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  • Summary: Conflict: Vietnam follows the progress of four US soldiers, Ragman, Junior, Hoss and Cherry, cut off from their unit during the 1968 Tet Offensive and tasked with fighting their way back to friendly lines. A third person shooter where the player takes full control of all four squad members, Conflict: Vietnam does not set out to depict the course of the war; instead we witness four men struggling for survival in the hostile Vietnam jungle against a ruthless terrain and seemingly ever-present "invisible" enemy. With 14 missions spanning a variety of environments you must lead your squad down Vietnamese rivers manning the guns on a heavily armoured river boat, into local villages (with friendly and non-friendly fire) to rescue hostages, through ruined temples and the claustrophobic jungle and into the ancient Vietnamese capital of Hue. Armed with an array of heavy artillery your squad must also use make use of transportation abandoned by the Viet-Cong or discarded by captured US troops such as tanks, boats and helicopters, in addition to any surplus weaponry you acquire including gun placements and two-manned mortar sites. Lastly, and by no means least, keep a watchful eye out for the Viet-Cong booby traps, from grenade trip wires and water mines to the punji stake pit trap and the "Bouncing Betty" anti-personnel mine. [SCi Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 24
  2. Negative: 4 out of 24
  1. SCi have done a marvellous job with the high detail, which comes across well in both the audio and visuals.
  2. It’s the coolest Nam game of 2004.
  3. There are some great elements and firefight sequences in Conflict: Vietnam but you just don’t see them enough. And when you do, it’s sometimes offset by other factors that ultimately mire Conflict: Vietnam’s better traits into gameplay quagmire. Instead of an exciting battle, you find yourself slogging through the game.
  4. It is the clichéd choice of music played on the camp radio that makes you wonder whether it is worth delving deeper into this game: Paint it Black, yes we’ve seen Tour of Duty; Nowhere to Run — yup, we watched Good Morning, Vietnam, too.
  5. The pacing, thanks to a combination of necessary haste and the weakness of your divided squad members, feels more akin to a corridor shooter; there’s a constant sensation of feeling harried and hemmed in. [Oct 2004, p.107]
  6. Part of the feeling of powerlessness comes from the awful controls. [Nov 2004, p.120]
  7. 30
    The looseness of Conflict: Vietnam, from the lack of comfortable and immediate controls to the boring progression of the game, just doesn't cut it. While the idea of squad-driven combat set in the tense, emotionally-charged setting of Vietnam has potential, Conflict: Vietnam falls short in execution.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. Jan 31, 2013
    I have never been a big fan of game series that receive yearly releases as the short development time often means that each game changes very little from its predecessor. Having enjoyed both Conflict Desert Storm and, to a lesser degree, Desert Storm 2 however I was enticed by the promise of playing the main campaign in four player spilt screen mode. If only I had hired the game first!

    The setting itself didn't exactly help. Upon its release in 2004 Vietnam seemed to be the setting for virtually every new FPS and, as with nearly every other attempt at the time, this setting was completely wasted. Why surround the players with dense forest if invisible walls prevent you from leaving the path set out by the games designers?

    The games biggest problem however is something that irritates me more than virtually anything else in gaming, endlessly re-spawning enemies. This device is still employed in some modern shooters but here even advancing through the level ceases to put a stop the never-ending barrage of bullets coming your way. In the end the only option is to run around the level completing each objective as quickly as possible with no opportunity to employ any team based tactics as was the case in the two Desert Storm Entries. It is rare from me to give anything a one out of ten rating but Conflict Vietnam is an absolute waste of time and money.

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