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  • Summary: Backyard Wrestling Inc. has announced "your town" as the location of its first live pay per view. They've put a million dollars cash prize on the line for the wrestler who's got what it takes to destroy every obstacle in their way to the main event and ultimately the unified BYW championship. A completely revamped wrestling and animation system raises the ability to inflict copious amounts of pain to an opponent to nearly infinite levels. Standing and ground based submissions, multi-position grappling, a block button body and an even deeper location-specific damage system all play into the carnage! Players will battle through both an enhanced single player experience, complete with death matches and a "quest for the belt" mode, or the ever popular, greatly expanded multi-player scenarios. The list of licensed backyard brawlers has grown immensely, including stars from the explosive home video series, as well as some of the craziest pro wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring. The completely redesigned Create-A-Wrestler System allows gamers to get creative and craft their own alter-ego with. The new robust C.A.W. allows for the customization of a backyard brawler from the ground up, including Tattoo's, Face Paint, Customized Clothing, and more! [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. 6 / 7 / 7 / 6  [Vol. 852]
  2. Takes advantage of the new lease on life by endangering the lives of its onscreen combatants in much better fashion than before. [Feb 2005, p.84]
  3. Three times superior to its predecessor. Though still well shy of very good. [Feb 2005, p.100]
  4. Definitely more improved than its predecessor in that there's more stuff to do and it looks nicer, but the gameplay is still a buggy mess. It's also not even in the same league as the other wrestling games on the market.
  5. A shoddily stitched together beat-'em-up which is appealing for minutes. Quite frankly we'd rather have our backyard occupied by the Groundforce team. [PSM2]
  6. Compared to last year's game, this is last year's game. There are so few improvements that whatever you hated or liked about the original is what you'll hate or like about this sequel.
  7. 20
    Unfortunately, while hitting porn stars with weed whackers to the finely articulate tunes of the Insane Clown Posse might sound like a dream come true to some, the junior high-level execution of this game just brings down any possibility of a truly good wrestling title.

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