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  • Summary: Set in a fantastical medieval world where small Kingdoms struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of knights, and demons, you are the ruler of a new kingdom, born from the ashes of a once mighty realm. To resurrect this realm to its former glory you must forge order out of chaos by uniting the fragmented lands into a single, mighty empire under the rule of one warrior king - you. [Microids] Expand
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  1. 92
    While obviously inspired by other games, Warrior Kings is an amazing experience all its own.
  2. One of the nicest things about Warrior Kings is the Camera control.
  3. Definitely a title worth looking into for newcomers to the genre, since the learning curve is fairly small, while veteran RTS gamers will find quality gameplay with an emphasis on strategy.
  4. Every time I started to have fun, the interface would bug me or the game would crash, or I’d run into a mission with 500+ units on the map, and the game would run in slow motion.
  5. A good game for the patient strategy gamer who doesn't mind tripping over the occasional rough bit, and who thinks that "Starcraft" is really an action game.
  6. An ambitious game that falls a bit short on execution, Warrior Kings is not suited to casual gamers but RTS veterans may find it intriguing.
  7. Contains several interesting elements from the RTS genre, but gets bogged down by graphical issues, a weak AI, and a lack of gameplay features that come standard in other products.

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  1. JohnW.
    Jan 5, 2004
    While some say there are things here and there that bother them or little things that take away from the overall game i can find no real fault... the only thing you need is a decently powered system and you're good to go... i never want to turn the thing off.......great game... Expand
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    One of the best video games I have played. This game got me into the world of strategy. The story follow the fictional character artos whose father has been killed. You have to travel across fictional version of Europe and Asia. The game has a good battle knowledge where different units are better against certain other ones. The game is for some reason not played by much people but it certainly deserve to be played if your a strategy player. Expand
  3. JonB.
    Jun 11, 2002
    This is a great game, the graphics are tight as hell, gameplay is awsome.
  4. May 25, 2014
    RTS games usually suffer from being boring and repetitive in the single player making it close to impossible to finishing the campaign (the story is usually boring and not very deep either), however this is not the case with warrior kings. The world is expertly created the story brilliant and the game-play interesting right until the end. Warrior kings is a must play for those not bothered by graphics (and a few minor glitches) who enjoy great game-play and a fantastic story that should really become a book. Expand
  5. Marko
    Sep 10, 2005
    A solid game with great graphics for its age. My only complaint is the game balance. It seems as though you can just build up a massive army of archers and be able to overtake any opponent. Expand