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  • Summary: Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 brings together 20 of Capcom's golden arcade games on one disk. Turn your console into a time machine and step into memory lane to relive the glory days of yesteryear. Multiplayer games allow you to challenge all your friends. Unlock cheats to help you beat your favorite games. Unlockable training videos give you the upper hand in performing powerful moves. Gallery gives you a glance at the original art while giving a history lesson on the games. [Capcom] Expand
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. Even though Avengers and Speed Rumbler make me twitch with anger when I play them, it's still fun to show to friends how bad some games from the "old-school" era really were, and then load up Super Turbo to purify ourselves.
  2. Capcom Classics Collection volume 2 is not the hit-loaded package one would expect, but it is still a must-own for fighting gamers and fans of old-school co-op gaming.
  3. Factor in the ability to save in any game at any time and you have yourself another value-packed retro set that's equal parts entertainment and history lesson. [Holiday 2006, p.80]
  4. At less than £1 a game, there’s plenty of opportunity to get your money’s worth, although don’t expect to be bowled over by the gameplay – this is still strictly a package for nostalgics and those with a keen interest in gaming’s history, in the books for which Capcom certainly deserves a second chapter.
  5. While I can understand the financial reasoning behind milking the Capcom back catalogue for two volumes, as a fan I'd much rather have had one all killer, no filler compilation with Street Fighter II, Ghost 'n Goblins, Commando, 1941 and Strider all in one place.
  6. A superb package with great games and some truly inspired extras - and a real trip down memory lane for some of us. [Mar 2007, p.94]
  7. It's a real mixture of a couple of greats, some good, some not too good and a couple that are downright atrocious!

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  1. Oct 13, 2013
    This is a museum of old arcade games with some nice menus and extras. The games play well and you get a lot of them. This package is mostly for fans of brawlers and action games. The ones that are in here are old, maybe not well known anymore, but VERY fun. This is a must own game. If you have a friend, clearing this games will be a good time. Expand
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    For anyone feeling a bit nostalgic or trying to track down some of the old classics this is certainly a worthy purchase. For one it has Strider, one of the great 16 bit games of that era. The 3 Wonders game is also quite fun and is actually 3 games in one( the first 2 of which are quite fun). 1941, Varth, and Eco Fighters are all very solid shooters as well. Expand
  3. TJ.
    Nov 28, 2006
    An entertaining collection of classic games. Great fun to play. However, it looks like this compilation was rushed out the door because all of my saves are corrupted. At first I thought it was my memory card, but 5 other randomly chosen games save to and load from the same card just fine, so it must be this game. This means that all my high scores and unlockables reset as soon as I turn off the console! I have returned this game for store credit, but will buy it again, if the corrupted saves problem is fixed in a later release. Collapse