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  • Summary: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is an epic, action-adventure combat golf, cart racing game that gives fans an opportunity to experience the Aqua Teen universe in a whole new way. When Frylock is admitted to the prestigious Jersey Pines Golf Club, Master Shake decides to show the uppity members that he is also just as good (and uppity) and deserves a place in their exclusive club. Meatwad is, of course, persuaded to join in, and the three crime-fighting food products use golf clubs and a variety of other weapons in ways not intended as they battle numerous villains, fan favorites and other show characters. [Midway] Expand
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  1. 65
    If you are a fan of the show, and I mean a very large fan, then you owe it to yourself to check out this amazingly funny diversion.
  2. 50
    It's a surprisingly silent, boring affair, and you're probably better off just watching the ATHF clips with your pal, or one of the four full episodes included on the disc (one of which has never been aired, and is awesome).
  3. 50
    Unless you've got a bunch of ATHF fans over and some way to get altered, the game really is an utter waste of time. It can be a hilarious waste of time (Meatwad's caddy pep talk was brilliant), but a waste none the less.
  4. My take-home message is this: do NOT buy this game if you aren't a big fan of the show. There is absolutely nothing here for you. If you do enjoy the show, still do NOT buy it. Rent it for the few hours it takes to experience the game and watch the included episodes, then don't think about it ever again.
  5. If you love the antics of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, consider yourself warned -- Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is a bland affair. You get a subpar (no pun intended) golf game, a lame cart-racing game and heaping amounts of monotonous combat.
  6. Just because a game seemingly aims to be bad on purpose doesn't make it any less of a bad game.
  7. Like a near-death experience, bad games can provide us with a vision of the other side, a gamer’s hell filled with E.T. games and 3DOs. A bad game serves to reminds us why good games are so good, and they cleanse the palette and bring us back to the zero-point of solid game development. If you haven’t guessed already, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is one of those terrible, terrible games.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 5
  2. Negative: 2 out of 5
  1. KeenanS
    Jan 18, 2010
    This is most certainly not a bad golf game. It was a solid and rather funny game that kept me entertained through the entire experience. While it does get a bit repetitive, the overall golfing, combat, and racing segments are well done and are really fun. This game even includes four episodes from the show and unlockable goodies. Honestly, at least rent this game because it really is not bad. Expand
  2. May 5, 2011
    HEADS UP ITS THE AQUA TEEN! the game seems pretty nice has almost alot of familiar faces golfing can be hard but the game is ok if you love the Aqua teen hunger force show and even own the DVDS get the game and add it to your collection. Expand
  3. GioD.
    Jan 21, 2008
    Huge fan of the show. HUGE. Unfortunately Midway published a game of it that nobody really understood or saw coming. The Aqua Teens 1st (and probably last, sigh) video game is...a freaking Golf/Combat/Racing game??? BIG PROBLEM #1- why is it a Golf/Combat/Racing game??? It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever, now mind you, I know this is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force were talking about, and if you watch the show NONE of their cartoons make sense, but even this Golf/Combat/Racing game just seems WAY to totally out of place even for the Aqua Teens. BIG PROBLEM #2- Carl is BARELY in the game, and i do mean BARELY. Anybody and everybody who watches the show knows that Carl is as big a character as the Aqua Teens themselves so barely having him in the game is a BIG NO NO. BIG PROBLEM #3- why on earth would Midway give this game to developer Creat Studios??? This developer has made great classics (and obviously im kidding) as Biker Mice from Mars (PS2), Coded Arms Contagion (PSP), and lets not forget the phenominal American Chopper games (PS2/XBOX). Yeah, i think its pretty safe to say that Creat Studios has made very crappy games, so i guess i really shouldnt be too surprised that Zombie Ninja Pro-am came out pretty shitty. What Midway should have done was develope it themselves (which im sure the end result would have been WAY better) or they should have given the project to developer High Voltage Software, who have done alot of the cartoon network video games that have ranged from ok to very good. Think about it, High Voltage has done Kids Next Door(ok) Family Guy(decent), Ben 10(decent), Billy and Mandy(great) and Harvey Birdman(great). At least with High Voltage the Aqua Teen game would have come out AT LEAST decent/good/great. The only positive out of this mess is that all the voice actors from the show are present in the game. I pray to God that the Aqua Teens get another shot at a video game, whether it be on PS2, XBOX 360, or even an XBOX LIVE ARCADE download, and give it to a developer that actually has a DECENT/GOOD track record with games, cause the Aqua Teens deserve better than this travesty of a "game". Collapse
  4. NathanE.
    Dec 19, 2009
    Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is far from a great game. Hell, it's far from a good game. It's many flaws outweigh the occasional chuckles you'll get from it. You play 9 holes of golf and 3 levels of cart racing. The problems begin with the control. The actual golfing is about as bare bones as any golf game can get. You can choose between a limited number of clubs, aim and swing using a seemingly broken swing meter. After every swing, you have to trek your way to where you hit the ball and face a plethora of various enemies seen from the show. Carl's crabs, trees, the Mooninites, mechanical scorpions armed with rockets, Turkitron and the list goes on. As entertaining as it is to see all of these seemingly minor characters get to make an appearance, these combat sections are about as repetitive as it can get, and worst of all, these segments make up the majority of the game. You can switch between controlling Master Shake, who uses melee combat as his primary attack, and Frylock, who uses projectiles. Though you acquire a decent selection of weapons throughout the game, they all more or less do the same thing with some weapons doing a bit more damage. This doesn't make the combat any less repetitive. When you tread your way through countless enemies and finally make it to the green, there's always some sort of boss battle before you're able to putt. These boss battles are hit or miss. Some are absolutely terrible (Carl, the mummy), and others are downright entertaining (MC P Pants, Gorgotron) and require the most thought this game will ever ask from you, which isn't very much. The cart racing levels honestly aren't that bad. I've seen a lot of complaints saying that the Frat Aliens you race are always behind you and every race ends in a close call, but this wasn't true in my experience. There are speed boosts and bazookas scattered throughout the race track, and if you learn to navigate these tracks while picking up as many of these power-ups as you can, then you can win these races by a mile. The control, again, is a problem here. Though I said the races aren't that bad, they're brought down by slippery control. If you take off of a jump at slightly the wrong angle or get hit with a rocket, you spin uncontrollably and this can easily cause you to lose any chance you had of winning the race, which can become incredibly frustrating at times. ATHF:Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is far from the worst game I've ever played, but I'd never call it good. The best things about it are it's great extras/unlockables, unmistakable humor and the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but even so, this will only appeal to fans of the show. If you really like ATHF, then definitely give this game a look. If not, don't even touch it. I can say it was worth the 10 bucks I spent on it, but if I hadn't recognized every character/enemy I came across, I would have hated this game with a passion. Expand
  5. Aug 14, 2014
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro Am is a very unique kind of game. The game combines a 3-D beat'em up with a golf game. I could not think of a more random combination if I tried. The plot involves Frye getting accepted to the most prestigious, exclusive, public golf course known as Jersey Pines. He decides to bring along Meatwad and Master Shake through 12 of the most screwed up holes of golf ever.

    The graphics are respectable enough. Levels are about as screwed up as the content of the show. References and jokes based around the show and pop culture are plenty. The graphics are pretty good. It's a 3-D decent interpretation of the show. The audio on the other hand is annoying. I will say this the story itself is pretty funny, but the in game audio is annoying. You will hear the same voice bits and lines so many time that you will soon turn it off.

    The game play for all of it's uniqueness, fails at being a good game. The problem is that it's just not a good beat'em up. You hit your ball then run all the way there, while getting attacked. Where is goes wrong is first artificial intelligence is dumb. enemies will mindlessly run at you over and over again until they drop. the only difference is that bosses will pop up near the hole and they have 1 trick to do so you can do damage to them. Problem 2 is that the hit detection is mediocre at best. Easy hits often are misses and this happens all the time. The only way i could consistently land hits is to spam charge attacks. This would give you a big enough area so you can land damage. These along with just swarms and swarms of enemies makes this game just a really boring game. Not mention that the golf is really mediocre mainly due to some of the gimmicks they added to the game to ratchet up the difficulty. Probably the best part of the game is the fact you get episode of the show and i was at the time never before seen. That's a pathetic statement when the best part is episodes of the show the game is based on.

    Overall Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Pro-Am is a par for the course TV Licensed game. It serves no more than to extract more money out of it's fan base. If you are a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force then ok pick it up. But there are so many better Golf and beat'em ups games that i can't recommend it.