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  • Summary: (Also known as "Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007") New to Football Manager 2007, and one of the most requested features on Sports Interactive's forums has been the addition of feeder clubs to the game. You can establish your club as the small team who receives loan players from a larger club or a large club looking for support getting your youngsters match experience by loaning them out. Have the first option on players from clubs, and schedule pre-arranged friendlies each season by simply asking your board for a feeder relationship and choose from the list they compile. Youth Revamp - A complete revamp of youth teams sees full youth squads for each team that has a youth set-up, thus giving a much better system for the regeneration of players in the long term game. Football Manager 2007 gives players a new easier to use default skin, along with hints and tips throughout the game, and an improved tutorial. In addition to better feedback from your assistant manager and scouts as well as lots more media, customisation and multiple row selection, all this adds up to the most user friendly Sports Interactive game ever. A complete revamp of the scouting system inside the game leads to more information about players and teams being made available to managers, as well as a more realistic methodology for player scouting. This system allows scouts to grow and improve their knowledge-base of the world's football players. You can now talk to any player in the world via the media. Player interaction allows you to tap up other teams stars or see if players will buckle under the pressure. An effective manager must use the media as a motivational tool - why not praise your own players in many different ways or shout at them for loss of form? For more varied ways to talk to your team, SI have worked hard to deliver vastly improved team talks at half and full time. Not only this, but pre-match team talks will now be making their first appearance in Football Manager - so you can send your team out onto the pitch with a specific briefing. [Sega Europe] Expand
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  1. The new features in FM07 enhance its already superior gameplay and maintain its healthy lead over its competitors.
  2. Almost boringly brilliant... Feature-rich and endlessly absorbing - but where is there to go from here? [Dec 2006, p.98]
  3. I did briefly forego free food and beer and the attention of 20 teenage models dressed a refugees in an attempt to arrest the slide, putting together a four-match unbeaten run. [Christmas 2006, p.68]
  4. They’ve taken what’s essentially a big database and made it come alive in ways you’d never imagine, and you’ve got to give them credit for that.
  5. FM 2007 remains a blinding mass of statistics at first sight, but they yield an intoxicating world of heartbreaking injuries, transfer coups, heroic defeats and the pursuit of glory. In short, it's football. No other game comes close. [Dec 2006, p.104]
  6. Quite simply, there’s no alternative. [Dec 2006, p.118]
  7. WSM2007 offers a staggering amount of gameplay which serves to be the game's biggest selling point and potential downfall, as the sheer volume of depth will not accommodative gamers who have little patience.

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  1. DLys
    Oct 20, 2006
    Wonderful addition to the series. The feeder club aspect adds a whole new element to the game. In many ways, this seems very similar to the 2006 version, however the subtle changes of feeder clubs media interaction make it feel much deeper. Expand
  2. RobertK.
    Oct 23, 2006
    The best just got better...simple as that.
  3. KieranF.
    Oct 27, 2006
    Agree with IGN totally you really get emotionally involved, holding grudges against other managers. The aditional features also make it a huge leap up from 2006. Expand
  4. J.S.
    Jul 30, 2007
    Not only the best football management game or sports management game, but the best strategy game period.
  5. MarkR.
    Feb 28, 2007
    For some reason this version has kept me hooked the longest. brilliant game.
  6. IlieF.
    Jan 13, 2007
    I am very very very dissapointed about this version and I am talking about the new generation of youngsters...come on, i see only players with acceleration and pace under 10 especially on positions which are requiring speed like full backs or right / left midfielders. Usually when a young player impress his manager it do it with his pace,acceleration or technique ( Messi ). How come that you give players natural positions attacking midfielder right and midfielder right is only accomplished when in reality everybody knows that attacking midfielder right is a derivate from the natural position of midfielder right? The same thing is available for full-backs but they are naturally like wing-backs...come on..Marcelo, Eduardo Ratinho are the best examples for that, they are playing in reality as full backs and not like wing backs.I.Please , next time be careful who will test the game for you because who did that have no idea about football positions and players ability and skills.And please in the next patch make the necessary corrections. One major problem is that in all this world I can't find a central defender of 20-21 years old with acceleration 14 , pace 14 who use his left foot...not to mention about full backs , I mean they are a lot of full backs but where are their speed? I remember about the central midfielders...I think a player who play as a defensive midfielder could play as well as central midfielder but you rated again those positions. That's all for now, for help you can contact me on my mail list. Bye Bye. Expand