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  1. Dec 11, 2013
    A listless, unattractive squad-based action RPG that squanders its heroic potential.
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  1. Nov 20, 2013
    Despite the repeated delays for the release and the abrupt cancellation for the Wii and Wii-U versions, Young Justice: Legacy definitely delivers.

    Before I say anything else, at first look, the game is definitely a game made for the fans. When you delve just a bit deeper, you find challenging game play and intriguing story that spurs you to push to finish each mission.

    Yes, the graphics might as well be from the PS2 era, but hey, some of my fondest gaming memories were from the PS2—it was a damn good console. But actually having to strategize to defeat the bosses (even the first few, which are normally pushovers to get you use to the game controls), by building your team depending on the different factors in the scene, is definitely refreshing in this type of game.

    The voice acting is just as great as it had been on the show with a stellar cast and the plot is unsurprisingly interesting.

    YJ:L definitely hits a lot of good notes despite some of the shortcomings in the game.

    One of the biggest downfalls for the PC version is definitely the keyboard controls. They are a set group of keys in the upper left part of your keyboard (W,A,S,D for movement. Q, R for boosts, Tab for block, 1-4 for special moves) and of course, your mouse as well. Left and right mouse buttons are basic defensive moves and the scroll wheel is set to change characters in a flash.

    Except, not.

    For me, this is the worst part because I spent more time trying to figure out what key I'm pressing with my left hand than I am watching the screen. Plus mashing my mouse keys to make up for my cumbersome left hand got me K.O'd more times than I'd like to admit.

    Of course, the easy fix for that is a controller. I switched over to a Rock Candy XBox 360 controller and it made game play a helluva lot more enjoyable.

    Another one of the let downs was the graphics, as I touched on before. Yeah, I did love the PS2, but there was a lot of potential to make this game stunning. They just simply didn't.

    Then there's the camera. I absolutely hate having to stop in the middle of a fight just to adjust my camera angle so I can actually see who I'm fighting. Personally, automatic following would be a godsend and would take away a lot of the annoyance that I have left with the controls.

    There's also the Day 1 DLC out on Steam which has become quite the controversy. Whether or not it's a cash grab or if it's just content that should have been included in the first place or not. Honestly, cash grab or not, the fans that have been waiting for this game will play through the story as quickly as they possibly can and they're going to be ecstatic at the "extras" already available. Whether they were actually extras or not to begin with might be questionable, but they're not included in the game upon release. So that's that.

    Young Justice: Legacy wasn't promoted as much as it could have been (deja vu, huh?), but then again, with the graphics it was sporting you'd have to have a pretty damn good plot to pull people in (oh wait...pretty sure it has that).

    It's definitely a fans game first and foremost, but is surprisingly friendly to those that love challenging game play and interesting plot lines.

    Despite the shortcomings, it's a solid game for a solid series.
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  2. Nov 20, 2013
    I found the game rather repetitive and it got pretty samey very quickly. The online mode has yet to work which was a large reason why I picked the game up in the first place. The games graphics are behind by about 3-4 years and there are no graphics options for the pc version of this game. The game uses copy pasted gauntlet fights through out the game repeatedly and its a hardcore linear game.

    With that said the gameplay is not terrible. The story and the gameplay kept me interested all the way through to the end. The game took me about 9 hours to complete, including getting every collectible. I don't think the 30$ tag fits the game, however I did find myself enjoying the game which is the most important aspect of playing a video game.

    Combat is very limited, characters seem to be pretty much the same with a different coat of paint. It did scratch my itch however for a super hero game that isn't a mmo and isn't a lego game, and IS on steam. So I give the overall experience of the game a 7.
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  3. Nov 25, 2013
    This is a game that shows you why you should be weary of games based on TV shows and movies. It's completely uninspired in every aspect. The graphics look like a PS1 game, the gameplay is simplistic and boring, aside from Batman cameos this game has no redeeming value. Full Review »