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  • Summary: The surrealistic adventure game with a moody atmosphere, you'll encounter engaging narrative and a cast of colorful characters. It features a young girl who discovers a mysterious door in her home that introduces her to an alternate reality. She must rely on her wit, perseverance and courage to find her way back home. Join her on her fantastical journey for a memorable adventure. Play as Coraline and interact with all of the colorful characters in this fantastical interactive adventure. Explore two distinct, fully interactive worlds like never before - the brooding Normal World and mesmerizing Other World. Graphic style and tone inspired by the amazing stop-motion animated film and the eerie storyline. Earn buttons as currency through unique and engaging mini-games. Collectible items galore: find unique outfits to customize Coraline's look, fill your scrapbook with photos, and unlock artwork and stills from the movie. Expand
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  1. Coraline for PS2 isn’t a terrible game — it is, however, a dull, routine, by-the-numbers movie adaptation. It’s as bland and forgettable as the movie and book are fresh and original, and it’s a real shame that some of that magic couldn’t come across in interactive form.
  2. Other than the three or four hours of play you'll get out of Coraline, there isn't much left to be done.
  3. We’re always looking to see if a game based on a movie hits its target audience (the fans, obviously), and Coraline misses the mark. There just isn’t enough to do, and when the best parts of the game aren’t interactive, the entire thing just feels superfluous.
  4. Too scary for the litle ones and too boring for the older ones, this is yet another movie tie-in to avoid.
  5. 25
    If you value quality software, whether designed for adults or for kids, this title is your mortal enemy. It reeks of dated gameplay design ideals, loses nearly all the substance and style of the book and movie respectively, is too difficult at points for kids, and is too short for your money. Never mind the fact that if you're as unlucky as me, you'll encounter a crash bug that prevents you from completing the experience.
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  1. Dec 24, 2011
    IGN is finally right for once. The movie was TERRIFIC and the game was one of the worst you could play. Terrible graphics, NO skill is evolved, everything is just random. There really was no plot, why does Coraline randomly have button eyes again? Man, this game really screws you up. Collapse