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  1. BrianD.
    Apr 14, 2008
    This is a Great Game. If you're a fan of 2-D fighting games then this is the game for you. This is an all girl fighting game thats popular in Japan (Arcana Hearts 2 is in the arcade as we speak). This game also appears in major tournaments including battle opera. The game play is similar to Guilty Gear but slower and dumbed down but not in a bad way. You have 11 characters to choose from. Each of them have their own move set. Then on top of that you have 11 arcana or spirits that give your character extra moves and benefits based on the arcana you picked. For example if you used the Rock arcana you gain rock moves which include having a boulder drop on someones head and giving you some armor when you're dashing at the expense of some speed. Half the fun is trying out different Arcana for different characters. The controls have 3 attack buttons and 1 special button. The 3 attack buttons are light medium and fierce or ABC. The special buttons do all your Arcana moves and also give you different options. These options are as simple as chasing somebody down to canceling moves to keep the pressure on an opponent or to keep a combo going. Even though everything is simplified it still ends up being a great fighter. With the release we also get the patched version of the game which balanced out a lot of the characters. If you are into fighting games then I would highly recommend this game. Full Review »
  2. Nov 8, 2013
    Great game, very in depth. Feels like a mix of Third Strike and Blaz Blue, so if you like those titles and/or are into Japanese loli fighters, you'll adore this game.

    Be warned: It's VERY technical.
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