! Lots of people saying you can't save single player campaign. No. you can't save it MANUALLY, but that's because the game saves after every battle anyway? I've reloaded my campaign and just carried on from where I left off. Not sure why so many people can't figure this out; especially since all it takes is about ten seconds looking to figure that out.

    So don't be put off by those saying you can't save. They are right, there's no manual save, but you don't need one because the game does it for you.
  9. May 29, 2013
    Great RTS with a ton of options. I find it similar to Men Of War in many ways, but unfortunately there is no direct control. If you are a military enthusiast RTS fan you will love this game, seems like almost every piece of cold war era hardware is represented in this game. Replayability factor is extremely high given the amount of options to build out your "decks" or armies.
  10. Jun 6, 2013
    Excellent game, even more immerse than the first one, full scale combined arms battles with full spectrum of air support. Extremely addictive. Beautiful cold-war setting. Triple A realtime tactic game and must have.
  11. Jun 3, 2013
    I cannot recommend this game enough, I played European Escalation since it came out and enjoyed it thoroughly. AirLand Battle is a excellent expansion on what was a revolutionary game in the Real Time Tactics genre. I believe only perfect games deserve 10/10 and every game I hav ever played has some detractions so here are the pros and cons.

    There is finally a tutorial. Though I
    was immediately sucked into European Escalation due to the setting of the game and being a military/Cold War history buff, and was aware of the differences between, for example, an M1 (105mm gun) and an M1A1 (120mm), this is not the case for many. Having some background knowledge about period military tech will certainly be of assistance but the lack of a tutorial turned off many prospective players in European Escalation.

    Aircraft. The titular addition changes the game into a much more dynamic (though still intense and tactical) game. In some ways it speeds the game up (call in an A-10 or two to deal with that tank column) and in some ways it slows it down (being cautious in your advance, making sure you have proper AA and air cover).

    Tactical Depth. There is no "Killer Strat" in AirLand, no victory-guaranteeing tactic. There are many viable ways to win a battle. You can specialize in aircraft, bringing a world of hurt to the enemy in seconds, or you can favor armored columns bristling with anti-aircraft weaponry to punish the flyboys who think their aircraft make them God. You can leapfrog forests with infantry and turn every hedgerow into a porcupine of anti-tank and anti-aircraft infantry. You can use special forces to seek out and destroy enemy Command Vehicles and anti-aircraft weapons, paving the way for victory. Or you can mix and match all of the above as an experienced player does.

    Good player base. It is a bit early to tell on this one, but many AirLand players are old European Escalation players, who, in my experience, were often good teammates and allies, and cunning enemies. That being said, if you are new I cannot recommend enough that you do the tutorial and play some skirmish battles against the AI, or watch some reviews to avoid some of the pitfalls of "noob" play that will frustrate your teammates.

    Historical Accuracy. This one is less definite than those preceding it. Perhaps it would be better to say the game is "authentic" rather than "accurate." Given the limited space you have on a map (though still, very large, over a hundred square kilometers for the larger ones) some weapons must be scaled accordingly. Some missiles for example, have ranges of over 100km, but in game are rendered as 10km. I say it is authentic however, because the scaling is global, if a long range missile (like the AIM-54 Phoenix) has a range of 190km in real life, and a short ranged one (like the AIM-9 Sidewinder) has a range of 35km, in game they are rendered as 12km and 3.5km respectively, retaining their intended use, if not their precise real-world stats. Radar-guided anti-aircraft missiles are vulnerable to SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) weapons which will lock on to their targeting radar even when they are hidden. This can be countered by turning the weapon's radar system "off." It is details like these that make the game fun for enthusiasts, and can be difficult to learn for newcomers, though not by any means impossible.


    The campaign. This is a minor con for me, but for many this can be a deal-breaker unfortunately (for the game, not the person). Though a substantial improvement over European Escalation, it is still entirely secondary to the multiplayer experience. I would like to correct some of the posts saying you cannot save the campaign. The game autosaves and all the autosaves are found under the "saved game" menu. That being said, the campaign is mildly entertaining at best. Good if you have an hour or two to kill, but do not want the pressure of a multiplayer game, or for those who must compulsively beat campaigns, but not particularly engaging.

    Learning Curve. Pro and a con. People have accurately (in my opinion) stated that AirLand Battle can be a difficult game to learn and a very difficult one to master. If you played European Escalation, it will not be a problem, but for new players, the number of units and the detail on each unit card, different weapon systems, and game mechanics can seem very daunting. I would urge one to play the game for a couple of weeks before decrying the difficulty though. It is much less difficult seeming once a player understands the various mechanics and what stats are important on unit cards. Once they have learned how to learn from the game, the real fun begins, with testing new tactics and weapons.

    In summation, the game is exceptionally detailed and well made, though there are still some minor balance issues to be solved, but this does not merit concern as Eugen has been good about addressing the player bases' concern.
  12. May 30, 2013
    Amazing game. One of the best strategy games out there. Huge amount of historical accurate units, great graphics, deep gameplay mechanics. The game is one of the best of this genre
  13. Jun 2, 2013
    This could have been a great game...unfortunately you can't save your games in single player. What have the developers been smoking??? From great to absolutely unplayable. What a petty.
  14. Jun 3, 2013
    Lowest score, because you unfortunately can't save your games during the solo campaign. For me absolutely unplayable.
    This could have been a best wargame...
  15. Jun 12, 2013
    Ok, first off I am not a RTS veteran, I never played star craft or any other games like that. I really only started RTS's with Company of Heroes which was an excellent game and has gotten me into this genre of game. i would also like to state that this is my first review on metacritic ever so I may get some stuff about reviewing wrong but whatever. Ok about the game, Wargame Airland battle is a cold war era RTS with maps the size of 2+ battlefield maps strapped together with duct tape. This makes for interesting battles with large numbers of enemy units. It also includes jets, and while these "amazing dogfights" are not exactly the quality I thought I was going to get, it still feels awesome to see a MIG falling from the sky in a heap of flames and debris, also watching 24 500kg bombs drop on an unsuspecting enemy is a freaking awesome feeling. It takes a while to discover what balance of expensive and cheap units you want in your "deck" or army as too many expensive units will result in you getting completely destroyed by the larger number of cheaper units the enemy has. The game devs have told a bit of a lie when they say "750 units in the game!!!" It should be more like "750 ways to transport your infantry to the front line" as there aren't 750 types of units there are just different vehicles and helicopters to transport them in. If you want to count that as 750 units, that's fine, personal preference, but I don't. The gameplay is pretty cool, and decks can get very interesting. My favorite deck is one comprising of only vietnam era units. I sent all of my infantry in, in the UH-1Y (or equivalent) helicopter with bombers flying overhead while listening to fortunate son (amazing experience wouldrecommend/10). The campaign seems fairly boring, the AI are good, the multiplayer is excellent, the graphics are awesome, the models are really detailed even when zoomed in. Overall I give this game a 7, (would have been 7.5 but we can't do that here It isn't the perfect game but it is pretty cool and I've been playing it for a while now. Expand
  16. May 30, 2013
    Wargame Airland Battle is the best RTS around since Men Of War Assault Squad. If you are looking for a more realistic, complex, varied and strategic game this is for you.

    The number of different units is astonishing and the graphics are incredible. Wargame European Escalation is really a totally different game. Airland Battle is exceptional in the mechanics it has, the feel of the
    units, the relative balance, the units the options and the graphics that are far superior to wargame european escalation in every single respect.

    The sigleplayer is rewarding if played at a very hard difficulty and is extremely fun to see real cold war units with their real organization figting each other.

    This game is a masterpiece but is not for everyone because it is complex and it is a game that requires a fair understanding of real tactics. Also there are many units to choose from and the unit cards can be hard to read and understand if you now nothing of real world units.
  17. May 31, 2013
    Great game. I find the single player lacks slightly, but as there is no option for a 9.5, I'm going to be rounding up. Definitely a game that will keep you playing all night!
  18. Jun 6, 2013
    Edit: I feel it is necessary to inform anybody that reads some of the negative reviews that there is a save system in the game and that reviews saying otherwise are false.

    Eugen has once again created a masterpiece RTS game. Wargame: Airland Battle builds upon the strengths of its predecessors, sheds their weaknesses, and adds a variety of nuances that any war gamer will certainly
    appreciate. The real time strategy part of the game (which is the meat of it) is able to provide an exciting tactical experience that rewards well executed planning and forethought and does its best to avoid devolving into a micro intensive mouse-click-spam. The new dynamic campaigns provides unique experiences similar in style to the board-game RISK and can be played solo or 1v1 with a friend. In summary, for any RTS fans out there this is a must purchase. Expand
  19. Jun 4, 2013
    This is a GREAT game!!! I have played the original, European Escalation which was an amazing game as well, but Airland Battle adds so much more. From much cleaner graphics to tons of new units, and completely redesigned maps there is so much this RTS has to offer. And did I mention 10 vs 10 gameplay? Having 20 different players on two sides slug it out on huge maps makes for uncountable tactical situations and huge replayability value. Not to mention extremely fun, which is what a game should be.

    Yes you can't save campaign games and there are not many people willing to sit 5 hours straight to finish the "hard" campaign, but the dynamic multiplayer were no two matches are the same are what really sells the game. And yes there is a learning curve for new players. But after you get over that learning curve the fun of crushing your enemies as they retreat and watching up close your harriers rip into enemy tank column and brain power needed to tweak your deck to make it fit your playing style make for a very rewarding game. I highly recommend it if you enjoy RTS, 10 out of 10 from me. See you on the battlefield.
  20. Jun 5, 2013
    Summary: An RTS that shows the genre at its best
    Pros: Fantastic gameplay, great multiplayer scene, unparallaled developer support
    Cons: Campaign pales in comparison to the superb multiplayer

    Where do I start? Wargame: Airland Battle (W:AB) is the sequal to Wargame: European Escalation. It features bigger maps, more units (including, of couse, air units) and fantastic support for its
    community by developers Eugen Systems.

    W:AB is a Cold War-era RTS that aims to simulate ground conflict in a hypothetical World War Three between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Almost every unit fielded by the 12 countries included in the game are in, and players can choose any from their alliance to have in their army, although limiting your army to certian countries or eras grants you bonuses to offset the reduction in choice.

    On the battlefield, this game really shines. Against the unpredictability of a multiplayer opponent, the player will have to decide on a strategy and execute it if he or she wants to win. Do you send in formations of advanced main battle tanks, or do you send in infantry to take out enemy forces lurking in the woods. Do you call in a ground attack plane for reinforcements, or anti-air artillery in case the enemy gets the same idea? Because of this variety, every game is different.

    The developer support for this game is amazing. Balance is very good, and is constantly fine-tuned. Multiple patches a week hotfix bugs, tweak inbalanced units and add new content. On the game forums, the devs are a constant presence, explaining their decisions behind the game in a way that should make many studios jealous. Such support is integral to the game community.

    The game's campaign, featuring a Total War-esque blend of strategic map and regular games is somewhat lacking, mainly because of the AI (which is not bad, just not as good as a real person). Luckily, you can play against another person, removing this issue. Nethertheless, I would much recommend the multiplayer over the campaign, and I feel that single-player junkies, while enjoying the experience, will not get as much out of it as a dedicated single-player experience.
  21. Jun 7, 2013
    The detail in this game is unbelievable. They have done a great job of building a game that cuts out the BS and gets down to the fighting. It does take some tactical and strategic thinking to play.
  22. Jun 29, 2013
    I generally play single player, and when I have a few moments to play this is when I crank up the game. My first problem is with the missions, there is no way to save the game, the only saves are by the game and only when starting or ending battle. So if I need to stop during a battle, that's it I will have to restart another time.

    I guess I could live with this and muddle through if it
    was not for one other intensely frustrating issue, the AI knows everything I do. It is able to avoid my attacks and if I try something sly and for example hide a scout in an area of interest, the AI will find that hidden unit and destroy it even if it cannot be seen by any of the AI's units.

    I will admit, game-play is otherwise quite fun and the mix of units can be interesting. However as a single player game it does not make the grade. While it may succeed as a game to play a random skirmish and as multi-player, for my requirements it fails dismally.
  23. Jun 3, 2013
    This could have been a great game...unfortunately you can't save your games in single player. From great to absolutely unplayable. Pls fix it! then i buy this interesting game. thx.
  24. May 29, 2013
    The BEST RTS game ever made! Much Much better than COH2/SC2/WC3 or any of these RTS games.
    -Modern war
    -Great graphics
    -Great handing/battle feel
    -Realistic/large scale
    -Strategic zoom
    -A lot of units
  25. May 30, 2013
    Great RTS for MP and has an interesting campaign that is fairly similar to Total War which is a good thing. And yes, the campaign does have saves (unfortunately no manual saves yet).

    Bmane and kaltes are hopelessly ignorant reviewers which is proved by the fact that they somehow failed to notice the many features in WALB which are totally new or have seen gigantic changes compared to
    the previous game. These features include the armoury unit viewer, the completely new and reworked deck creation system and the strategic map campaign which is a gigantic departure in design compared to WEE. Expand
  26. May 31, 2013
    Wargame is a challenging rts that looks good to boot. I'm still new to this game but so far I am having fun. The only downside would be the glitches which cause the game to crash. Although that may just be happening to me, not hearing to many complaints out there.
  27. Jun 6, 2013
    For those who don't like to read much: get the's a lot of fun. If you liked Wargame European Escalation, you will like AirLand Battle. If you've never played either, buy one....I'd suggest AirLand Battle, though. I own both and I'm happy I bought them. Yes, AirLand Battle does seem like a large add-on sometimes, but it's really not. They made a lot of improvements with map graphics and gameplay sound, plus the amount of units they now offer is very impressive. If you like RTS, or strategy in general, this is a must-have game. The cons? The single-player campaign is pretty weak. And I wasn't impressed with the tutorial either. I hope the next game these guys make improve upon those items, because it really is the only thing wrong with the game. If you don't care about single-player campaigns, then this game gets a "10." The multiplayer is excellent. However, I wish more people played....sometimes it takes a while to get a game going. So, get the's good, and we need more people in the multiplayer lounges. You won't regret the purchase. Expand
  28. Jun 8, 2013
    This game is a true gem. The depth of the deck system means you'll have great opportunity to customize your force for any situation. The battles can be truly epic, especially in 10vs10. The single player is ok, but multiplayer is where this game really shines. It just keeps you coming back for one more battle, and one more deck tweak. The only things keeping me from giving this a 10 is the lack of more 10vs10 maps, and the still somewhat limited options for single player, though the latter matters far less to me than I'd expected.

    If you are searching for a game that takes realistic military tactics seriously instead of a simplified rock-paper-scissors, APM-driven clickfest, this game is for you.
  29. Jun 5, 2013
    This is a great game. I never played the previous game and I am a brand new player. The cold war setting is interesting. The 800+ unit library is a bit daunting, but as an old school wargame player I appreciate all the nuances.

    If you remember the classic game series close combat, its much like that but modernized.

    Ive started reading on the forum and the developers are very open to
    debate about the game and listen to the players. They make changes and bugfixes daily; which is great! Expand
  30. Jun 10, 2013
    This game, well it is awesome! now it got even more troops and even more countries, it also got that strategic Overlay wich is really Important.. But what the game misses is that the story isen't clear.. Except if you read it on the Website to the game. So they should fix that. But else i just love this game! i give this a 9/10 And it is a MUST OWN game Also i forgot one thing, the Some people who reviews gives the game a bad score.. Because theres no Save games.. Well but i found out.. There actuly is.. It was really tricky to find out that the games saves it self. and that i can just load it. Expand
  31. May 29, 2013
    Wargame is a great successor of the series. The mp is fantastic and Eugen has worked particularly hard on balance. I've played over 100 hours of Beta and have so far not gotten even remotely sick of it. There's no build orders or apm needed to play, it's just pure tactics. The plus: Great visuals Lots of choices Interesting maps Expansive gameplay The minus Stupid AI
    Campaign takes some warming up to
    Games can be very hard to get rolling with a bunch of other decent players
  32. May 30, 2013
    This is a solid game, it has a weak campaign, but it has good AI and excellent multiplayer, this isn't going to set the world on fire but it is sure as hell worth every penny, I have had massive fun with it and I hope you will too, the detail on the models is also brilliant. The campaign keeps it from a 9
  33. May 30, 2013
    Nice game graphically if zoomed all the way in because it's highly detailed. Quite balanced as the devs provides updates frequently during beta. However, I dislike the steep difficulty curve and the need to understand the units in detail to be able to play properly.
  34. Jun 1, 2013
    Wargame: Airland Battle is not for Singleplayer orientated players! Its a game with the focus on Multiplayer and a good one! Everybody who liked the first one should give it a try!
  35. Aug 2, 2013
    The best RTS that is has came out in the last 10 years. Absolutely perfect in aspects of real time, and strategy. Don't knock it if you are bad at playing RTS. People who rate this under 9 are insane. This game is near perfect, all that is missing to complete to perfection is naval units. Just watch a single game-play video on YouTube you won't be sorry.
  36. Jun 1, 2013
    Over 750 unit types, no goofy base building, and planes...

    Has Coop of up to 4 v 4.

    Folks don't have to unlock anything.

    It's a fun game...

  37. Jun 29, 2013
    This a genuine RTS beast with a focus multiplayer. This is where WALB shines. The game takes place during the Cold War gone wrong which is an intriguing era.

    Once you acquaint yourself with the basics and the feel of this game you'll be amply rewarded.
  38. May 30, 2013
    Wow.. what a great RTS. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is very smooth for the large scale of the game. I really enjoy the commands and layout of the game when it comes to controlling your squads and tanks. I give this a 10 because it is a modern day RTS that everyone can relate too. This could be the Call of Duty for RTS Games.
  39. Jul 12, 2013
    Wargame: AirLand Battle is a great follow up to Wargame European Escalation. The game feels smother with an improved interface and having all units available from the start. The introduction of airplanes was also a great innovation with a completely new element of strategy thrown into the game. The single player campaign is less impressive than the previous game's but the multi-player makes up for most of the lapses in the single player. Expand
  40. May 29, 2013
    After my fellow writer Michael wrote a feature on this game I felt like chopped liver. Being a huge fan of Ruse another strategy game by Eugene systems and reading about the precursor to this European escalation I was very curious to see this game which why it felt like a kick in the nuts to see someone else get a crack at it. But now it’s time for Mr Rice President to take a crack at it and boy was it worth the wait.
    The first thing that will strike you about the game to those who have never played the previous game is the unique style of the game. The game is set up like a 3D map which shows various forests, hilly areas and rivers and roads from a bird’s eye view and shows the various units with a little label above, but when zoomed in the units come to life speeding down roads and crashing through trees and hedge rows. Helicopter buzz overhead quickly dodging anti-aircraft missiles, or a more appropriate example would be seeing a Russian jet intercept an American tank column and watching in horror with the aftermath leaving a jet stream above the burnt out chassis of your once lovely heavy tanks. The map itself has some nice attention to detail, for example heavy shelling or missile barrages will leave craters in rural areas and destroys forests which allow players to blast infantry section or vehicles from hiding away from you. Despite some graphical hick ups such as units driving through what should be solid matter I’ve been assured by Focus home interactive that they are currently working on fixes for this in the coming weeks alongside with map DLC and I’m hoping more units, because some of the more minor nations seem bare bones compared to the bigger nations which I suppose is touching on the historical aspect of the game with the smaller nations having to borrow off the larger nations for a majority of their equipment being unable to manufacture their own or simply via trade or lease deals amongst nations.
    Gameplay is solid. Battle has a decent sense of realism and has not changed too much from the original game which in this case is a good thing. The game’s attrition system which means that your units aren’t “magic” believe it or not and cannot punish the enemy indefinitely and to be replenished by some form of logistic vehicle in order to retrieve new ammo, fuel or spare parts to repair. This system creates an immense immersive gameplay making the player feel like he’s truly the general of a battlegroup and his decisions will need to accommodate the needs of the men serving under his command.
    Multiplayer is the real star of the show. Supporting insane 10 vs. 10 battles is a chaotic but great and needs to be experienced to be understood. The game creates a sense of immersion that makes you want to cooperate with your team mates in securing victory from either Warsaw Pact or NATO. The ability to flare locations to show your allies an area to attack or defend is great for those without a headset to communicate vocally and is a nice feature and proves to be invaluable to a team’s communication which is key to victory. Knowing what your enemy has can prove to turn the tide of the war, is your opponent in a love affair with jets? Get some anti-aircraft guns set up. Does he have a hankering for heavy armoured tanks of doom? Anti-tank weaponry would not go amiss. Oh and one last pearl of wisdom RECON IS NEEDED ALL THE TIME BRING IT! ALL THE TIME! IT SPOTS TARGETS! It prevents ambushes and bad situation so remember “RECON, RECON and RECON” or R.R.R
    The unique method of having to construct a deck is something that sets this game apart from other RTS titles; it’s essentially a method of taking different units from the different nations and compiling them into a battle group but only within the nation’s respective alliances, meaning you cannot use the Russian Su-27 with the British Harrier, however awesome that may be.
    With an awesome experience and strong multiplayer gameplay the package is all there. Anyone looking for a nice RTS with an interesting quirk it’s to be found here. Despite some glitches which will be address post launch the game itself the game runs well all are it with some minor bugs and crashes that do cause some frustration. So as the package stands I see no reason to deny this game a 4/5 despite some bugs and graphical problems the game itself is very much playable and anyone who enjoyed Ruse like I did or the previous Wargame game the choice is clear (Also people who owned the original are able to get a discount on the game 25% I believe) buying this game will give gamers the game to drown boredom until the autumn bringing the giants of video games to us. So what are you waiting for? Take to the battlefield now!
  41. Jun 29, 2013
    I am new to this game, and I think it is one of the best rts games, what i have been played! Very big count of units, various tactics, nice graphics, weekly balance patches. Rocket artillery seems very weak now, but I hope it will be fixed. I recommend all to try this amazing game!
  42. Jun 25, 2013
    Honestly, this is the best RTS out there. I give ita 9/10 because the 20 min time limit in single player is really disappointing. This game is all about multiplayer and Eugen is really working to balance the game. Alot of Nerf/Buff talk in the forums leads to more balanced mulitplayer games.
  43. Jun 28, 2013
    It's not a review. It's note because there is enough of reviews.
    Grate RTS! Big scale, over 800 unites, huge maps, nice graphics, detailed mechanics.
    You steel need to watch video of it to see if it is your kind of game. I am going to point what is wrong with this game:
    -infantry combat looks simple, no advanced controls over they behavior. You would like to have something like ambush
    order so that they wait longer for enemy to get closer so they can eliminate them before they can return fire.
    -simplistic terrain. It's good for me but someone may want realistic hills to make combat even more complicated.
    -planes... They are coming fast out of the map border, they bomb and then despairing right in front of your interceptor. When plane is going really high and is considered to be "back in base" right before your missile hit him you may just destroy your keyboard. You know that it is going to be back. They should have made like 10s delay and make warning for enemy player that planes are incoming.
    -this game is really hard! You should watch few videos and see if you like such a big scale.
    -single player. Lets just say it's big tutorial... Game is repetitive in single mode. "Dynamic campaign" is not all that dynamic...
  44. May 30, 2013
    First, I have to state I've not bought this game. No, I didn't pirate it either! I played this game through a friends steam account, as I was very wary of what FHI did. I was under the sneaking impression that they released Wargame European Escalation under a new name, with a few bells and whistles; planes, new maps, new units and very slight improvements to multiplayer, and then charged a full standalone price tag on top of it.

    Unfortunately, it seems I was correct. Now, I love Wargame, and the new one is a fantastic addition to the franchise. If only it came as a DLC or expansion to the current game, and not a standalone one with the price of a full game, I would be happy...

    Now, if your reviewing this game and not had the pleasure to play the original, then naturally your going to give it high praise, as it is a good game. If you've played the original, loved it, you may cast aside any principles you might have regarding developers who copy and paste their games and fork out the cash to try this new one out. Fortunately I'm not so easily persuaded with my cash, and even with the 25% sale on at the moment (interestingly enough, so early too?) I'm still not keen on purchasing it because if I my concerns that this title is simply a copy and paste of the original with planes added (which it is) then I feel that giving them my money would be condoning what they've done, and shame on them for doing it.

    Make no mistake: If you've not got the original, by all means, get the new one. If you are like me, and have got the original one but are on the fence about it... Ask yourself, is paying an extra 39 euro's (or whatever your currency is) really worth it for the same game with planes added in?
  45. May 31, 2013
    ALB should have been released as a DLC package not as a new game. There's really not that many improvements made compared to European Escalation. Much of the new content is below par to modern games. There's not so many new units either, you have your usual strike/defend/support vehicles with more or less realistic portrayal, usually less. With ALB there comes the new element for Wargame, airplanes. After a short while of playing i noticed that the planes are added poorly, dogfights offer no excitement and there's not much joy when you call your first A-10 to give close air support. It seems Eugen thinks that it's good game if you have lots of stuff you can put into battle. I see no reason why in multiplayer there should be several versions of BTR apc's instead of making the stuff work little more realistically.
    I don't say i hate Wargame series, it's at the moment one of the best rts games there is. I'm saying that Eugen should have sorted the EE's problems before pushing this one out. At this point, ALB is just a mediocre game.
  46. Jul 15, 2013
    This is honestly the best strategy game I have ever played. I enjoy the amount of content offered to me, but I do recommend you learn about the content first. It's a complicated game with an amazing amount of depth. You will thoroughly enjoy this title if you are interested in Cold War strategy.
  47. Jul 30, 2013
    Not your typical strategy game. A highly strategical and tactical game with 800+ units from many many european nations, including those that arent always represented in games such as the mighty Sweden! A must have for any strategy game fan.
  48. Aug 2, 2013
    I reviewed mostly because this feels underrated to me at 8.0. So far this is the second best strategy in 2013 after Heart of the Swarm. Very complex, very realistic, it's a must play for any strategy fan. Also WEE having 8.3 while this has 8.0 makes no sense, since this is the improved version of that game.
  49. Dec 7, 2013
    Ok guys i'll try to be short here. Probably i'm getting to old for games but as i get older i'm getting more interested on games that follow some logic and if they inspire on real life i hope to find the same stuff found in real life. Since the game is sold as a RTS simulator i didn't get this simulation. Except for units name and shape there is not much simulation in this game. AI and MP are made of rushes (the opposite in a war), you will find both sending most of their troops toward to you at high speed instead of having them gaining ground slowly to avoid excessive lost. Most units does not follow realistic balance, you will find air defense pretty far from real life performance (not even close), infantry are almost useless. AI will have unlimited points so the can deploy as many units as they want (they will deploy the same over and over and over).
    In conclusion, this is just another RTS not more and not less realistic than command and conquer generals, just another game forced to be easy to help players and increase the pool of players.
    Luckily i paid less due to steam sales.

    BTW one of the things that most disappointed me is not the balance and the AI behavior but rather the fact that missions are designed to be a typical console/game missions made for hardcore instead of some sort of possible real life mission (survive 10 min without any help, conquer a point in 15 min, etc...)
  50. Aug 18, 2013
    Another game with heaps of potential, yet ultimately found to be lacking in too many crucial areas.

    I have put many hours into this game, and have previously been in the top 20 on leaderboard, currently in top 50, now i feel the need to write a review to explain this game from a fan of the genre.

    This game will give the average player many hours of fun, its only when you start to get
    good at it that you start to notice some glaring issues. If you, like me are the kind of person who always seems to push a game to its limits, then id advise you listen well.
    Im only going to describe the problems i have with this game, if you want to find out about the good things, that information is readily available elsewhere.

    - Flawed victory conditions: The available gamemodes do not allow for a proper assessment of who was the better player. The current default ranked gamemode "destruction" only takes into account unit losses/kills. So you can pretty much sit and camp for most of the game, which is exactly what usually happens. The new gamemode "conquest" does the opposite. It only takes into account victory points (land held) and not kills, which means you could have lost twice, three times as many units as your opponent yet you still win if you had a slight advantage in positions held.
    A gamemode which took into account both unit kills and positions held is the obvious answer, yet due to Eugens lack of interest, that has not been materialised.

    Broken deck system: The deck system is horribly broken, making cheese tactics like helicopter spams or other types of ridiculous spamming techniques not only viable, but often optimal. The deck system is simply too complex and poorly thought out. For NATO players who want to be competitive, they are forced to use a mixed deck, with national decks being simply too uncompetitive, and use the same units. In fact most players use a NATO mixed deck, being the strongest deck in the game at this time making for extremely repetitive, boring gameplay. 800+ units were advertised as being available in Wargame: Airland Battle, yet you will learn that only 200 or so of them are actually viable for use. For PACT players, the USSR is the only viable choice, with all other PACT minor nations being utterly useless and pathetically weak. A lot of this comes from the way prototypes work. Prototypes are units that are BOTH outside of the game time frame (post 1985) and are therefore restricted to national decks. However this means that many units that are extremely effective are available to both mixed and national decks. It is not possible to balance a unit that is NOT restricted to a national deck. You just end up making a unit OP for mixed decks or under powered for national decks. Read the forums to get an understanding of the sheer frustration that this has invoked.

    It is a great game and the casual player will get lots of enjoyment from it, just dont expect it to be the kind of game that encourages highly skilled competitive gameplay. The devs themselves have said many times on the forums that the national decks, for example, are just there for lollygagging around with or for use as a 'challenge' (translates to: you will get crushed by anyone who isnt a noob). This extremely frustrating attitude is propagated on the forums by the devs and the mindless marshalls, with anyone suggesting a new path getting a ban or thread-locked.

    I hope you find this review informative and helpful.
  51. Jul 26, 2013
    Airland Battle is a good step up from European Escalation. A large amount of units have been added that would make any previous fan squeal. The star system from EE was removed and all the units are unlocked from the start so players can easily build and customize their deck with no problems. And, if you like to play skirmish, the enemy AI doesn't frequently rush you with helos anymore. The only small gripes I have with the game is getting a draw against a computer in campaign mode because you didn't hit the target point within the 20 min time limit even if you're ahead by over 1k points is a bit of a downer but I believe they're going to fix that soon. With only a limited amount of units per unit card the pressure builds up everytime you lose one of your units. Your advances must be well thought out. You can't just rush in all units and expect to overwhelm the enemy. You're gonna need recon and smoke cover as you advance towards the enemy's positions. Be prepared to have the tides turn in an instant when the numerous infantry units you were hiding in the forest was napalmed because it was discovered. Patience is a very valuable resource. Overall, AirLand Battle is a very good game and one of the best RTS that has been released recently. It's definitely something I'd recommend to someone who's a big RTS fan. Expand
  52. Aug 26, 2013
    I have not played a game as in-depth, and faithful to its military models as this one, Im not interested in single player, I enjoy playing with a few online friends and this game with 10 v 10 and small group teams has been astounding, working with my team to win using Cold War equipment has been excellent!

    It would be nice to see a Falklands dlc for this game!
  53. Sep 8, 2013
    For a first time Wargame player, I must say that this game is really easy to play. There are enough multiplayer modes. It works brilliantly when playing with friends. It feels like FPS AAA title like Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, just on a more grandiose scale. For a RTS game to be so accessible and yet strategically diverse is a tremendous achievement. Even the graphics look breathtaking.

    They are even giving away a free DLC!!! It has maps and conquest game mode!! Again, it feels so similar to Battlefield for some reason. Acts of kindness like that are unheard in these days of corporate greed. I wish this company will prosper and make more amazing games.
  54. Nov 11, 2013
    Do not waste your money this game is as bad a END WAR if you hated that you'll love to hate this. 3/10 Could be a good game but the AI for your side isn't smart enough to engage targets at full range. Unless you micro manage each unit, they won't fire until the other unit is about 100m from full range. The computer however has no problem firing from maximum range and having a variety of units for every single situation. Artillery is awesome to watch but if you try and hit a moving target it your going to shoot about 200m off and probably hit a migrating bird. All in all it is exactly like end war for the xbox but easier to manage being on the PC. That being said Rock ,Paper,Scissors are what both games are about. Expand
  55. Nov 28, 2013
    Wargame AirLand Battle is the best real time tactics game ever made in my opinion.

    While the game has some issues with map quality, lack of game modes, and some other minor stuff, the core of the game, the battles themselves are amazing.
    The game developers have the right philosophy, no paid DLC's nonsense, this week the second DLC is coming out with new units, new maps, bug fixing,
    etc... all for free.
    The game is fairly balanced, considering that we have 12 nations with a total of 800+ units.
    The singleplayer campaigns are fun but short, you can also play them in versus or coop mode in multiplayer which is great fun.
    Like I said before, the battles and the tactical management of the game are amazing and in multiplayer is where this game really excels, its here that you will find the true complexity and challenges of human design.
    The battlegroup construction feature is very good, players can choose from a big array of possibilities that will grant them certain bonus to unit availability and veterancy, then players can choose from the pool of available units which ones they want in their battlegroup, allowing for the creation of an endless amount of battlegroups, each one with is very unique unit composition, each one excelling at certain landscapes and situations.

    This is a game for people that likes to think, that like to plan and execute, there's no room for mindless spam of units like in the other 95% of tactical games, this isn't a game where you need 200+ actions per minute, you can be a top player with less than 30 APM, its not about repetitive reflexes, its about outsmarting and outgunning your opponents.
  56. Jul 11, 2013
    What can I say about this game?
    Despite the difficulty of Wargame European Escalation, I liked it. I liked the decks and the campaign. I liked the graphics the maps. Hell, I even liked the multiplayer(though i grew to hate it.) but this is about airland on with the show
    I have played a grand total time of 5 hours compared to the 61 hours of Escalation..and probably out of
    the those 5 hours 4 of those were spent in the beta because i pre ordered. Nothing changed save for the single player was added. I could not complete the tutorials last level because it was too effin difficult(at least for me anyway but hey I admit it.) So when the game was released, I said finally some awesome single player action ill pick and design a deck, sold American.
    WRONG-They pretty much gave us people who love single-player the ole schlongorino in the keister, as with the case with most games nowadays. Game creators believe we need to social network and interact with other people..which probly 8 outta 10 times other people are asshats.
    You can't save. For some ungodly reason, you can't save. which is The campaign as no tutorial so you are forced to figure out what to do and how to do it. The skrirmish is just i don't know. Nothing has captured me like the first one and kept me going I just stopped caring once i realize i couldn't save and they just want me to play multiplayer with people who are asshats.
    So what do I give this game outta 10?
    graphics-4 If anything I believe the graphics got worse than the last one. I ran it at the highest settings and even still the graphics seemed a bit blurry and blotchy specially the shadows
    sound-4 same as the last one
    Units and the hangar-the hangar is ok i guess but it gets boring. I just am slowly losing my faith in video games.
    in closing, I can't reccomend it. I haven't played it in over a month and I will probably delete it. I hate to be a negative nancy but whatever it is what it is. If you get it wait till it's on sale, that way you wont shoot yourself in the foot like I did.
    Courage and honor-
  57. Jun 25, 2013
    Wargame Airland Battle is really like trying to wage war in post apocalyptic world, cept for airplanes which of course gets an unlimited supply of fuel and battle. Like the previous iterations, supply is heavily limited, which doesn't matter for short battles where you've got kill caps, but is quite apparent in total destruction matches. Eventually you're left with a battlefield with units littered all over the place completely out of fuel/ammo/health and left scrounging whatever you have that can move and shoot onwards. Course this post apocalyptic scarcity of supply only affects ground units, airplanes on the other hand just continuously rain bombs over the battlefield as long as they aren't shot down. This coupled with the total lack of moddability makes for a disparaging gameplay where you're forced to rely on airplanes or stuck all your points into FOBs, which you're limited to 4 unless you don't choose a nation.

    Point being is it really that hard to get period resupplies of FOBs. If I hadn't read the title, this would be one of the most convicting post apocalyptic game out there.
  58. Jun 10, 2013
    There is tons of units but there isn't any strategy inside. The ranked is a competition between helo rushers and campers. Attacking isn't rewarded due to the very poor gamemode.

    The solo campaign is wasted by this poor gamemode and silly rules for the battles. And there is nothing to really help.

    So well the mutiplayer in 1v1 isn't interesting, the solo isn't interesting... it left
    the 2v2 and above:
    2v2 is a bit like 1v1 but you need to find a good partner. Above this, the narrowness of the maps make the game less interesting than SC2 battle.

    One of the great feature of the game, the 10v10 servers is nothing more than a kind a Warhammer 40K battle between chaos' hordes as it is quite impossible to get a start of cohesion with the whole team when you have the luck to start at 10 pact vs 10 Nato, which is rare...

    Well... for me this game is the caricature of what should an RTS. The game feature tons of units, tons of vaired stuff just to attract the casual gamer and steal its money with a nice package but an empty game
  59. Sep 5, 2013
    If you are military nerd, it's a good game. If not, it's just common hard strategy game. I play this game about 5 hours but I still don't know what are good weapons, and good strategies to win a battle.
  60. Sep 14, 2013
    played this game for 20 hours and i like it i don´t agree that the arty is useless,game rocks so far game Looks good and the Sound is ok all in all awesome game.
  61. Oct 10, 2013
    This is one of the best RTS games I have ever played. I used to shy away from multi-player in RTS games, because i always though i sucked. With this game, i finally tried it. The games single player is really terrible, and i think it was just stuck on there at the end. The multi-player makes up for it though. There is huge unit selection, and many strategies to choose from. If you are completely unwilling to play RTS games in multi-player, then this game isn't for you. If not, get it, it's great.
    Unfortunately, due to the bad campaign, i can't give it a 10.
  62. Jul 23, 2013
    ths game is real extrage if we talk about game play but if we talk about the fun that you can do online killing other people this game is for you of course you need to have a good pc
  63. Aug 4, 2013
    First of all, I will say that this is not a new part, and improved old. The gameplay has undergone a few changes, but I liked them, putting aircraft has added a new gaming experience. The game, like the previous part, the difficult and requires a lot of knowledge about it. Multiplayer was great. Companies have diversified gameplay. Total 9 out of 10, I would like more realism directly in the fighting, but what is already there, very happy. Expand
  64. Aug 12, 2013
    it is horrific game. the worst i ever played yet. gameplay, sound etc. it is a bad Total War clone. i have waste my money for this game. i will delete asap.
  65. Sep 7, 2013
    Absurdly awkward user interface ruins this game in singleplayer. 850 different units only because the developers were lazy to differentiate between weapons, vehicles and equipment.

    This game at first enthralled me. The idea of 12 nationalities and equipments, deck mounting, makes it very appealing. This would be a real great Turn-based wargame.

    However, this game, at first view a
    Real Time Strategy Game, is in truth a Real Time Tactical Simulation Game with Strategic Components over a Huge Scale.

    This makes you control 100 units, one unit at a time, in real time, without the ability to slow down the game to turn it to a semi-turn-based strategic game, and having to give attention to so many details that you have to be a puppetmaster to be able to wage war with it.

    So, for adrenaline-rushed gamers that can support a click-fest, and get a Repetitive Effort Lesion, this may be a good game. It's with pain in my heart that this is not for me.
  66. Nov 3, 2013
    Wargame: AirLand Battle is one of the biggest RTS titles of this year. ALB offers a wide variety of vehicles and infantry to command during battles. It features a typical "capture and hold a sector" gamemode as well as some others, including a destruction gamemode where players win by scoring points for destroying enemy units. ALB also offers 10 vs 10 multiplayer (currently on one map only) which is quite awesome.

    - Semi-large scale depending on the map
    - 10vs10 multiplayer possibility
    - Dedicated servers (currently in testing)
    - Co-operative gameplay is a possibility
    - Campaign that can be played online
    - Good sound design
    - Well engineered maps
    - No stupid unlocks (as with Wargame: European Escalation)

    - Overdone tracers, tanks look like they are shooting lasers
    - Infantry shoots through walls of buildings
    - Some unit movement glitches
    - Unrealistic engagement distances (game will tell you a tank can engage at 2000 meters however 2km ingame is what would seem 700 meters in reality)
    - Some units are useless and nerfed too much (why is there even balance at all in a game that bases on vehicles that exist in real life?)
    - Aircraft have no flares (however they have what the game claims to be ECM which most of the available aircraft did not have at the time they were in active duty)
    - Unrealistic infantry movement and formations (soldiers don't take cover, they just stand there getting shot at)

    Overall gameplay is very good, I was surprised at what this game can do, while there are inevitably issues and design flaws, ALB makes up for it in gameplay. It's a real shame this game does not sell as well as we would all like and there is not many players around.

    Recommend this game to anyone that likes good RTS games.
  67. Sep 27, 2014
    Wargame: Airland Battle isn't like your typical RTS and I think that's why I like it. Logistics and reconnaissance are given the attention and respect they deserve since battles aren't just about blowing **** up and capturing territory, even if that's the ultimate goal. The only problem is finding like-minded individuals to give the game a crack due to it potentially being seen as too fiddly when compared to its mainstream competitors. Armchair generals should feel straight at home when playing this though and I can't wait to see the next Eugen Systems release after 2014's Wargame: Red Dragon. Expand
  68. Feb 22, 2014
    Wargame Airland battle is one of the best strategy games of all time! Realistic, with so much detail, and lots of fun.
    The deck system is amazing, with more than 800 units! You can create your own army, whit infinite combinations and bonus. The units are incredible detailed, and behave like real counterparts. Multiplayer matches are awesome, with different game modes and maps, very
    frenetic and spectacular battles.
    Must buy for strategy fans and military enthusiasts.
  69. Nov 3, 2013
    Solid game. Takes some time to learn the units, but once you understand the general class of units that is enough to get you going. Fans of this genre should definitely try it out.
  70. Aug 30, 2013
    War game air land battles is a extremely complex game. Based during the 1990's during the cold war, the Warsaw pact attacks scandinavia, and nato is there to stop the offensive. With much to know, learn, and do. The extreme amount of units, and amazing enviro nets, wargame is the next generation of strategies.

    Wargame has a large array of units ranging from infantry to napalm
    bombers, and over 750 units in between. The units in the game have a very in-depth analysis, you can find armor on all sides, weapons, fuel, ammo, speed, accuracy, rate of fire, price, and many more. This gives the game a seemingly unlimited amount of combinations.

    Decks: The deck system is a great feature, unlike previous games such as R.U.S.E a 2010 RTS made by Eugene Systems as well, you have a unlimited amount of units. With the deck system you use what is known as command points to select your units, you start out with 34 and are able to add restrictions to give bonuses, but restrict you to countries, time periods, and specifications. When you step into the multiplayer matches you will be able to use your deck to your advantage, want to take a city at the center of the map, specialize in infantry, providing air cover, specialize in aircraft, or just pushing up an open field, use your heaviest tanks to your advantage.

    Multiplayer in air land battles is massive, you can join matches from 1v1 to 10v10. My personal favorite part is how communication works, you can set beacons very easily designating to you allies the position of units, or tips to attack, this is even helpful while on a mic. There are currently 4 game modes, most commonly played is destruction, where your goal is to kill a certain amount of enemy units, or kill them all.

    Environment: in airplane battles you can use your environment net to your advantage, want to block a major road, set some atgms up nearby, want to block a spawn, sneak helicopter troops around, being charged with many Abrams, set up positions on there flanks, control a hill, pit your AA on top of it. The possibilities is War game are nearly endless.

    Bad stuffs:
    Wargame is outstanding in multiplayer, however there are a few things that make this game so close to perfect. I single player for example you can not save games, campaign or skirmishes.

    Overall war game is revolutionary and the next game in the series, red dragon with Likely get lots of attention.
  71. Aug 27, 2013
    When I first picked up Wargame: European Escalation (AirLand Battle's predecessor), I was impressed by the level of detail, from the technical-specs of the units, to the solid, believable visuals. I've always been a numbers guy so being able to see the individual stats for every military unit adds that much more depth to an already impressive game. AirLand battle adds more updated units, mainly a whole new class, which includes several cold-war era planes.

    This game is a must-have for any fan of military-themed games and RTS games in general. The unforgiving nature of Wargame is a huge part of the fun, and it does a great job of encouraging you to try again even after a humiliating loss. This game will force you to enthusiastically dig deep into each unit's statistics so you can effectively make decisions about where, when, and how to use them.

    The new campaign region-system is a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of the CIV series. You will find yourself fighting over small regions on a map where you have control of all your divisions. It's up to you where to deploy them and when to retreat or advance.

    The only slight problems I have is with the UI, specifically the menus, which feel a little clunky and confusing at times. The new region-system is very fun, but it's only available in the campaign as far as I know, which is a slight disappointment. I would like to be able to set up my own custom game and play for domination against AI appointments for multiple regions instead of contained skirmishes. Maybe this will come in a further expansion, so I'm not letting it affect my score.

    9/10. Wargame: AirLand Battle is a solid military RTS that fully-lives up to its predecessor and it's worth every penny.
  72. Sep 17, 2013
    Can't compare to the previous Wargame-title since I never played it.
    But I've enjoyed this game, it's not too fast paced for me but you still need to keep your wits about it.
    Graphically it's decent enough and I've encountered only few bugs since I started playing at the end of beta.
  73. Sep 22, 2013
    Best of RTS. Wargame: Airland battle is probably the most realistic RTS title out there right now, its great fun. Wargame: Airland battle is a game that is placed in the cold war in Scandinavia (1975-1985) if a real war had happened) there are to sides NATO and The Warsaw PACT, NATO includes the following nations: The United Kingdom (UK) United states of America (USA) France West Germany

    PACT includes the following nations:

    The soviet union (USSR)
    East Germany (DDR)

    it does make you feel like a commander, however there are NO base building in this game so if you're in too base building, starcraft like games this may not be the game for you but give it a try. With 12 nations and over 800! units (including the free DLC) and prior to Wargame: European Escalation, Airland Battle includes jets! so if you loved the last game your gonna love Airland Battle. The only reason i don't give it a 9 is because the campaign is a bit sloopy and meeh, but the multiplayer is what you really should play it for. Its a great game, and i see no reason not to buy it if your in to realistic RTS it cost 39.99€ on steam but if you get it in sale you're good to go, but any ways, buy it, play it, love it.
  74. Nov 10, 2013
    This is a very strange game: - the care related to the creation of credible scenarios of war, armies and combat mechanics, is incredible (never seen anything like it) - and... the game itself fail to use "all" of that In fact, in my opinion the game itself is quite too difficult to understand, at the start, and also after ten-fifteen hours of play, it never becomes very enjoyable.

    So, this game is pretty funny, well built, but unable to exploit its undoubted potential.
  75. Nov 27, 2013
    Brilliantly conceived, very well presented, very very difficult to get into...

    But worth every penny...

    Strategy games of this type don't get better than this...
  76. Dec 14, 2013
    Wargame AirLand Battle was the reason I wrote my first review on Metacritic. This game is the best I have played in years. The dynamic campaign is what makes this game a grand strategy game (and not a mere tactical game). It was also the main reason I bought Wargame AirLand Battle and not Company of Heroes (although I prefer the WWII era).
    Don't let you put off by those claiming the
    campaign is boring. On the contrary it is brilliant and provides that extra layer that increase the replay value tremendously.
    You can set the AI (easy to very hard) and there are 4 campaigns (1 small, 2 medium and one large).I'm sure there are a lot of players out there who like the dynamic campaign a lot and it is unfair to those players to tear it down.
    For those who don't like the dynamic campaign, play (single or multiplayer) skirmish. There is sufficient choice for every kind of player.
    This game is not easy to get into as it is not a standard RTS but a wargame that is much more realistic. Once you grasp the mechanics (and this goes fairly quick) however it’s a revelation.
    Revolutionary wargames are a rare commodity these days but this is definitely one of them. I'm looking forward to Eugen systems' next release but until then this game is my absolute number one.
  77. Dec 23, 2013
    The best tactical RTS in 2013, for Multiplayer on the net.
    Deep adictive, Free DLC, intense Multiplayer expérience.
    Very good to make you brain work and trying to anticipated the moves of the ennemy.
    but sometime the game Crash ou Bug.
    This RTS evolve like a good wine
    for those who appreciate it.
    Dev, listen to the customer.
    Well Done Eugnen
  78. Dec 29, 2013
    Wargame AirLand Battle really shows what can be done with hard work. The single player campaign has a new look to its predecessor (Wargame European Escalation) and the multiplayer is constantly being updated with new maps and game modes. Multiplayer now supports up to 20 players per match which allows for great gameplay.

    The maps are huge and give opportunity to try new tactics. The
    addition of airplanes gives a new dynamic to the game. Bombing runs and interceptions make the battles more realistic. With more than 800 units this game allows total customization of decks for multiplayer battles.

    I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is into real time strategy gaming or who wants to try out this style of games for the first time.
  79. Jan 11, 2014
    I bought this game in beta so i'm playing this game from beginning.

    Its finally something different from those nonsense games like MoW and CoH where you shoot to each other from 20-40 meters apart. Here you have grand scale strategy . Where tanks engage each other from 2km+ , you can call in airstrikes you can do airborne cavalry assaults. Not parachute drops.
    Many nations , too many
    if you ask me, and loads of different units.

    This game goes into more realistic need to refuel,rearm.. your tanks can get stuck into mud or loose tracks.. etc etc

    You can created modify your own battle groups which is really cool..tweaking and perfecting will take you hours... More inf? no problem.. heavy on tanks and support vehicles? here you what you want.

    BUT ..
    This is game heavily depends on team play, micromanagement of your units is here really important and you need to be focused on it all the if you play 4v4 and suddenly you have troll/kid/temakiller on your can do anything about it, you cant vote kcik him, cause there is no such option, you can only watch how he throws down the game.
    Well you might said that devs didn't knew that multi games are full of trolls and kids. Its 2nd game of the series. So either they are stupid, they didn't care or they didn't had time to do this.
    Now you have friends list.. but there is no Black List, so you have to remember who you don't want to play with. Its annoying that simple thing like that wasn't in the game. Again devs didn't played multi game before?
    They wont even ban anybody on privet hosted games, only on official servers, OK so give us black list!!
    I had to surrender dont know how many games cause of people who wouldn't cooperate or team killed..or were plain stupid.

    Another thing menu is full of useless animation showing parts of game? what for?
    .. how about putting map of game you about to play?
    How about availability to see what kind of deck people have? So if we see "support" only person we can kick him before game start in lobby?
    How about making game with 4-5 countries but units and maps worked to the perfection?

    I dont know how hard is to add another level of game? with big turn base mode like close combat 4..where your units div/reg/bat are moved and when they meet with enemy they get to fight ?
    there is such thing in single , but its very simplistic. I guess they have to rediscover that idea.

    This game started with great idea, but it was dumbed down, somebody tought if we put X more countries X more people will buy it, and we give them billion units ! everything to sell more!.. still its finally something different from the pack. Fells like 2 teams were working on it, one who wanted to make good game, and one who wanted to make more money, second one won.

    I play this game almost every day, and i give it 4, why? its 2nd game of the series with no major improvements except adding planes upgrading graphics . Basic logical things like i mentioned before are still mystery to Eugene devs.. why?
  80. Apr 21, 2014
    Wargame: EE сильно запомнился любопытной кампанией с разносортными миссиями. Пусть линейно, по старинке, миссия, одна за другой предлагала задачи решать, которые можно как захочется при определённых обстоятельствах. Жаль что в Airland отказались от такого пути, сделать нормальную сюжетную кампанию. Ситуация напоминает аналогичную с Dawn of War, там тоже была тактическая карта, зоны которой нужно было захватывать. Несмотря на некторые приятные нововведения, а их всё-таки не так значительно много, определение судьбы сюжетной кампании - это большой шаг назад. Expand
  81. Jul 7, 2014
    I bought this game during the Steam Summer Sale, and overall I think it's a pretty good RTS. However, if you are looking for a ultra-realistic RTS this is not your game. Wargame Airland Battle has impressive scale, and the amount of units available is great! The gameplay however, is disappointing. Infantry is very unrealistic in this game, and aircraft are not as powerful as I had hoped. The gameplay seems more like rock, paper, scissors, than carefully countering your opponent. All units are available from the start, and your army can consist of whatever you wish. This makes every unit feel somewhat weak. Since most vehicles and all infantry consist of squads of multiple units, elite units don't feel as powerful as they should. A single infantry squad is perfectly capable of leveling a tank unit, something which is near impossible in reality.

    This game is fun if you play it as an RTS. However if you are expecting realism, this is not the game for you.
  82. Aug 7, 2014
    This game is an obvious ripoff to World in Conflict / RUSE but is needlessly slow and boring, where you have to manually adjust everything like an autistic sloth, among many other annoyances, in which I could go on about all day. This game somehow got attention through steam-hype and mysteriously gets a drastically unrealistic user rating presented here. The entire Wargame franchise is quite bland, it doesn't even bring solid graphics, which would alleviate the mundane burden of control and actually make the game worth putting up with. Please keep in mind that the graphics here are not even on par with games that are 7 years older than this, but rest assured that it's the gameplay that ultimately ruins it. Although simpler and more arcade-like, World in Conflict is much more fun. More "depth" (lol) does not necessarily equal more fun, especially in the case with the Wargame series. Expand
  83. Jun 10, 2013
    There is tons of units but there isn't any strategy inside. The ranked is a competition between helo rushers and campers. Attacking isn't rewarded due to the very poor gamemode.

    The solo campaign is wasted by this poor gamemode and silly rules for the battles. And there is nothing to really help.

    So well the mutiplayer in 1v1 isn't interesting, the solo isn't interesting... it left
    the 2v2 and above:
    2v2 is a bit like 1v1 but you need to find a good partner. Above this, the narrowness of the maps make the game less interesting than SC2 battle.

    One of the great feature of the game, the 10v10 servers is nothing more than a kind a Warhammer 40K battle between chaos' hordes as it is quite impossible to get a start of cohesion with the whole team when you have the luck to start at 10 pact vs 10 Nato, which is rare...

    Well... for me this game is the caricature of what should an RTS. The game feature tons of units, tons of vaired stuff just to attract the casual gamer and steal its money with a nice package but an empty game

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
  1. Oct 7, 2013
    Wargame: AirLand Battle polishes the Wargame even better. Here a commander with a plan and a good recon will prevail over someone with hunder actions per minute. Dynamic campaign makes it easily worth it, especially when you can face off with your friend in it. Hopefully we'll see more campaign scenarios as DLC. [Aug 2013]
  2. Jul 25, 2013
    The other knock against the single player campaign is that there's no option to save your progress. No option to save your progress. It bears repeating because this is 2013! What the hell?
  3. Jul 15, 2013
    If you're looking for a deep strategy game, this is one you can get lost in for more hours than you can count.