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  1. Sep 25, 2012
    Can't believe I bought this game. The whole idea of it should have turned me off from the get go, but loyalty to the series made me want to try it. The game has become a simplistic MMO that requires very little time and effort to play, which is not what I'm looking for. A dumbing down of a genre is what were seeing here.
  2. Sep 25, 2012
    Poor design, poorly planned out, causal-ized skills, bad launch. This xpac will be the downfall of WoW. Crossrealm is interesting, however it's lead to camp-the-spawn world PVP. Piles of bones at spawn and portal points. The expansion quests - mobbed with players trying to do "spawns once every 10 minutes" destroyable objects. Severe bottleneck quests that have long cinematic scenes, and require certain objects to be destroyed. Seriously, you'd think blizzard - with hundreds of millions in revenue, near a decade of running an MMO ... would they know how to design and run one? It's falling apart, it's like they want to destroy it. I didn't think there could be a step down from Cata, but there IS. And Mists of Pandaria - is it. Don't buy it if you haven't bought it. It's bad. Expand
  3. Sep 25, 2012
    Blizzard knows high population servers need more attention.... Yet they still dont fix the laggy-ness on their end... What a fail...There is so much money being pumped into that company, and they can't even keep the server's in tip top shape... When you are a leader in the industry, you want people to look up to you.. Not look AT you, and criticize you...
  4. Sep 25, 2012
    Going from cata to this was a bad idea from the start, I was worried this would attract a younger audience, and I can already tell it HAS, my realm has so many panda races now, and all the new people don't know how to play and type like 12 year old's. WORST EXPANSION.
  5. Sep 25, 2012
    To start off the expansion, you're greeted with some of the most poorly done cut scenes ever done in a modern game. Terrible voice acting? When there is voice acting it's pretty bad, but even that's better than no voice acting at all - this is how most of the cut scenes are. Silent w/ text at the bottom.

    Once you get past all of that, you'll find yourself on the isle of Pandaria -
    which in an of itself is not a bad looking place. However it becomes clear that this isn't much of an expansion, but rather a little bit more of the same old same old you've come accustomed to over the last couple of years. All in all, this is one to skip. Expand
  6. Sep 25, 2012
    I think by now we can all agree that they should erase this game and Cata from WoW History. Metsin needs a reality check. Sure pandas isn't the worst idea, but it's not what this game needed to be saved. I miss the slight complexity of the first three expansions. It's all downhill from here.
  7. Oct 21, 2012
    I saw a blog post the other day from another MMO developer which talked about how you shouldn't make drastic changes to an MMO after launch, specifically on 'streamlining' the experience. In it, he talks about changes that individuals felt were necessary, but wound up contributing to his game's ultimate decline and demise. That dev was Dan Rubenfield, writing about the NGE patch for Star Wars: Galaxies. Now, 5.0 wasn't on the level of NGE, but over the years, things have begun to accumulate that make me question the necessity. The most obvious is the talent point system. Mechanically, it works and I understand why they did it. It is actually nice to be 'viable' regardless of the spec you choose. However, A) you are making choices for your character every 20 levels as opposed to every 2 levels, taking a lot out of the feeling of excitement for levelling up. B) oftentimes it is difficult to decide not because things are so good, but because nothing really appeals to you. C) the change did absolutely nothing to get rid of cookie cutter builds. D) things are seriously, seriously unbalanced - it's like they didn't listen to the beta testers. Another terrible decision was the inclusion of Cross Realm Zones (CRZ). Currently these only affect pre-MoP areas, but they have introduced a host of new bugs and issues, including lag spikes which crash your connection and auto-dismount when crossing zone borders. I play on a full server, and I was blown away when I learned I would have to share space with not only people from my server, but at least 5 other high population servers! Quest mobs are constantly camped, and on pvp servers there is constant ganking by high level players. Absolutely terrible decision. You now get Valor Points for dailies, which on the surface seems like a possibly good change, until you realize rewards for running heroic dungeons are cut in half, and you can only get full rewards once a day. This essentially means daily quests are mandatory, forever. I am not able to play 24/7, so the idea of doing 30+ daily quests every day really turns me off. Anyway, this review isn't so much about Pandaria as it is about the changes that came out in 5.0. I struggled with scoring it because content wise, MoP is ok if a bit lackluster. There wasn't anything that blew my mind in MoP like there was in previous expansions, and the "new features" (pet battles, scenarios) feel tacked on. You will run 4 dungeons while levelling 85-90, then find only 2 new, heroic-only dungeons at 90 (the rest are heroic versions of vanilla dungeons - ugh). I don't like to be a 'sky is falling' type person, but the only thing that can kill WoW is WoW itself, and dammit, they're trying. I don't believe I will be renewing my subscription. Expand
  8. Sep 25, 2012
    The death of a giant. Same old same old. No new artwork, bad design, changing things that do not need changing. Voiceovers are bad. Once was a great MMO, now just a stale piece of junk. Blizzard needs to hire people who care about games, not those who just want to make money by insulting the customer.
  9. Sep 25, 2012
    Blizzard has insulted their player base with this lackluster expansion. If you thought Cata was bad, wait until you see Pandaria! This game might be ok for very small children due to it's extreme simplicity, ease of play, and cartoony graphics....... if it wasn't for the vile community. They somehow managed to dumb down the talent trees even further, taking all thought out of character development. Graphics and gear are a joke. Gameplay is still slow and sluggish, and feels outdated. Out of everything bad about this expansion, the Pandas have to be the worst part. They look ridiculous. Even in a game full of ridiculous creatures, the Pandas stand out as being overwhelmingly childish and lame. There are so many better mmos out there, and a lot of them are free. There is no reason to pay $15 a month for this horrible game anymore.

    Please do not support or waste your money on this trash.
  10. Sep 25, 2012
    Horrible game, CRZ, New "Talent" System, fixed mana. The arrogance of this company is astounding, I am glad I have finally woken up to it. This was once a good game. Not anymore, blizzard has saw to that.
  11. Sep 25, 2012
    After their Cataclysm expansion, where the main focus landed onto the casual players, i get the feeling after playing about 5 hours that also this expansion will all be about playing as little as you can, but get as much profit and loot as possible. Due to the fact that the previous expansions held on to the core mechanic of the original world of Warcraft, the more you play the better the game becomes. Because of this change i get the feeling, why should i keep paying for something that is not rewarding? It sure is fun don't get me wrong, if you want the hours to keep flowing away. Expand
  12. Sep 25, 2012
    Absolutely horrible. Can't believe I was duped into buying this turd. WoW is dead, the Pandas killed it. Maybe the under 12 crowd could enjoy this game now, but no adult could possibly take this game seriously any more. So sad.
  13. Oct 3, 2012
    This isn't World of Warcraft anymore that game died with Wotlk. With the streamlining of of everything from talents to forming parties this has just became a shell of what it once was. No reason to encourage this kind of mentality.
  14. Dec 23, 2012
    I unsubed from the game yesterday and its running out today. I will not be returning to WOW again. Why? Because I dont play games that consider waiting in queues for more than an hour to be the best way to gate content. Thats not acceptable and every 10 mins of waiting lowers the score I give the game by 1. So... 4 it is.
  15. Sep 25, 2012
    There is really nothing more I can add that hasn't already been said. Have fun with 8-10 year olds and blizzard fanboys. Stay away from this game.
  16. Sep 25, 2012
    There isn't anything new here in WoW. Same ol' repetitive scheme of grinding through pointless new lands that nobody will go back to in later content. Weird to have a Panda Bear playing in World of Warcraft as well .... I guess some back room editor went to work and cut/edit the original lore of this game but ORCS vs. Humans is long gone for those mac players :). THis game is to bring in younger players with the cute little pandas in the video game b/c majority of the original WoW subscribers are all grown up and are no longer teens devoting sheer amounts of time enjoying end game contentt on this MMO. Oh and did I mention you ahve to do repetitive things (grinding dungeons, pvp battle grounds, daily quests) to enjoy end game Raids. Same ol' stuff here just a few new lands that will be dead in about 6 months. Expand
  17. Sep 25, 2012
    Most of the people leaving positive reviews here have only played this expansion for less than a day. Having played the Mists of Pandaria beta extensively, I can tell you that it is by far the worst World of Warcraft expansion yet. I would not recommend it for anyone.
  18. Sep 25, 2012
    Blizzard dropped the ball even before Cata, they made players wait 9 additional months for content, including making the PvP season that lasted 9 months total rather than the normal 3 months. They basically just said FU to their player base and told us to wait. Whats funny is this company used to be awesome, now its trash. This is what happens when you sell out to **** Bobby, he is a business man, and not a gamer. Everquest 3 is the only MMO that I am looking forward to, lets hope they releases some info on it soon. Death to WoW. Expand
  19. Sep 25, 2012
    It's all well and good to call the low rating givers trolls but the reality is most of us are people who sunk a decent amount of hours in to WoW from the beginning and are sick of the rubbish Blizzard is now flogging us. I was bored of this game within the first few hours and feel like a sucker for buying this after they already ripped me off with Diablo 3. Delete this game from existence a release WoW2 revamp starting from Vanilla days. I think that would be 100x better than kiddycore pandaland. If 70% of people rate this game badly you can't just call them all trolls and ignore them... Expand
  20. Sep 25, 2012
    This expansion adds no innovative features to the game at all and only further shows that WoW is a shell of its former self. They have slowly begun releasing less and less regular updates to their games while keeping the $180 a year fee. All of the "new" features to this game are just different forms of scaling or, in the case of companion battles, just complete copies of other games/genre ideas. If there was ever a time to refrain from buying a WoW expansion it would be now. Expand
  21. Sep 25, 2012
    So, how can we reduce even more content for our players? Oh I know! How about we take away good story elements (or any story for that matter), refuse to innovate more on the game play and reduce areas of content just a bit so that we are giving less and less (I will get into that in a bit) people might say I haven't played it enough since it was mainly just beta that I was most likely to have played, but,, for now, i'm talking about content, and there really isn't a lot in this game. From what I understand, there is no new world BG, Tol'Barard was horrible because it had nothing different or new about it, it was basically AB but dumbed down to a game with literally a few strategies that people couldn't understand (at least on my server) just mass attack one place while defending the other in a repeating cycle. Also, this game seems to have no story, so you would thing that they would add more or better BGs right? Well only 2, and they aren't anything too new in terms of other games that have come out, mine cart garding, really? Whats next blizzard? Oooh ooh, kill confirmed? How about a Co Op mode where you fight zombies or robots? I know i'm kind of being a d*ck at this point, but really, there is nothing new and to make matters worse, you are getting less from the expansion, this wouldn't be so bad if it had an epic PVE story mode, but I have yet to find something intriguing. I think the biggest flaw since cata was creative designing,,,, where the hell is it? Everything since Cata feels like anything good stripped down to something extremely basic yet so bad that improving it wouldn't really make the core game play (Like TB) any better, it would just be masking it. I'm also rating it on the fact that I can't even install the freaking optimization patch, i get internet errors from blizzard telling me to check my connection, I have, and guess what, I'm fine, my friend is having the same problem, we both got good rigs and good internet, today the download bar moved to 0.5 before giving me this error, that only took a week... Look,,, iv'e been playing WoW since Burning Crusade, I was one of the first people on my server when it was starting, I have enjoyed WotLK because it had brought in cool new mechanics, but when Cata came, the quests were good in my opinion but the raiding and the dungeons were terrible, they started recycling more dungeons from the past to improvise extra stuff, we have been on a decline on brand new dungeons/raids/arena maps/Bgs since cata, we are paying 15 bucks a month and 40 dollars for each expansion that brings less and less, this needs to stop blizzard, stop being so high and mighty, and listen to your players.... Have a good one... Expand
  22. Sep 25, 2012
    Simply too terrible for words. I have lost all faith in Blizzard. This would be a good kid's game or starter mmo, but the player base is much too abrasive and abominable.
  23. Sep 25, 2012
    Blizzard makes you pay for the expansion, makes you pay for the month you want to play, makes you pay for character transfer, server transfer and everything they can... after that they release an expansion that is lackluster in every way and with horrible technical limitations, to top it off they make 6 dungeons and 2 rehash that are a complete AoE fest to make you stupid.
  24. Sep 25, 2012
    wow this game is just sad. i know i know its only day one, but things will not get better and it will be back to same old grind. Game is out for what 24 hours and theirs a ton of max level characters now. Sorry blizzard not your best expansion by far. also that cross realm bs has to go.
  25. gas
    Sep 26, 2012
    Im a wow player since classic, i got more than 300 days played on my main char. I played casual, i played hardcore, ive been a heavy raider in tbc, i raided more or less any content.
    I really enjoyed classic and tbc, ive found wotlk a so-so expansion, cata an immense letdown, and pandazz... i feel pandaz is just the right expansion to quit wow.
    The main problem is that Blizzard at a
    point decided that they were going for the masses,they decided they just wanted to focus on kids with easy content and uber power ranger armors, streamlined abilities, purple epazzz for anyone, and the dictat that every player must be special, making ofc everyone plain normal.
    I can understand that, game industry is business ofc, anyway they sadly ruined a great game.
    Leveling is plain stupid since wotlk, there is never a single challenge, its boring and it gives zero satisfaction.
    Everyone hate leveling in wow, Blizzard instead of makin it more challening and epic, they think that to make it more interesting it must be super fast and super easy.. damnz just stop with leveling maybe ?
    The idea that the game starts at end level and prior to that its just a boring rush, has been implemented by blizzard itself, thats crazy.
    Really i think there are not anymore gamers at blizzard developing games, there are economists in Blizzard developing games, this is the main problem.
    PvP in wow has always been not very balanced, uber geared ppl having fun in razing no geared ppl in bgs, world pvp has been completely murdered with fly mounts, and i cant get why Blizzard continued to allow pvp gear in pve and vice-versa which always created a lot of issues, especially pve players forced to play pvp to get specific rewards to go on easier in pve.
    The addition of fly mounts and million of portals since TBC ruined totally the sense of multiplayer ,as if you are out of the actual content zones or the main city, you will basically play alone and will not see any other player around.
    Actually in wow there is not anymore the feeling of doing something epic, any item/mount is rare just for 1 or 2 month at best, anyone can do anything with little or no effort.
    Maybe the player base wants that, a Kung Fu Panda toon nice and funny, nonsense pet nice and funny combat, new hairstyles, super huge shoulders, lore and quests funny and stupid, LFR to make every raid a cake, basically all things appealing for kids and console gamers.
    Wow can go on with this formula i guess even another 10 years maybe, but its not more wow, its just a dumbed down version of itself.
    Tbh i could write 20 pages of reasons why wow turned from a great game to a piece of garbage, but i stop here.
    I can say vanilla wow stays at civilization II like pandaz stays at farmville, Go Bli$$ard earn more cash!
    Adios WOW it has been fun.
  26. Sep 25, 2012
    Honestly, there isn't anything new to the game at all. All of the talent that brought up Uldular, WOTLK, are gone. We are left with a hallow shameless company that is tripping over its own feet.

    Blizzard used to be a company of gamers making fun games for gamers. Instead, now it has become a soulless extension of Activision and is failing to deliver any fun.
  27. Sep 25, 2012
    Well, Blizzard Entertainment has really done it this time.

    Just when you thought World of Warcraft couldn't get any more tedious, Mists of Pandaria is released. Bugged zones, poorly designed quests and content, & a heavily flawed Cross-realm zoning feature. The play style is also the same as past expansions: Log in, rush to maximum level & begin the tired old gear treadmill once again.

    Even the reviews on various forums, including the forums, are full of harsh criticism for certain features that the development team forced on their customers. And in typical the fashion of Blizzard Entertaiment, all of the negative criticism is being ignored by the company. All in all, I give this expansion & the development team at Blizzard Entertainment a 2/10 for their effort.
  28. Sep 25, 2012
    Can they dumb down the formula anymore? Why pay Blizzard to spoon feed you and treat you like a baby incapable of independent thought? I'm actually OK with Pandas, but the talents have been butchered beyond recognition. And, yay...Pokémon battles. This expansion looks like it will be the beginning of the end for the mighty "King of MMORPGs".
  29. Sep 25, 2012
    Just overall a very poorly designed, poorly thought out expansion. Right off the bat you can tell that this expansion was designed with one goal in mind: Damage control. It is in it's entirety seems to have been produced only to attempt to recuperate subscribers. Tons of childish memes, Farmville, and a poor Pokemon rip-off don't help their case for a very serious title. Also the fact that this game has yet to UPDATE IT'S GRAPHICS, is really awful. If you're playing a race from The Burning Crusade and below, your character literally looks like it has been ported off of Nintendo 64. Quite frankly, the disparity between expansion graphics is astoundingly large, with each subsequent race appearing better than the next. I would also like to point out that most of, if not all the animations are shared, and rip-offs of animations that had already been in the game prior. One of the worst features of all has got to be the sheer simplification of the game. The removal of most of what made 'WoW', 'WoW' has had a profound effect on the game. Everything is literally handed to you on a silver platter. Gear, gold, you name it. It's yours. All you have to do is wait. Minimal effort, maximum reward. Talents are literally must picks. As there may be smaller amounts to choose from, the obvious dps increase, or heal increase, or mitigation talents are stupid obvious in terms of picking, leading to little or no care for learning how your class actually functions. On top of all that, recent features have given way to a near unplayable game. CRZ, or 'Cross Realm Zones' has allowed servers to group based on population deficiencies. However, it sounds great in theory, but what was supposed to make the world feel more alive, has actually contributed to it's downfall. Zones literally overlap, and if you're an unfortunate soul on a PvE or RP server, you're currently grouped with PvP servers. Do the math, you're pretty much fair game. If you're on a PvP server initially, have fun questing. As random ganking was the norm back in WoW's hay-day, World PvP has devolved into a 24/7 gank fest reminiscent of a private server. This unfortunate circumstance has lead to a near unplayable situation for those under level cap on PvP servers. In closing, I recommend those who view these reviews DO NOT purchase Mists of Pandaria, or even WoW as a whole if you can help it. The game has sadly devolved into too much of a mess. So much so that it's almost as if Blizzard could care less about their own game, so much as you just keep paying and don't mind the awfulness around you. Expand
  30. Sep 25, 2012
    The panda starting zone is mind numbingly boring. Not to mention how cheesey the pandas look. Whenever I see a panda running around I feel embarrassed to even be playing the game. Sub has been cancelled, game has been ruined. Sorry Blizzard but you just arent the same anymore :(
  31. Sep 26, 2012
    Oh god. Just what everyone was afraid of. Dumbed down talent systems, click-to-start/win everything, bringing in a species as the titular characters which doesn't fit in the game at all (they were intended as easter eggs and minor characters in Warcraft 3). A few days before this game's announcement, an employee said they would never include pandas in games, they only see them to be in comics and mangas. Well, it looks like they found out where the game is the most profitable (Asians) and they decided to make it look like as much as the asian culture as they could (Great Wall, pandas of course, the music). The only problem is, almost no one is happy about the changes (Asians included). I mean, the Deus Ex games and Tomb Raider 2 are among my favorite games, and they are influenced by asian cultures a lot, but, again, it simply doesn't fit Warcraft at all. Blizzard, it's a shame how much you let money take over this franchise and (as much as I am ashamed to say this) I hope WoW dies as soon as possible, because this game is starting to be like the exact opposite of the original WoW. Activision, I remember when you published quality games like Jedi Outcast 10 years ago, since then, most of your games are equal to pure crap. You also let yourself to be a money-hungry company and it's obvious your hand is in this, too. If you listen to me, don't buy this game if you're still playing. Go to another MMO, go to a Vanilla/TBC private realm, do whatever you want, just avoid this game like the plague. Expand
  32. Sep 25, 2012
    WoW was fun... I mean, some years ago, burning crusade...

    MoP is very very very bad...this game is out...

    Now we have TSW, GW2, SWTOR even Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2.


    Bye bye Kunfu panda...
  33. Sep 25, 2012
    The game is about as innovative as the abacus and as complex as a brick. There were many flaws in beta, but they went through with the launch anyway. I suppose they had to since Blizzard left the game untouched for a year. Not supporting your current product to release a watered down "expansion" speaks volumes of Blizzard's rabid cash grab. We can certainly expect more of the same in the future.
  34. Sep 25, 2012
    Same old game, just more gimmicks and trying to appeal to an entirely different demographic.

    Rush to level cap, get on the gear treadmill. Nothing new, save what looks to be a Facebook rip-off and Pokemon.
  35. Sep 25, 2012
    Before I purchased MOP, I had a some resentment towards blizzard. I've played the game for years and paid a lot of $ for my three active accounts. My resentment grew as I feel that Blizzard was no longer designing the game for it's loyal customers. I hesitated, and upgraded to mop on release day. That's when the resentment was pushed over to hate. Problems with logging in to loading screens taking 5 mins to load to getting stuck questing. Now I feel blizzard is intentionally making the game a chore to play rather than enjoyable. NO FLYING IN MOP?!?!?! wth. I feel like I'm being punished by Blizzard. I play a shaman, a class that has always been in the mid to bottom of the pack in pve. I'm sorry Blizzard, though MOP looks nice and interesting, the overwhelming feeling that you are punishing me for playing is why I decided to create this account on metacritic and give you this bad review. Collapse
  36. Sep 25, 2012
    Mists of Pandaria - approved for ages Age 4+
    Save your money! It's almost like the business model for this expansion and WOW is the same as the big tobacco companies. The whole point of this expansion is to bring in really young players to try and replace the older player base. There is nothing new with the game. The first quest I did I flew in a copter and had to kill 60 mobs....but
    there was only one option. Press the number one every 4 seconds while the thing drove itself. No other choices to make but repeatedly pressing the number 1 for 10 minutes. It was clearly designed for a little kid. This is really sad too. Having been a Warcraft player since Orcs and Humans in the 90's I got this out of almost pure habit. I should have saved my money. Not worth $15 a month. This game barely could hold its own in the Free to Play category. It was a good run. RIP WOW :( Expand
  37. Sep 26, 2012
    Graphics are better than the old WoW but the fun factor has left. There is absolutely no challenge whatsoever. It feels like a game for simplistic children. What happened Blizzard? Where are you?
  38. Sep 26, 2012
    Mists of Pandaria is a continuation of Blizzard's business office policy of directly steering game development. As most people who follow MMOs know, in Feb 2010, Blizzard announced that they were going to begin retooling World of Warcraft to appeal to a younger audience. Cataclysm came first and took an already relatively easy MMO and turned it into something that would feel right at home in Disney World.

    With Pandaria, they've further reduced the challenge and difficulty. Even the heroic mode dungeons in WoW are easier than the standard dungeons available in games like Rift and GW2. With a nod to Rift... that being the undisputed champion of raid depth and challenge on the market today... Mists of Pandaria looks and plays like a kid's Etch-a-Sketch in comparison.

    Visually, Pandaria does have more detail. However, you have to be a fan of My Little Pony or the Teletubbies in order to like the art direction. The colors in Pandaria are vibrant... akin to shades that belong in cotton candy or Hello Kitty backpacks carried around by harajuku girls.

    Now, if you're under the age of 14 and are reading this... then I'm sure you'll disagree with my opinion that this game is not made for anyone outside of the 8 to 14 age group. The mechanics are dumbed down with reduction of available abilities at a player's disposal, it has a streamlined (see: easier) combat system, reduced dungeon difficulty, reduced dungeon run times, simple quests and instant access to rewards for little to no effort. As it was stated in Feb. 2010 in their letter to investors, Blizzard has stayed that course. Mists of Pandaria has firmly taken WoW and nestled it right between Toy Story and Happy Feet when it comes to target audience. Other MMOs like Rift, Guild Wars 2, and TERA offer much more challenging gameplay and content. WoW is, in my opinion, the new king of kids' games... and I'll be looking forward to see what other MMOs do to fill the void for the adult gamers of the world.

    Warcraft might have 8 to 10 million players... and Toy Story is still the top grossing film in its opening weekend of all time. Food for thought.

    After playing and reviewing Pandaria... I have to question the rating of the game. I don't think it belongs in the MMORPG category any longer. It belongs in a category with similar games like Skylander's Spyro Adventures and Club Penguin. I'm an adult and I rate Pandaria a 2. It does not appeal to me and I feel strongly that it wasn't developed with my likes in mind.

    Kids, however, will absolutely love Pandaria. It's probably challenging for an 8 year old just learning how to use a PC and the bright colors and juvenile art direction would fit right at home in their library of similarly themed games. That, and their Pandas can dance like their older sisters.
  39. Sep 26, 2012
    People giving this a positive review should be ashamed of themselves. All of the "10"s here prove that the Blizz fanbois will happily enjoy any turd blizzard bends over and plops on their plate. This expansion is awful and is a huge slap in the face to new and long time WoW fans. I could go on and on about how bad this xpac truly is, but everything has already been covered. Don't listen to the Blizzard drones! Expand
  40. Sep 26, 2012
    Argh! why oh why did I buy this? Blizzard have destroyed what was once my favourite game of all time, people complein in other MMO's at the lack of endgame content at launch (of which wow had none) but nowadays WoW is only endgame with everything up to that point being dumbed down into a mindless grind. Round up as many mobs as you possibly can and easily kill them group quests, no elites anymore, no need to think at all, but hey, don;t worry because you'll have to wait an hour to kill this one mob that everyone is waiting for to respawn anyway! The new area and race are inspired by Jung Fu panda, it's alright whining that pandarens were brought in back in WC3, that wasn't really a proper introduction and the actual creation of the WoW race and area were clearly done with the dreamworks movie in mind to appeal to their young playerbase.

    Sick of kill stealing, sick of ninja looting, sick of PvP that is geared strictly against new players (not fun when my wife won't PvP because the heirloom people one shot her), sick of rude idiots desperatly running through easy mode dungeons whining that we need to round up more mobs, sick of fetch and return questing......back to GW2 for me! My glorious memories of Vanilla and TBC won't be further tarnished by lazy, one dimensional expansions......oh and don't get me started on the talent system, nice new talents for some classes but godawful way of dealing with it, yet more dumbing down, they may as well just hand out level 80's and let them get on with the boring raiding from day one.
  41. Sep 26, 2012
    Do yourself a favor and stay AWAY from this game. Better, stay away from activision-blizzard as a whole. They are trailing the same path as Electronic Arts.
  42. Sep 25, 2012
    MoP is the same old tired mechanics only with a new skin. It has gotten to the point where Blizzard is just shoveling out useless content worse than a Facebook game.
  43. Sep 26, 2012
    Your time and money is better spent elsewhere. Blizzard once again continues to dumb down their franchises while gouging $ out of their customers. The setting is awful and the class changes are even worse. It is clear that the talent truly has left Blizzard and all they care about is making money. It is sad to see that a company that was once the best in the industry has fallen so hard.
  44. Sep 26, 2012
    I really wanted to like the game but it seems to be trying to draw in a very young crowd with this last expansion. I played a panda through level 30 and had to stop. The combat seems clunky at best and the quests are just a thousand more of the same "bring me 10 wolf pelts" or "kill 10 murlocs" Nothing new, and definitely nothing to be excited about.
  45. Sep 26, 2012
    Pathetic! That's all I can really say about MoP. Wasted $40 and a whole day playing this trash. Also, it should be noted that most of the positive reviews are just trolls making multiple accounts trying to inflate the games score.
  46. Sep 27, 2012
    I'll keep it short and sweet.
    Let's say WoW used to be Lego, it is now Duplo.
    That is all. Pandaria is pretty lame overall. Waste of money and time.
  47. Sep 27, 2012
    Bottom Line: in this day and age if you're paying $16 a month for this garbage Blizzard calls a game, the joke's on you. Like they say, a fool and his money is easily parted.
  48. Sep 26, 2012
    I was always hoping that it was just an april fool's joke, but no matter how much I try to convince myself that no company could be stupid enough to release a panda themed game as a successor to world of warcraft, I have to accept that it happened. As an adult, I could always defend playing WoW because it had the appearance of a gritty and dark game that wasn't geared towards children. How can I buy this game? How could I possibly defend purchasing or even playing this game? It would be like telling everyone I enjoy iCarly for wii, it's creepy. I don't care about broken features or more of the same, I would have been happy with the exact same expansion of wrath of the lich king with just the names changed. I wanted to give Blizzard my money, but there is no way I can justify the social and personal stigma of playing such a blatant childrens kung-fu panda video game. I'd rather just play solitaire. Expand
  49. Sep 27, 2012
    Many of these negative score reviews make mention of the decline of excellence from Blizzard games within the last 5 or 6 years.

    The main thing that ruins games, game development and creativity and sinks developers is... interfering, money hungry publishers! Most notably Eidos, Electronic Arts and Activision! Who have ruined many, many fantastic development companies in their time.

    Blizzard was possibly the last great development company not owned by a faceless corporation. However Activision bought Blizzard back in 2007. Need I say more?
  50. Sep 26, 2012
    God awful waste of money. Blizzard has spit in the faces of it's most loyal costumers for the past few years and this is expansion is no different.
  51. Sep 26, 2012
    Let me start by saying Mists of Pandaria is not a bad expansion, WoW itself is not a bad game, it's just not great or Epic anymore, or at least as it used to be. The main problem of Mists it's just more of the exact same thing of the past 5 years, in fact it could very easily be a DLC. 5 more levels of the same quests, handful of more dungeons, couple more BGs, raids, and a re-shuffled talent tree. That has been the motto for Blizzard and WoW every since Burning Crusade. More importantly is the direction that the game started to take back in Wotlk, which is faster, simpler, easier and grindy. Normally those are good attributes, but not in a game. It basically stripped off WoW of its epicness, the feeling of adventure, hard work, difficulty, skill and challenge. It became a very easy, dumbed down mind-numbling grind, with no sense of challenge, adventure or worthwhile reward. And unfortunately, Mists of Pandaria is more of that, the same formula of 5 years ago heading even further down the road of streamlined dumbed down games. It's clear that Blizzard is heading that direction for a reason, to appeal to the younger newer crowd in order to continue selling copies and micro-transactions, not necessarily to continue making a better, more Epic game. Mists is very mediocre, specially when you compare it to new releases out there of MMOs and RPGs. With Guild Wars 2 being free-to-play I can't believe Blizzard has the face to charge monthly subscription for WoW anymore, or to continue to butcher their customer's pockets with elevated prices for extra stuff, like transfers, etc. The new class, slightly better graphics, new race and few other additions here and there unfortunately go un-noticed due to the other things that are just mediocre at best. Conclusion: Mists is just another WoW expansion, more of the same ol', very VERY little improvement if at all, that unfortunately goes overshadowed by the very poor direction where the game has been heading since Wotlk. Mists didn't cause WoW to lose it's Epicness, sense of adventure, challenge or skill/reward system, it hasn't been a trend since few expansions ago, however Mists continues that trend, which is bad. In top of that, we are talking about a very wealthy company with a lot of resources, and comparing to other free-to play releases (GW2) it just falls way, wayyy too short. Expand
  52. Sep 26, 2012
    Besides the same boring questing (was hoping they'd change this after 8 years), the talent changes are a joke. I understand that they felt that the old talents were meaningless since everyone pretty much had the same builds for their classes, but the changes make me wonder why they didn't just remove talents altogether. Getting one talent every 15 levels just feels lame, like why bother? Next expansion will probably just have a check box for pvp spec and one for pve spec. Expand
  53. Sep 27, 2012
    Meh, stale unfortunately. The gameplay has not evolved in the slightest, and the mechanics further dumbed down. Eventually they'll be aiming at an age bracket that's in the negatives. Would have been acceptable in 2004 but that was a long time ago.

    Disappointed after such a long wait.
  54. Oct 13, 2012
    Well look at that, bet you never thought WoW xpacs would become the same as CoD- just releasing the same game but with new skins. And like every year's CoD, the fanbois devour it and let Blizz in turn devour their money.
    Vanilla WoW- fantastic for its time. BC- perhaps the height of mmos across the board. WotLK- sure, starting to weaken, but some great ideas like Wintergrasp and new pvp
    types, and some fantastic dungeons like Ulduar which had fights that were challenging, accessible and enjoyable all at the same time.
    Cataclysm was a mistake- but, at least it had some enjoyable parts like the new starting areas, and a story which while lacking any depth at least completely fit the game.

    Pandaria is to WoW what Twilight is to vampires- a really bad fanfic of something otherwise at least decent. Sad thing is, Bella and Mister Sparkles is still a better love story than lol-Kung Fu Pandaren. I picked the game up because I'd grown frustrated and bored with the extreme repetition in GW2, and lack of endgame of SWTOR- but Pandaria quickly made both those games look godly in comparison. This and Diablo 3 have sealed it- Blizzard's dead, replaced by Activision, not unlike how EA killed Bioware- I have utterly lost interest in Titan if this is what we should expect from it.
  55. Sep 26, 2012
    Wasted 40$ for nothing. It feels like a game for children. This was once a good game. Not anymore, what happened Blizzard? Just stay away from Activision-Blizzard.
  56. Sep 26, 2012
    Dreadful expac.The talent system is a joke the environment looks ripped out of a cartoon and pandas everywhere.This isnt the same game ive played for 7 years,bliz youve lost another subscriber.
  57. Sep 26, 2012
    I took a chance and bought mists of panda land and am now feeling serious buyers remorse. Never again. This is definitely the most disappointing expansion and there's really nothing good I can say about it. You might like this if you are completely brain-dead or 8 years old. Blizzard has solidified WoW's position as the ultimate kiddie mmo, and the joke of the mmo world. The only people who will be left playing in a month are the fanbois and angry children. I'd rather play swtor than WoW after pandaland. I am so very disappointed. I would recommend not buying this if you haven't already. Expand
  58. Jan 2, 2013
    Do you know why WoW was popular once? Did you feel it? Did you try the game when it came out in 2005? Did you then try this new one? Did you feel the difference? You would pay every single coin you got in your bank if they gave us back the first WoW game... this one is not WoW in my opinion and it's never going to be WoW again. WoW kept you addicted for YEARS and you would feckin love it. In 2005 you just need the World of Warcraft Classic and nothing else for your PC. It would take you MONTHS to level up your character and HOURS to earn money for good gear. THAT WAS REALISTIC. You can't describe it in words. If you didn't try the WoW Classic, Burning Crusade or Lich King you just missed the biggest chance you could ever have in this world. You couldn't get enough. I'm not a nerd :D but that game was not just a MONSTER, it was a BEAST... why? Because this game was full fun in a way it couldn't stop... it just couldn't. People were hangin around pups and drinking beer together, they were hanging around the mountains doing quests at night and eating food together.. they were communicating in a way you couldn't explain. It was good addiction. The game was FULL of gear and stuff. You could even be a workaholic because you need the money that bad to buy gear, mounts, food and much more. I loved this game. They every SINGLE detail of this game from start to scratch. That's why it isn't WoW in my opinion anymore. Why remove something your customers actually liked? Why not develope what they already pay for... the LOVE it... it's great. They just created an entire new game and called it WoW but that's not the game we once liked... that's just a totally new product. Expand
  59. Sep 26, 2012
    This is a review of two things, actually, so take it as such. MoP is...another xpac. With pandas. Is it fun? Yes, of course. It's still the same gear treadmill and the same fetch quests, but that's always been WoW, so I'm used to it. The new zones are beautiful. The music is great. Monks are a fun class, even if they did **** with them a bit so as not to offend people because they're doing drunken monkey style kung-fu like Jackie Chan and we can't offend people who don't drink. Or something. The pandas are charming enough, even if the females are really just a mildly altered redo of the female dwarf. Ji Firepaw is a fun addition. Aysa is...meh. The problem is with CRZ, which has absolutely destroyed the game if you're on a low-pop PVE server. If I wanted to PVP, I would do so. If I wanted to fight with a thousand other people for mats or spawns, I'd have transferred off my low pop and gone to a place where that sort of thing went on. My economy on my server sees no benefits from this amazing new 'feature'. Make no mistake, if you are on a PVE server and you rezone, you will get griefed, heavily. This is unbelievable and stupid. I transferred off my PVP server five years ago so that I didn't have to deal with it. To those of you who enjoy PVP, I'm glad this feature has revitalized your experience playing the game. It has ruined mine. I have friends on my server. I don't need realID either, by the way. I've been playing since vanilla, I can make pals just fine. I can't believe that Blizz would implement this right before MoP dropped. I can't believe they aren't listening to the thousands upon thousands of players on both US and EU servers who are telling them they want to opt out. If Blizz adds the ability to opt-out of CRZ, I'll resub and play again. As it stands now, I'm done, and a lot of other players are too. Bad, bad move. MoP would have gotten a six and fifteen bucks a month from me if it weren't for CRZ. Bye Blizz, it was fun. Expand
  60. Sep 26, 2012
    Same stuff. The exacly same stuff after years and years.No revolution. No evolution. The same heated soup we served up every year. Game world beautiful to look at but poor in content.
    The pokemon version of wow is an insult. Surface and no reason to exist in Azeroth.
    I find it outrageous that Dreamworks has not sued for copyright infringement of Myst Pandarian. Leaving aside the comments
    from fan boy that the Pandaren were present in the game since the dawn (Where? Warcraft1-2-3? Where?) The whole universe of Pandaria is a vile copy of the film Kung Fu Panda.
    After the month-long trial I will return on the blessed shores of free to play. WoW is an old game that fails to keep pace with the times. His legend is over.
  61. Sep 27, 2012
    I hate when ppl downvote a game out of principle, but I do empathize with them in this case. At the moment I speak, this game doesn`t deserve more than a 4, from a couple of reasons. First, the game is 10 yrs old, with no major improvement regarding graphics and gameplay since it`s launch (it`s getting dumber, and the playstyle is highly repetitive). Second, this game costs 70% the price of Torchlight2, every month, adding to this is the cost of the expansion(180% the cost of T2, only for an exp). This is OUTRAGEOUS. And don`t lie to yourself that a mmo needs monthly to sustain servers etc. GW2 does it only with the initial cost of the game. For those that get into this money eating machine, you have a major fault in the stagnation of the game industry. I am sorry to say, but atm Blizz just reached the EAjunk business model and the community has a major fault for this. I have played a couple of hours on a friend`s account, and I can state that the game has passed it`s time, a long time ago. I will stick with the memories that I have with wow from BC and WOTLK.
    Please don`t support this game. You are not only supporting Michael Morhaime to buy another city or so, but you are also sending a clear message to the game dev community that you enjoy monthly subscriptions on utterly foolish games (see swtor).
  62. Sep 26, 2012
    Gotta laugh at all the fanboys claiming everyone who doesn't like pandaria is a troll. Guess that makes me and 90% of the player base trolls because we all think MOP sucks!
  63. Oct 2, 2012
    When a company decides to make an easter egg in warcraft III the new mighty race of Azeroth, it kinda shows how Cata was indeed the end of the world. The pandas don't fit in this universe, and the pokemon pet system doesn't help. This isn't azeroth anymore, this is rainbow and unicorns land. Let your 12 year old kid play it and move on.
  64. Sep 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will say i loved world of warcraft in the the past. I loved Wolk and somewhat liked cata. But now they make this? This is the largest game failure that i have ever seen, sadly i bought it despite it being very childish and dumb as hell.So i play this game and it is absolutly terrible. First of all it is very easy, and second the game is designed for 9 year olds who play games that make no since.I would talk for day about the story flaws and how dumb it is, but i will sum it up: Huge island no one ever noticed gets discovered somehow,very childish storyless pandas meet you, stupid flawed story that makes no since happens, no main boss that makes since. Now i made that as short as i could because i could say all its flaws all day. So you can give this money whore blizzard 15 dollars a month to play a very stupid flawed game for 9 year olds, or you could stop and say **** you blizzard you guys need to make content that is logical and entertaining Example: burning crusade.I hate this game so much. Please don't buy it blizzard needs to learn from its mistakes and make content that is not childish and completely stupid. Expand
  65. Sep 26, 2012
    I have been a WoW players since release and before that played EQ1 and UO. WoW was a great game at release and the first few expansions were good. Something happened a few years back though and Blizzard is just a shell of a game company compared to what it was 7 or 8 years ago. This expansion seems more to be geared toward the pre teen crowd than the older gamer, keep that in mind before buying it. If you are looking for a challenging adult game this is not it, save you money. I would give the new content a 5 but the dumbing down of the game in general brings the score down to a 2 for me and I am being generous. Expand
  66. Sep 26, 2012
    It's the same recycled stuff that brings nothing new to the table. Game has been dumbed down for casuals and isn't appealing to play anymore. Save your $15 a month and buy something else.
  67. Sep 26, 2012
    This expansion has ensured that I won't return to World of Warcraft anytime soon. It was poorly designed and has a boring setting. Blizzard has failed to address issues with the game, only adding more fluff and junk to it.
  68. Sep 26, 2012
    Not sure why the people who are giving good reviews feel the need to discredit and insult those who don't like the game. I personally was hoping pandaria would help WoW, but after playing for a few days I'm done. The expansion stinks. A well deserved 0/10.
  69. Dec 18, 2012
    Tons of BORING dailies to remain competitive.
    Dailies, Dailies, Dailies, all the way Dailies, again Dailies for rep, Dailies for epics, Dailies for extra loot coins, Dailies for recipes, Dailies to cook, Dailies for titles, Dailies for Mounts. Dailes to unlock factions.

  70. Sep 26, 2012
    I hope blizz will finally open their eyes and stop this madness.

    I dont hate them but i really dont expect much from them like before.

    But i still have big hopes in "Titan" MMO.
  71. Sep 26, 2012
    Entirely too much of the same thing. The gimmicks and the glitter do little to promote anything substantially different from what is really just a continuation of WoW as a whole. After Cataclysm, WoW should've had some serious changes made to a lot of the fundamentals of the game. The lack there-of in Mists speaks more to neglect and lazyness than it does to anything else.
  72. Sep 26, 2012
    Blizzard have lost all their good devolopers to other companys. Just look how they **** up every **** expantion pack in a 4 years row now and every single **** title after WoW.

    MoP delivered nothing new to the game except some **** chinese pandas. Same reskined bosses, same scripted boss fights , worthless pvp with no **** balance at all.
  73. Sep 27, 2012
    Overall, I like the game. The Jade Forest has been amazing. I have loved the changes to my druid main. However, leveling my panda monk has been a painful experience due to CRZ(Cross Realm Zones). It kills the experience for me. I can not in good conscience give MoP a good rating until CRZ is removed, or we are given an option to opt-out. Overall, good game design. However, CRZ kills the overall feel of the game for me. Expand
  74. Sep 27, 2012
    The talent system has been homogenized to a simplistic and boring system that doesn't offer anything cool. What used to be unique and interesting classes have been made really dull to play. The talent and ingenuity that was once the WoW dev team have moved to other projects, and there is nothing now that makes the game fun. While they obviously have a talented design team, the overall final product is lackluster.

    MoP was created only for the intent of making as much $ as possible by appealing to the lowest common denominator because the game life cycle has less time ahead compared to what has past.

    As a result you get stupid Pandas, pokemon pet battles, and other silly nonsense that killed the uniqueness of the game. There is nothing fun about MoP. You just get a gaggle of simplistic crap with a few new character models.

    I have been playing since 2005, and MoP offers nothing to an otherwise fun game. Blizzard is not the quality company that it once was. I didn't want to bother with Diablo 3 after the real $ auction house came online. I just found that trifling, and the desire to go higher levels into the game was not there.

    I think I am done with Blizzard, been fun 1997-2012.
  75. Jan 28, 2013
    This is the worst MMO out there, the worst wow expansion. Its crap, don't buy it , its the most dumbed down version of wow and it will be worse. Blizzard has killed wow and made it for kids.
  76. Sep 28, 2012
    This game gets worse and easier with every expansion. The graphics and gameplay need a big update. It's a shame to she how this game has gone so low in all this years.
  77. Nov 15, 2012
    I just wanted to say World of Warcraft is dead, I loved you from the first moment I installed you on my computer back in the days of Molten core 40s and UBRS 10s, some of the funniest gaming days of my life the dungeon sets the Grand marshals, the fear of seeing someone with sulfuras hand of ragnaros charging towards you in warsong gulch, the STV ganking the ganking when trying to get into SM, THE GANKING OHHHH THE GANKING it made you rage but it wasn Expand
  78. Oct 10, 2012
    I didn't want to buy this game, but I did. I got so excited about new zones that weren't streamlined so I gave in. For that, I figure the expansion was worth perhaps about $20 altogether with a free month. However, there is no free month and the cost of this expac was twice that. In the end the game became nothing more than a grind that is even worse than Cataclysm at level 90. The amount of dailies you will have to do, even after the nerfs to rep needed, will be quite high. These dailies will take you quite a bit of time and will help you eventually get some epic gear to raid with. But the problem isn't so much that as it is the talent system being once again revamped to an even more handheld version of its former self, the overly instanced world of warcraft, and CRZ zones which pretty much turns all zones into random groups of people who just compete for your stuff. It isn't an improvement on the game, but rather a step back. Sure there are more dungeons and heroics to level in and get nice loot, but it is all the same thing with new skins and set pieces to come crashing through on your aggressive romp to end game. The farming btw is also heavily gated since you need rep with the tillers and not to mention you have to wait a day til you can even grow anything. Honestly this annoys me. I have no interest in playing pokemon as well. So what do I do? I try the Scenarios to check out this new type of content and am let down yet again. These are essentially the older group quests but mobs have more health and can overwhelm you, if you die you just graveyard zerg back and try again. The challenge of this game in learning to play it and become good at it are by and large so far gone it is painful to try and remember what it once was. I say don't buy this. In fact don't ever support Blizzard again because at this point it is so blatantly obvious they are milking this game it is a wonder the community hasn't rioted. Expand
  79. Oct 8, 2012
    This game is the boring same old, same old. Barely any new content (despite what others are saying). A reduced skill system and a declining player base make for a game that's dead in the water.

    They needed to stop at WoTLK and maybe perhaps try to make another MMO. For those who are new to WoW and not familiar with what it "used" to be like and the old skill system which was far
    better.. this game will probably be gold to you.

    If your a current or returning player, well you'd have to be a complete and utter fool to think this expansion is good and added anything new.
  80. Sep 26, 2012
    As was already stated, most of the positive reviews here are coming from a handful of people making multiple accounts in order to falsely bring up the game's score. There were actually threads on the official WoW forums encouriging people to do this. That being said, Blizzard has done a fantastic job of doing exactly what they set out to do: make WoW more kid-friendly. By doing this, Blizzard has alienated most of their fan base. Having played MoP, I can tell that without a doubt this game is no longer geared towards gamers or adults. If you are looking for a deep, complex, challenging and rewarding experience you will need to look elsewhere. I will give it 1 point because they at least attempted (sort of) to bring back world pvp. Overall I had a very bad experience with MoP, and like many others have cancelled my subscription for good. Expand
  81. Sep 26, 2012
    This is just completely awful. Not fun at all. What the hell happened, Blizzard? How do you screw something up this badly? Poor design, down crap, nothing works properly...
  82. Nov 7, 2012
    World of Daily Questcraft. WoW has devolved into a rep grind. What started out as Shattered Sun daily quests in The Burning Crusade where one could do them all in an hour, now dailies have evolved into a 3 to 4 hour grind (depending on server and if you are doing them at peak time). Other than that, the story arc is the same as the last 2 expansions: 1. New world is discovered, 2. Alliance and Horde compete for colonization, 3. A great evil awakens to threaten the very fabric of existence, and 4. Blizzard takes a year rolling out the content to save the world in 2 to 4 content patches before they announce another expansion to reset the cycle. Do not buy! You won't have time to enjoy this game unless you are unemployed and on welfare. This game has become a job. Expand
  83. Sep 27, 2012
    I bought this game because I have been a fan of the series, but it was a mistake. You don't get the same feeling that you did with Vanilla Wow. It feels stale, boring, and not much fun at all. I've only leveled to 86, but the hours I spent doing so felt like a chore. It's just not a fun game anymore. Same old tired formula from 2004: kill 10 boars and come back for xp, rinse and repeat x 2352362136. It was great then, but I prefer the likes of GW2 these days, and the fact that GW2 is f2p makes me wonder more and more about what blizz has been getting away with. Expand
  84. Sep 27, 2012
    Well, I was disappointed in Cata from the start, and was hoping MoP would bring back anything remotely epic in the game outside of Max level play. Sadly, it's still just an ez rush to endgame, one or 2 shotting mobs along the way. Planned to take my time, enjoy the panda starting zone, but found it so dumbed down(further if possible from Cata), and really uninspiring artistically that I just left the area. The game has finally cured me of my original amazement, and awe. Time to move on. Too much streamlining, too little server interaction and community brought on by the many changes over time, too little immersion. The game is a sad shadow of its former self, where the immersion has been stripped out so everyone can get the big baddy in the end. If no one can lose, how can anyone succeed? The loss of tiered raiding, and true progression have made this game much less than it once was. I have never even been a consistent raider, but I was proud of my progress, even if it was just Heroics in BC. Eventually I moved through the raids, but I wasn't cutting edge by any means...and still there was something for everyone, a niche, where you could find friends at or near your level still climbing the progress ladder. Wrath was filled w mostly 10 man raiding for me, and as with TBC the 10 level expansion made the leveling mean something, there was real progression in your character as you opened new areas at 77, etc..sadly this franchise is nothing more than a $ generator at this point for Blizz. Nothing original in 2 full expacs, micro-transactions and vanity items everywhere, and no longer an ounce of originality. Whoever is working on the game now just seems tired of it, and waiting for people to break their addiction so they can develop something new. Sad for such a formerly great game. Technically, the game is still sound, that's the only saving grace. Expand
  85. Sep 27, 2012
    Kungfu Panda and Pokemon + Stupid re-design of skill trees and boring quests = MoP. Also cross realm pvp was probably the worst ideas ever. Enjoy being camped constantly?
  86. Nov 20, 2012
    At first I found it good because it was way better then Cata.
    However it's completely destroyed at high levels by the awful daily quest grinds that are a grief fest, a bore fest and an annoying mechanics fest. Blizzard is also cheap on the rewards, with dirty moves like no flying while dead.
    I find myself getting angry each evening while doing these crap daily quests.
    Nothing good to
    expect from Blizzard any more after Cataclysm, Diablo 3 and now this. Expand
  87. Oct 27, 2012
    This game is just a re-hash. Boring grindfest to nothingness.
    WoW Pandaria and Diablo 3 has nailed the coffin for blizzard. I regret purchasing this game.
  88. Sep 27, 2012
    I think it's obvious that a lot of the positive reviews here are from the same person....or maybe Blizzard employees trying to cover up how bad MoP really is? Anyway, the xpac is complete garbage and just about everyone I've seen in game is pretty upset about how bad it is. They did nothing to address the real issues and everyone pretty much feels cheated. Good job pissing off your players blizzard. Expand
  89. Sep 27, 2012
    Gotta laugh at all the good reviews claiming that people who don't like world of pandas have never even played it. guess what? I just got done playing it and it sucks! Wow is now a game for babies.
  90. Sep 27, 2012
    Rehashed content, copy and pasted mobs and scenery, bland solo questing, completely uninspired landscapes and dungeons. The dungeons themselves are really bad rehashes (They cut Vanilla dungeons in half and called it a day) and are overly easy. AoE spam fests with no need to bother with mechanics.

    As a matter of fact, ill let Ghostcrawler himself tell you why this expansion sucks and
    why this dungeon model sucked in WoTLK. --- --- As you can see even Blizz realizes how bad this is, but why are they making something they know is bad design? That they criticized themselves for in WoTLK? The simple answer? Money, greed, Activision. This company isnt about gaming, it isnt about making games fun or making games they care about or are inspired to make. Its to make games they couldnt give a crap about to make more $ and it shows. The whole things a bust. 11 years old and under need only apply. Expand
  91. Sep 27, 2012
    Too much of the same. Little to no change what-so-ever despite, and what little new features there are they are patch worthy at best.

    Do not buy if you're looking for a dramatic change, the game is just as bland as Cataclysm was.
  92. Sep 27, 2012
    Why did i bother to buy it...Biggest buyers remorse of 2012. I EVEN made an account here because im so frustrated. I want my money back blizzard. There is nothing innovating in this game, even **** guild wars 2 brings more to the table than this pile of ****
  93. Sep 27, 2012
    Just want to echo what a lot of reviews are already stating. MOP is yet another release that fails to meet the high quality standards of the Blizzard we knew before the merger with Activision.
  94. Sep 27, 2012
    I am literally cursing myself for buying this. The litany of fail in WoW and MoP has been stated up and down these reviews. Same old race to level cap, but this time through a soulless Disney-esque generic Asian continent. I will not be grinding my way through re-skinned dungeons or raids with the same boring mechanics. Buyer beware.
  95. Nov 7, 2012
    I have been playing it since it's release and it's really boring for someone who is new to the game. It has too much "questing" collecting things and getting reputation, something that is not Warcraft and it's not fun at all. I'm still trying to understand what's so interesting about this game, what keeps the player base in it, but it's only the "item race" to get the best items on the game before someone does. It doesn't worth 15USD every month or paying for the Battlechest + Mist of Pandaria if you could get a lot of fun from other games that are cheaper and interesting (like GTAV, COD, GW2, etc.). For a game that is supposed to fell like a MMO it fells like a Facebook game.
    The story line is really childish focused on young audience, I don't even recommend it for young children because of the addictive level the game has. So far, the worst game to play right now.
  96. Oct 10, 2012
    Did Blizzard hire a bunch of game designers from Zynga? Because that's what WoW feels like now. The heart of the whole endeavor is gone. It's not a matter of hardcore vs. casual -- it's all the design choices that have made it a colorful chatroom where you play minigames and wait for dungeons, instead of a virtual world. That's changing the entire project, from an MMORPG to something else...something more like a suite of FarmVille-type games. They could have catered to casual players without those types of changes. Expand
  97. Nov 3, 2012
    New expansion - it's a joke! You grind more than ever - reputation, justice/valor points etc... You still have the same stupid quest types - kill xxx mobs, gather xxx plants, save and escort xxx npc's... New class - "yeah! let's make it overpowered and nerf all the other classes, so every raid must have a monk!" The glitches from previous expansions still aren't fixed - when gathering quest items, You still have a chance that mobs won't drop it for 1h, eventually dropping more than needed in quest. Personal loot tables? Yeah, right... LFR = no loot at all, 10/25man - there still is a chance that boss will drop something for a class/spec that isn't even in the raid group! Too bad Blizzard again serves us reheated meat instead of cooking something new, especially when Guild Wars 2 showed how new MMORPG should look like. It seems like Blizz just want to make MMORPG for casuals - easier talent trees, "legendary weapon for all" and expanding LFR (item upgrades coming in 5.1) so that players won't cry when their items will have Raid Finder addition in tooltip and giving purple items for everyone - now raid level items from quests! Guild Wars 2 - new, fresh look at MMORPG and questing/grinding playstyle, WoW: MoP - the same things that was in earlier expansions, but made easier for casual players, and not so rewarding and demanding like, in example, ICC/Ulduar - for semi- and full hardcore players. Expand
  98. Nov 4, 2012
    Yeah Kung-Fu Panda... seriously? Blizzard it's time to show the world your project titan.

    World of Warcraft has a special place in my heart, and I was thrilled by the original, Burning Crusade too, but then it started to loose it's self, and this expansion only proves the point.
  99. Oct 3, 2012
    Activision was the death of blizzard as we once knew them. Everything they release is an obvious attempt at getting as much money from the consumer as possible. This isn't as bad as diablo 3, but it's a very close second. Nothing innovative with this expansion. Hit the level cap in a day or two, and back to the same old stuff. Sorry but this wasn't fun during WOTLK and it isn't now.
  100. Sep 28, 2012
    honestly, i didn't expect any better, just another pointless expansion with no texture or graphics updates, i think WoW has had it's time and needs to rethink there style and what makes an MMO fun. gameplay is dull , nothing new brought to the MMO genre. However, i did enjoy the dungeons.
  101. Sep 25, 2012
    Before I purchased MOP, I had a some resentment towards blizzard. I've played the game for years and paid a lot of $ for my three active accounts. My resentment grew as I feel that Blizzard was no longer designing the game for it's loyal customers. I hesitated, and upgraded to mop on release day. That's when the resentment was pushed over to hate. Problems with logging in to loading screens taking 5 mins to load to getting stuck questing. Now I feel blizzard is intentionally making the game a chore to play rather than enjoyable. NO FLYING IN MOP?!?!?! wth. I feel like I'm being punished by Blizzard. I play a shaman, a class that has always been in the mid to bottom of the pack in pve. I'm sorry Blizzard, though MOP looks nice and interesting, the overwhelming feeling that you are punishing me for playing is why I decided to create this account on metacritic and give you this bad review. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 86
    An expansion worthy of the franchise’s legacy that, according to sales and subscriptions data, pulls the series back on the right track, in a spectacular way. On the other hand however, the limitations of the World of Warcraft platform are similarly underlined. There’s no room for fundamental restructuring of the game. [November 2012]
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    The fourth World of Warcraft expansion set is trying to get back all of those souls lost in last months, even years. At the end of the day it manages to get them back, letting them forget Cataclysm that's been dull as ditch water.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    Another great excuse to delve back into this massive world, though archaic gameplay grates. [Christmas 2012, p.92]