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  1. NathanM.
    Feb 5, 2006
    I also like this game, but when you get really far in a touranment it freezes. I've played in the same touranment twice now because it freezes.
  2. JudyJ.
    Jan 29, 2006
    I really like the game, but it freezes and crashes at the worst times. Since you can't save more than one instance of a game you end up wasting tons of time doing the samething over and over again because the thing crashed - the alternative is to overwrite when it might be to your disadvantage. Very annoying.

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  1. World Championship Poker 2's offline play is the best you'll find amid this year's competition, and the online play is still pretty engaging.
  2. If you forget about the weird tell animations, the constantly repeated phrases and terrible voice acting of the players then the actual poker in the game is decent. Just remember, let the suckers go out first and then you play.
  3. The long-time problems that do and will always hold gambling videogames down still exist here, mainly the fact that human emotion and reaction cannot be duplicated and gambling with fake money isn’t always satisfying when you can pull a real game together with your friends, but with all elements considered there simply isn’t a better videogame simulation of the popular card game to be found.