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  • Summary: In Wildfire, control the daring heroes who risk their lives to stop these menacing monsters. Both resources and time are limited. Battle against the clock in more than 20 blazing challenges. Realistic fire physics that burn according to fuel type, wind and weather. Control fire starters, bulldozers, water trucks, helicopters airplanes and more as you attempt to quash raging wildfires. Over 300 scenario variations in Random Play Mode. Expand
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  1. Raises the bar as to what can be expected from an educational title, but offers little in the realm of entertainment.
  2. While you need to babysit your smoke-jumpers a wee-bit too much, the topic is interesting enough to make this more than just a curiosity. [Jan 2005, p.79]
  3. 60
    It's not quite as interesting as it could be. It feels more instructional than anything else, whereas "Emergency Fire Response" was populated by optional sub-missions, varied scenarios, and many different types of units, allowing for all kinds of strategic subtlety.
  4. The game does a fine job of getting across the unpredictability and speed of wildfires, but it lacks any larger strategic elements and buckles under the weight of major control and camera issues.
  5. The title is too instructional, too focused on fire “realism” to be fun.
  6. Unfortunately, the gameplay grows stale real quick, and any joyful fantasies about dropping smoke-jumping firefighters into an inferno are quickly put to rest. [Jan 2005, p.75]