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  1. The RPG elements and Alfa Romeo license aren't nearly enough to save this ugly, boring racing game.
  2. 40
    There are a billion other racing games on the market and most every one of them is better than Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano.
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  1. AlfaLuva
    Jul 19, 2006
    despite its small selection of cars and tracks, the AI is much more advanced than gt4 and its a whole lot moe fun to drive plus gt4 doesnt have donington park. i love how you can tell whether u are driving a front wheel drive car or a rear wheel drive car because of the way the car handles in terms of dynamic understeer and oversteer. this game is much better than the reviews say. all diehard racing gamers should definitly try this game. i must admit the some hing are stupid about it like how the gear can make you drive better. yeah so what if gt4 has 500 cars and 200 tracks or whatever, buts its how much fun it is to actually drive that counts and ive never had more fun driving. ombine gt4s modestale selection of cars and tracks with alfas driving dynamics and youd have a heck of a good game. Full Review »