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  • Summary: Players last visited Northrend in "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne," when Arthas Menethil fused with the spirit of Ner’zhul to become the Lich King, one of the most powerful beings in the Warcraft universe. He now broods atop the Frozen Throne deep in Icecrown Citadel, clutching the rune blade Frostmourne and marshaling the undead armies of the Scourge. In Wrath of the Lich King, the forces of the Alliance and the Horde venture into battle against the Scourge amid Northrend’s howling winds and fields of jagged ice. Wrath of the Lich King adds a rich variety of content to an already massive game. New features in the game’s second expansion include: Death Knight Hero Class: Create a high-level Death Knight character -- the game’s first hero class -- once certain challenges have been met. Increased Level Cap: Advance to level 80 and gain potent new talents and abilities along the way. Northrend: Explore the harsh new continent of Northrend, packed with new zones, quests, dungeons, monsters, and items -- and do battle with the undead armies of the Lich King. "Inscription" Profession: Learn this exciting new profession and gain unique ways to permanently enhance spells and abilities in the game. Siege Weapons and Destructible Buildings: Take the battle to another level with new player-vs.-player game mechanics and new battlefields to wage war on. New Character Customization: Change how characters look and express themselves, with different hairstyles and dance animations. [Blizzard Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 100
    Wrath of the Lich King takes the best-of-breed MMO and improves everything about it. It's a work of supreme confidence and quality that is twice as fun and ten times as beautiful as classic WOW, not to mention anything else in the genre. But above all else - in the breathtaking sweep of Northrend, in the assured, epic storytelling, in the constellation of brilliant quests - it is a grand adventure. Perhaps the grandest adventure in all gaming.
  2. Wrath of the Lich King has all the components necessary to hold the attention of the gaming community for several years to come...or at least until Blizzard decides which game we're going to be playing next.
  3. If you have a computer with internet and think you might enjoy playing games, do yourself a favor and try it.
  4. 91
    Wrath features more than enough content to keep me busy for a while yet. And if WOW's current track record maintains, things can only get better with time.
  5. With Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard shows the world how a MMORPG should look like. The add-on offers enough for both the casual and the hardcore gamer and is a must for every World of Warcraft player. We predict that it's gonna be a long and cold winter.
  6. The second World of Warcraft expansion doesn't do anything for new players, but there's plenty of great content for anyone who's reached at least level 55.
  7. A fresh continent to explore – what else do you need? Even with all the simplification this add-on brings lots of fun and new challenges. [Issue#173]

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  1. Jul 14, 2013
    I played this game for a long time and i all ways loved it! I all ways thought that this game easily deserved a 100/100. Sadly the new expansion "Mists of Pandaria" did not turn out as well as i thought but all the other ones were good and i can't wait to see what new expansion comes out next! :D Expand
  2. Dec 3, 2010
    This game this expansion is too easy in my opinion, but overall not a bad expansion... just this expansion was so easy even noobs could do it... Unlike Vanilla and Burning Crusade, If you were a nab then you'd get pvp gear... Not saying that everyone in pvp gear were nabs but that's the way it went.. if you couldn't get yourself into a good raiding guild. I just hope that cataclysm won't be boring like wrath... don't want to get bored for 6 months again just raiding naxxaramas, that was rather boring if i'm honest.. but i guess that's why they bought heroic modes, but then again.. they get rather boring after a while also... i'd give this game a 8/10 Expand
  3. Oct 14, 2010
    Wrath of the Lich king is coming to an end with Cataclysm launching December. I can honestly say that the last two years have been great for World of Warcraft. This expansion brought in so many great changes to WoW - dungeon finder, battleground finder, etc. - that were just awesome. Fantastic expansion. Expand
  4. Mar 28, 2013
    I used to enjoy World of Warcraft. I played every single day, one hour on weekdays, two on weekends. This was the best expansion. I really want it back. There were very few bad things about this. The Death Knights were very fun to play, and Northrend looked very beautiful. If I wrote this a few years earlier, I probably would have given it a 10/10, as I thought WoW was "the best game EVAR" up until Cata, but looking back now, I probably won't enjoy it as much as I did back then. It was a good expansion, and I don't understand how it has such a bad user score. I really want to play this again, but Blizzard changed WoW so much, it's not the same as it was in WotLK. Expand
  5. Aug 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wrath of the Lich King was a slight dissapointment for me. The questing and dungeons seemed to be tuned to be way too easy. Some things were improved, 5 mans and raids no longer had an hour's worth of trash that you had to go through to get to the bosses, they just had a couple of groups of minions you had to quickly kill before you got to the important boss which I liked. I did not like the vehicle fights in this expansion, they had the potential to be really fun but they were tuned to be way too difficult so even if you were pro at playing your class, you would die repeatedly while using a vehicle in a quest or in an instance which was not fun. Naxx was remade to be the entry level raid for this expansion since not many people experienced it in the original Vanilla release (myself included). It was tuned to be very easy and most bosses were loot pinatas with the exception of 1 or 2. It was alright but too easy to be that exciting.

    Ulduar was the next level raid in this expansion, that was a fun instance. The first time my guild and I engaged XT-002 and heard it speak in a whiney teenage voice we all cracked up laughing and completely wiped, that was my favourite part of the whole expansion. I loved how Blizzard takes this mean looking robot and then gives it the voice of a whiney teenager, who came up with that? It was great. The patch which brought out Trial of the grand champion (I think it was called that, I'll refer to it as Totgc) and the LFD tool (I think it was the same patch, it was around the same time) is where things started to go downhill a bit. Totgc was released a bit too soon when most guilds were still progressing in Ulduar, so it kind of ruined my guilds progression since it had better gear we never bothered to finish Ulduar despite being on the 2nd last boss. Now I think what really started to lead to the demise of WoW was the introduction of the LFD tool and the 5-man heroic dungeons being tuned to be too easy. Tanks who played in Vanilla and the Burning Crusade would start to set up the pull and give CC instructions while the new players who just started playing in Wrath would just yell "gogogogo" and then force you to chain pull the whole instance. But the instance was tuned so easy that you could actually chain pull the whole instance and survive so the heroics just became a zerg fest instead of a place you needed to use skill. Activision purchased Blizzard shortly before this patch so I am not sure if that had anything to do with the game being tuned too easy or not. All I know is that WoW was at its peak of subscribers just berfore this patch was released and it started bleeding subscribers from this patch on.
    I figure it was either LFD or the Activision purchase or a combination of both that caused this, those were the only things that changed around that time.

    Ice Crown Citadel was kind of a meh raid instance for me but people seemed to like it alright, probably because the Lich King was such a loved character by the lore fans. Really the game got kind of boring for me after Ulduar was no longer the highest expansion, but I still kept playing, I was still having a decent time raiding with my guild. I'll give this expansion a 7/10.
  6. Sep 18, 2011
    So far this expansion is very enjoyable. In fact I may rate this up a couple of more points, if, and only if the endgame with the Lich King lives up to the hype. I can already tell that not enough changed in Cataclysm to make it worth the money. Namely that there are so many unpopulated areas that many of us veteran players love. There just isn't reason to even go to any of them. I think they need to spread it out and increase their fan base again, but it might be too late. World of Warcraft is showing signs of aging but is still fun overall. The only thing not fun about the game is the price, which hasn't changed since it first came out. As much as I love the game it simply isn't worth the $15 a month and with as many subscribers that they had you'd think they would be giving more to them. That's not the case, after Blizzard was bought it seems that their new owners capitalized on the success and what it feels like, somewhat downgraded it. Glad the instances work right because I quit playing right before I finished Burning Crusade and only came back with the free 10 days for coming back. I saw leveling had become easier and now want end game content for personal reasons. If I stay really depends on motivation to stay and if they finally drop that monthly price. I wouldn't count on it soon. Expand
  7. Aug 28, 2010
    same sh**, different colors...whatever. fu** WoW and fu** blizzard fo lyfe. I've played this sh** on and off for roughly 4 years, small sacrifice now to get cataclysm...but I feel bad for the poor bastards who will have to buy 3 games before they can get rolling in cataclysm, then the monthly fee. that's pathetic... Expand

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