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  • Summary: The popular survival game mode from Dawn of War II, The Last Stand, is now available as a stand-alone game!

    Dawn of War II: Retribution - The Last Standalone is a cooperative survival mode where you control a single hero and face off against waves of enemies with up to two other
    teammates. Play as one of the six available heroes and gain experience points to level up and unlock new wargear and abilities. Customize your characters abilities to create the ultimate build and fight off twenty waves of increasingly devastating enemies.

    How long will you last In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future where there is only War?
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  1. Jun 6, 2012
    Definitely a fun game, especially if you enjoy 40K, wave-based defence or Relic RTS. Pretty cheap and very fun to play with a group of friends (Unless you play filthy xenos scum). The playable commanders are all varied and fun to play. Enemies get very challenging very fast, you have to be on your toes! Haven't picked up any of the DLC but most of it looks pretty awesome, especially the Tau Commander. I would recommend it, especially to Warhammer 40K fans. Collapse