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  • Summary: Black, bruised and beaten down! This rowdy crew of 19 personalities let loose in an over-the-top arcade style slugfest that breaks new ground with its unique Boxer's Life Mode. Live through each boxer's life story as it unfolds through in-game movies that connect to actual boxing bouts. When life backs you into a corner, come out swingin'! [Majesco] Expand
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  1. A nice change of pace for fighting games. Only downside we see is the number of combos you would have to memorize, but that would all come in time and repetition of gameplay.
  2. The best part is that some jittery-fingered button-masher won't necessarily win. You actually have to box. That's something the arcadey "Ready 2 Rumble" couldn't figure out. [Apr 2003, p.84]
  3. While each individual boxer's signature music is entirely in tune with their caricature, the stage music is mostly limp and repetitive, a strange turn of events in an otherwise nicely polished game. [Mar 2003, p.50]
  4. 64
    A fun party game that casual gamers and first-time players will enjoy. Simulation and diehard boxing fans? Well, this game is not for you. No, not at all.
  5. While the game does have a solid number of modes, the gameplay seems to be too repetitive and lacks strategy that other games have.
  6. Bruised offers a motley band of pugilists (a pry Irishman, a fat convict, etc.) and the opportunity to win every brawl by randomly jamming on buttons. [Apr 2003, p.72]
  7. The real problem is the gameplay itself. Stiff, unresponsive, and devoid of any real skill or purpose, a typical session of B&B quickly degenerates into a contest as to who can tap the buttons before the other guy. [Mar 2003, p.42]

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  1. BanditG.
    May 11, 2003