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  • Summary: It is ten years since the events of Chaos Rising and Sub-Sector Aurelia has been in a constant state of warfare with the Imperium struggling to retain control. The apparent betrayal of the chapter by Gabriel Angelos and his Space Marines has shaken the Blood Ravens and now the Imperial forces are beset on all sides by hostile aliens. Retribution allows the player to select the race of their choosing in a battle to determine the very survival or destruction of the entire sector. Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. Apr 11, 2011
    It's nothing revolutionary as far as Dawn of War II goes, but six excellent campaigns and great gameplay make this a must for both Warhammer 40K and RTS fans.
  2. Mar 11, 2011
    Mixes up the series' gameplay fundamentals in interesting ways without fouling up what makes it unique, reinvigorating the multiplayer game in process. It's a remarkably ambitious standalone expansion, and at a mere $30, it's a great introduction to those who've yet to take up arms.
  3. Mar 22, 2011
    The combination of the RTS and action RPG elements into a new, hybrid game work beautifully here, making this the most successful (so far) iteration of the experiment Relic began with DoW II. It wonʼt appeal to hardcore strategy enthusiasts, but then itʼs not trying to.
  4. Mar 14, 2011
    The best Dawn of War II expansion and an excellent value. For $30, you get a solid campaign, tons of multiplayer maps, and the so-much-fun-it-should-be-illegal Last Stand mode, all wrapped up in a beautiful package.
  5. Mar 31, 2011
    This is the expansion pack that Chaos Rising should have been, and essential strategy gaming! [Apr 2011, p.58]
  6. Apr 23, 2011
    Worth grabbing when the price drops. [May 2011, p.92]
  7. Mar 1, 2011
    But the bottom line is that buying Retribution is just paying for a new faction and not much else. It's a great faction, to be sure, but beyond that, it's a damn shame that Relic squanders their energy on frippery like the silly campaign when important issues like the AI remain unresolved.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 53
  2. Negative: 7 out of 53
  1. Mar 1, 2011
    Unlike a RTS such as Starcraft, Dawn of war is better because of it is affordable for it's content ($30 USD and $35-ish in Canadian in stores I believe). It has a great re-playable campaign with six different races (Imperial Guard, Blood Ravens, Tyranids, Orks, Eldar and Chaos). So far I have only played Imperial Guard and Eldar campaigns and have finished neither in the time I have had to play it. The DLC Last Stand adds a unique twist the multiplayer making you manipulate your individual heroes rather then small armies and using teamwork to achieve victory. The micromanagement of your armies is way more challenging than RTS involving mass-Spam/Suicide *Cough Cough* Starcraft 2. If you're new to the game series you will have to get used to things like Unit facing, the easy to use cover system, and the tech-up system. Another more important thing is the immense strategy involved, if you have a sniper and they have a lot of infantry it willl help you win fights, However if they have armoured vehicles and you do not you are most likely finished. If you are finishing off the series like I am and all three, one of the most notable differences is the generals added into multiplayer game play that and not more windows live (The loss of xbox achievements makes me a bit sad). If you are still reluctant to get it, I think you will be missing out. Relic took a new approach on this game in hopes of picking up first time buyers and I hope more people will be willing to play this great RTS. Note: Please first time buyers do not get this mistaken as a spin of starcraft, The 40K had the concept of space marines way before starcraft was even created. Overall I think this RTS deserves a 10/10 for affordiblity, graphics and gameplay. Expand
  2. Apr 5, 2013
    Although Relic use the same formula seen in the vanilla game, and Company of Heroes, it is a formula that works. Retribution is a fine addition to the Dawn of War series, and to the WH40K universe overall.

    Turning away from Games for Windows Live, Relic has given the players the opportunity for mods, by adopting the (far superior) Steam platform.

    Although it doesn't offer much in new game mechanics or engine etc, what it does offer is a good, sizeable story, new factions with a lot of work put into them (e.g Imperial Guard), and a good ending to the story of Dawn of War II. Fans will feel satisfied with their result, and the option to choose a different faction in the campaign was a good addition also.
  3. Mar 2, 2011
    To put it bluntly, I am very satisfied with this game. The single-player, which for many constitutes the core of the DoW franchise, is great. While the "all factions playable" approach does put a tax on story-telling, the increased amount of gameplay choices and replayability more than makes up for it. Also, the Last Stand, a coop hack'n'slash mini-game focused on defensing against waves of attackers, received a healthy dose of new content, which is a nice bonus. However, for me, Dawn of War 2 is a great game because of its unique competitive multiplayer aspect, and in this respect Retribution has a lot to offer. First, for a mere 30$, buyers of this expansion have access to the full multiplayer contents, even if they have not bought previous DoW 2 titles. This is great for getting into the multiplayer if you're a late comer to the franchise. Then, the new faction introduced by the expansion is solid. The Imperial Guard are a core faction of the Warhammer 40k universe, and their implementation in this game is very convincing. At first, the idea of a race based on weak human soldiers and strong vehicles seemed pretty underwhelming in comparison to the other more original races of Warhammer 40k, but trying out the IG in-game convinced me otherwise. They are a very tactical and rewarding faction, and are a good supplement to the faction roster. Additionally, the old races have also received new units (Autarch? Land Raider Redeemer? Battlewagon? */"% yeah) and good balance changes, making Retribution multiplayer the definitive DoW 2 experience. All in all, this game is a winner, especially in terms of quality/price. Expand
  4. Nov 9, 2013
    A great stand-alone expansion with plenty to do. You can play as all six factions, both in single player and online, although many missions are repeated in the campaign by the different factions. The gameplay is good, with more emphasis on tactics and controlling resource points rather than building units at bases from many buildings. The multiplayer is also good. You can play traditional skirmish type games where you capture points and attempt to deplete the enemy's tickets to zero. The Last Stand game mode is also interesting where you use heroes to survive waves of enemies and unlock stronger war gear as you progress. No Games for Windows Live is also good! Expand
  5. Aug 7, 2012
    Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 2 - Retribution picks up where Chaos Rising left off, this time around allowing the player to play the race of his choosing in a highly linear story. Regardless of what race the player chooses, the maps he is offered will be the same but the difference will be in the conversation, items and skills available to his troops. Unlike the previous installments, there are only 4 troops available but the player can choose to swap these around with very strong elite units or purchase squads on the battlefield by looting supply crates. Doing so will turn the game more Real-Time Strategy-oriented. However, co-operatively playing on the highest difficulty I found that there is no substitute for your heroes and that you are more or less forced to choose them. The skill system has been simplified and you will find yourself hard-pressed to fill out all the equipment slots as there is very little loot. A definite recommendation for those who co-operatively played the previous installments. Expand
  6. Mar 15, 2011
    As has been mentioned in many other reviews the campaign is very much a one-size-fits-all affair. Play through it twice and perhaps you'll need a couple of months break before you could do so again. But nevertheless the campaign is enjoyable, the skill levelling is improved and they are much more interesting than the previous games (perhaps because there's a diversity of factions?). The VA work is what you'd hope for from a 40k game, hammy and fantastic, though some voices may grate on your nerves after a while (im looking at you Bluddflagg). A satisfying campaign in all I thought, not amazing, not awful, satisfying. The multiplayer is a bit difficult to rate though, I owned DoW2 but did not play Chaos Rising so alot of it is new to me (the chaos faction itself [Won't mention Imperial Guard because they'll be new to everybody], Ork wierdboy, Librarian, genestealers etc etc) so in the games I've played it's been a learning experience and a time of taking notes. It's not enjoyable to lose over and over so it will take time and effort to get into, but from my time playing the first game, i enjoyed it.
    The Last Stand, on the other hand, is great fun! Pitted with 2 other heroes (they introduced the Lord General as the IGs representative) against wave after wave of tyranids, orks, eldar, space marines and other things is much more fun than it may sound, and the more you play, the more you level up, the better equipment you have the more likely you are to get further. And yes, you can import your Hero levels and wargear from Dow2/Chaos Rising. They brought a new map in too called Khornes Anvil, which starts really, really, hectic. I'm talking about 14 squads of tyranids rushing in at wave one. Best to be prepared.
    So yes, in summary this is a GREAT expansion pack, but it does have its flaws and unless you intend to do a bit of multiplayer/ Last stand you may find yourself finishing the campaign and putting it on your shelf to collect dust.
  7. Jul 18, 2011
    Im a fan of dow series, but this expansion sucks.
    Campaings are all the same...boring, nothing new, less items and stats than dow 2.
    Multiplayer is the best thing in the game have more bugs than the first dow 2, have epic imbalance nids and ig are ultra overpowered. There are some bugs that a lot of times can make you loose a match, the ia works like an anti ia cause units have no priority when they are shooting, per example infiltration units shoot power nodes and there is nothing you can do.
    The best of all is that developers dont fix anything they dont give a f.
    Thanks god i only paid 15 bucks for this.

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