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  • Summary: In an area brimming with cartels battling for power and influence, no one comes close to Zanetti’s group, the strongest force in Las Sombras. When Zanetti learns of a rival clan's drug deal, he dispatches five of his top mercenaries from his inner circle to intervene. When they arrive on the scene, they find their targets have already been executed and to their surprise, they are ambushed by members of their own cartel. They were set up to appearas traitors who were out to nab the drugs and money for themselves. They had been double crossed, but by who? Was this some scheme by the cartel to exploit them as scapegoats? Did one of the five betray the others? Outnumbered and pursued by both their previous cartel and law enforcement officials, the five are forced to split up and disappear into the shadows of Las Sombras. Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance puts gamers in the role of one of the five fugitives as they seek revenge against their foes. Betrayal comes at a high price and to survive in Las Sombras, you need power. With enemies everywhere, the only hope is to find the other four and build enough power to strike back. Using a low-key downtown bar as a hideout base, players will wanderthe town in search of information and add allies to their growing opposition. Taking different jobs around town will add much needed funds to fuel the growth of the posse. By proving themselves in street battles, effectively utilizing negotiation skills and using clever disguises, they will be able to build their influence on the mean streets. Soon no one will stand in the way of cold hard vengeance! [Capcom] Expand
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  1. Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance is a really strange game; a mixture of ideas that comes across as extremely hit and miss. The amalgamation of traditional beat-em-up gameplay and one-on-one works really well; but on the other hand the disguise system seems flawed, who wants to buy a beat-em-up when the aim is to avoid confrontations?
  2. Ultimately, though, it’s all about how well you wield a crowbar.
  3. It's a beat-em-up. You beat people up. If nothing else, it offers the bare minimum of gameplay to meet the name, but all the other claims of deeper gameplay are half-assed.
  4. 50
    Despite offering a laundry list of moves and button combinations, the game's complicated controls feel shallower than the three-buttoned Capcom arcade classics like "The Punisher" or "Alien vs. Predator." Group battles feel too constricted with the auto target locking mechanics, and the simplistic one-on-one fights are somewhere on the level of "Pit Fighter."
  5. Bland gameplay, however, stifles what inspiration there is. The fighting action is fundamentally underwhelming, and a poor camera and constant loading further handcuff things.
  6. Yes, Beat Down revives the warped charisma of Capcom’s beat’em up heyday, but that’s the only area where it actually triumphs. [Oct 2005, p.90]
  7. I cursed plenty while playing, and it came straight from my own beat down heart. Get your revenge on bad games and leave this stinker in the shadows of the bargain bin.

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