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  1. Feb 13, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I recently watched this film and thought it wasn’t half bad. In fact, it was better than that. This movie wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, and I may be slightly biased since this isn’t a genre I enjoy that much. “Coraline”, made by Laika Entertainment, made a unique, different type of stop motion film with a darker twist to it. The story is far different than any other traditional kid’s movie, and the film must’ve been a major risk considering that no one had made a movie like this for such a young audience.
    The movie starts with the main character, Coraline, moving into an apartment for the summer. After exploring, she later finds a well, and not too long after she meets Wybie. Then Wybie tells Caroline that that house is haunted, because his grandma's sister went missing in the Pink Palace, the company that owns the apartment complex Coraline's living in. Coralline also finds out that Wybie has a doll that looks exactly like Coraline herself. The night Coraline found the doll, she went to bed, but was a awaken in the middle of the night and led to the secret door by a mouse, that is now open. The door acts as a portal, that leads to another dimension just like her own, yet there are a new set of parents. This dimension is mostly the same, but for one huge difference, they all have buttons for eyes. In this world, there is another version of her mother, and through a series of events she manages to gain Coraline’s trust, but It turns out that her other mother is an evil bedlam that wants to be loved, forever. Through vigorous tasks Coraline eventually has to free her parents that the Other Mother has captured and escape the dimension she is trapped in.
    My favorite part about this film is the stop motion animation, and how unique it is for it’s making in 2009. For me personally, I love and absolutely adore unique art styles and indifferent animation styles, and that also goes for this film as well. There are plenty of stop motion films, but this catches my eye just for it’s unusually dark story. The animation was a little clunky at times, where the movements of the characters were a little choppy rather than smooth. I also like just how bizarre it can be, especially in a scene where the world seems to deteriorate. There are many scenes that are bizarre enough to reach my expectations.
    I wouldn’t recommend this movie to many younger viewers, most children seven or under should avoid this film. When I was around the age of five, I saw this film for the first time and it absolutely terrified me, and after that experience I never wanted to see it again because it scared me so badly. However, coming back to view the movie nine years later I can appreciate that it’s a good film. I’d highly recommend this to viewers of the age ten or older. Most young children wouldn’t even be able to appreciate the film for what it is anyway. Though the film is rated PG, it should’ve been a little higher or have some age restriction on the film. My view of the film is that it’s one I like, just not my favorite. However I am a slightly biased just since it’s not my favorite genre of film.
  2. Jun 23, 2015
    Coraline is my favorite movie and one of my favorite books but the game is disgusting. Gameplay is incredibly slow with Coraline moving at a slow run and easy but super slow puzzle solving with bipolar quick time events with them being either too slow or too fast. The minigames are ok but those alone can't hold up this licensing travesty.
  3. Dec 24, 2011
    IGN is finally right for once. The movie was TERRIFIC and the game was one of the worst you could play. Terrible graphics, NO skill is evolved, everything is just random. There really was no plot, why does Coraline randomly have button eyes again? Man, this game really screws you up.

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  1. 25
    If you value quality software, whether designed for adults or for kids, this title is your mortal enemy. It reeks of dated gameplay design ideals, loses nearly all the substance and style of the book and movie respectively, is too difficult at points for kids, and is too short for your money. Never mind the fact that if you're as unlucky as me, you'll encounter a crash bug that prevents you from completing the experience.
  2. Coraline for PS2 isn’t a terrible game — it is, however, a dull, routine, by-the-numbers movie adaptation. It’s as bland and forgettable as the movie and book are fresh and original, and it’s a real shame that some of that magic couldn’t come across in interactive form.
  3. Other than the three or four hours of play you'll get out of Coraline, there isn't much left to be done.