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  1. Aug 20, 2013
    I have been playing WBM since its first release in 2004.
    I love this type of game, Old School Sport Sims. I have played text based sims from years back and I love the Championship and Football Manager series. WBM is of course an indie game and has a low budget compared to CM and FM. But has one thing in favor. Basketball! This is by far the best sport for a statistical manager game.

    Unlike football and most other sports, in Basketball, statistics play a crucial role. By reading the statistics in WBM (and the game uses the same statistics that real life basketball coaches use), you can clearly see why you lost or won a match, and this allows you to understand the game and improve the way you play.
    In a soccer manager in the other hand you can lose a game with 70-30 ball possession, 12-1 corners etc and have no clue what you did wrong!

    Undoubtedly the best part of WBM is the match simulation and the challenging CPU A.I. Watch out cause CPU managers will really try to find the best line up and defense, offence orders to counter your plans! Depending of course on how good they are in coaching.

    Another part of the game I really enjoy is that I can make a basketball career around the world. If I get tired from the pressure and constant matches of NBA, I can take a job offer from Spain, Japan or Angola to have a new challenge in my career.

    In my opinion WBM is currently the best Basketball manager in the market and you should give it a try. The new “WBM Tycoon” allows you to be the club owner so check this out also.

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